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Found 14 results

  1. Looking for the following TI software Manuals/instruction sheets... TI branded: - Alligator Mix - Equations - Computer Math Games II - Facemaker - Multiplication 1 - Story Machine - Reading Flight - Reading On - Reading Roundup - Scholastic Spelling 3 - Scholastic Spelling 5 - Sneggit - Fathom - Weight Control and Nutrition Now the ones that people are less likely to give up if they have them (but figure I'd better ask anyway)... Scott Foresman White Label (looking for color graphic covers, not the generic white covers) - Number Bowling - Frog Jump Funware: - Henhouse - Driving Demon Atarisoft: - Jungle Hunt - PacMan I'm in Canada, so take that into consideration if you feel uncomfortable shipping across the border (not as uncomfortable, I'd wager, as I feel at paying the outrageous exchange rates of late)
  2. REPOSTED IN A NEW POST SINCE MOST OF IT'S GONE, TO MAKE IT CLEANER. I will cross stuff off when it sells. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ALSO JUST ADDED: BOXED BASIC PROGRAMMING (INT'L), details in post #7, I'll post a pic later. (Reduced to $15) Check out all the pics ---------------- AS OF 1-26-13 10AM, the below before the red dashed line is all that is left ---------------- ---------------- TAKE EVERYTHING BETWEEN THE RED DASHED LINES FOR $15 PLUS SHIPPING ---------------- ---------------- (except the boxed Basic Programming) ---------------- 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked Berzerk Defender Demons to Diamonds Missile Command x2 Pac-Man Warlords Yars' Revenge Black Jack 2600 Activision-brand Manuals $1 each Stampede Starmaster 2600 other-brand Manuals $.50 cents each Star Wars; Empire Strikes Back x2 2600 Atari-brand Comics $2 each Atari Force #1 Atari Force #2 Atari Force #4 Centipede x2 Yars' Revenge x3 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each Parsec TI Invaders Tombstone City Extra Bonuses Call of Duty complete (Windows PC) $1 Sega Rally 2 Championship complete (DreamCast) $3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATARI 2600 CARTS SOLD Berzerk (pic) Breakout (pic) Defender (pic) Codebreaker (text) Combat (text) x3 Dodge 'em (text) Football (text) Math Gran Prix (pic) Night Driver (pic) Outlaw (pic) Pac-Man (pic) RealSports Football (silver) Sky Diver (pic) Solaris (red) x2 Space Invaders (pic) Star Raiders (pic) x2 Super Breakout (pic) Surround (text) Surround (pic) Video Olympics (text) Video Pinball (pic) Warlords (pic) Venture (red) Yars' Revenge (pic) Backgammon (text) $1 Basic Programming (text) $3 Combat (# text) $1 Hangman (text) $1 Slot Machine (text) $4 Slot Racers (text) $1 Video Chess (text) $1 Joust (silver) $1 Millipede (silver) $3 Pele's Soccer (pic) $3 Raiders of the Lost Ark (silver) $1 Superman (text) $3 Battlezone (silver) $1 Krull (silver) $4 Miniature Golf (text) x2 $2each Othello (pic) $1 Space War (pic) $1 Street Racer (pic) $1 Surround (# text) $1 SwordQuest Fireworld (silver) $2 Vanguard (silver) $1 Laser Blast $1 Journey Escape $1 Nexar (THIS CART IS PAL) $FREE with any purchase Sneak'n Peek $1 Super Challenge Football $1 Space Attack (x2) $1each Dark Cavern $1 Super Challenge Baseball $1 Dragster $1 Fishing Derby $1 Grand Prix $1 Kaboom! $1 Stampede $1 Ice Hockey $1 Pitfall! $1 River Raid $1 Skiing $1 2600 Sears-brand Carts (SOLD) Asteroids Space Invaders Target Fun Warlords Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back $1 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each [sOLD] Munch Man 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked [sOLD] Superman $2 Krull $3 Math Gran Prix $2 Midnight Magic SwordQuest FireWorld x2 Backgammon Othello Slot Racers Surround Video Chess Video Olympics Target Fun (SEARS) 2600 Manuals $1 each [sOLD] Pitfall! Skiing Barnstorming Boxing Grand Prix Ice Hockey x2 Kaboom! Laser Blast Journey Escape Towering Inferno Atlantis Space Attack Astroblast 5200 Manuals $.50 cents each SOLD Dig Dug Centipede Defender Missile Command Pac-Man Qix Soccer Star Raiders EXTRA STUFF SOLD Video Pinball box (some crushing, but still presentable, front is nice) $1 (will probably ship flat) Yars' Revenge box (some damage at top and top front, art is still nice) $Free with other purchase (will ship flat) Thanks.
  3. Finally got around to going through my 'Command Modules' to determine how many manuals I'm missing. Turns out there are far fewer than I anticipated, but enough to stick in my collector craw. Some I'm probably hopeless to find (Disk Manager 1 / Word Radar), while others maybe not so much (I mean, someone's gotta have a Weight Control & Nutrition or Story Machine). Anyway, thought I'd cast my line...PM me if you have any of these you'd like to swap for a few bucks. TI Label Disk Manager Disk Manager II Computer Math Games II Computer Math Games III Computer Math Games VI Equations Measurements and Formulas Number Readiness Reading ON (TI version only) Scholastic Spelling 5 (3-hole punched workbook w/ colour box-front sheet - also need front sheet for 4) Story Machine Weight Control & Nutrition Word Radar Space Bandits Superfly Scott Foresman Frog Jump Multiplication 2 Number Bowling Reading Adventures Reading Cheers Also looking for a box-only for Jungle Hunt, but figure I'll have to re-purchase it CIB to get that, and I didn't list any Funware titles, because like ya, that's gonna happen!
  4. I have a Geneve 9640 that is in desperate need of a bootable hard drive controller. If anyone has one they'd like to turn into money, please let me know! Thanks, [email protected]
  5. Closet cleaning sale - Prices and details in blog listing Please PM me any questions Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet CIB w/Cover $60 Cyberpunk Stella Gets a new Brain v1 KeyChain Classic Mini Games Atari 1010 Cassette Recorder CIB Haunted House II 3-D Original Release Texas Instruments 99/4A in box w/carts Jaguar Controller in Box 5200 Carts for sale
  6. Info from one of the designers of the Texas Instruments video chip that was famously used in the TI-99. ColecoVision, SEGA SG-1000, MSX, and many other game consoles and computers: "We were about the cancel the whole 9918 program when Coleco came in with Colecovision and the TI Home Computer took off while at the same time the MSX computer in Japan (the “MS” standing for Microsoft which had a short lived joint venture in Japan) started selling big time using the 9918." "there is a color burst at ~3.58MHz. The 9918’s input clock was ~10.74MHz or exactly 3 times the color burst reference." http://msx.hansotten.com/technical-info/tms9918/
  7. Ok, so after the Oregon Trail (California Bound) Project, I am rather bored, and need a new challange! Are there any games (Preferably text-based) that you would like to have on the TI-99 series? Depending on the size of the project, the game(s) may or may not get their own thread.
  8. What is the username of the guy that came up with and made these cool video boards?
  9. Well I built a RS232 SIO2pc and I couldn't be more excited! Now the sky is the limit for my 800xl. Problem is I'm totally ADD and now I want another project. I really enjoy building this stuff, and I'm wondering if there is a similar interface (around the same skill level) that I could build to emulate disk drives for my 99/4a or my Vic-20. If so could some one point me to some directions? I actually enjoy building these things more then I enjoy playing the games they give me access to. I need another weekend project hopefully a TI or Vic enthusiast can show me the way.
  10. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, there's a rather nice online TI emulator here: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=165&pagina=sala_giochi&sezione=5 Not a whole lot of games yet, but everything is nicely set up.
  11. I have this TI TM-911, I know it goes to the Terminal computer TM-990, and there are two websites with a bit of info, but other than that I can't find anything on it. No videos, no one selling anything on ebay, (besides what seems to maybe be the terminals internals) and no posts ANYWHERE on collecting, or having such a monitor/terminal. Does anyone have any info on it's worth, or who actually has the monitor or the terminal itself? Maybe video of it working current day? Anything? Here are the only two links I could find doing a quick search, and they just contain old manuals and articles related to the terminal. The terminal The monitor The attached file is a photo of my TI TM-911 monitor. Any info, especially finding someone else who actually has one of these, would be amazing!
  12. Hi 99ers, I have found a "strange" module, maybe somebody knows something about ? Thanks for all infos Ralf
  13. I was wondering how many active TI 99/4A community members still exist in 2016. I could not find a simple way of knowing so I thought of having a central dedicated blog entry which we can share with anyone who we know is a TI user and tell them to like this page. They can then comment on this blog and tell us some details about themselves. Example: Name, Surname, Age, Country, Year when they first had a TI 99/4A, How many TI 99/4A machines they have, Maybe the entire inventory of TI stuff they have (brag a little), If they use the TI to develop software or play games, if they are just collectors, if they still develop or used to develop, a small personal story related to the machine, etc.... Please do NOT like this page if you are not a TI 99/4A fan.
  14. Back in the 'good ole days' the early consumer computers were relatively expensive, and since some companies foresaw a larger profit margin they used premium parts. Later to be more competitive with other companies the prices fell and profit margins shrank, many companies began to 'cut corners' with re-designs for fewer components, or just plain inferior parts. At the time a computers life was about 18 months to obsolescence, so if the computer only had to last 2 years or so, who would know how cheaply the thing was put together? I'd like to see a discussion of the computers that have endured the decades. Have the earlier models fared better than the later built models? Have some brands/manufactures lasted longer without intervention? For instance on the TI-99/4A the earlier built black & silver models had mechanical switches in their keyboards and they have endured to this day, but the later price-reduced membrane keyboards have pretty much all died. I'd like to hear YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with YOUR BRAND of early brand of computers. I'm basically trying to target the 1980-85 years. So if you have a TRS-80, an Apple, a Commodore, a TI-99/4A or one of the others let's hear it!
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