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Found 53 results

  1. I recently purchased a 2600 Darth Vader at a yard sale. The unit was labeled ‘2600 Original Needs Work’. It was $15 so I decided to pick it up anyway. I fixed the first issue which was the power jack not making connection with the power cord end. Now that the unit powers on, it displays incorrect graphics. From looking around on threads, it seems that this is an issue with one of the ICs. I am unable to get a clear answer if this is a bad TIA chip or RIOT chip. I would rather not buy both unless necessary. Does this seem to jump out as a specific issue to anyone? Any help would be appreciated. Symptoms: Misplaced/distorted graphics No (or very little?) sound Related(?) Threads https://atariage.com/forums/topic/263506-atari-2600-jr-bad-tia-or-riot/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/240746-bad-tiariot-need-help/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/181394-atari-2600-strange-video-problem/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAeXVazgUXc In this video, the 2600 is having similar issues to mine. He troubleshoots it by swapping the ICs with a working machine, but I only have a working 2600jr with soldered ICs.
  2. SmellyJelly

    My Atari Games.

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    The 2600 is my favorite system to collect for. From the Cartridge art, to the charm of how simple the games were, I just love the 2600 so much. Easily my favorite games are Pitfall!, Haunted House, Berzerk, and Yar's Revenge. The Halloween cartridge is just a reproduction cart.

    © SmellyJelly

  3. This guy (with a rating of 100%) from the UK wants over 100$ for what he claims to be a heavy sixer, but after 10 seconds of looking at the thing you can obviously see it's an ordinairy one. ​1. the power brick is for a later VCS 2. the joysticks have TOP written on them ​3. the edge on the sides of the atari is thin ​Now it also happens to miss the bottom label and a picture of the front of the machine was never taken. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Woody-Heavy-Sixer-Console-Un-tested-Rare-Retro-Vintage-/282436802067?hash=item41c28b9613:g:Y8YAAOSwE0JY9SSM Am i overanalysing this or does anyone else think that this is, well... odd? This seller must clearly know that there's a difference between the two since it's been listed as a heavy sixer specifically ​But it's probably just poor research or something.
  4. lulrik

    Dog anoying

    From the album: lulrik collection

    stoic dog

    © lulrik

  5. Hi all, I'm soon going to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into an Atari 2600 emulation system. I already have a pair of joystick controllers, but I'll need adapters t use them on my system. I already know about the 2600-daptor and 2600-daptor II, I know they work great, and I'm going to get me some of those in the future, once I acquire paddles and driving controllers. But for the time being, I thought two of these might be enough for the time being: http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=70&osCsid=ebbd334c24342ad9ccbbab011d5b7ad1 These are the RetroUSB adapters, they only work with Joysticks, but that's also all I have right now, and over 90% of the VCS games used Joystick controllers, so I don't think I'll be getting bored anytime soon. Does anyone own one of these? Have you tried them? How good are they (say, compared to other adapters), have you had any issues with them? Do they work fine with Stella?
  6. I like this. Someone remade the Atari 2600 version of Berzerk for Android, with full controller (nvidia shield, for instance!) support. I thought the addition of internet memes was stupid but then I remembered the source game is 32 years old, so what's the harm in having a time capsule inside of a time capsule? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thewholecake.manik It's free with no ads, tricks, or extra things to buy.
  7. This is a discussion thread on the retroness your Video Game development cycle and environment Describe the retroness of your development process: Does it have a 70's, 80's or 90's feel? If you aren't taking advantage of new technologies, why not? I like both programming languages (BASIC and Assembly) but I don't use GUI's, scripting languages or debuggers. I prefer to use a text editor and just write straight code like I did in the 80's; I think basic "write the code" setup's are more fun and difficult to eclipse with a modern IDE.
  8. The NES version of Pac-Man is good (as I remember it), and this is a neat lil hack to make it stylictically similar to the VCS original. Well isit's like an NES/VCS mashup! http://www.mediafire.com/download/usq9nu6bp4aayjd/
  9. I was drawing graphics for the 5200/A8 Popeye Arcade, and I decided to go all out and update the NES and 2600 VCS port with a few tweaks. Here is a little twist on the 2600 Popeye. I don't want to call it "Arcade", because I am sure a better version could be created from scratch. But not a bad version for the time. POPEYE(UpdateBU).BIN
  10. Welcome to my Summer Sale! I will be thinning out a few things in my overall collections. *NOTHING RIGHT NOW - SORRY! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES* (last updated 2-15-2019) I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. All games, manuals and boxes are clean tested and packaged with care. Any other questions, just ask. PayPal or Cash (if local) only, please. Thanks!
  11. The Atari 7800 usually gets criticized for it's crude sound. I know I have made my fair share of comments about it. The Atari 7800 uses the same TIA sound as the Atari VCS/2600 from 1977. The 2600 usually gets a "pass" on this because -- for it's time -- the TIA sound in the 2600 was pretty good for 1977 home console hardware. But the 7800 came out many years later and uses the same TIA sound. Although the 7800 was able to take advantage of the better in-cartridge POKEY sound, only a couple games did so. I want to look at the positive side of what the TIA is capable of from good programming. So I will start off with a few games for the 2600 & 7800 that have decent/good sound. Try to keep this about the game sound effects & music -- not weather the game sucks or not. Just off the top of my head..... Atari 2600: Smurf Rescue, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo, Dig Dug. Atari 7800: Xevious, Ms. Pacman, Food Fight, Dig Dug, Galaga. There are many others, but it's late and I can't think of them right now. IMO, those games listed above have decent sound; some quite good. They may not be on-par with most NES games' sound or most POKEY-based carts, but I'd put them on-par with some SMS games, sound-wise. Discuss
  12. Since my first topic on this seemed to have destroyed itself (RIP), I decided to bring it up again. Okay, First off, I love my Harmony cart to death. I play it on my new LCD TV that plays interlaced modes like a champ. However, I decided to plug my VCS into my old Travel TV (color, RCA) and fire up some Enduro. I started to notice some really odd vertical lines around the road and oncoming cars. Thinking it was my TV reception, I checked all connections (I use a straight adapter, no switch) and everything seemed just fine, signal was locked in great. But every once in a while, those blasted phantom lines showed up again. Sometimes they crawl, sometimes they don't. So to see if it was my Atari, I popped in my copy of enduro and... no lines. So either this is a negligible problem caused by the current pull of the Harmony Cart, or my Atari VCS isn't firing on all cylinders. Another weird thing that happens is if I don't play the thing for a while, green colors are more "Aqua" than they are supposed to be. not annoying, but the Harmony cart menu text is a marble green, so it really stands out. After a minute or so, everything is great. The biggest problem still remains: Light blue colors are bleeding. A lot. A Photoshopped screenshot to show you what I mean: It's actually a little worse than this, the black inner line in the O characters is almost gone. Every other color, however, seems to be okay. What in the world is causing this? Some other info I can give you: This is a 4-switch woodgrain (with the 2 sprite TIA), purchased around 1982 or so for my cousin and I to play. All of the "Problem games" work as intended on the unit. It had Combat as a pack-in. The AC Adaptor is a stock Atari 2600 one that came with this unit. The case has been opened, but only for a little while to clean the inside using gentle blasts of air. the case itself was cleaned in December last year. The Game Center piece was also cleaned up recently, though the cover is always off when the unit is powered up. Any ideas?
  13. CatPix

    Atari 2600 dessus

    From the album: CatPixtures

  14. For the 40th Anniversary of the console's original release (9-11-1977, forgive the lateness), Famicom Dojo, featuring late AtariAge member, Vinnk, released an ~8-minute retrospective of the Atari VCS-2600 Video Computer System! Enjoy. And if you read this, Vinnk, thanks 2600 times for the vid!
  15. I just wanted to share with you my current project. I modified a Donkey Kong 2600 rom to look more like the arcade version. I'm fond with how it's turning out, especially Mario's sprite. I hope you enjoy playing the rom! (Note: There is a glitch with Mario's hat if he jumps at the top of the first level. I hope someone can try to fix that). DK.bin
  16. Hey everybody, I decided, since I was between work contracts, and had a little time after putting the little one to bed, that I wanted to experiment with glitch art in the same vein as the Wallflower experiments made popular on the C64, Atari 8-bit, ZX Spectrum, and other machines, and am deciding to try my hand at it with the VCS. I love the glitch scene (Alva Noto, et al), and wanted to produce something worthy of being part of this subculture. What is it? The goal is to produce a simple art piece, with soundtrack, that evolves organically over time, using purely 6502 code, in essence, producing algorithmic art. It will probably take me a considerable amount of effort to refine the piece, to where I see fit, but I will be posting my progress and code here for all. The current version is attached to this thread. So far, the current challenges revolve around timing and trying to produce stochastic but interesting effects on a system with very little video abstraction, one instruction change can drastically alter the video and sound output, and the RAM is part of the same page as the hardware, so trying not to make state matter so much, much less stomp all over it, is proving to be interesting. Let me know what you think. -Thom transmat-130625.zip
  17. Hello friends, I am happy to announce that the 11th OFAM - Atari Meeting will take place from 25th September to 27th September 2015 in Germany, 95213 Münchberg, Kirchplatz 7, approximately 35 km away from the Czech border. Would be great to see many of you! http://ofam.de.vu Best regards, Chris
  18. Saw this thing on Pong Picture Page. Looks homemade, you can see the 2600 right there. Anyone have any info?
  19. The Eyeball Mural

    M Network

    From the album: Logos

    The logo for M Network, the branch of Mattel Electronics that developed and published games for the Atari 2600.

    © Image by The Eyeball Mural, no rights reserved. M Network intellectual properties belong to Intellivision Productions.

  20. CatPix

    Rev 2 SECAM

    From the album: CatPixtures

  21. CatPix

    Atari Rev 2 SECAM

    From the album: CatPixtures

  22. CatPix


    From the album: CatPixtures

  23. Hello, y’all A2600 fans! Would y’all like a nice challenging HORSE RACING game for your A2600 VCS?!?! Are you somewhat bored with Sears’ Tele-Games Steeplechase? I came up with an idea: Make a new ported version of Intellivision’s successful Horse Racing game for the A2600 for y’all Atari fans! The working title name is Plympton Downs Thoroughbred Horse Racing (sounds like an M NETWORK game title). What controller(s) would you propose to use?! Either the joystick or the paddle ones would do for the racing portion, but how about for the betting side?! Would the keypad controller that comes with Star Raiders do (it has a bunch of keys that could be programmed to function like on INTV or ColecoVision). The colors would look quite differently than on INTV and CV (the TIA palette issue), while the lettering would be more blocky than on INTV. It would also need a nice title screen.
  24. Recently, I bought a lot of two woody VCS+ joystick controllers+ a pair of paddles and 2 games (with boxes in poor condition) for a whooping 10€ price, which is a good bargain, even here where the 2600 systems aren't much looked after. While testing the units, I started to notice some differences between the 2 systems. Keep in mind that the Atari 2600 was released in France in 1981, the last year of the woody model. So I was wondering if those differences were leftovers from the US variant, or if they might come from an early run of PAL/SECAM adaptations that were discarded. Here are some pictures of the machines : The newer on the left, the oldest on the right (by number production) The oldest one feature the double HP vents. Were those also on US 4 switches models? I though they were only on 6 switches unit? The back feature more screw holes, smaller holes near the stamps. What is it for? A channel selector "A" and "B". Note that the channel selector option is also on his usual place on top of the unit, with the "channel 2-3 " marking (and it's left unused, at least on the SECAM version. It make sense since the woody SECAM unit uses UHF channel 36 ). As far as I know, A and B aren't used in the European CCIR TV systems (we use channel numbers), so I really don't know what kind of channel it was meant to select (there is no switch so it choose nothing anyway). On the back, holes have beel hidden with a thick adhesive piece of plastic. From the size and shape, it was probably meant to house joysticks connectors and a power connector in the middle. Does this exist on US Atari too? Just a view on the stamps : This first one is the standard Atari sticker, or I suppose so. The second mention that the system is certified to be used in France and mention the fact you have to plug it on the back of your TV (and not using a T shaped plug to connect both antenna and system at the same time). Europe use a RCA-like connector for antenna so swapping between antenna and video games systems isn't as annoying as the double fork or F plus used in the USA And manual switchboxes were allowed too. For your eyes's pleasure : This board is very different from the later SECAM boards found in black VCS. The most interesting feature is that UHF transmitter that seems to pick up video and audio, calling for a very easy A/V mod. I gotta try it! So... Is that "old" VCS an oddity, or is it perfectly normal to find those feature on it? Thanks for taking a look and answering
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