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Found 8 results

  1. * ACTris! 2.1 by Hayden Doan - July 04, 2016 * Introduction: ============ Only a brief introduction is needed this time. I continued making refinements on ACTris! 2.1. One of the first priorities was to improve the Title Screen, again! I had to work out some programming challenges with the color gradients for the texts. Overall, I'm now pleased with the end result Also, I wanted to fix some Page Zero memory usage issues to make my program compatible with the Altirra OS. And since I was deep into the codes already, I implemented a few other refinements (and a major Random Generator change) listed in the What's New section below. Lastly, this is most likely the final version of ACTris! to be released in the GTIA 10 mode. In the distant future (I hope!), I would like to explore other sound and graphics techniques used in programs such as the excellent "Thetris" written by MaPa and combine them with some key features developed in ACTris! Thanks: ====== Thank you, phaeron for helping me to figure out the issues with my program not working correctly with your Altirra OS. Thanks for the feedback that I received from everyone who gave my program a try. Thanks to therealbountybob's feedback, I've adjusted the "Popcorn" song tempo to not be so fast and "annoying". The valuable feedbacks really help me to develop a more polished program. What's New in ACTris! 2.1: ========================= * "Rotated" the program version from 1.2 to 2.1 * Rewrote the Tetriminos Random Generator completely! - The previous random generator was just simply "random". I know that it's technically only pseudo-random. - The new random generator is a statistical tracking algorithm. Over a period of time, the total number of EVERY Tetriminos will be EVENLY DISTRIBUTED. - The new algorithm has been thoroughly tested and the random distribution tracked within +/-3 counts from the mean over thousands of test cycles which provides the effect of "randomness". - During testing, I found that the new random generator has greatly increased the playability of the game! - In my opinion, this is the most fair way to play Tetris. There have been many times that I would be waiting for a much needed Tetriminos to be available and it may never even come! Now, the player can have A LOT more playing strategy since he/she can actually "plan" for every Tetriminos to become available within a reasonable period of time. - Actris! may be the only existing Tetris program that has a statistical tracking random generator. * Reduced the "U Can't Touch This" celebration music playing from two loops to only one - With the new Tetriminos Random Generator AND a good playing strategy, the player can achieve a lot more four-line completions. Therefore, playing the music just once will keep the game interruptions to an acceptable level. * Improved the Title Screen - Improved color gradients for the texts - Added Tetriminos. Now it looks more like the Title Screen for a Tetris program * Improved the High Score Screen - Added Tetriminos to the "Hall of Fame" text * Added a new "Thud" sound for the Hard Drop and a new "Drop" sound for the Normal Drop -> Use the [M]usic keyboard command to toggle between the Music and the new Drop Sound effects * Balanced the volumes of the Music and the Sound Effects * Adjusted the "Popcorn" music tempo to not be so fast and annoying per therealbountybob's suggestion * Modified the Pause Screen Rainbow effect. Now it scrolls upward. * Fixed Page Zero memory usage to be compliant with the Atari OS memory map and compatible with the Altirra OS * Used TxtMsc ($294) to find the memory address of the Text Window as recommended by phaeron * Used VCount ($D40B) to detect NTSC/PAL video modes to work properly even with custom Atari hardware Have Fun! Hayden ACTris! 2.1_Release.zip
  2. The Java game library seems to be unexplored considering that it's one of the most popular programming languages and that it's supported by so many systems.
  3. Hello Everyone, Over the years I've collected quite a few Tetris versions and variations for the Atari 8-bit computers that I want to share with you. I welcome your comments and please let me know if there are other versions that I may still be missing. Thanks. Atari Tetris Versions & Variations.zip
  4. Selling a few games. I know i will never play. $2.00 each or all for $10.00 includes shipping! Sega Genesis - Mortal Kombat 1 (SOLD!) Sega Genesis - Mortal Kombat 2 (SOLD!) XBOX - Mortal Kombat - Armageddon NES - Operation Wolf NES - Bart Simpson vs. The World NES - Karate Champ SNES - Super Off Road The Baja SNES - Tetris Attack (SOLD!) All in good condition. Bart Simpson Label is so so. Mortal Kombat for XBOX Disc has some scratches but plays ok. Mortal Kombat 1 for Genesis has instructions! PM me if interested. Thanks! Silkie.....
  5. * ACTris! 1.2 by Hayden Doan * Introduction: Finally! It has been quite a few years since I have been able to get back to programming on the beloved Atari 800. During a brief moment of inspiration, I continued working on my CTetris program. I think that the new name ACTris! 1.2 is the most appropriate for the program. It's short for Atari Tetris in Action! (my favorite Atari language). Since the program already has one of the best and most responsive gaming engine (IMHO) for the Atari 8-bit Computers, I concentrated on making the refinements that have been on my list for a long time now. There are quite a bit of history in the previous release notes below. But, I'll highlight the important points here for quick reference. So when you have the urge to get into some solid Classic Tetris action and stack endless falling Tetriminos to set a new high score, please give the new ACTris! 1.2 a spin for a fun and exciting challenge Thanks: ACTris! 1.2 was developed on the excellent Altirra 2.80_test38_x64 Emulator which substantially improved compilation time with the CPU = 65C816 (21.48MHz) and other various acceleration options. Thank you, phaeron for your dedication to the Atari community and for your great support. You're the best! Thanks to pps for his suggestion to adjust the Game Speed to NTSC/PAL computer systems way back in 2009! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/147244-ctetris4d-release-pre-final-version/?do=findComment&comment=1794690 And, thanks to flashjazzcat for his prompt help with my PAL detection questions. What's New in ACTris! 1.2: * Improved the Title Screen * Improved the High Score Screen * Muted the Bass Pedal Notes which can cause disharmonies with the Bass Lines * Two consecutive identical Tetriminos are now allowed by the improved Random Generator * Adjusted Joystick Auto-Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate for a faster response * Added some new Sound Effects for even a better gaming experience * 2x Draw Speed improvement of the Game Screen & the Atari Fuji Logo Segments - Nothing will slow the game down now! * NTSC/PAL computer detection for automatic Game Speed adjustment - It should work for standard build computers by reading the PAL Register at address $D014 - You must restart ACTris! for the program to recognize an NTSC/PAL system change - Speed adjustment is not perfect since PAL systems are by design 12% slower than NTSC - I learned from flashjazzcat and phaeron that a more robust method is to use VCOUNT - But, I'm not going further with the VCOUNT method at this time * The Atari Fuji Logo Segments can now only be completed with the exact number of Lines - For example, if there are three segments left on the Atari Fuji Logo, - exactly three lines of connected Tetriminos will be needed to complete the logo. - If Sound Effects are On, a "Chirp" alert will sound when the Atari Fuji Logo is four or less segments within completion - A Bonus of 500 points will be awarded for the completion of the Atari Fuji Logo - Once the Atari Fuji Logo is completed, the (P)ause command will display a "Rainbow" effect for the Atari Fuji Logo - If Sound Effects are On, a "Warble" sound that I borrowed from "Fill'Er Up" by Tom Hudson will also play - The "Rainbow" effect is one of my favorite graphic effects on the Atari - Also, the "Warble" sound is one of my favorite sound effects on the Atari * Fixed the memory reservation for the Custom Fonts which may have caused a program crash * Please experiment with the Color Palette Presets (on Emulators) for the best color results - I prefer the "Authentic NTSC" Palette Preset on the Altirra Emulator Key Features: * Ultra Fast & Responsive program written mainly in OSS Action! with emphasis on game playability * Some graphics subroutines were written in OSS MAC65 Assembly for optimum speed and performance * Automatic High Scores Load & Save (Please leave disk in drive for updates) * Full Color with Sound Effects & Background Music * "Dissolve" graphics effect for connected line(s) in the color of the last played Tetriminos * Keyboard Commands for Program Options * Automatic Joystick recognition (by Joystick movement detection) for additional Joystick Configurations * Automatic NTSC/PAL computer detection for automatic speed compensation * Game Pause / Resume feature * Custom Fonts Minimum System Requirements: * 48KB RAM Atari Computer with GTIA Chip for Graphics Mode 10 support * Disk Drive for saving High Scores * Joystick (Recommended) Controls Summary: Move Left - Keyboard: 'Left' | Joystick: Left Move Right - Keyboard: 'Right' | Joystick: Right Rotate - Keyboard: 'Up' | Joystick: Up SoftDrop - Keyboard: 'Down' | Joystick: Down (Configurable as 'Hard Drop' or 'Soft Drop') HardDrop - Keyboard: 'Space' | Joystick: Fire Button (configurable as 'Rotate' or 'Hard Drop') HardDrop - (Continued) | Joystick: <Down & Fire Button> (at the same time) Joystick "Rotate" is user configurable as 'Single' or 'Auto-Repeat' Pause - Keyboard: 'P' or 'Esc' (Toggles Pause / Resume) Next - Keyboard: 'N' (Toggles Next Block Display) Quit - Keyboard: 'Q' Drop Sound - Keyboard: 'D' (Toggles Object Drop Sound On/Off) Sound Effects - Keyboard: 'E' (Toggles Sound Effects On/Off. A 'Chirp' sound indicates Sound Effects are 'On'). Background Music - Keyboard: 'M' (Toggles Background Music On/Off.) Notes: 1) The Default Sound settings are: Music ('On'), Sound Effects ('On'), and Drop Sound ('Off'). 2) Setting Music 'Off' will also turn both Drop Sound & Sound Effects back to 'On'. You can still use the "D" and "E" keys to individually set your sound effects preferences. 3) The user input cursor will wrap around from End to End (instead of remaining at the End positions). 4) The "Next" object window is defaulted to 'On'. Use the "N" key to toggle the "Next" object display window On/Off. 5) The High Score Screen will flash the "HALL OF FAME" text ONLY if the the player sets a new High Score. Scoring Summary: Maximum possible points for the Tetriminos: |Levels | 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9| |Points | 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42| One point is subtracted for each timed drop (Beep) and also for each SoftDrop. Therefore, the sooner you HardDrop the blocks into place, the more points you'll get for that block. Bonus Points: When three or four lines are connected at one time, you will hear chime sounds counting the number of connected lines and receive the following Bonus Points: Three Lines - 50+50+50 = 150 Bonus Points Four Lines - 50+50+50+100 = 250 Bonus Points Also, the completion of the Atari Fuji Logo will yield 500 Bonus Points. Level Changes: |Levels | 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9| |Lines | 0 10 10 10 15 15 15 20 20 20| The number of connected lines needed for the next game level is displayed within the "[ ]" brackets. Have Fun! Hayden ACTris! 1.2.zip
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