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Found 123 results

  1. Happy Holidays To all, Barb and I wish you the best for the holidays ****Coming very soon **** Sega combos. Many variations will be available, including the CD, the CD platform and so on. If you have any interest in these, send me a PM indicating which or what combinations you are looking for. How many times have you seen a console setting on a shelf,or a table,and covered in a fine layer of dust or sticky fingerprints? Dust and sticky stuff is not our friend!And its certainly not a friend to our consoles. So, a dust cover is not only "eye candy" but it keeps that console killer, dust out. Oh,lets not forget those other killers,foreign objects,unknown liquids,and little kids. And it adds a touch of cool to your collection *****And to all of you sending prayers our way, Barb and I thank you.******* Leukemia is for lack of a better description a life changer.Since I was diagnosed with this a year and a half ago, our lives have seen the entire range of emotions. I was told that I had 1-2 years left when they 1st found it. Then after a very aggressive pattern of chemo and blood transfusions, it went into remission 4 months ago. But now its back again, and I have to be very worried about infections. So we are back to the chemo again, and hope that another miracle will occur. After a depressing vist with the Dr. it appears that choices of treatment , have become limited. I can either go to the hospital for a month where they would treat this with a very very aggressive chemo, or I can get a milder version , given as a shot for 5 days, every month. The choice is becoming clear, and it is Quality or Quantity. I have chosen the quality, and with that I am not sure where it will go. I will say that at least I have been given the option, which alot of people do not get.And after the second go around with the Chemo, I am holding my own.I cannot decide which is worse, a round of 15 shots or getting a bag hooked up for an hour at a time. Bottom line,with Barbs help, and the amazing drugs I soldier on. Again thank you to all who send us best wishes. Since my wife(Barb) started making these covers over 16 years ago,she has continued to expand the choices.I am posting a lot of pictures so you will be able to see all of the choices available. For those of you just seeing these for the first time,we have been selling on Ebay over 15 years,Atari Age over 5 years and have sold covers to buyers worldwide! Covers for the Atari 400 and 800 now available with Red or White logos. . These are all custom made,from"pleather" which is a type of vinyl/leather.Easy to clean,and maintain Yes,we will accept Paypal-verified *******Shipping, no problem with going out of US, as long as you know I have nothing to do with USPS pricing******* Yes, we will combine shipping. And yes, we will give a discount when multiple items are bought. ******Note***** While most of the pictures show the cover installed on an actual console,a few do not,which is why they look dis-sheveld OK,pricing is as follows: 3DO $31.00 Atari 1050(Floppy Drive) $17.00 Atari 5200-$18.00 Atari 5200 Trak- ball-$16.50 Buy both of the 5200 units(Console and Trak-ball) $32.00 Atari 2600-$18.00 Atari VCS-$18.00 Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer-$18.00 Atari Jr/Rainbow-$14.00 Atari 7800-$18.00 **Atari Specials all 4 covers $60.00= 2600,7800,5200, and 5200 Trakball Atari Jaguar-(white)-$16.00 Atari Jaguar-(red)-$16.00 Atari 400- White or Red Logo-$17.00 Atari 800xl-$18.00 Atari 800 Red or white logo-$19.00 Atari Jaguar CD-$18.00-White or Red lettering Colecovision Console $18.00 Colecovision Roller Controller$16.00 Colecovision Module 1(Atari Adaptor)- $15.00 Colecovision Module 2-$18.00 Buy all 4 for $65.00 Commodore 64-$18.50 Commodore Vic 20-$18.50 Commodore C128- $18.50 Commodore C16-$18.50 Fairchild Channel F -$22.00 **Has cutout for power cord and joystick cords** Intellivision(Master System)-$18.00***With running man logo*** Intellivision II-$16.50 Both Intellivision Special Covers $32.00 Intellivision=INTV III- $18.00 Magnavox Odyssey II $25.00 Mattel Aquarius Computer $16.00 Nintendo-NES 101 Red or White Lettering-$16.50 Nintendo/NES White or Red Lettering-$17.50 N-64-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 SNES-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 Sega Dreamcast-orange-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast blue-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast Red- $18.00 Sega Genesis II-$16.50 Sega Genesis-16 bit $18.50 Sega Saturn -$18.50 Sega Master System -$16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 Sears Video Arcade II $18.00 ***Looks like the Atari 7800 Sears Tele-Games(Atari 2600) -$18.00 Sears Tele-Games(Atari Heavy 6r)- $19.00 Sony Playstation 1 $16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 RS 80/Tandy/Radio Shack Computer-$19.00 Texas Instruments 99/4a $18.50 Turbo Graphx 16/TG 16 $18.00 Vectrex Dustcover Black /w/ Blue ,White,Red logo $38.00 Vectrex Cover Gray with Black/Blue $38.00 XBox(Original) $25.00 PM me for additional questions And Thanks for looking. Over the past few years we have had numerous requests for consoles and computers that we do make. The reason we do not make them is because we have not had the actual console/ computer to use for a template. Buyers say, well I can give you the dimensions or send a picture. The problem is that dimensions do not take into account all the curves, bends, protrusions etc that are common on these units. So, working from supplied dimensions almost never works. Barb and I are not as mobile as we used to be, so trying to find these computers/ game consoles is a crap shoot at best and a waste of time at worst. What we can offer is this.If you have a console/computer, preferably a parts shell unit, that your willing to send us, we will make a cover for it and send it back at no charge! Now, we are not interested in units that are so obscure that there might only be 100 in the world. Obviously for us to make the cover there has to be a market of some kind, so please keep that in mind. So, shoot me a PM, let me know what your looking for and we can see if we can help each other!
  2. 3D Vector Space Cab Design & code by Fell^DSS for Ludum Dare #38 Completed in 72 hours or less! Wow! Correction. 48 hours or less! Feels a little like a combo of Lunar Lander, Flappy Bird, and a couple of other classic titles. The download package includes the binary plus an emulator ready to run Ludum Dare #38 page for 3D Vector Space Cab: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/3d-vector-space-cab Download 3D Vector Space Cab here: https://www.spritecreative.co.uk/3d-vector-space-cab.zip Here's a video of 3D Vector Space Cab in action:
  3. For sale: brand new Mine Storm screen printed overlays ​This is the last batch I will make. Features: Professionally screen printed reproductions Four colour layer overlay Better colour registration then the original overlays White print on the back layer Die cut The overlays are shipped with a protective transportation overlay - see https://youtu.be/W5xRiBEBJXU Please note these overlays are professionally screen printed and die cut. These should not be confused with the floppy home made ink jet produced overlays that can be sometimes found on the internet. You will find it very difficult to tell the difference with this repro from the original Mine Storm overlay. The only give away is the intentional small copyright text on the right edge of the reproduction overlay. This text says "reproduction" on purpose in order to distinguish it from the original. The pricing is as follows: UK - £9 (overlay) + £1.65 (post & packaging) = £10.65 EU - £9 (overlay) + £3.10 (post & packaging) = £12.10 US/Canada - £9 (overlay) + £3.85 (post & packaging) = £12.85 For the same postage amount I can post up to two overlays in the same package. If you would like to purchase a reproduction Mine Storm overlay please email [email protected] stating quantity required and your country. Also I have some remaining green overlays in stock - please visit http://www.vectrex.co.uk/shop.htm
  4. I've just released the free version of 'VecDrum', a drum machine for Vectrex. Demo video : Download (includes PDF manual) here : http://www.binarystarsoftware.com/?p=172
  5. I've been working on a new resource for Vectrex Collectors and Enthusiasts. I call it the Definitive Guide to Vectrex Collecting. It's a website which includes all Homebrew released games and hardware (eventually original equipment). There is comparisons of all versions and variations of each release as well as pictures and information that is not available anywhere else on the internet. I've tried to offer a good amount of info relating to collecting but for more in depth information of each item, I've provided links to the Vectrex Wikia. Also included is a filterable and searchable checklist which can be used as a rarity list or resource for determining value (how many produced, whether the rom has been released, whether its still available). http://tbone1892001.wix.com/vectrex-guide
  6. The NOX / Death Chase overlays have finally arrived Still some work to do (boxes, instructions etc) but the games should be released within the coming few months. Some old gameplay videos : NOX Death Chase
  7. Hi, I recently got a good deal on an original GEC model Vectrex system. It's in amazing condition, and works great. But there is one issue. When I play the built in Game Mine Storm (I do not have any other games yet) moving the stick LEFT will make me spin RIGHT endlessly until I move the stick RIGHT to stop it, rather then turn me LEFT. Moving the stick right works perfect, and the buttons are fine, but what can I do about the controller? Is the problem even with my controler or the system? What is wrong? What can I do? Oh a and it would probably help to add that I hear a little rattel inside the controller when I pick it up. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!
  8. Vectrex Rifa!! (Vectrex Raffle) Spain on RetroMaquinitas.com http://www.retromaquinitas.com/index.php/retro-blog/256-rifa-enamorados-18 For Vectrex Fans in Spain: Vectrex Rifa! ( Las participaciones son a 4 euros.) Vectrex Raffle! (Entries are 4 euros.) Unfortunately this raffle is restricted to people in Spain. Rifa - Enamorados HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! ¡AMOR VECTORIAL A PRIMERA VISTA! PRIMERA VISTA (ABIERTO - RIFA XX/03/2018 - XXXXX) ¿Te has enamorado alguna vez a primera vista? Quizás sí, quizás no; pero esta belleza vectorial te atrapará sin remedio. NOTA: Las participaciones son a 4 euros. ■ MB Vectrex, funcionando perfectamente. La carcasa tiene una pequeña grieta (que está reparada) de alguien que la mandó en un mal paquete. ■ Incluye mando original en perfecto estado. Tanto los botones como el analógico responden de maravilla. ■ Enchufe europeo normal y corriente. ■ CINCO juegos: ■ SCRAMBLE. Completo en caja (Caja, interior, overlay, manual, cartucho). ■ HYPERCHASE. Completo en caja (Caja sin solapa superior, interior, overlay, manual, cartucho). ■ STAR SHIP. Overlay + Cartucho. ■ COSMIC CHASE. Cartucho. ■ MINESTORM. En memoria. Incluido a través de la actualización de Twitter: ■ Sega Genesis Arcade Power Stick. ■ VecAdapt Controller Adapter for Vectrex. Raffle - Enamorados HERE COMES TO NEW CHALLENGER! VECTORIAL LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! FIRST VIEW (OPEN - RIFA XX / 03/2018 - XXXXX) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Maybe yes, maybe not; but this vectorial beauty will catch you without remedy. NOTE: Participations are 4 euros. ■ MB Vectrex , working perfectly. The casing has a small crack (which is repaired) from someone who sent it in a bad package. ■ Includes original control in perfect condition. Both the buttons and the analog answer wonderfully. ■ European plug normal and current. ■ FIVE games: ■ SCRAMBLE . Complete in box (box, interior, overlay, manual, cartridge). ■ HYPERCHASE. Complete in box (Box without top flap, inside, overlay, manual, cartridge). ■ STAR SHIP . Overlay + Cartridge. ■ COSMIC CHASE . Cartridge. ■ MINESTORM . In Memory. Included Via Twitter Post Update: ■ Sega Genesis Arcade Power Stick. ■ VecAdapt Controller Adapter for Vectrex. http://www.retromaquinitas.com/index.php/retro-blog/256-rifa-enamorados-18 Also see related posts via the RetroMaquinitas Twitter feed. https://twitter.com/RetroMaquinitas
  9. Howdy, I'd like to build a dual joystick Vectrex controller.. I'm just not exactly sure how to do it. I assume the 2nd stick is tied to the buttons, mainly button #4, the fire button somehow. Are there any plans out there to construct one? I've come to find that this is about the only way to go if you're going to properly play Robot Arena. A PS2/Vectrex adapter would be the most ideal, cheapest solution, but those seem impossible to come by and the Instructable I saw wasn't the clearest. http://www.instructables.com/id/Modify-PSX-Controller-for-Vectrex-Games-Console/ (pic to show what I'm going for). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. (not mine) Vectrex "MiniVex II" controller, with Rapid Fire, twin analog joysticks Brand-new, twin joystick controller for Vectrex! It's got a tough, all-metal case. Size is about 3/4 of the factory unit, see photo 4. The two joysticks are analog, like the factory controller. The left and right cables correspond to the left and right joysticks, and a toggle switch on the back selects the left or right cable for button inputs, so you can use the buttons with EITHER joystick, when only one cable is plugged in, or you can plug in both cables and use BOTH joysticks at once! (The toggle switch prevents overlapping button inputs.) Thus this controller is compatible with Robot Arena, and (hopefully) the upcoming Stramash Zone. Now, if those homebrew designers would only grace us with Crazy Vector Climber, and Vectrex Widow, and Cloak & Vector... The buttons on this controller are smaller and stiffer than the factory controller, but there's a remedy for that...button #4, most often used for firing, has a rapid fire feature. Just hold it down and bangbangbang! The other toggle switch on the back selects rapid or normal fire, and with the rotary pot you can adjust the firing speed to YOUR liking. This controller is not cosmetically perfect...I make them by hand, so they're not going to be perfect. Please see my other auction for a simpler, single joystick version of this controller. I'll guarantee this controller for 30 days from the day you receive it. If it fails within that time, I'll repair it at no charge. Paypal only, will ship anywhere EBay's Global Shipping goes, and THANKS FOR LOOKING! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-MiniVex-II-controller-with-Rapid-Fire-twin-analog-joysticks/222794918982?
  11. OK, this may be a stupid question ie electronics 101, but I have something that's really stumping me. I purchased a cap kit and was removing c521 from the power board and just for the heck of it I tested continuity with my multi-meter across the + and - and received a beep. I check a couple others and they don't do that. I'm wondering if a cap is removed, then the + and - shouldn't be connected correct? Does this mean I have a short somewhere else on the board? I check in the area for possible wayward solder that may have crossed a couple traces but i don't see anything. I have added a photo of the pads where I put each end of my multi-meter to test continuity. Thanks for your help. Want to get this thing back to its former glory!
  12. In case anyone who in interested isn't tracking... The 3DS, (specifically the New 3DS) has recently gotten ports of Stella, Prosystem, Handy, O2EM, Virtual Jaguar, 4DO, and more via RetroArch/LibRetro. Emulation of these systems run full speed: 2600 7800 Lynx Vectrex Odyssey2 Game & Watch Near full speed: CPS3 Interesting, but not fast enough to be considered playable: 3DO Jaguar These are not yet part of the official build, but can be found in posts by MrHuu in the thread at gbatemp. He plans to make a separate thread at some point, but as of the time of this posting, the builds are posted at page 270 (Stella, Vectrex, & Prosystem), page 273 (Handy, O2EM, VirtualJaguar, & 4DO), page 275 (Game & Watch), and page 279 (CPS3). MrHuu also posted a playlist generator here. Also interesting is that on a New 3DS (not XL), the screen size when set to "integer" is exactly the same as the screen size on a real Lynx.
  13. I don't want any 3rd party off topic comments, questions, or any status reports of a public or private nature in this thread. For this thread if you have specific questions related to the sale the best thing to do is send me a private message (PM). If your Question has an Answer relevant to everyone, I will sanitize the content and post an update here. However, please feel free to make copy the original post in this thread for use in other areas of the board forums. Especially if you would like to start a new thread in order to discuss topics further, or to make an historical archive of this post. Thank you. FS/BO: FS/BO: Zantis: 99 Ways to Die Limited Edition by Fury Inc for Vectrex - ZLE #10 of 10 - 322054603555 Listed on eBay Also entertaining offers on other sites and forums. Location: USA West Coast Will ship internationally. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 322054603555 ebay Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zantis-99-Ways-to-Die-Limited-Edition-by-Fury-Inc-for-Vectrex-ZLE-10-of-10-/322054603555?
  14. FS/BO eBay: Vectrex VecFlash Classic Gaming Expo (CGE) 2007 Second Gen VecFlash USB in package. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 252326117849 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-VecFlash-Classic-Gaming-Expo-CGE-2007-Set-NEW-/252326117849?
  15. Nateo

    Vectrex Berzerk

    Is it just me or is this incarnation of the game extremely difficult? The first few screens are easy enough, but I just can't get above roughly 8,000 points. When I get to that point, I eventually just appear in a screen where a robot is right in front of me and attacks me a split second after play begins, giving me virtually no time whatsoever to react. Is there some sort of strategy I'm missing out on here?
  16. "Hex", a little game I knocked up yesterday. It uses joystick/buttons or a spinner/atari driving controller in port 2. Press 4 on the Vectrex joystick to start. Video : Free ROM attached. HEXa2.BIN <edit> Updated binary with ability to continue (within 4 'levels' of where you left off)
  17. Hey Vectrex fans, I jmade my first fanzine for the Vectrex. The pdf can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/1cCtDkD Hope you enjoy.
  18. Welcome to my Summer Sale! I will be thinning out a few things in my overall collections. *NOTHING RIGHT NOW - SORRY! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES* (last updated 2-15-2019) I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. All games, manuals and boxes are clean tested and packaged with care. Any other questions, just ask. PayPal or Cash (if local) only, please. Thanks!
  19. Check out my auctions! Most end Friday, 5/11 at around 7pm. Thanks for your interest! eBay Seller: Desfeek
  20. Just to let any of you Vector arcade gamers out there (and that includes fans of the arcade machines, mame and Vectrex) Vectrex Wiki owner Darryl B has recently launched the Vector Gaming Forums. Here’s his press release: "Being a cross of the old Vectrex forums (R. I. P.) and a vector gaming forum on Yahoo! Groups (also long dead!), the vector gaming forums takes things a few steps further by also having discussions on raster vector ports and even current vector-like online and portable device/cell phone games. There are also forums for any kind of game console, from the oldest Pong machines to the most current gaming rigs available such as the XBox 360, but the main focus are on the beloved wire-frame games." http://vectorgaming....s.com/index.cgi
  21. This is a cross-post from Digital Press. I've gotten some great Vectrex/prototype information from here in the past though, and I figure you guys would be the be the ones to know. I recently purchased a large lot of Vectrex prototypes and I'm trying to find out how early they are in relation to their production counterparts. I've done some digging but have only been able to find years in which games were released and not actual dates. One prototype in particular, Pole Position, is dated 8-15-83. I've seen it listed as being released in 1983, but no actual reference to the month/day in which it hit shelves. I have about 15 or so prototypes I'm trying to get release dates for, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Just a quick question. How do you store you're loose vectrex game cartridges? I mean, for the atari 2600 you had those nice vhs style boxes to store you loose cartridges. But are there any aftermarket boxes for the vectrex? Preferable with space to store the overlay. I now use a binder with sleeves to store the overlays, but it's not ideal.
  23. From the album: Vectrex

    Replacement VIA chip for Vectrex. Tried it to see if vecmulti issues would be fixed. Same results as original VIA
  24. Not Mine. Vectrex Mr. Boston on eBay. It's rare and nice even if not a 10 (cart label has spots) and is also also missing lots of components as compared to complete Mr. Boston. Missing Items: - No Box - No Box Insert. - No Manual. - No Overlay Sleeve. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 131728096865 "R10 ULTRA RARE Mr. Boston with color screen insert for Vectrex R10 nes Price:US $6,999.00 Description Last updated on Feb 14, 2016 17:04:47 PST Item specifics Condition: Very Good: An item that is used but still in very good condition. No damage to the jewel case or item cover, no scuffs, scratches, cracks, or holes. The cover art and liner notes are included. The VHS or DVD box is included. The video game instructions and box are included. The teeth of disk holder are undamaged. Minimal wear on the exterior of item. No skipping on CD/DVD. No fuzzy/snowy frames on VHS tape. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections. See all condition definitions Game Name: Mr. Boston Release Year: 1982 Platform: Vectrex Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/CA) Rating: E-Everyone Country/Region of Manufacture: United States All original, with color insert,...Thanks Free shipping" Ebay Link for "R10 ULTRA RARE Mr. Boston with color screen insert for Vectrex R10 nes" : http://www.ebay.com/itm/R10-ULTRA-RARE-Mr-Boston-with-color-screen-insert-for-Vectrex-R10-nes-/131728096865? Seller Link : school_girl_in_a_short_dress http://www.ebay.com/usr/school_girl_in_a_short_dress
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