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Found 20 results

  1. INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW CYCLONE USB SPINNER by Hotz! Only 20 14 0 left! GONE! This USB arcade inspired spinner is designed to work with MAME and other emulation. The Cyclone spinner is built upon an optical mouse. Meaning that it is seen by the emulator as a mouse. No special drivers needed. Each spinner is hand built. The PCB holder and spinner knob itself utilizes 3D printed parts. For the Background on this project please see: DIY: USB Rotary Control w/Atari style knob. Included is: • Cyclone USB spinner unit with USB connection • Spinner knob (Atari Arcade Style) • Allen key to secure the knob to the spinner unit • Mounting hardware • Mounting template Get yours today for only $40.00 plus shipping. Shipping inside the USA is $7.00 (if outside the USA please state where so I can quote the shipping). There are only 20 units total available for purchase. I’m not sure if I will make more so get yours today! TO ORDER: PM me with the subject line “CYCLONE SPINNER” and state how many units you wish to purchase and what country it will be shipped to. Be sure to include your PayPal email address in your PM. This is so I can send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I should have your order in the mail within 24-36 hours (not including weekends/holidays). Here’s a quick video I made showing the Cyclone Spinner in action: USB ARCADE INSPIRED ROTARY CONTROLLER And don’t forget, if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Dear Atari/Commodore/DOS Games Friends Due To Some Problems For Obtaining and Burning CD-ROM's, Bootable Image File For USB Flash Devices, "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG", is Available, Just Now. Attention : Don't Use Any Boot-Flash Burner For Burning Bootable USB Flash Device. Use Hex File/Drive Editor, Only. Extract .7z File -> "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG" 1) Open File (USB .IMG File) 2) Select All 2) Copy 3) Open Drives 4) Select and Open USB FLASH MEMORY AS PHYSICAL Drive 5) Paste Over 6) Save Changes. Don't Attempt To Open Drive In Windows (Contents Are Invisible). Plug USB Flash to USB Port Restart System and Select Boot Drive -> USB Good Luck
  3. Hi, I have restarted my old company: Awesome Arcades. Its now selling Atari styled USB versions of the CX40 joysticks, Desktop arcade controls (So far I've only posted up the 7800 versions (Left & Right hand) and I need to update the photo's as they include built in paddle controls as well. I'll be posting on in the coming days the 2600 version, USB versions and some specialized desktop arcade controls like a dedicated Asteroids control panel for both 9 pin game/computer consoles and a USB version. I have a Missile Command one but I am awaiting the special buttons to make it arcade realistic. So, if you are interested, please stop by the site, sign up for an account and make a purchase, thanks. https://thejoystickshop.com Here are some of the products:
  4. Hi all, I'm soon going to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into an Atari 2600 emulation system. I already have a pair of joystick controllers, but I'll need adapters t use them on my system. I already know about the 2600-daptor and 2600-daptor II, I know they work great, and I'm going to get me some of those in the future, once I acquire paddles and driving controllers. But for the time being, I thought two of these might be enough for the time being: http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=70&osCsid=ebbd334c24342ad9ccbbab011d5b7ad1 These are the RetroUSB adapters, they only work with Joysticks, but that's also all I have right now, and over 90% of the VCS games used Joystick controllers, so I don't think I'll be getting bored anytime soon. Does anyone own one of these? Have you tried them? How good are they (say, compared to other adapters), have you had any issues with them? Do they work fine with Stella?
  5. I know this is such a stretch but would there be any possible way to connect my Atari XF551 floppy disk drive to my Windows XP computer? I'd like to transfer Atari files to and from my PC. I really can't get an internal 5 1/4 floppy drive for the XP because they are just too pricey.
  6. Is anyone selling these still? I'd eventually like to move away from disc based media, as it's unreliable and fragile as hell. I seen these in the past for 3DO, Saturn, and PS1, but not much on them lately. Any news on the USB adaptor that replaces the 3DO laser and you can load rom images from? Thanks.
  7. What are the maximum specs that it will allow without turning into a brick? Thanks.
  8. What is the status on the USB smart media card for the TI? I've heard little to nothing about this device, which is surprising. I would expect a device like this to be nothing short of "THE SECOND COMING" for our TI systems as would open up so many possibilities.
  9. I just received and tested one of these nifty units for hooking up a USB mouse to an Amiga. Plus it acts as a switch between a 9-pin joystick and the mouse (just click the LMB fof mouse or the joystick button for the joystick). It's a pretty darned cool adapter and auto-switch. So far I've tested it on an Amiga 500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/231881838496?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. Not mine. But still interesting. Xmas Cart 2014 & USB Color Changing Tree Binary Star Software Rare Vectrex Game https://www.ebay.com/itm/Xmas-Cart-2014-USB-Color-Changing-Tree-Binary-Star-Software-Rare-Vectrex-Game/323265682091 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 323265682091
  11. So I'm trying to consolidate the amount of damn mains plugs for my Atari stuff (among others) and after searching previous topics, the 9v requirement of peripherals seems to be a bit of stumbling block. I have absolutely no knowledge of power conversion and related topics, so can anyone electrical confirm if this solution would work for powering 1050s and the like, assuming the correct barrel connector is used? A multiport fast USB charger such as this along with step up USB cables such as this? And after typing that lot out i realised I was a bit of a dunce as 1050 etc. use AC power...Interestingly however, I did find this USB inverter that has completely the wrong type of connector of course, but shows that in theory (I think?) such a thing is possible. Anyone any thoughts?
  12. I have seen a lot of adapters to convert a controller/joystick for use on one system to use on a completely different system. Such as the PSX to Vectrex adapter. I have also seen USB adapters to allow the use of an original controller/joystick on a PC in order to have a better experience in an emulator. But I have not yet noticed an adapter to allow a smartphone/table (Android, iPhone, etc) to act as a replacement controller. Effectively turing the smartphone/table into a controller you can connect to an old/new console. Has anyone seen a adapter to connect a USB / Dock / Lightning port to an console port of a classic console? (Vectrex, Atari, Intellivision, SNES, Sega,etc) Would be nice to use a tablet or a smartphone as a replacement controller. While not a joystick, there could still be some upsides. Such as an virtual controller app that would allow the following: Remapping of the controls. Repositioning of the controls. Emulation of analog controls in the smartphone/tablet with corresponding analog output to the console. Such as a the analog joystick in the Vectrex and other systems. Emulation of keypad controls in the smartphone/tablet with corresponding output to the console. Such as a the keypad in the Intellivision and other systems. Macros for use during game play. Skins and other graphics to replicate to the look and feel of the original controller in the app on smartphone/tablet. In addition simply replacing the controller, I could see the adapter taking things further for those systems that have some two-way I/O capability possibility. Obviously some code would be needed on both the console and the smartphone/tablet app to allow for this interface to work. I can see many older systems supporting this idea. Even the Vectrex. The following features and more might be supported. Allow the smartphone/tablet to act as a rumble controller giving the player physical feedback. Emulation of other non-standard keypads, joysticks, and other controllers, etc. that are hard to obtain due to rarity or price. Allow the smartphone/tablet to provide audible feedback. Effectively turning the external device into another sound interface for the console. Beeps. full range sounds. Music. Voice synthesis, etc Allow the smartphone/tablet/other device act as a secondary display for the console to a limited degree. Obviously this would vary by system and communication speed on the console port. Other generalized I/O allowing other things to be accomplished not mentioned above . What do you all think? What have you already seen? .
  13. In case anyone out there needs it. VecFlash USB Software for Windows to talk to the Vectrex VecFlash cartridge from Richard Hutchinson. VecFlash USB.zip
  14. I used to be a video game collector, but I have liquidated almost everything except a few items including this Stelladaptor (and my Vectrex stuff). It is brand new and has never been used. The seal hasn't even been broken on the plastic bag the manual came in. What's a fair price for these? Anyone want it?
  15. Sold! Atarimax Maxflash USB Cartridge Programmer, up for sale on Ebay: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 322018840217
  16. A noted here, I got my 2 Classic USB Joystick Controllers from Legacy Engineering Group on Thursday, September 3, 2009. I ordered from Google Checkout on October 15, 2008, so they were a long time coming. L.E.G. had trouble with Google Checkout, they got many more orders than they anticipated (I think), and Curt Vendel of L.E.G. had some serious health issues that slowed him down a good bit. However, these joysticks were well worth the cost and the wait. There was no software to install. I just plugged them into my computer (running Windows XP) and was able to play games in Stella!
  17. Sold! Atarimax: Maxflash USB Cartridge Programmer & Accessories - $48.95 + Shipping (for use with Atari 8-bit computer systems: 400, 600, 800, 1200, XL, XE, XEGS) Description: Very good condition. Tested and fully working. Works in conjunction with Atarimax Maxflash Cartridge Studio (included on CD-ROM). The shell was cut down slightly near the connector in order to accommodate use of an XL cartridge adapter. This allows connecting Atari brown carts without having to play around with the door/opening latches. It also helps in orienting carts properly with the Cartridge Programmer -- assuming the XL cartridge adapter is oriented properly. The XL cartridge adapter is included in the sale. Information: Program: Maxflash 1Mbit/8Mbit, MyIDE +Flash 1Mbit, MyIDE-II CompactFlash (512KB), XEGS RAMCart 32KB/64KB/128KB Dump: 8KB (Left/Right), 16KB, Maxflash 1Mbit/8Mbit, MyIDE +Flash 1Mbit, MyIDE-II CompactFlash (512KB), ICD SpartaDOS X, ICD Express!, Diamond GOS, OSS 16KB (Type A/B), OSS 8KB, Williams 32KB/64KB, XEGS 32KB/64KB/128KB/256KB/512KB/1024KB, MEGA 16KB/32KB/64KB/128KB/256KB/512KB/1024KB, Ultracart 32KB, Bounty Bob Strikes Back [Note: Will also dump Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, and Intellivision cartridges -- with appropriate adapters.] Includes: 1 - Atarimax: Maxflash USB Cartridge Programmer 1 - Atarimax: Maxflash Studio Installation Disk (Microsoft Windows ONLY) 1 - USB A-A Interface Cable 1 - Atari: XL Cartridge Adapter Packaging/Shipping: Shipping to U.S. destinations ONLY. The Maxflash USB Programmer & Accessories will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and include insurance for the sale value of the items. The USB Programmer & Accessories will be individually bagged and placed inside a new USPS 8" x 8" x 7" box with packing peanuts filling all open space. Payment: PayPal, using account or credit card, bank card, etc.
  18. Hello guys After drooling over AtariMax's "SIO2PC Universal USB DUAL SIO Jacks", I finally bought one a couple of month ago. Without noticing that AtariMax doesn't seem to have Mac software available. So now the question is: How do I get this to work on the iMac (running High Sierra public beta 2)? Sincerely Mathy
  19. I just thought I could get a quick question about this project I found (http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/atari_usb/index_en.php) which uses a ATMega8a. In the schematic, they connect the analog pins the the Atari 9-pin port. This makes sense for pins 5 and 9, which are used for the POTs, but shouldn't the designer of the circuit use the digital pins for the joystick pins?
  20. Mateos MVRMC-16 Vectrex USB Flash Cart in Cart Shell + MVBD Burner Programmer https://www.ebay.com/itm/323622304376? Mateos MVRMC-16 Vectrex USB Flash Cart in Cart Shell + MVBD Burner Programmer Feel free to make offers outside of the eBay listing. #Vectrex #USB #Flash #Cart https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mateos-MVRMC-16-Vectrex-USB-Flash-Cart-in-Cart-Shell-MVBD-Burner-Programmer/323622304376
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