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Found 9 results

  1. Rev and I have been discussing this for months and here, finally, is our Top 30 Intellivision variations. These aren't necessarily the most expensive or the rarest, although some are, but just the ones that we feel are the most interesting and collectible. Some of these aren't too hard to find, a few are near impossible to get your hands on though. Some you may be aware of, some you may never have seen before (or wondered, "Why the hell do these guys bother collecting all this crap?") By my most recent count I think there are more than 500 different Intellivision boxes to collect, including a bunch of language variations. Thank God, or what would Rev and I do with our time now that we have the Original 125. There are quite a few that we discussed that didn't make the list and easily could have been added. Feel free to bring up any you can think of, or are wondering about. That's the point of this thread, particularly for those that are newer to collecting for the Intellivision, just so you know what you've got yourself into. Enjoy, and discuss. (this will take a few posts for me to add all the pics so bear with me). 30) All Bandai Games - seriously, those instructions are cool. 29) UK CBS Blue Monster Ladybug - not quite sure I remember seeing that in the game, but who cares, that's awesome! (I have both an English and a French version, can't remember if there is a German one? Intymike would probably know) 28) Dig Dug with "1 or 2 players" notation on the front - I've only come across one copy, all the rest have "1 player" 27) Intellivision Inc Math Fun and Chess (without "Electric Company" and "USCF" qualifiers) (Math Fun is a reddish box instead of the original Mattel one in light orange) 26) 3 French Canadian Bilingual Intellivoice Games (There's not a Tron Solar Sailer version, and sadly, I'm missing Space Spartans - If you have it, you know who to PM) Cool white banner added to top right corner
  2. 8/12/13 EDIT: I LISTED THE NIGHT DRIVER AND SOME OTHER CARTS ON EBAY, I JUST SOLD THE "BEAT EM & EAT EM" BUT OTHERS AVAILABLE AND I'LL BE LISTING MORE, SORRY I'M SO SLOW BUT I DO HAVE SOMETHING UP, TAKE A LOOK. NIGHT DRIVER SEARS PIC LABEL eBay Auction -- Item Number: 281148532808 ALL MY ITEMS: eBay Seller: SPENDTOOMUCHONATARI I HAVE SOME PICS BELOW --------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, I'm in a bad spot and need to sell some of my video games which includes Atari. I need to clear some space for a potential move and could use the paypal. I don't think I can sell my 7800 collection since I'm so close to completion but I have some 2600's to sell. I also have many label variations of games so if you're into those, take a look this weekend and into next week. I just listed a few Atari games and will be trying to get more on into next week. I look forward to listing my Night Driver Sears Picture Label, it's in nice shape and it was very hard to find! I put that one up against a Chuck Wagon, Rubik's Cube, even Obelix and others....I think a Sears Pic Night Driver would be in less supply but then again, less demand since after all, it's just a label variation. I've always enjoyed variations. I'll try to keep this updated, I'm doing most or all on auction instead of BIN. Take a look: eBay Seller: SpendTooMuchOnAtari Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey guys, time for another variations thread, this time a small one based on variations of variations. Those of you who are new to variation collecting for the INTV and who are super OCD and must have all versions are going to hate me. We're going to look at Space Armada and a couple of cool variations of it (One was cool enough to get mentioned in another thread even - at #17) http://www.atariage....ion-variations/ First up is the RED Action Network version of Space Armada which wasn't released in the US, but rather just for PAL land. (Unlike the Red Space Battle which did have a US release). There are three versions. The top one was the Australian release distributed by Lifestyle Electronics, and manufactured by Radofin Electronics whom you may recognize from Aquarius fame. The second one was also manufactured by Radofin but this time was distributed by Advanced Consumer Electronics in England. Finally the third release was a regular Mattel Hong Kong release. Next up are the two Digiplay versions, which, annoyingly, have two different addresses, or rather, one had an address correction on the back (see the third pic). There are a number of Digi releases that came out as both Digimed and Digiplay releases after the company changed its name during the production life on a few of the titles. Hope you enjoy this little knowledge drop. Happy variation collecting and please stop sending me hate mail for bringing this stuff to your collective attention. :lolblue:
  4. While most would agree that DK for the INTV was not the "best" game for the Intellivision back in the day, you have to give credit to Coleco and CBS for getting it out there in many forms. Not including the excellent new DK Arcade which was recently released, I am aware of 10 different box variations for this videogaming work of art. I have nine of them. ( I may have a problem. ). The five across the top are CBS releases, as you can see the first three are French, English and German language variations, the fourth one is the UK PAL version, then the fifth is the multi-language International version. The bottom four are Coleco versions, two English and two bilingual English/French Canadian versions. The one I'm missing is a German version of the fourth box on the top row with the angry looking DK throwing a silver barrel. To the best of my knowledge, (and off the top of my head), DK might just hold the record for box variations for this system. After 12 years of collecting for the Intellivision, I've got to find something to keep searching for.
  5. Time to do another variations thread for the Intellivision....this time from the fine folks at Parker Brothers. While Keith may have called them out for their game quality as an example of why the crash happened, which many may disagree with, I find their games to be some of my favourite to collect as their boxes were solid (with one exception), and the artwork is generally great. There were usually three types of boxes available, the regular US issue, the bilingual Canadian version and the International release. Here, sadly with one glaring omission, is all of the Parker Brothers boxes for the Intellivision. First up is Frogger, which came in the standard three versions. This is the most common of the Parker Brothers releases, so the US one is really easy to find, the other 2 aren't too bad. (By the way, if you're trying to figure out which version a game is at a glance while you're squinting at ebay auction pictures on your iPhone, look at the blue stripe at the bottom of the front of the box.....if it has two lines of white text it's the US release, if it has one line it's the International one, and if there isn't a blue line, but rather some black writing, then it's the Canadian one.) Next up is Qbert, which comes with a fourth version of the box, one that is a flip top, as opposed to the two piece boxes all the other versions came in...and no, I don't know why. The flip top box is nowhere near as sturdy either, and as a result, is difficult to find in mint shape. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back might not be everyone's favourite game (probably the worst of the six, although I genuinely enjoy playing the other 5), but it is a great one from a collecting standpoint. Auctions of sealed versions of this often run above $100. This also came in three versions. Popeye is another of the three box version games, but the Canadian one is particularly hard to find, second to "he who shall not be named" in my mind. Second to last, and the priciest of the 6 regular releases, although it didn't actually receive a US release, is Tutankham. There is only one version of this box that I'm aware of, and it's the International one. If anyone has ever seen a Canadian version, please post pics, and if you happen to own one, you know how to PM me. This will generally run you between $100-150 CIB...and apparently over $1000 NIB!!!! Yikes. Which of course brings us to the other game in the pic above and the second rarest regular issue, Super Cobra. Again, there was no US release, but there was a freakishly limited release in Canada. This remains on my most wanted list, and came in at number 4 on our Top 30 Intellivision variations list. http://www.atariage....ion-variations/ If this comes up for auction, I'm probably going to sell my home to raise funds. Just sayin. Finally, one final pic just for fun....all six of the International Parker Brothers releases....sealed.
  6. HI guys, I thought I'd make my 2500th post count so here's some pics from my recently completed Digimed/Digiplay Intellivision collection. To the best of my knowledge, after spending most of this year focusing on completing this part of my Intellivision collection, I believe this to be one of the few complete CIB Digiplay collections in North America and Europe. I spoke at length with Roger (Psychostormtrooper) about this stuff as he is one of the experts on these variations and had a complete collection himself at one point. He has since sold off all of his Intellivision stuff and I bought the last part of his collection which included 7 or 8 CD/DVD's of images including his Digiplay stuff. We were unable to determine with certainty whether a couple of titles that were shown on the INTV2/Digiplay2 box were in fact released as neither he nor I have come across them. With that said, if anything else is found, it'll be on my want list (there is another catalog I'm aware of), but until that time, here is what a complete CIB cartridge and systems collection looks like. Enjoy. The first shot is the original 30 games, the rest on the other shelves with the systems are duplicates. (The normal looking Intellivision boxes on the middle right shelf are Bandai Intellivision games, my 2012 collection goal. )
  7. OK, let's try this once again. What do you folks think of the end cap labels that I remade from scratch. Did I miss any variations? Spell check appreciated too. Printed these on standard paper so not finished yet. Be kind, remember I am an amateur. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I recently picked up a number of cool new items via ebay and trades with fellow AA'ers and I thought I'd share a few. First off, the "Special Home Version of Sega Arcade Game" French Canadian variation (The regular French Canadian version says "Plays like the real arcade game") Next, two very hard to find French CBS versions of Venture and Zaxxon Third, a UPC code version of INTV Pinball from a trade with mojotv67 A couple of cool Italian manual versions of Backgammon and Checkers from eBay Italy. A French/German International version of Stampede with four pieces of extra catalogs/paperwork Two French manual gatefold versions of Mind Strike and Scooby, and two Dutch manual versions of Horse Racing and Armor Battle, all from Oscar Three ridiculously cool Shockvision items with Liduario's assistance. On to a couple of catalog/newsletter pics... Four different (81, 82, 83, 84) Mattel catalogs (I have soooooo many other ones to show you guys) I FINALLY finished the six North American "Intellivision News" newsletters. and last, but certainly not least, one of my all time favourite pickups for which I paid dearly. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  9. Hi guys, here's the promised pics of my Intellivision Inc collection which I recently consolidated onto four shelves. The Intellivision Inc stuff ends with ECS Super Series Baseball in the fourth pic. There are a couple of extra boxes in there where there's a white label cart variation, but these are all the games that I believe to exist. I do not think there is a Locomotion or Checkers or Tennis. There are two variations of these variations that I know of that I need. Both have the UPC code on the bottom flap, one is Pinball and one is Bump'n'Jump. If you have either or both, you know what that means. I also could use an upgrade to my Snafu, Golf and Tron Deadly Discs. If you have a nice copy of any of these three, PM is your friend. You have something I want, and there's a good chance I have something you want. Lets make it happen. Enjoy.
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