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Found 11 results

  1. StarBlitz is now available on Tape for the SuperCharger! The tape jacket and manual are printed on heavy cardboard stock. The Tape has a color graphic label. $30 - Standard Edition $75 - Party Games Edition Post on this thread or PM me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWHJrPY6bQY
  2. The sprites are sticking on the SuperCharger... anyone have an idea what's different? BreaksOnSC.bin The code runs fine on Stella and on the Harmony but when I run it on the SuperCharger the sprites get stuck. I'm guessing there may be an "environment variable" (register) I'm not setting that is pre-configured when Stella or the Harmony runs a SuperCharger game?
  3. AFTER MAKING BIG plans earlier this year I've done a whole lot of nothing so far. Hmmm...strike that. Looking back through my blog, I've done more than I thought. Mostly I just haven't managed to produce a game. I was going to use this blog entry as a data dump for everything I've half-assed over the last couple of months - and don't worry, I still will use it for that purpose! - but I think I will change gears and use it as a sort of retrospective of the year so far. Maybe help me get focused. So, if you follow the link above (don't bother), you'll see that these were my plans for the year: 1. Write something for the Supercharger contest. 2. Write a standard cart 2600 game 3. Port Go Fish! to the A800 4. Write something for the minigame compo I've sort-of made progress on a few of those things. I started work on an SC RPG for the contest but ran out of enthusiasm and time. If Glenn extends the contest deadline, I might pick this up again. Here's what I've got so far: SCRPG20060317.bin Basically, I took Andrew Davie's Boulderdash kernel concept and tried to shoehorn it into the SC. I got bogged down trying to figure out how to do the text. My start-of-the year ideas for a 2600 cart were 1. a paddle-controlled, four-player horizontally scrolling shooter, 2. a port of Metroid to the 2600, and 3. something else that would use the paddles. I don't remember what. To lay everything on the table, I suppose I could also pick up my Arkanoid demo and finish that and I could finish the PONG demo. I've also been working on (pencil and paper) a Street Fighter II-esque fighter for the 2600 - which would have an insanely complicated kernel. Most likely, and tying in with #4, Squish 'Em will be the next game I finish. As for porting Go Fish! to the A800 - I'd still like to do that, but I will probably try to port it to the GBA (!) first. In other news, I've done some music with Tommy. I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming that it ended up being too late, but Tommy and I wrote a title-screen tune for RPS, which I will unveil here: RODTVTheSong20060529.bin I think it turned out pretty well. I also am planning on writing (with Tommy) a tune for another game; hopefully this one won't be too late. So...plans for the rest of the year? Tune for other game, Squish 'Em, more SC stuff, and other stuff as I am inspired.
  4. Guest

    Possible Wild Western Port using SC

    MANUEL got me thinking about a Wild Western port. At first I thought it was too simple of a game to need the Supercharger, but I'm reconsidering. Using strips of RAM to display sprites/particles would allow this kind of kernel: lda RAM,Y sta GRP0 lda RAM,Y sta GRP1 lda RAM,Y sta COLUP0 asl sta ENAM0 lda RAM,Y sta COLUP1 asl sta ENAM1 lda RAM,Y sta ENABL ;+45 Assuming that Y ranges from 0 to 160, that would require about 800 bytes of RAM. Using 45 cycles leaves about 25 for other displayed objects. Those other displayed objects are: 1. The train in the center, which AFAIK doesn't really move 2. The train tracks in the center, which do scroll vertically. 3. Obstacles (cactus, rocks, etc.) which also scroll vertically. If I draw those with the PF, making them symmetrical with a reflected PF, then I can do this... lda RAM,Y sta PF0 lda RAM,Y sta PF1 lda RAM,Y sta PF2 ;+21 Which takes up almost an entire scanline. But I'd probably update the particles every other line (or even every third/fourth), leaving plenty of time to reposition the sprites. Problems: 1. Drawing trains and obstacles with the playfield. Might get ugly. 2. Controls? The arcade uses a joystick, an 8-position rotary controller and two buttons. Possibilities: A) Use two controllers: Joystick in port 1, DC in port 2. Might work if you could operate the DC and its button with one hand. This might make a good 2-player variation, though. B) Shoot in direction you are moving or last moved. Not sure how to have him jump on the train, though. Don't really like A or B. Anybody else have any brilliant ideas?
  5. Guest

    New things in a new year

    JUST A QUICK post about my tentative programming plans for the year. Partly to document, partly just to get this down somewhere while I'm thinking about it, partly to motivate myself. Tentative plans: 1. Write something for the SC contest. I was ambivalent about this when I first heard about it, but I'm starting to get a little more enthused. I just need to come up with an idea... 2. Write standard (i.e., cartridge) game for 2600. There are 3 ideas I'm kicking around for this right now. Two of them use the paddles; a paddle game is something I'd like to write at some point. 3. Port Go Fish! to the A8. 4. Write something(s) for the 2006 minigame compo.
  6. vwBASIC Beta 1.0 Released EDIT: Here is the latest version of vwBASIC for the SuperCharger, with a logic bug fixed:vwBASIC.zip The CD download on the site is also updated. Flashback Portable Edition: The vwBASIC Flashback Portable Edition is now in Beta and will be available soon!!! See 13th post for questions to help decide what features vwBASIC should bring to the Portable console platform!! ___________________________________________________________________ vwBASIC VirtualWorld BASIC is a Tiny BASIC implementation for the 2600 that features large tile mapped virtual worlds and a playfield camera: A programmer can start plotting pixels and sprites and then move the camera around, and the graphical subsystem repositions every element With VirtualWorld BASIC you can make awesome scrolling games and demo's with tons of on-screen and off-screen action, like this game/demo here. vwBASIC also has cool programming features like Nybble arrays and typcasting functions vwBASIC has a very tiny footprint that will output 6K and 12K ROM binaries, targeting 1982 and 1983 specific retro technologies - the 6K ROM images are SuperCharger compatible for making games on Tape, CD or Cart, and the 12k ROM images use the CBS RAM (double Super Chip) Cart format. The vwBASIC compiler is a command line shell application (PowerShell) and could be wrapped in a Visual IDE, but it's not necessary because like bB's playfields and sprites, vwB allows the large virtual worlds and sprites to be drawn with ASCII art right inline with the code. vwBASIC is approaching the beta release, thoughts and ideas are welcome!
  7. New SuperCharger game: Mission Scenario: Destroy the industrial complex powering the Gravitic mine. You are on Trek to Gamma Hydra and picked up a distress signal from a Cargo Freighter trapped in space by a Gravitic mine hidden in a Moon. You StarShip is being pulled down to a crash landing on the surface. This game achieves visual effects that seem unreal but the watercolor artwork on the cover is actually a screenshot from a real Atari playing the game - here's a video play through of the game being beaten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s79yguBa0FU The ROM I plan to release the ROM next year for anyone who wants to wait to play. Starfleet Simulation is $30. This release includes a high quality color cardboard manual, cover insert and a full graphic label on the cassette with artwork from the game. This game is being sent out free to everyone who ordered one of these other SuperCharger games and had to wait on a production delay
  8. GATECRASHER II features several extended soundtracks that blend with escalating gameplay. These games achieve a sound that is different using algorithmic filters on a tracker/sequencer; the original unfiltered output is played during the cut scenes. Wave files for the SuperCharger: GATECRASHER_II_Alternative_SuperCharger.wav GATECRASHER_II_Impressionism_SuperCharger.wav ROM binaries: GATECRASHER_II_Alternative_SuperCharger.bin GATECRASHER_II_Impressionism_SuperCharger.bin Atari Flashback portable compatible versions: GATECRASHER_II_Alternative_AFP.bin GATECRASHER_II_Impressionism_AFP.bin
  9. vdub_bobby

    The Latest

    HERE'S what I've been working on, slowly, over the last few weeks. Well, besides the tile demos I've posted in the homebrew forum, which are mostly just a sideline - for now, anyway. Demo120080209.bin Demo220080214.bin Both are very rough and likely will roll on a real TV.
  10. GATES is a colorful game with a tribal drums soundtrack The objective is to pilot your craft through as many gates as you can (I made it through 14). Waves: There are 7 gates per wave and each wave gets harder, you'll know because the gates initially dynamically appear in the moving barriers that ebb and flow with changing colors as you approach but change differently on subsequent waves requiring more strategy. Strategy: After the first wave it's better to be on the right side of the screen, because the barriers can change unpredictably in the second wave - larger gates may materialize or smaller gates harder to traverse. Game physics include gravity and inertia. Randomizer - Only the first game is the same, gameplay seeds the randomizer. Best play options: The algorithmic tribal drums soundtrack requires a real TIA to experience but the gameplay is just as fun on the Atari Flashback. Here are versions for the SuperCharger and the AFP: GATES_SuperChargerR2.bin GatesAFPr2.bin Both versions run on the real hardware but Stella cannot currently play the Flashback version, use Javatari to play that one. Note: You can also make Stella compatible with the Atari Flashback Portable Console by setting the option to clear the RAM in the debug menu. EDIT: New version! GATES_R2A replaces the tribal drums sound track with an orchestral arrangement with different instruments that can be heard in emulation as well as a real TIA. There is also an option to change the background color with the button: GATES_R2A_SuperCharger.binGATES_R2A_AFP.bin SuperCharger wav files: GATES_R2A_SuperCharger.wavGATES_SuperChargerR2.wav
  11. KC Monster Maze! Demo video and more info on the order thread Comments and questions welcome here or there!
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