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Found 159 results

  1. Okay, I need your input, am I CRAZY for thinking this auction is 'out there'? I mean this is a minimum $13.99 for a couple of OPENED and EMPTY boxes with some old paperwork.
  2. I think that Stuart's new web browser is such a big deal that it deserves it's own thread.
  3. Since Ksarul has been so kind to buy enough components up front to make 40 of these cards, I was thinking a dedicated thread on it's discussion might be nice to have. This way anyone who has a question on this device will know where to come, sort of like the dedicated thread for the F18A has kept everyone educated, informed and up-to-date. No longer on the "[email protected]", 'hard to get' list, or priced in the 'beyond belief' category, I see this new affordable 1 Meg Super AMS card bringing the community to a whole new level like the F18A has done for so many of us. Where will this new card lead us? I'm not sure anyone can say yet, but I do believe there will be things and new capabilities available to us in the future that no one ever thought possible on a TI, because with the talent I've seen on display here, and all the mind-blowing things I've witnessed over the past year alone, I now know... almost anything is possible. Stuff like the this 1 meg card, the F18A, Stuart's browser, the USB keyboard project, and all the others too numerous to mention are why the TI community is thriving. It's an exciting time to be a TI'er! I can't wait to plug one of these into my P-Box so I'm ready for the next big thing when it's released. Also,....if anyone needs a beta tester...
  4. Hi, just to have a thread for the Hamsoft & Kantronics´ Radio solution for the TI-99/4A here is a list (of course) and some pics of my stuff. The parts I know about: TI-99-4A-HAM-Radio-v1.00-beta.pdf Ads from the HAM-Radio Magazine ´84 / ´85: The manual: hamsoft manual.pdf
  5. I have a question regarding Multiplan for the TI. Your answer(s) may be objective, or subjective, but still I'd really like to know what you think. Do you think the reason Multiplan has not been stuffed into an Uber Cart yet is because: a) The person doing it would be afraid of being sued by Microsoft.. even after all these decades. b) You think not enough people would use it, so it would be a total waste of time and effort. c) It's just not possible. d) It's possible, but it would take up too much room not leaving enough for BASIC or the E/A. e) ______________________________________________________________________ ? I never really used Multiplan all that much myself, that is until I found the 80 column upgrade that works with the F18A, now I like to use my TI for small, but productive things from time to time.
  6. slinkeey

    TI-99/4A F18A 01

    From the album: Slinkeey's TI-99/4A

    TI-99/4A With VGA Port Using F18A Board #1
  7. I'm not sure if it's anecdotal evidence, but it appears (at first glance) a portion of the active TI community may be shifting away from the peripheral expansion box as their primary configuration. This poll is designed to ascertain quantities, trends and actual use overall. I would appreciate your participation whether or not you own a P-Box. Thanks!
  8. Fest West is only four months away.... Yeah, it's kind early to start thinking about it, but this reminder is just to light a fire under you guys who are actively working on software or hardware projects that will want to unveil them in time for the big meeting. Attendees might want to follow this thread to be informed of any changes as they occur.
  9. I've been meaning to get my feet wet in the idiosyncratic world of 8-bit computing for a couple years now, and with the holiday season coming up and how dirt cheap and easily available mint in box TI-99/4As are these days now seems like a good time to pick one up as a Christmas present for myself. I know I could just go on eBay and find one in the pristine condition I'm after for $25 to $45 + shipping but I'd rather buy from someone on AtariAge to keep it in the community if I have the option. Outside of the computer the only other TI things I'm looking for right now are a composite video cable and a couple inexpensive game cartridges to get me started, since I do have some other holiday purchases to attend to this month and I'm trying to keep my vintage computer dabbling pretty budget friendly (though a voice synthesizer module or a copy of Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man could tempt me ). In any case, feel free to shoot me a PM if you happen to have a spare mint condition TI tucked away in a closet somewhere and don't mind letting it go for a reasonable price to someone who is looking start dabbling in vintage computing.
  10. Our TI hobby can be an interesting thing, once we obtain one item, we find we need another. This fundamental truth also applies to newly developed hardware at times. So.... as 2016 comes to a close, what would you like to own in 2017 that does not yet exist?
  11. Over the the past year, we've all read multiple threads on common hardware issues, faults and breakdowns. In starting this thread it's hoped that we can all have a "clearing house" of sorts for common solutions. This way if someone develops issues in the future, they'll know where to come to quickly pinpoint and diagnose the issue and possibly get an instant solution. For easy search, the title should list the PROBLEM, and the DEVICE involved. If possible please include photos, because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and may help someone confirm and diagnose their issue.
  12. I’m about to buy two F18A’s, one for my “new” TI-99/4A, and one for my 65816 based homebrew computer MARC-2. As I said before, my intention is to write a few little machine language games for both systems simultaneously. So both having the same VDP, surely is a huge advantage. Even more because the F18A is becoming almost a standard in the TI community. Of course I’ve looked on Matthew’s site and on this forum, but I probably overlooked one or two things. MARC-2 has a 3.3V data bus on the CPU side, and a 5V data bus on the RAM side. In between, there is a 3.3V but 5V tolerant CPLD. (XC95288XL) My question is, can I connect the F18A to the 3.3V side? And just out of curiosity, who of you uses the F18A with another computer than the TI-99/4A? *------ Although MARC-2 is 3.3V, it’s not the definitive destination for the F18A. I’m designing a new computer, MARC-3 (My Adorable Retro Computer version 3). It’s practically almost ready, except for the actual build. The main difference is that it will be modular, that is, I’ll use a ground plane, similar to the S-100 bus, and carts for the different parts of the computer system. The second difference will be that it’s running solely on 5V.
  13. BETA RELEASE 9640 Menu System (80 Column Menu Loader) F18A & 9938 Compatible Best when used with Extended BASIC 2.7 Suite Cartridge TIMXT (80 Column Color ANSI Communications Program) F18A Compatible Okay here are the programs and unfinished documentation. I wanted to gussy up the manual more, but I've been slammed at work and will not even be home on Saturday which is the day this was originally going to be released. Enjoy the heck out of these programs, they are going to change the way you use your TI! Please post all questions, comments, ideas or bug reports to this message thread. Ω 9640 Menu System & TIMXT.zip
  14. Hi all, do you think this TouchPad would run on the TI ? Maybe with a homebrewn joystick - adapter ? It´s a "TouchPoint Graphis Tablet". My only info is that it may be for the /OffTopicMode: ON/ Commodore C64 ... /OffTopicMode: OFF/ thanks
  15. Looking for the following TI software Manuals/instruction sheets... TI branded: - Alligator Mix - Equations - Computer Math Games II - Facemaker - Multiplication 1 - Story Machine - Reading Flight - Reading On - Reading Roundup - Scholastic Spelling 3 - Scholastic Spelling 5 - Sneggit - Fathom - Weight Control and Nutrition Now the ones that people are less likely to give up if they have them (but figure I'd better ask anyway)... Scott Foresman White Label (looking for color graphic covers, not the generic white covers) - Number Bowling - Frog Jump Funware: - Henhouse - Driving Demon Atarisoft: - Jungle Hunt - PacMan I'm in Canada, so take that into consideration if you feel uncomfortable shipping across the border (not as uncomfortable, I'd wager, as I feel at paying the outrageous exchange rates of late)
  16. Greetings. I recently needed to move my TI-99/4A out of a family crawl space and decided that, rather than pack it away again in a closet, I'd indulge in an occasional trip down memory lane and actually use it. So I now have it set up in my bedroom. I did a few Google searches to help me get my feet wet again (it's been over 20 years since I've used it regularly), and I came across the posting: Telnet - Getting your TI on the Internet & TI BBS's. I'm currently in the process of setting up a UDS-10 as laid out in that topic. (Many thanks to Omega for beginning the topic and to those people who contributed to it.) Back in the day, I used Terminal Emulator II along with a 300 baud Volksmodem to attach to CompuServe and a few local BBS's. But from the discussions I'm reading now, it seems Telco may be the most ideal terminal program for my future connections to BBS's. (I haven't connected to anything since the unpacking. I still need to finish preparing my UDS-10.) So my question: how do I get Telco? I know I can download a copy of it from WHT. But...downloading that with my MacBook obviously means a copy of it lives...on my MacBook, not on a TI diskette. So how do I actually get the Telco program to my TI-99/4A? Since WHT seems to have it available for download as a DSK file, I assume I have to prepare a TI diskette and copy the program to it. But I not entirely sure how I would take the downloaded file from my MacBook and get it onto a TI diskette. The wheels in my head are turning now, and I'm wondering if this means I need to run some sort of TI-99/4A emulator app on my Mac along with an attached diskette drive. I imagine somewhere there's an explanation of how to do what I'm trying to do, but I haven't found it yet. Rather than continuing to search, and since I'm past-due to get involved in some discussions here, I decided to pose the question to all of you. Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Jerry
  17. Some people know that TI experimented with porting its best-known games to Intellivision. Well, much later, Namco planned to roll up the market for retro-gaming by producing software for the TI-99/4A. A Namco intern told their boss to build on the nostalgia for "Munk-Man" and this is what happened. I found the binary on an MSX forum earlier this year: (k2.dsk or download here) contains a single E/A 3 object file "K2" without Namco markings. The program name is K2. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/writJ0I5fHg
  18. Does anyone have, or remember, the game Peter Cottontail's Egg Hunt for the TI-99/4A? That seems to be my boyfriend's favorite game, since he talks a lot about it in regard to the computer.
  19. I have just seen a cool YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvWSpTg8oA4) by "n1jbq" published 5/21/14 of a TI99 singing the 1892 song "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two)" composed by Harry Dacre. In 1961, physicist John Larry Kelly Jr and his colleague Louis Gerstman used an IBM 704 at Bell Labs to demonstrate their voice recorder synthesizer. Arthur C Clarke witnessed this speech demonstration and referenced it in his 1968 novel and film "2001: A Space Odyssey". I am sure everyone remembers the HAL 9000 singing this while being deactivated. The TI-99/4A being my first computer, and it having the Speech Synthesizer and the game Parsec, made it sure seem like the HAL 9000 to me! Therefore, I would like to obtain a copy of the program from the video, and to ask your help in locating it. The video's description mentions floppy disk from the 1980's distributed by the Boston Computer Society TI-99/4A User Group. The disk can also be seen 0:11 seconds in the video. The disk is labled "Public Domain Disk #73 - TI-Sings". In the comments Stephen Hoffmann posts that he remembered typing that particular program from what he belived was from a TI-99er magazine. Would anyone here have a copy of the disk and/or know the reference to the magazine article? I would love to hear my TI sing this particular song. Thank you in advance, TWoodland
  20. I just stopped by the Wikipedia TI-99/4A entry for the first time. While I noticed it covered the F18A, I was wondering if an update was in order for some of the more recent and popular CONTEMPORARY HARDWARE items like the Plug-N-Play 32K and FlashROM 99 SD based multicart?
  21. Many of us here on Atari Age have P-Box's. Many of us also have RS-232 cards, but what about users without RS-232 cards or HxC's? How are they going to get new software to their disk drives? RS-232's are starting to get rare and more expensive, all while the TI user base is continually growing, so what about an alternative method? I'm wondering if at some point in the future a "virtual diskette" could be made on the PC, similar to the method used to make them for the NanoPEB or CF7? Sure, this disk would probably be 'read only' and considering the way the FG99 operates, this disk would probably operate like an executable program that would transfer its contents to the users disk drive. The new FinalGROM 99 is 512K, factoring the embedded programs overhead it should still be able to transfer a decent amount of data to users drives. Fact is, for most users 360K is max, so this could do a whole disk at one time for most people.
  22. Ralf, I've not been the biggest game player known to man, but your cartridge and all these games... well, to put it bluntly, I GOT NOTHING WORTHWHILE ACCOMPLISHED TODAY AFTER WORK! (THANK YOU) I've been having so much fun testing out each and every game, (to find out which ones I like), so I can have the 'perfect game menu and cartridge'. Some of these games I've never seen before.. Lovin' every minute of it...
  23. I made a general phreaking BASIC program for the TI99/4A Figured some of you guys would like this! I plan on making a cable to use this. http://youtu.be/I01-O8QpD5k
  24. I recently acquired a Peripheral Expansion Box for my TI-99/4A. The box is in pretty rough shape, so I thought I would tear it down, clean it up and reassemble... I'm running into some issues, however... Does the front plate (the plastic face) some how SNAP onto pegs or something, or do I have to unscrew it from behind? If the latter is the case, gaining access to the screws (apart from the ones in the middle) is proving difficult. Also, is there an easy way to gain access to the floppy to replace it (should I need to do that)? Oddly assembled beast... Any help would be appreciated! ~Scott
  25. I have a ton of TI-99/4A carts that I'd like to sell. Because there's so many I'd rather sell in bulk, and my pricing reflects this. Pictures will follow and all carts will be tested before sent. You'll pay actual shipping cost. Many carts have multiples and choice of black/beige cart... 1-4 $3.00 each 5-10 $2.00 each 11-20 $1.50 each 21+ $1.00 each a maze ing addition addition and subtraction 1 addition and subtraction 2 adventure alien addition alligator mix alpiner beginning grammar (one left in the 'bargain bin' below) blackjack and poker blasto burger time car wars chisolm trail demolition division disk manager 2 division 1 early learning fun early logo learning fun early reading football hangman hustle home financial decisions household budget management hunt the wumpus indoor soccer meteor multiplication microsurgeon mind challengers minus mission moon mine multiplication 1 munchman music maker number magic othello parsec personal real estate personal record keeping personal report generator reading flight reading fun reading roundup story machine tax/investment record keeping terminal emulator II the attack ti extended basic ti invaders ti writer word processor tombstone city touch typing tutor tunnels of doom video chess video games 1 zero zap 1-4 $3.00 each 5-10 $2.00 each 11-20 $1.50 each 21+ $1.00 each I have 68 carts in all. There are no more titles than shown above, but if you want all of them, the price can be < $1/cart. Bargain Bin: Damaged but working carts that are half of whatever the price above would be. beginning grammar: A few of the connections were severely corroded and I had to scrape them to get it to work. alpiner: Has a hole drilled in the plastic case with some markings that look like it was secured (like at a store or public computer). car wars: Drilled as above. TI invaders: Drilled as above.
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