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Found 34 results

  1. Anyone have these cue cards/activity sheets they could scan? I checked whtech ftp site, but found nothing. I have the manual, so I can still access all the activities, but an impending visit by a great-grand nephew made me think it would be fun to watch him play with the cartridge as it was originally intended, rather than to have an adult hanging over him assisting with the manual. and I just now realized that there are few things that makes one feel quite so old as typing the prefix "great-grand" and referring to someone younger than oneself!
  2. I have a ton of TI-99 stuff, but some of the extremely rare cartridges are nearly impossible to find values for. Here are a couple. Neither of these have any history in Ebay completed listings, and I can't find a price guide anywhere for TI-99 carts. Wordwriter (1987 DATABIOTICS) Chicken Coop Thanks!!!
  3. Hi all, do you think this TouchPad would run on the TI ? Maybe with a homebrewn joystick - adapter ? It´s a "TouchPoint Graphis Tablet". My only info is that it may be for the /OffTopicMode: ON/ Commodore C64 ... /OffTopicMode: OFF/ thanks
  4. Hey All, Here's a TOD game I have been working on called Auto-Motion...Have fun! EDIT: I made a few adjustments and re-uploaded to ver 1.1 *************************************************************************** Release of Windows TOD Editor 1.4.6 Just a quick release to repair the 'TI-Files header' save issue Added routine to add or remove the header if needed. 'Save As' now saves the current file and reopens the new one, also added 'Save Copy As' to only to save a copy but not open it. Many new options are available to alter, you can now have up to 8 different quest images as opposed to 2, you can change the player start money, weapons, items, food cost etc. set min and max available floors, you can change the level colors and door/wall textures. It has a database of over 300 monster images to choose from with just one click. From the Monster Data screen you can scroll through the entire list of all 56 monsters, see their images and listen to their sounds, and a List button to see and print monster data on one list. You can edit all weapons, armor, magic items(scrolls, wands, etc) with ease. You can also now have up to 4 different scroll images, or 2 large ones. Plus a lot more. It has been tested on WinXP, Vista, Win7 both 32 and 64 bit & Win8 64bit (On Vista/Win7/Win8 with UAC on, you MUST run the program with 'Run as Administrator' so it will save files correctly) You will get an error '75' when you try to save, if you don't. I will answer all questions and comments here on this post. And post updates here. Fritz442 AUTOMOTION v 1.1.zip TOD Editor v1.4.6.zip
  5. GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Thanks! I have 9 cartridges for the TI-99/4A (or /4, if you happen to have one of those, with the exception of Parsec) with manuals in their retail boxes or plastic trays. One, Hunt the Wumpus, is a duplicate (for a total of 10.) In display boxes: Early Reading Multiplication 1 Personal Record Keeping Hunt the Wumpus Munch Man In plastic display trays: Cars Wars Hunt the Wumpus Video-Graphs Parsec Jawbreaker II These are all tested and working. I am asking $25 plus shipping. I normally ship FedEx and the box is three pounds, 12x8x8, from 32308. Offers accepted and will be considered one week from today if no one has taken them for asking.
  6. Looking to buy a TEAC 5.25" FD-55B Half-Height Floppy Drive for my TI-99/4a. Need the TEAC FD-55B (not the FD-55BR, 55GFR, etc). Thanks!
  7. I have a ton of TI-99/4A carts that I'd like to sell. Because there's so many I'd rather sell in bulk, and my pricing reflects this. Pictures will follow and all carts will be tested before sent. You'll pay actual shipping cost. Many carts have multiples and choice of black/beige cart... 1-4 $3.00 each 5-10 $2.00 each 11-20 $1.50 each 21+ $1.00 each a maze ing addition addition and subtraction 1 addition and subtraction 2 adventure alien addition alligator mix alpiner beginning grammar (one left in the 'bargain bin' below) blackjack and poker blasto burger time car wars chisolm trail demolition division disk manager 2 division 1 early learning fun early logo learning fun early reading football hangman hustle home financial decisions household budget management hunt the wumpus indoor soccer meteor multiplication microsurgeon mind challengers minus mission moon mine multiplication 1 munchman music maker number magic othello parsec personal real estate personal record keeping personal report generator reading flight reading fun reading roundup story machine tax/investment record keeping terminal emulator II the attack ti extended basic ti invaders ti writer word processor tombstone city touch typing tutor tunnels of doom video chess video games 1 zero zap 1-4 $3.00 each 5-10 $2.00 each 11-20 $1.50 each 21+ $1.00 each I have 68 carts in all. There are no more titles than shown above, but if you want all of them, the price can be < $1/cart. Bargain Bin: Damaged but working carts that are half of whatever the price above would be. beginning grammar: A few of the connections were severely corroded and I had to scrape them to get it to work. alpiner: Has a hole drilled in the plastic case with some markings that look like it was secured (like at a store or public computer). car wars: Drilled as above. TI invaders: Drilled as above.
  8. From the album: Toxic-TEMP-Pics

  9. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  10. Hi, just a small place to share found videos. Maybe, from time to time, we can link the best one here on the top first post have fun
  11. Hi All, Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by asking, but I was wondering if anyone could link me, google doc me, or e-mail me the bios files for TI-99 on the Retropie. I have been searching the net all day for TI-994A.ctg (case sensitive), and there is just nothing out there. I'm extremely frustrated. TI-99 was one of my favorite game systems. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello All, Here's an adventure game I have been working on called 'Adventure at lake Santeetlah'...Hope you all enjoy! I will answer all questions and provide hints if needed here on this post. And post updates here. Also here are the forms I made to create the adventures, I laminate 4-6 of them, then tape them together in a square to keep track of game locations. Three sizes 20, 30, 42 blocks per page. (When printing these, be sure to use the 'center on page' option) LAKESAN_v1.3.zip Adventure Creation Forms.zip
  13. I have an MBX joystick in good cosmetic condition. I don't have an MBX to test functionality. $60 including shipping to Continental U.S. I might consider some trades but mostly just looking to sell. Only the joystick is available at this point.
  14. I just scored a boxed TI-99 4/A from work! It is in excellent condition and appears to power up. Now, I have some questions about it. First of all, can I get an adapter to plug it into a coaxle? Also, it doesn't have the joystick. Does it need one to play games, or can I use the keypad? Thanks!
  15. So... I spent some time writing and converting the baseball game for the BBS. Now I have another itch--- An XB Adventure game which does not require the Adventure module... Primarily to run on the BBSes as well. Here's the plan: Come up with the premise, collect input from the members here on Atariage, write the game for the BBS, then get the "go-ahead" from the SysOp(s) to add it to the BBS as a playable door game. I had started work on a Beryl Reichardt adventure game, but scrapped it when I realized how inefficient the code was... I was able to read a book on Planet-99 which gave some very interesting insights into the development of the Adventure games and it really got me going! The methods described there are fascinatingly simple and straight forward and allow for a TON of stuff to be coded in with minimal duplicate code and minimal program space. Using a string variable array and TWO standard variable arrays is the key to having your map laid out AND having the ability to stock your world with the items you'll need to design the quest as you see fit. The key to the game is the parsing engine... How does the user communicate with the computer to TELL IT WHAT HE/SHE WANTS TO DO?!?! Well, as we all know, a computer doesn't speak english, and we cannot possibly code in every possible command. Therefore, we create a parsing engine which takes a noun and a verb (two separate string variables INPUT from the user) and attempts to read those from a list of acceptable nouns and verbs in the system. For instance, "OPEN DOOR" contains a verb and a noun. A successful parsing engine would read the noun (to determine if that thing (the door) is in the vicinity) and IF that noun IS legal, read the verb (to determine if the selected action can be performed on the noun)... For instance, "EAT BREAD" is cool if you have bread in your inventory. "EAT DOOR" does not work, even if DOOR is in the current "room." In this case you have a valid noun but an invalid verb to associate with that noun. This is the basis of the parser, and I have a much better understanding of it now than I did two days ago. With Willsy's permission, I will post a zipped pdf file of the book I'm referring to to this thread, once he gets on and allows it. =) Is anyone interested in participating in this development project? I will not be starting it immediately, as I have some pressing matters at hand writing some music and working with a couple suites... (ASLP by Hully and XB256 by Harry)... I would say that in the next week or two I will be returning my attention to this project. I just got my PEB set back up tonight and I'm picking up a monitor on Sunday, so I'll be hardware-active again this weekend.... WOOO HOOOO!!!!! That's an exciting thing for me.
  16. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  17. Fred has something new http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/kbti994a/kbti994a.html#kbti994a (Main page: http://www.ti99-geek.nl )
  18. I have seen those tape/floppy drives that slot into the cartridge slot looking space on the side of the unit, but I have been having a hard time finding them on Ebay and when I do, they are always very expensive. Are there any other ways to do this?
  19. . Hi Ho, found some nice pics, somehow fitting very nice into my imaginations, my fantasy, in the 80´s, while playing all night long Hope you like it, and you´re not getting frightend xXx RMSAAED UUUUuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhh So please come in !! all credits for this great pics up to here go to my buddy Nic from "Die verlassenen Orte" (The Forsaken Places) thx a lot.
  20. Hi 99ers, this thread here should be a small helper for collecting some facts, specs & data for the "big list", (and maybe you can use it for your own requests) If you have anything NOT mentioned in one of the lists here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241978-ti-99-resources-lets-have-a-list-for-it/?p=3306338 it would be cool if you just could drop it here into the thread (or there) Please don´t hesitate, and any format & content is welcome. (Facts, Text, Links, Pictures, Manuals & WhatEver) I will integrate anything that is possible and update the PDFs in the thread mentioned above. For big uploads, you can also use this link ftp://u67140205-atariage:[email protected]/_IN or with FTP-proggy: FTP-HOST: toxic-instruments.com USER: u67140205-atariage PASSW: TeXasTIxx4A (and replace the two "xx" here with a "secret" number) FOLDER: _IN Also eMails up to 99 MB are possible, to 99er [ät] toxic-instruments [döt] com thanks for any contribution schmitzi
  21. In order not to pollute the thread of Sound List Ripper with this, I've created a small utility in VB5 which converts MID files into TI-99 sound lists. It's somewhat crude, but I'm posting it anyway since there has been interest in it. I think it facilitates the development of sound lists for the TI-99 which are a nice, compact format with a player built into ROM. You can find details on its usage in the README file supplied with it. The ZIP file contains an EXE file, the source code project and the README file. Oh, sorry to say, but since it was developed in VB5, it only runs on Windows. I'm not exactly sure which versions it will run on, but I'm pretty sure it will run on Windows XP, 7 and 10. Maybe earlier versions (from 95 upward) are also OK, but I haven't tested it. Enjoy! Kurt MIDI_TO_Sound_List_0_0_1.zip
  22. Hi all, I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my "maxed out" TI-99 setup. All I need is the power supply for my TI acoustic coupler modem, and I'll be done. Does anyone have a spare they'd be willing to part with? The model number is 901017, output is 20V AC, 400mA. I've heard it's the same as the one used on the Atari acoustic modems. I'd also consider purchasing a second modem with power supply, if someone has one they'd consider selling. I also have a second TI-99/4A console, but the keyboard is damaged (broken keyswitch and missing keycap). This is one of those earlier black keyboards. I'm looking to either repair the keyboard, or just swap in a fresh one. If anyone has a parts keyboard, or just a spare, I'd be interested in negotiating. Any help is appreciated. I'm including pictures of the modem power supply, which is apparently somewhat unusual.
  23. INFO: Sorry, this tool is no more running on the newer Mame-Versions, there were many changes. Since then I am still working with version 166b, this is the old style, this works. So I will stay there. Maybe on this base, I will do some correction in future, fon´t know. So please do not use this tool on newer Mame or Mess versions (!) It won´t damage anything, but it won´t run, too. (I will use this thread here for a totally other topic next time, as I am able to edit post #1 here) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST #1, so far: Hi, the MAME & MESS-STARTER-BATCH for Windows (32/64bit) will help you with starting the Emulator. Any suggestions and requests welcome. Just unpack the Small-Zip into the wanted Mame/Mess-folder, but reading the manual is mandatory. For the Big-Zip with full install please send pm. Good luck Schmitzi The Batch.... IS ABLE TO START: with PEB-Slots: [ 1 ] = GENEVE-9640 2:MEMEX 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 2 ] = TI-99/4A AE 2:32KMEM 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 3 ] = TI-99/EV 2: --- 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 4 ] = GENEVE-9640-UDS 2:MYARCMM 3:SPEECH 4:RS232 5:HORIZON 8:HFDC [ 5 ] = TI-99/EV HSGPL 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 5:HSGPL 6:RS232 8:HFDC download the actual version here (Small-ZIP): MAME-MESS-STARTER-v124a_0166b-32-64bit_SMALL-ZIP-Batch-ONLY.zip download the small manual here: MAME-MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.24-MANUAL.pdf RMSAAED Find the older version here: MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.10J2.zip MESS-START-TI99-1.10d-MANUAL.pdf
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