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Found 25 results

  1. Information can get out-of-date quickly when it comes to 'group buys', like the recent HDX/PCB card purchase by arcadeshopper. BTW - Greg, it's great that guys like you are around to help others upgrade. THANX! Anyway this poll is here to gauge the current status and user percentage of HDX users.
  2. I've got two TIs with the same ailment. Black screen on power on with the unending tone. Both occurred in relation to an F18A mod (but I would guess the F18A is not the cause) and I was wondering if anyone had some brilliant advice that could save the day, or advice in avoiding future tragedy. Story Time - Not for the faint of heart, you have been warned. Beginning this year I got the urge to start playing with my TI-99/4A again, my TI had been sitting idle and collecting dust for a few years ever since it's TV went away. It was a stock TI, no expansions apart from the speech; and I was really interested in improving it to explore the community offerings. I read about this fabulous modification called the F18A that completely overhauled the TI's video out. It didn't seem too difficult, so I ordered one as soon as they came available and waited patiently. After a time I received the magic F18A and dutifully opened my TI, removed the VDP, and installed the F18A. I then dremeled some holes for the VGA cable and snaked it to the back of my console. Shield, attach, close up, power on, total victory! Everything seemed to work without complaint and I was playing Tunnels of Doom on my computer monitor the same evening. What followed were some good times, a month or so of vintage happiness. It was not to last. A few weeks ago I powered on my TI so I could continue one of my latest Quests for the King. Black screen, blaring tone. As near as I can tell this was a spontaneous failure as nothing had changed - the system hadn't been opened since the F18A and it had powered on fine the evening before; no new expansions or cable changes. The internet informed me this dreaded error could mean virtually anything wrong with the system. I opened the system and did the only diagnostic steps I could handle. I replaced the original VDP and tried to power on. Nothing. Tried putting the F18A back and powering on. Nothing. I started re-seating the GROMs and clock chip. As I gently pried and lifted the first GROM it suddenly flipped 180 and attacked me, impaling my poor finger. I quickly deduced the reason, I had snapped off two of the pins. Disaster. Nonetheless, I carried on to see if any change in the system state could be discerned from the re-seating. The TI was unmoved by my efforts and continued with the black screen and harsh tone. As I was working with the TI motherboard, and under unremembered circumstances. I took hold of the keyboard ribbon cable to attach to the motherboard and instead had it come away in my fingers. Catastrophe. The keyboard ribbon cable had sheared off from the solder points on the keyboard. I sadly realized that my efforts had probably already killed my patient, I honestly am not equipped or knowledgeable enough for computer surgery, and should no longer indulge in this pointless torture. I resolved to visit eBay and order another TI. A scan of ebay revealed that TIs generally would cost $50 after shipping. I decided to go ahead and order a lot of 2 that were both claimed to be working but were missing some accessories (only 1 power supply and no RF) and one was missing keycaps. I bid, I won, and I waited. Yesterday the TIs have arrived. I verified that they were indeed functional as stock units (although the busted keycap one seemed to have some video issues). I set about opening the better of the pair to transplant my F18A. Unscrew, open, unshield, pry. Everything proceeding smoothly I gently pried up the F18A from it's old host and I let out a cry of genuine anguish. One of the pins was gone (nothing else bent or damaged that I saw, just cruel fate), the F18A had been wounded in this latest action. What follows is my descent into pure madness and unmitigated stupidity. Faced with the missing pin, and desiring to install the F18A in the fresh patient IMMEDIATELY, I resolved to solder a replacement pin to the F18A board. Now some background, in years past some fool gifted me a inexpensive soldering iron as they knew my interest in vintage computing and thought I would find the tool useful. This tool would become a murder (of my poor TI) weapon. I have no training or formal education, and my past successful efforts with the tool have been only to solder wires together. A pin isn't that much different from a wire though? Of course not. So I cut a pin from a bit of discarded electronics I had laying around and proceeded to attempt to solder it to the board. What followed was an hour of trembling hands, cursing, fiddling, and jabbing a hot iron at the little board to try and get the pin to stick and not be crooked. Each passable attempt ended in failure, resulting in a black screen (but accompanied by the TI's lovely startup chirp). These efforts were interspersed with periodic sanity checks with the original VDP which I would insert to verify that I had not inflicted fatal injury. This continued until finally a measure of success. Video, but not that which brings joy, but a hideous abomination that shrivels the soul. The system powered on, but showed a title screen that was corrupted. The colors were wrong, the characters were garbled. Further desperate action improved nothing: from garbled screen, to blank blue screen, to black screen, to F18A ready screen, to garbled screen; round and round till I resolved myself and admitted defeat. However, the drama still had one final cruel twist of fate. I placed another F18A order and replaced the original VDP. Only this time instead of the grainy title screen I was greeted by doom's horrible screech. Black screen, blaring tone. Panic. I tried replacing the F18A. Black screen, blaring tone. Re-seat all the socketed chips. Black screen, blaring tone. Swap power supplies. Black screen, blaring tone. To my shame it seems I have killed another patient. Now I confess my eyes have shifted to my last misshapen TI to perhaps harvest its organs to fuel my mad designs. One potential slight glimmer of growth, I have decided to err on the side of wisdom and solicit my betters, and prevail upon their wisdom to see if there is any way I may undo this horror, or at least advice that I may prevent another one. Well? What say you? TL;DR - I am an idiot. Due to botched install+repair I'm soliciting help/advice in fixing my TIs. Black screens, blaring tones.
  3. Well, I am forced to part with my gear after many years because I am downsizing. This year I have been working on a long distance move from Connecticut to Florida and I am mostly done with the move but I still have some stuff in storage in CT. I cannot ship this because there is just way too much stuff and the weight and cost of shipping would be hundreds of dollars. So hopefully, someone in CT or FL is interested. My collection includes the following: TI-994/a computer (steel) TI-994/a computer (plastic - with original box and packing materials) Peripheral expansion box with disk controller card, 32k memory expansion card, RS-232 interface card and floppy disk drive Extra floppy disk drives (one external use and one for PEB) Cassette recorder with interface cables Two speech synthesizers Set of TI joysticks Two power supplies Two RF modulator boxes for TV 28 cartridges: Adventure, Alpiner, The Attack (x2), Car Wars, Disk Manager, Editor/Assembler, Hangman, Home Financial Decisions, Household Budget Management (x2), Hunt The Wumpus, Microsoft Multiplan, Munch Man, Pac Man, Parsec (x2), Personal Record Keeping, Personal Report Generator, Physical Fitness, Terminal Emulator II, TI Extended Basic, TI Invaders, TI-Writer/Word Processor, Tombstone City, Touch Typing Tutor, Tunnels Of Doom (missing label) and Video Graphics Disk Fixer Multi cart loader 11 packs of misc floppy disks with various homemmade programs and stuff from 99er or other sources 2 boxes of programming books for the TI, back issues of 99er/Home Computer Magazine, Original TI binders, etc (the rest wouldn't fit in the pic) This collection is my own stuff combined with a neighbor's collection that I got several years ago so that's why there are some duplicates. Everything is in CT now and available to anyone interested there. When I ship the rest of my stuff from CT down to FL, I can make it available to anyone interested in FL. I just don't have a date for that yet. Please let me know if you are interested and we can talk details. Thanks.
  4. I have finished my adaptation of Jake Commander's Space Trek game, originally written for the TRS-80 Color Computer! This is a classic Trek game, destroy all the klingons before time expires! You must navigate around an 8x8 size galaxy, finding all the Klingons and destroying them without being destroyed yourself. Please note that the time limit is in REAL time, so if you leave it running, you'll lose the game eventually! You can select a difficulty from 1 to 5, this affects the amount of time you have and how many potential klingons can appear in a quadrant. This is my final version of the game, I gave it to Vorticon to post up on the TI Game Base. The big addition is magnetic storms, as well as making phasers a much more viable and fun weapon to use in game. If you find any bugs or issues with the game, or just have questions, please post on the thread! The zip contains a Classic99 ready Extended BASIC file ready to drop in and load, as well as instructions. Version 3.2: SpaceTrekv32.zip
  5. I already have the system, so I just need its box, let me know if you have one you are willing to sell.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to get a copy of Bruce Harrison's music assembly source code. He said in an Art of Assembly article that the full source for his Nutcracker suite was available for purchase, did anyone get that and can share it here? The WHT Tech disk is NOT the source, it's only the binaries. Thanks!
  7. Here's a bunch of random stuff I don't need, or my doubles. Normally, I hate "Best Offer" type posts, but this stuff is so random, and some of it in random condition, just make an offer cash/trade. VERY open to trades. Of pretty much anything I don't already have. I just don't keep doubles of carts, manuals anymore, so these have to go. Make me an offer of an interesting trade and I may go for it. All prices are excluding shipping. I can get discounted shipping at work, so shipping prices are very reasonable (probably better than you'd think) and I'll only charge you actual. PM me with offers/trade offers if you can use any of this stuff. Without further ado... TI-99/4a setup for repair or parts. Has some dents and scratching, but otherwise doesn't look horrible. Some of the keys don't work. But the unit itself works fine. The numbers work, so you can start up carts and play. Repair it, or use it to repair a non-working unit. I suppose you could use it to just play carts if you have a joystick, as that seems to work fine. Comes with power supply and the following carts: TI Invaders, Alpiner, Parsec, Hunt The Wumpus, Tombstone City, Munch Man, Blasto, Reading Roundup. Fairchild Channel F and 6 carts. Unit does work. Controllers work, but a little unresponsive (not sure how it's supposed to work though, I was able to play the games). Missing lid. Unit not in bad shape, wood grain is pretty nice. A little dirty. The cables on the controllers are very twisted up, almost like they've been melted. Not sure if they were, or it's just from age/use, but in any case, I'd replace them. Comes with power supply, original Fairchild RF switch, and the following carts: 13 Robot War/Torpedo Alley, 2 Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery, 14 Sonar Search (loose end label), 3 Video Blackjack (loose end label), 5 Space War (no end label), 9 Drag Race (no end label). Note that games are still a little dirty, I wiped them off and they're not disgusting, but could be detailed. SOLD Loose Intellivision carts. All but 3 of these are the screw-together type for you looking for cart shells. A bunch of loose 2600 manuals: A bunch of loose 5200 manuals: Sound and video cards. All of these are not tested recently, as I don't have any computers anymore that could take any of these. They were all pulled from my own machines to upgrade, then stored in the static bags in a dry box on the main level of our house, so in theory should be fine. Clockwise from upper left.. unknown video card, says ASUS on it. Soundblaster PCI 128 with CD, Soundblaster 16 for you retro PC-gaming fans, Soundblaster Live! with discs. Call of Duty: D-Link cable modem, with power supply, disc, manual. 3-Com Cable modem with manual, disc. Unfortunately, I lost the power supply: Acer scanner. Works, just used it recently with the SANE scanner drivers. With power supply and if you want it, a USB cable: UMax Scanner. Also used this recently with the SANE scanner drivers. Power supply not pictured, but my wife says she knows where it is: Linksys 5-port wired (not wireless!) hub: Thanks for looking.
  8. Please consider placing a bid for a TI-99/4a computer system including everything you need to get started in the world of vintage TI gaming, programming and general use. It includes Peripheral Expansion Box, memory expansion, and disk. Plus TI Extended BASIC, Disk Controller 2 cartridges, joysticks, and games including everyone's favorite title: Hunt The Wumpus. It's a one of a kind custom package. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Complete-System-World-Of-Wumpus-Edition-Peripheral-Expansion-Box-Incl/283492623076?hash=item42017a22e4:g:fb8AAOSwu1pc5L64
  9. I'm calling this one done and at version 1.0! Unless someone finds a major bug. The spiritual sequel and final installment of the Wizard's series published by long-gone-but-not-forgotten Rainbow software, Wizard's Doom is a new 3D dungeon game written in TI Extended BASIC with assembly language assistance. Features include: Three different character classes to play Procedurally generated dungeons for infinite replay Two dozen different monsters with varying characteristics and abilities Six dozen different items to find including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, rings, and much more Save and load game feature Full manual in PDF format I also have a very limited print run of paper copies of the manual! If you want to acquire one, I will be happy to ship one to you at the cost of postage. (About $3 for U.S. domestic) Please private message me if interested! Only while supplies last! Wizard's Doom 1.0.1: WizardsDoom.zip
  10. Less than 24 hours left on this very complete TI-99/4a system which includes the PEB, disk drive, and 32K memory expansion card, and RS232: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-Computer-Peripheral-Expansion-Box-Cards-Utility-Cartridges-Disk-Speech/283482581241?hash=item4200e0e8f9:g:poYAAOSwMHxc2FiE Editor Assembler and PCode (Pascal) Hardware and Software Bundle. You'll probably never see these two items ever listed together again, for a low starting bid of $59 with no reserve. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Editor-Assembler-PCode-Card-Bundle/283488949280?hash=item4201421420:g:0qEAAOSw29Rc4AYe
  11. I'm new to programming so I was wondering if anyone had the source code for TI-99/4a games written in BASIC?
  12. The system is either not detecting the Flashrom or SD card, what could be the problem?
  13. BDW

    WTB: Nano PEB

    I can never seem to find one of these for some reason. I'm looking for the RS232 version.
  14. Hi everyone...so I've got to downsize my collection a bit to make the wife happy so I decided I'm gonna sell my TI-99/4a and accessories. I don't care for eBay so I figured this would be the best place to post for sale. I'm currently at work but I'll post pictures later. What I have: TI-99/4A Silver/black with: -original power adapter -original joysticks (one paddle is broken) -original plastic F-key descriptors, including a ton of blanks. -original cassette drive audio cables (in/out/control jacks) -aftermarket RCA A/V connector -original box (poor condition, see pictures coming soon) General Electric Cassette Player (the kind recommended for the TI-99/4A) nanoPEB with power adapter & 256mb CF card fully working Cartridges w/manuals (some with boxes, will update once I can take pictures): -Munchman -Jawbreaker II -Parsec -Personal Record Keeping Not sure what to price all of this, if I can get $100 for everything I'll be happy, I'll take best offer for individual pieces. Pictures will come this evening, thanks!
  15. From the album: TI stuff

    My TI-99/4a, just coming out of storage
  16. Was visiting some friends in the city I used to live in and stopped by a Retro Gaming shop. After browsing for a few minutes I asked a guy who was replacing capacitors on an old Game Gear if they had any TI Carts. He came from around from behind the counter and asked if I meant the 99/4a, then pointed me to a couple of carts. He then asked if I wanted a Speach Synthesizer. I asked if it worked, and he said he didn't know, he didn't have a working system to test it on. I asked how much and he told me $12, and said they had a 30 return policy, so if it didn't work to bring it back.. I said sure. Then he asked if I wanted a parts system for $5. I asked him what was wrong with it, and he said that it just made a weird noise when he turned it on. which sounds exactly like what happens when I turn on my system without plugging in the power cable for my nanoPEB. Which leads me to suspect the 7805 had possibly gone bad. I don't know for sure, but I snatched it up too. Along with the 5 cartridges that he sold me for $8. So for $25 I got a system I think I can get working (no cables or power supply), a Speach synthesizer that I suspect works, doesn't look like it's ever been plugged into a system but maybe once, and 5 carts. Of which Blasto and Personal Record keeping are the most desireable. But I did also get two Terminal Emulator carts. So overall, it's been a good day!
  17. Hi all, So I'm slaving away writing up as much CRPG code as I can... I want to try and get at least an implementation of ALL the game logic done so I can debug and fix and start really focusing on completing the game's story and dungeons and actually try and GET THIS DONE ten years after I started! I have a small problem though to fix... So I have a saved game file, which contains the basic party and character data. However, this isn't enough to preserve the whole game. There are "mob files" associated with each set of maps, which need to be altered ON DISK during play. This will let me make sure treasure chests stay empty, people say different things after you've stopped the bad guy, and so forth. I'm doing this because the one major complaint I've heard with a lot of vintage CRPG's is the total lack of persistence in the world. This is understandable with the older technology, but I'd like to have mine be a much more dynamic experience than that. The problem though, is how to handle saved games. Most gamers are used to being able to just restore from the last save if they don't like what happened in the game, and get a do-over. Allowing for this, though, is going to be a huge strain on the game. In particular, I'll have to actually copy and create WORKING copies of each mob file (4k each) every time you load a saved game, only modify those, and then copy ALL of those records back to the main game files if you actually save the game. (Also, yeah, you'll need to have master copies of the files.) In assembly, this will be significant work. Effectively, I'm using a disk file to act as long-term memory storage. (And before you ask, no, I don't have space for this in CPU RAM anywhere.) So at start-up, it would need to load up the entire mob file and save each record back into the saved mob file. Each mob file is 2048 2-byte records, so it will take awhile to do this. I'd feel better about this if I could treat length-2 records as length 128 for reading/writing purposes, but I suspect this won't work at level 3 access. (I'll have to write some prototype code to test this out.) Then I started thinking... what if you COULDN'T restore a prior save? What if, too bad, you are going to just have to deal with things, no do-overs? So in this case, every time you did something that altered mob records, it auto-saves the game for you, and that's your new restore point. Would this work, or would players hate it? So I'm polling and seeing what people think about saved games in CRPG's! Looking forward to everyone's opinion on the subject!
  18. Edit to add: SOLD! I'm cleaning stuff out of my 'computer corner' and have for sale a Texas Instruments Program Recorder for the TI-99/4A. I'm asking $10 shipped to anywhere in the Continental US. Why such a crazy price, you ask? Because I'm craaaaazy! But... it's probably because when I boxed the darn thing it wasn't reading data tapes on the TI- it will playback regular tapes, but no amount of fiddling I did with it would get the recorder to read tapes back. It might be something 'simple' to fix, but I just don't have time to mess with it. It comes with: Original box and inserts, gently loved Recorder, equally loved, but sometimes cursed at Original cables (not original cable ties) I'm not sure what the heck I did with the manual for it- my wife helpfully pointed out that 'I should've left it in the box', but who does a thing like that?
  19. Heads up- available from 1st November 2016- The TI-99/4a emulator pc99 from CaDD is making the big jump to Windows (XP up to 10 excluding the rarities) on 1st November. Now issued on USB stick or DVD it is being sold COMPLETE with a full set of files from The Cyc - a huge encyclopedia of TI magazines and programs. Price on dvd of US$49, with discounts for existing owners of the dos version, which is also on the supply media. So- on one dvd, pc99w, pc99dos and The Cyc. And some utilities. Check out www.cadd99.com for information and ordering. TI programs work at a very satisfying speed. regards Stephen (who has been supplying magazine and documentation scans to The Cyc)
  20. I don't come to the Marketplace very often, but it's time I cleared out my duplicates and extra stuff! More accurately, I'd like to convert it into stuff I don't have yet. Right now I'm primarily looking to trade (preferably locally - where my Milwaukee peeps at?), but if you'd rather buy, PM me and we can talk price. As you'll see, most of this stuff is pretty common (and will be valued accordingly) but there are some diamonds in the rough, especially for Intellivision fans. I'll start by listing what I've got, by system: ATARI VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM: **********Atari/Sears Titles********** 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari text) Adventure (Sears text) Arcade Pinball (Sears text) Asteroids Asteroids (Sears text) Basketball (Sears text) Backgammon (Atari text) Breakaway IV (Sears text; labels slightly faded) Breakout (Atari pic) Centipede 01 Combat (red border on end label) Combat (Atari pic) Combat (Atari text) -x3 Dare Diver (Sears text) Defender -x4 Demons To Diamonds E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Football (Sears text) -x2 Hangman (Atari pic) -x2 Haunted House Indy 500 (Atari pic) Krull Mario Bros. (fat cart, gray label; top label has small "autograph") Maze (Sears pic) Missile Command (small text both labels) Othello (Atari text) Pac-Man -x3 (1 has no end label) Raiders Of The Lost Ark -x2 Space Invaders (Atari text) Space Invaders (Atari pic; end label torn in corner) Space Invaders (Sears text) Star Raiders Super Baseball Vanguard Video Pinball (small text both labels) Warlords -x2 (1 with poor label) Yars' Revenge (Sears pic; poor end label) **********Third-Party Titles********** Barnstorming -x2 Grand Prix Keystone Kapers Laser Blast River Raid II Stampede -x2 Starmaster Dragonfire Trick Shot Moonsweeper Frogger (poor label) Donkey Kong Space Chase International Soccer California Games ATARI 5200: Defender Pole Position Realsports Soccer Realsports Tennis ATARI 7800: One On One INTELLIVISION: **********Mattel Electronics/INTV Titles********** Bowling (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (w/ Box, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Baseball (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Auto Racing (w/ manual, overlays) Burgertime -x2 (2 overlays available) Golf (w/manual, 1 overlay) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Lock 'N' Chase -x3 (1 manual, 2 overlays available) NFL Football -x3 (2 manuals, 2 playbooks, 1 overlay available) Sea Battle Snafu Space Armada Space Hawk Star Strike -x2 Sub Hunt Triple Action (w/ manual) Pole Position Thin Ice **********Third-Party Titles********** Blockade Runner Dreadnaught Factor, The -x2 (labels need re-gluing) River Raid Stampede (w/ manual, 1 overlay) Dracula Nova Blast Demon Attack Centipede Zaxxon Donkey Kong COLECOVISION: Donkey Kong Venture Zaxxon -x2 Expansion Module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter) TI-99/4A: TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Box, Power Supply, RF Module; Box is rough, but system is clean) TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Power Supply, RF Module; previous owner ghetto-spliced a coax connector to RF Module; system is clean) Speech Synthesizer A-Maze-Ing -x2 (color label) Alpiner (color label) Video Games 1 (black label) Tombstone City (color label) Car Wars (black label) NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Batman Bubble Bobble Metroid (silver label) Double Dragon II Dr. Mario Fester's Quest Klashball Little Nemo: The Dream Master Metal Gear Super Mario Bros. 2 Wizards & Warriors Tetris (Nintendo) "How To Win At Nintendo Games #2" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Games #3" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Sports Games" by Jeff Rovin SUPER NINTENDO: Super Game Boy Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest NINTENDO 64: Spider Man Goldeneye 007 -x2 Perfect Dark -x2 SEGA: Shinobi (Master System, loose) Jungle Strike (Genesis, loose) Aladdin (Genesis, loose) Columns (Genesis, loose) ____________________________________________________________ STUFF I'M LOOKING FOR: (Now, before you start to think, "This idiot wants to trade five Combat cartridges for THIS?," bear in mind, I'm willing to trade a good chunk of my stuff for these items. I'm perfectly open to partial trades, also. Let me know what you've got!) At the moment, I'm on a real TRS-80 kick... TRS-80/COLOR COMPUTER: CoCo 1/2 game cartridges: Polaris, Microbes, Tetris, Androne, Spidercide, Color Baseball, Video Pinball, Football, Tennis, Skiing, Monster Maze, Mega Bug, Space Assault, Canyon Climber, CastleGuard, Dragonfire, Slay The Nereis, Clowns & Balloons, Stellar Life Line, Demon Attack, Dino Wars, Microchess, Star Blaze CoCo Cassette Games Tandy Deluxe Joysticks (Kraft-type) Replacement/Spare keyboard for CoCo 1 or CoCo 2 (or dead CoCo 1 or CoCo2, as long as the keyboard's good) TRS-80 Model II software (8" floppies) ...but I'm also on the lookout for this stuff... ATARI: (cartridges; loose only. Cassettes, w/ case preferred) Atari 400 Computer System Atari 410 Cassette Unit Atari 810 Disk Drive Replacement Keyboard for Atari 800 400/800 Cassette games 400/800 Cartridges: Specifically Pac-Man, Blue Max, Miner 2049er, Super Breakout, Gateway To Apshai, Star Wars: The Arcade Game...let me know what you've got! XE Light Gun Coleco Gemini (only need the console, in decent shape) 2600 4-switch mother board (working) or working 4-switch with crappy case (my Vader needs a board swap!) Heavy Sixer case (or dead heavy sixer) 2600: Sears pic label carts: Adventure, Chase, Poker Plus, Basketball, Race, Stellar Track, Capture 2600: Miner 2049er, Radar Lock, Dark Chambers, Xenophobe, Ikari Warriors, Motorodeo (Atari red label), Laser Gates, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Communist Mutants From Space, Rampage, other unusal/rare-ish games/items...let me know what you've got! 2600: Romscanner, Videoplexer 2600: Tron Joystick, Starplex Controller, Zircon Video Command Joysticks, Kraft Mazemaster Joysticks, other weird controllers 5200: Gyruss, Zenji, Beamrider, Zone Ranger, Rescue on Fractalus, Keystone Kapers, HERO 7800: Dark Chambers, Mario Bros., Xenophobe, Ballblazer 7800: Joypad Controllers PONG: Sears Speedway IV INTELLIVISION: (loose only) Dig Dug, Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling, Fathom, White Water, Super Cobra, Tutankham, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, ECS games AQUARIUS: (Boxed preferred, loose okay) Burgertime, Chess, Utopia Aquarius Printer Aquarius Tape Drive COLECOVISION/ADAM: (loose only) Star Wars: The Arcade Game, River Raid, Galaxian, Centipede, Gateway To Apshai, Frogger II, Nova Blast, Pitfall, Omega Race, Frenzy Roller Controller Super Action Controllers ADAM Computer System/Expansion Module #3 (working) ODYSSEY 2: Dynasty!, Power Lords (loose only), Brazilian Parker Bros. titles Odyssey 2 console w/ detachable joysticks (9-pin type) CHANNEL F: (boxed games preferable, loose okay) Videocarts 6, 8, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25 TIMEX/SINCLAIR: Game tapes (Timex/Sinclair and ZX81) Timex/Sinclair 1500 Computer Timex/Sinclair 2040 Printer IBM/DOS: Games disks...action/arcade games; the older, the better! (Copies okay; must run on a 286) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TI-99/4A: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Protector II, Super Demon Attack Disk games (copies okay) Cassette games COMMODORE: C64: games disks (Copies okay...let me know what you've got!) C64: game cartridges...let me know what you've got! C64 Cassettes Commodore Plus/4 Computer System or Commodore 16 Computer System VIC-20 Computer System w/ power supply PET/CBM system _________________________________________________________________ In case it isn't obvious, I'm not trying -nor am I expecting- to get all the things on my want list, or even most of them, with what I've got to trade. Just saying what I've got and what I'm after. If you see something you like, make an offer, even if what you've got isn't on the "want list" above. Thanks for reading!
  21. Have the following items I must get rid of to make room. Could also use some extra funds for the holidays. Prices do not include shipping, as I cannot calculate for every single item on the list. There are several rather heavy items in the list. I only marked out 2, but please be aware that some of the others can get rather heavy as well. Purchase of multiple items can get discounts Just tell me which ones you want & I'll see what I can do. ** Special Items ** The Party Quiz Game w/Hardware (C64/Atari) $20 Dynamic-CAD (Amiga) $30 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Word Perfect (Amiga) $15 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Ogre w/Radiation Badge (Amiga) $30 Ogre Manual, Strategy Guide, & Radiation Badge only $15 Wishbringer complete (C64) $25 Leather Goddesses of Phobos complete (C64) $25 Gothic 2 Collector's Edition (PC) $25 Telengard manual & poster $10 EverQuest cloth map (still sealed) $15 Everquest poster & post cards $10 Robocop 3 w/Holographic Sticker (Amiga) $25 ** complete in box ** The Print Shop (C64) $10 The Print Shop Companion (C64) $10 GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) $10 Fire Trap (C64) $5 Phantasie (C64) $15 Superscript (C64 & C128) $15 Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get all the Girls (PC) $20 Printmaster Plus (Amiga) $15 Fonts & Borders w/Printmaster Plus upgrade (Amiga) $10 Starglider (Amiga) $25 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) $15 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribunal (PC) $10 Space Hulk (Amiga) $15 AsimCDFS (Amiga) $10 Infiltrator II (C64) $15 God of War II (PS2) $5 ** Complete except for noted ** Phantasie {Missing C64 reference card} (C64) $10 Telengard {Disk is toast, replacement provided} (C64) $10 ** No box, but otherwise complete ** Early Learning Fun (TI-99/4a) $5 Numeration I (TI-99/4a) $5 The Golden Voyage (TI-99/4a) $5 Oldies but Goodies - Games I (TI-99/4a) $5 Sculpt 3D (Amiga) $10 Superbase Personal w/Dongle (Amiga) $15 Gothic 3 {German version} (PC) $15 ** Incomplete ** Might & Magic {Disks, Manual, & Map} (C64) $5 sold Might & Magic II {Disks & Reference sheet} (C64) $5 sold Amiga 500 Starter {Manual & KindWords disks} (Amiga) $5 ** Loose media ** all for $5 each Windwalker (C64) The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (C64) sold Dr. Doom's Revenge (C64) Phantasie (C64) Phantasie (C64) Questron (C64) Questron (C64) Flight Simulator II (C64) Batman: The Caped Crusader (C64) Echelon (C64) Temple of Apshai (C64) GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) JumpMan (C64) Top Gun (C64) VIP Terminal (C64) 64 Term/Victerm (C64 & Vic-20) {tape} Gateway to Apshai (C64) {cartridge} Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (Amiga) sold Strip Poker Three (Amiga) Tie Fighter w/Defender of the Empire (PC) Quicken v6 (PC) Microsoft Word v2 (PC) Microsoft Excel v4.0a (PC) Microsoft Office v4.2 (PC) Star Trek Klingon w/Pamphlet {no CD case} (PC) Star Trek Armada II (PC) Starfleet Command (PC) X-Kaliber 2097 (SNES) sold Soul Blazer (SNES) sold Tetris (NES) sold Back to the Future (NES) sold Dragon Warrior (NES) Adventure (Atari 2600) Star Raiders {PAL} (Atari 2600) ** Manual Sets - No media ** All for $10 each Hillsfar manual, code wheel, & Amiga reference card Star Fleet volume I maual & C64 supplement Spellcasting 201 manual, map, school registration sheet, & moodhorn music book. Star Wars Galaxies manual & PC quick start guide Star Flight manual, map, & code wheel Battletech - crescent Hawk's Inception manual, recognition guide, & C64 reference card Adventure Construction Set manual & C64 reference card The Bard's Tale manual & map (folio cover) The Bard's Tale II manual & Amiga reference card The Bard's Tale III manual & code wheel Ultima Quest of the Avatar (NES) manual & map sold GEOS v2.0 user's manual w/ GEOS 128 v2.0 supplement Amiga OS 2.1 booklet set complete in box (5 books) Qmodem Pro v2 for Windows 95 user's guide & script guide ** Single items ** All for $5 each Dragon Warrior III Gamboy Color manual Ultima Collection install guide & reference booklet Black Crypt manual sold The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past manual sold Secret of the Silver Blades Adventurer's Journal Elvira: Mistress of the Dark horror guide The Movie Monster manual Elite flight training manual Silent Service manual Gemstone Warrior manual Blue Max 2001 manual Karateka Apple II & C64 reference card Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus manual Death Sword manual Gunship C64 supplement Dragon Wars manual Movie Maker manual Money Mentor manual in binder Commodore 1571 user's guide Commodore 1670 1200 baud modem user's manual Commodore 64 user's manual GEOS Desk Pack 1 user's manual GEOS v1.2 user's manual GEOS v2.0 user's manual TI-99/4a user's reference guide Compute!'s First Book of TI Games sold Reading Fun for the TI-99/4a manual TI-99/4 Extended Basic reference card sold F/A-18 Interceptor code wheel Strike Aces code wheel 500+ empty game/utility boxes. Far too many to list. So, if there are any in particular, ask & I'll look for it. These will eventually all be thrown out. So, except for special cases, I'll throw one in with another purchase, or sell them by themselves for $2 each.
  22. I thought myself well set for RF boxes for my TI-99/4a computers until tonight. One of my switch boxes just up and died and I came to find that the 5 pin din plug end on one somehow got crunched and now only works when it wants to. My other good working switchbox has fallen victim to the cheap, brittle antenna wire used for the TV connection and both ends simply fell off! I tried to repair them, but my soldering skills suck and it appears something shorted inside when the ends broke while connected to the TV. Ok... I found one that had an end replaced and taped on, luckily I was able to solder it enough to work and electrical taped it like crazy. Now, I really need to find a usable replacement for these. An AV cord for the TI would be nice, but I lack Paypal and forget soldering with me.
  23. Does anyone happen to have the precise RGB color codes for the standard TI-99/4A color palette? I am trying my hand at porting some of my old programs and want to keep a similar aesthetic. TI Color Codes: 2 - Black 3 - Medium Green 4 - Light Green 5 - Dark Blue 6 - Light Blue 7 - Dark Red 8 - Cyan 9 - Medium Red 10 - Light Red 11 - Dark Yellow 12 - Light Yellow 13 - Dark Green 14 - Magenta 15 - Gray 16 - White RGB Equivalents? ... Thanks! Zachary
  24. January 2017 Update: Per most recent post, I've acquired most of the items I had been looking for, but still looking for first year/first six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6. And also would add that I'm looking for a Prostick II Joystick (Blue). Thanks everyone! ---------- Hello, I'm looking to buy the following: TI Color Monitor (PHA4100A) Operating Guide Slymoids (PHM3197) User Manual TI Editor/Assembler Disks (PHM3055) - Original Part A and Part B Floppy Disks First year/First six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6 I have PDF versions of the guide, manual, and 99'er magazines listed above, but would like the original printed versions. I also have copies of the TI Editor/Assembler Disks, but would like the original TI supplied disks. As for the 99'er magazines, I have the 99'er Best Of that has most of the content from the first year of print (Volume 1), but would like to have the original six magazines which are likely rare (even copies with mailing labels are fine). Just trying to round out and complete my collection. Happy to pay for the above items and/or offer in trade any of my extra equipment (TI-99/4a Silver/Black console with power supply and documentation, speech synthesizer, PEB with cable and floppy disk drive - but no disk controller just the drive, black program recorder, beige program recorder, dual recorder cable, TI joysticks, TI-Writer Software, Extended Basic, Neurosurgeon, Adventure (cart only), Star Trek, TI Printer Manual - PHP2500). Everything is tested and works. I have the documentation for most of the stuff including TI-Writer, but I don't have the original TI-Writer binder and don't have any of the original packaging/boxes). Any offers/help appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hi to everybody, I have coded several Action Script emulators such as Sega SC-3000, Sega Master System, Coleco Vision, MSX1 and some arcade games ( Pengo, Crush Roller, Pac Man, Lady Bug, Solomon's key and Bomb Jack ). I always have wanted to learn more about the TI-99/4a, and maybe to code a special online emulator. Can you suggest me a good doc to read to learn how this computer works? I mean, something that let me go deep in the hardware, which talks about hardware specs, memory map, bios, functions, I/O, everything... Is there something that explains what happens when you turn on the machine with or without a cartridge, or how the memory mapped I/O ports are read or written ? What is the Ti99 Bible ? Thank you.
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