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Found 15 results

  1. I’m currently working on a personal MAME arcade project and a couple of the games I’m thinking of using would need a spinner control. I know I could just buy a USB spinner control but, I thought I would come up with something for my own use that was a little cheaper to build yet still felt like a Tempest arcade spinner. This is my beta test unit and I still have a couple of minor changes that I want to make to it. I designed the knob to mimic a standard Atari spinner knob. Since I’m 3D printing the knob I had to design it in such a way as to be more friendly with my 3D printer. The other 3D printed part is the USB PCB bracket. This spinner control is basically a modified USB mouse mounted over a mechanical spinning disk. Since it is a standard mouse PCB the computer sees it as just that, a mouse. To keep with an authentic feel I made the mounting the same as a standard Atari arcade spinner control. I sized the disk to match the mass feel of an arcade spinner control as well. I've seen other DIY USB spinners on the web, but they never seemed all that robust and I’ve never seen anyone try to match the actual weight of an arcade spinner. So, this is what I’ve got. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201030363112
  3. Tempest for the Atari 5200 is now available for purchase from the AtariAge Store! For 15 years, the existence of an Atari 5200 version of Tempest was thought to be only myth. No prototypes had ever surfaced. A crude 2600 version had come to light, along with a prototype box. Then, in 1999, an unfinished working 5200 prototype appeared on eBay. The game was eventually dumped and the binary freely distributed around the Internet. Another decade has gone by since the game's discovery, and the original Atari 5200 Tempest programmer, Keithen Hayenga, worked to complete Tempest so it could finally see the light of day in completed form! Tempest 5200 includes the game cartridge with glossy label, twelve page full-color, glossy manual, professionally offset printed box using chipboard paper stock, and cartridge insert to keep the cartridge in place. Only 250 boxed copies of Tempest will be produced! After that, the game will be sold without the box. If you want a boxed copy of the game, don't wait too long! Order Tempest for the Atari 5200 Today!
  4. WOW! Not mine. But I sure wish it was. Check out Custom made Atari Tempest in a Coleco case with working spinner and arcade system. FA|eBay: Custom made Coleco Tempest with working spinner and arcade system. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 291826486588 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-made-Coleco-Tempest-with-working-spinner-and-arcade-system-/291826486588 "For sale, a custom made Coleco Tempest with a real working spinner! This is a rebuilt Coleco tabletop with all new parts, painted, decaled and made to look like the actual arcade game from the early 1980's. A battery compartment cover is included but is not an original Coleco one. This unit has a working MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) arcade system inside to play lots of arcade classics. Internally it has a Raspberry Pi computer model A+ connected to a 4.3 color LCD screen. Action is controlled by a 8 way joystick and 4 programmable buttons plus a ball bearing spinner to play Tempest the real way! Coin, Start, Pause, Escape buttons, power LED and volume control are also there to enhance your arcade experience. Adding extra games is as easy as putting the zipped "rom file" (from your favorite rom web site) on a thumb drive and plugging it into the side mounted usb port. Detailed instructions are included and I give great post sales support. Decals are high quality. Game runs on 4 NiMH rechargeable c cell batteries (not included) or included dc adaptor. I recommend the rechargeable cells. Any interested parties outside of Canada or USA must message me first. This game is a must have, add it to your collection! Other games available! I do custom builds of other games too, just message me for details! Visit me on my facebook site "Old Made New" here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldmadenew/ Visit my Pinterest site for more themed games here. https://www.pinterest.com/neilhenry9083/" #Tempest #Atari #eBay
  5. I know I'm gonna get some hate posts but I wonder when the full, finished version of Tempest for the 5200 be out as a rom (or other 5200 codec) for all of us to use on our AtariMax SD carts??? Those of us who DID buy the physical cartridge (including myself) would be SO stoked to have the finished version on their AtariMax SD carts too!!! I hope Keithen will allow it considering the tremendous success of the cart release. Also, I wish all of the Mean Hamster Software and First Star Software games (like Flip And Flop, Combat 2: Advanced, Adventure II, and Haunted House II 3D among them), which were available only as limited carts, be available for all of us who didn't (or couldn't) get the carts of those. Also, some few years back I bought the so-called Space Invaders "Arcade Version" (an obvious hack) on eBay and wondered if it will be available as a binary as well. With the most recent release/leak of Venture as a rom (and I DO have that on my AtariMax SD cart too) why not???
  6. This remake is by far the best Tempest ive ever played its so fluid and fast and the graphics updates are stellar to say the least and the best part is its freeware and i must say one of the best free games ive ever played!! heres a link for anyone interested that doesnt already know about this little gem http://download.cnet.com/Typhoon-2001/3000-2099_4-10624452.html?tag=mncol;1#userreview and btw its the best 3.5 mb download ever imo
  7. As my wife often reminds me, I have a habit of not finishing projects once I've started them. (Usually while pointing at one of them.) I have to say that I've gotten better at managing this habit (although not necessarily at finishing projects). I try not to start projects, or at least start spending money instead of just time, unless I have a relatively clear understanding of what it's going to take to finish the project (and why I'm bothering). But i still have quite a few projects hanging around, most with little hope of ever being finished. One of those is the Tempest MAME project which started in 2004 when I rescued a Tempest cabinet from the curb. It's actually far closer to completion than many of my projects, i.e. requires more time and effort than money to finish. But now there's a guy who might be interested in buying it. While my wife would probably be willing to give it away just to get it out of the (unfinished) basement, I'd probably want to get more than "Twenty-eight dollars and fifteen cents." (obscure song reference), I'm not sure how much it's actually worth (or worth to me). Hell, just the control panel is probably worth a couple hundred dollars on eBay (although I suspect that's 90+% of the value of the whole shebang). Real life ain't like American Pickers - more like those LetItGo commercials. But there ain't no way I'm going to haul it out of my basement and deliver it. You want it, you gotta come and take it - and bring your own crew and equipment.
  8. OK. This is the first 5200 game I have ever been this excited about. EVER! After ordering it I was wanting snail-mail to use turbo, or something, to get the package containing my special cargo in my hands yesterday (figure of speech). It arrived quicker than usual so I have to give them thumbs up on that. The sole intentions were so I could play a game that Atari never released (one of many great 5200 titles that SHOULD have been released). Well...it's here! First of all I have not seen such great care put into a game's details like this since the Atari, Inc era. Times like that were not just about the games. They were also about the little extras that made the games exciting. The box art, story line, physical appearance. Aspects like that are long gone. I want to personally thank the original programmer, and those who put a hand in, for finishing a game that should have been here in the first place. But now I've ran into a problem. After seeing how the game was packaged I almost don't want to open it. It's too bad that other 5200 prototypes (Millipede, Super Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man) have not received the same care to bring them into a 5200 owner's hands with this same amount of detail. I know those mentioned have been reproduced but it's not the same as the care that Tempest has been blessed with. Thanks again to those responsible for bringing Tempest to the public the way it was originally intended.
  9. Here you can find the last update of a test game born to test intybasic and overgrow out of control Be Aware: Someone on Internet has ripped off this code producing a blatant fake Gyruss game on cartridge trying to sell it to an obscene price This code is © Copyright 2015 of Arturo Ragozini. All rights are reserved. It is only for educational purposes, no commercial use is allowed unless permission is requested. This will not ban scammers and pirates out the intellivision word, but at least now none will be able to say he didn't know that the code wasn't for free use. [edit] New releases continue in the Intybasic competition 2018 thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277250-entry-2018-deep-zone/page-4 Video from an outdated version https://youtu.be/Jd2tplpCxGw update: Features in the current release (dzgorf2018_04_07b): - two enemy sets 8 kinds of movements: 1 spinning left 2 spinning right 3 linear at random position 4 linear close main ship position 5 zig zag 6 homing (now slower than the main ship) 7 stars from back clockwise 8 stars from back anti clockwise - fixed issues with collisions - angular resolution increased - variable speeds for warp, enemies and ship - enemy speed increases at each enemy wave (shown in the top right corner, in yellow) - you pass to a new swarm after killing 8 enemies of a given type (now just 4 for testing) - bosses appear after 8 waves (provisional code) - bosses now can cast bullets and kill the player - new energy bar for bosses - support for score and lives - Gyruss controls on 16 directions - game over sequence and music (courtesy of First Spear) - improved music and voice when ECS is present - background animation for the space warp/meteor warp after bosses - in game music (6 channel log player for PSG+ECS) - title screen with rolling credits - menu screen for sfx testing (press 0 from titles) - 6 sfx and 4 voice samples in the test screen - voice without intellivoice: in game speech using the PSG (and the ECS if present) - PSG log player for intro music (data imported by a pt3 player on msx) - new rom layout (up to 84K) dzgorf2018_02_25.rar dzgorf2018_03_09c.rar dzgorf2018_03_25.rar dzgorf2018_04_04.rar dzgorf2018_04_05a.rar dzgorf2018_04_7b.rar dzgorf.rom
  10. Looking to buy the remaining cartridges for my Tempest MPT-03 collection. Currently chasing MPT-08 American Football (currently working out a purchase with someone at the moment) MPT-322 Space Vulture MPT-326 Escape MPT-327 Super Gobbler MPT-328 Space Raider MPT-329 ??? MPT-330 Horse Racing MPT-331 ??? MPT-332 ??? Loose, complete or anywhere in between is fine. I'd prefer to buy outright but I do have a number of doubles if requested.
  11. Do you guys think Tempest could be done on the 2600 given the advanced tools we have now? I talked about this a little in my status blurb the other day, but given that it's 2014 now, I'm sure someone could come up with something using that new DPC+ or something of the like... Or, is this something that should never happen, and Beamrider is about as close as it gets? Not saying that someone should make it, but just as a technical feat, if it could be done or not. I'm pretty sure that one attempt would be something like is used in the Activishawn/Juno First logos. I have no idea how much space those logos take, several of them would probably exceed the 32K limit for a traditional homebrew game. Any philosophers wanna wax on this a while? I'd love to hear what our homebrew guys have to say.
  12. Folks, To save me some typing, the following are cut 'n' pastes of several messages that I posted on another message forum: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Does anyone have any idea as to what "streaky" does in the PC CD DOS version of Tempest 2000? I've NEVER found or read about ANY cheats whatsoever for the DOS version of T2K throughout all of these years, but was recently browsing the executable with my trusty hex-editor (as I've done numerous times over the past two decades). In the executable is the text line "FLOSSIE WANTS TO CHEAT", and immediately following that, the following hex: 1F 14 13 12 1E 25 15 I just thought to myself, hmmm... That SURE looks like keyboard scan codes (and only JUST NOW thought that they looked like keyboard scan codes... RE: "as I've done numerous times over the past two decades" above - with age comes knowledge LOL!). Hehe, and YES indeedy, they are KB scan codes, and they spell "streaky" LOL (see linked pics)! I fired up the game, and then during gameplay typed "streaky" in. The web flashes colorfully (like when you obtain an extra life), and the female voice sound effect says "Yes!", but nothing appears to have changed (?). It MAY be just me, but gameplay seemed a bit easier after doing this, but I'm not sure (?). BTW, you can enter the "streaky" code several times, with the same results (the web flashes colorfully). Anyhow, has ANYONE ever heard of this before (and have any idea as to what it does), or have I found a totally hidden easter egg/cheat in this game that NO ONE has ever came across since the game's release in 1995 LOL (wouldn't be the first time)? Pic of DOS version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16691 Pic of Keyboard scan codes -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16692 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OK, I JUST figured it out! After starting a game, enter "streaky". THEN press F11 to enable the bonus level warp, or F12 to skip to the next level. Hehe, the way I figured this out... F11 and F12 are cheats for the MACINTOSH version of the game (and are NOT normal keys for the PC DOS version of the game)! Hehe, I'm thinking "YES" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P.S. I HAVE just now confirmed that the"streaky" cheat code ALSO works for the Interplay Windows 95 version of the game as well Note that you will need to type in the cheat code fairly quickly in order for the game to recognize it. As in the DOS version, the web flashes colorfully, and you'll hear the female voice sound effect "Yes!" if you have successfully entered the code (and the game recognizes it). P.P.S. The keyboard scan codes for the "streaky" code were sitting all by their lonesome in the Windows version executable <GRIN> (see linked pic). Pic of Windows version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16719 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ENJOY!
  13. "I started working on Tempest, mainly because people said it couldn’t be done on the 2600." - Carla Meninsky Ok so this is pretty cool. A few days ago I started messing around with the Tempest proto, basically trying to make it more playable. Isolated and fixed a few of the main problems. And the more I'm playing this new version, the more it impresses me as a remarkably faithful translation from the arcade and a pretty fun game as well. Here's a new, partially fixed ROM, and a list of what was changed: tempest_fix401.bin * Level screen redesigned with 8 vector-style lanes/rails * Shooter and enemy positions tweaked accordingly * Player shot speed increased * Player shot and enemy angles can now be varied independently * Disappearing shot problem fixed * Copyright partially restored (this was in the code already, just wasn't visible, then I tried to fix the 6-digit code but botched it up) It's still rough I know, but even with those few hacks it is much easier to play and much more enjoyable. My high score so far is 37050 and I made it into the red levels. The problems with the proto seem to have more to do with it being incomplete than it being a bad game. But give it a try, see what you think. This all has left me convinced that Carla Meninsky did a fantastic job on this despite everyone from 1983 right up to 2016 saying you couldn't do Tempest on the VCS. You can, and she did!
  14. ...somewhere at Cracov, Poland
  15. ... Black Belt, Tempest, Road Runner, Meepzork? They can be found at AtariMania, but I'm not aware of an A8 port. If they are not ported, is there a special reason?
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