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Found 12 results

  1. So I completed the G7400 RGB addition mod as described here. It was surprisingly simple and took me about an hour to finish. I now need to build the 8 pin DIN to SCART cable. I am not familiar with building these, but I can't imagine it would be too difficult. So I hope someone here could give me some tips to help me complete it. Here is DIN Connector Pinout (according to the website at the link above) 1: RGB status (75 Ohm, 3 V) 2: Ground (0 V) 3: Blue (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vtt) 4: Composite Video (CVBS) (75 Ohm, 1 Vtt) 5: Red (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vtt) 6: Status CVBS (VCR) (10 kOhm, 12 V) 7: Sound 8: Green (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vtt) Here are my questions: 1) Do I add a 10 kOhm resistor to scart pin 6 and 75 Ohm resistors to scart pins 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8? 2) Does the symbol on scart pin17 (see fig) mean that I just connect it to the metal connector (pin 21)? 3) Are there any other components that I should be adding to the cable? Any help or additional info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Looking for Philips VideoPac g7400 plus. Please let me know if you have one that you'd be willing to sell. Thanks
  3. Hi! I'm selling off my private collection and have a few Videopac rarities up for auction on e-bay. Trans american rally, Helicopter rescue, Rare Swedish/Danish version of Backgammon and a few more. Check it out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183711701033 Regads
  4. This reservation list is for US buyers only. Outside the US please PM and I send you the correct contact information. Reservations will stop on September 2nd and the money will by due by September 9th. You can pay anytime starting 8/9/16. [media] [/media] New release (limited run of 100 copies) SPACE CAVERN available now for Odyssey2 & Videopac (the Videopac version has an extra sleeve & manual). Cardbox only. It's a homebrew, not a dump of a prototype from the 80's. Released by: VideopacBelgium Cost 45e - cost is higher due to Cardbox and royalty fees. They say it's only a game? They lie ! We are organizing the next US shipping group for Space Cavern by Apollo games released by VPB. There are three variations available all three play on both Odyssey 2 and Videopac systems and all 3 cost the same: Odyssey 2 version : Cardbox without sleeve - Blue English manual Videopac version: Cardbox with English sleeve - White English manual Videopac FR version: Cardbox with French sleeve - White French manual Shipping & Payment: Shipping from Belgium to US is $36 - divided by the number of copies ordered = cost per copy Shipping from my house to you should be about the following: 1 copy = 8 oz first class package. 2 copies = 16 oz first class package 3 copies = 1.8 lbs box Payment will be a 1 time deal - You will pay for game(s), your portion of shipping from Belgium, and shipping from me to you. If you want 1 or multiple copies please indicate which variation you would like and the specific serial number from the list below in comment if you have preference. Available serial numbers: 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 We can fit about 20-25 copies into a box to ship from Belgium. Name (version) Serial # ScottyDont00 (VP) 11 - Paid ScottyDont00 (VPFR) 13 - Paid toymailman (O2) 44 - Paid Kyljoy (O2) 45 - Paid Kyljoy (O2) 46 - Paid Rpgcollector (O2) 47 - Paid zodiacprime (VP) 55 retrogmr (O2) 48 - Paid Atarinut76 (VP) 49 - Paid Atarinut76 (O2) 51 - Paid Liquid_sky (O2) I Paid Arcade Junkie (O2) 88 -Paid doug0909 (O2) 19 - Paid
  5. Update - Artwork delay for Blob - still available for new reservations for both games - 4/26/17 There are 2 new releases from VideopacBelgium available to reserve: COUNTDOWN! and Blob. COUNTDOWN! is based on a game show (see below for video of the game show). I am working on getting a video of the gameplay and will add once I have one. Release Date: 2/27/17 [media] [/media] BLOB is a NTSC version of the Videopac game BLOBBERS. This was a prototype purchased by VPB which had the title screen of BLOB and not the final version which released showing BLOBBERS. Release Date: TBD 2017 - the manual artwork for BLOB will be done by the same Artist who designed the manual artwork for FORBIDDEN LANDS. [media] [/media] Please post a reply telling me if you want one or both games with or without cases. Games reserved without cases with display with a ' - no cases' next to your name. COUNTDOWN! - 25e -with case - 29e BLOB - 29e -with case - 33e Reservation Lists COUNTDOWN! ScottyDont00 Doug0909 rhcocker coleco_master Northcoastgamer Necron99 - no cases Atarinut76 BLOB ScottyDont00 Doug0909 Darrin9999 rhcocker coleco_master northcoastgamer toymailman Necron99 - no cases scobb Links to both game announcements of Videopac / Odyssey 2 Forum: http://videopac.nl/forum/index.php?topic=2847.0 http://videopac.nl/forum/index.php?topic=2893.0 Notes: These games will ship to me with the release of BLOB in March. If you reserve a copy please be mindful to check back on AtariAge regularly for messages when I am ready to send invoices for payment. Thank you.
  6. I hope someone out there can help me with a question about general electronics and, in particular, the Videopac G7400 power supply. I live in the US and I recently imported a G7400 Videopac from Europe. I originally was going to get a voltage converter, but I was reading the import guide at this website and on step 3 there is mention of swapping the original power supply with a regulated 12V/5V US power supply. I am perfectly comfortable with the actual replacement, but I don't have the technical knowledge about electronics to ensure that I won't do anything really stupid and install an incompatible PSU. So my question is: Can someone give me some info or a link to a regulated 12V/5V US power supply that would be safe to use? Thanks!
  7. Grab the keys and save our lands from darkness..... [media] [/media] This game and Amityville will ship together reserve both now if want a copy of each. Below is the what the Odyssey Version will look like. Limited run of 50 copies for Odyssey2 & 50 copies for Videopac - Price 37e Price is for the game and manual for either the Odyssey 2 version or the Videopac+ version - 37e = about $42. Cases are extra: Regular Videopac Flip Case - 4e = about $5. - This also includes an Index Card that fits in the case. Clear Videopac+ Flip case - 8e = about $9. - This also includes a back inlay for the game like the original Videopac+ games. Poster A4 (40cm x 60cm) in a flat envelope with the game - Price 4e = about $5. If you would like both manuals you can purchase either O2 or VP+ manual with your order for 7e = about $8 Please let me know the following when you reserve: 1) How many copies? 2) Version - O2 or VP 3) Case Yes or No 4) Poster( If you want one) Reservation List: 01. ScottyDont00 VP+/ VP+ case + Odyssey 2 manual - Paid 02. rhcocker O2 / case / Poster 03. Atarinut76 O2 / case / Poster 04. Doug0909 VP+ / VP+ case / Poster 05. scobb O2 / VP+ case 06. toymailman O2 / case / Poster 07. Rick Reynolds O2 - game/manual only 08. Bill Loguidice O2/ case only 09. rpgcollector O2 / case / Poster 10. northcoastgamer O2 / case / Poster 11. Necron99 O2/case only 12. Smitty O2/case only 13. vintagegame crazy O2/case only 14. Kyljoy O2/case only How this works and why I am awesome: 1. I don't not charge any extra, you will pay only the actual cost of the game, case, and poster if you decide to get them as well as your portion of shipping from Belgium and shipping from me to you. 2. We split the shipping from Belgium to my house in the US which is $36 for up to 5kgs - the more people that reserve a copy the less it costs us all. 3. This provides tracking from Belgium to me at huge savings ( 1 game alone would be $12+ with tracking). 4. I'll update everyone once it ships to me and then I quickly send them out to you to start playing. ©2016 Game program: Rafael Cardoso ©2016 Concept-Arts by ZeMiaL www.zemial.com
  8. I'm looking to complete my US Odyssey 2 collection I'm looking for : Comando Noturno! Frogger Neutron Star Popeye Power Lords Q*bert Super Cobra Turtle Spiderman Proto Tutankham Proto Also looking to buy a lot of Videopac philips G7000 for good price Also looking for any homebrews
  9. The new postman has to deliver a package for VectrexRoli, but is there a way that Mrs. VectrexRoli does not find out about the new expensive eBay purchase?... http://youtu.be/LYlkVNPYDbs
  10. All prices are before shipping. International buyers be aware that shipping from the US is outrageous. $210 shipped in the US for all friends and family payment for the remaining games! Brazilian Releases: All have Flip Case, Game, Manual, Index Card except for Powerlords (missing index card). 06AV9401 Bacará! - $20 06AV9404 Boliche! / Basquetebol! - $10 06AV9410 Golfe! - $10 06AV9411 Conflito Cosmico! - $6 06AV9414 Invasores do Cosmos! - $6 06AV9416 Duelo no Velho Oeste! - $6 06AV9424 Bilhar! - $15 06AV9426 Caça Niqueis! - $10 06AV9427 Barricada! / Demolicao! - $10 06AV9428 Alien! - $6 06AV9430 OVNI!- $10 06AV9432 Macacos me Mordam! - $12 06AV9441 Batalha Medieval! - $22 06AV9442 Come Come! - $10 06AV9443 Acróbatas! - $12 06AV9445 Senhor das Trevas! - $12 06AV9446 Tartarugas! - $12 06AV9447 Abelhas Assassinas! - $12 06AV9462 Desafio Chinês! - $150
  11. Starting to buy some of the clear plastic hard cases for the few boxed games I have outside of the Odyssey games and will finally shell out the money to get a big shipment of the ones that fit these the best. I think the Sega Gen/MS/32x protective cases fit these best but I cannot find the messages I sent to a seller on eBay earlier this year. Anyone know for sure? The 2600 cases fit Demon Attack and Atlantis great( only have Demon Attack). Anyone have a CIB Atlantis they want to send my way? Has anyone found anything that fits Conquest of the World, Quest for the Rings, and The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt game boxes in it that doesn't look bad( too much open space)?
  12. Hey all, I was perusing my old issues of Odyssey Adventure tonight {I've got 2}, and I couldn't help but return to something I discovered some time ago, but haven't had a chance to explore further. {More on this in a second} Now, at the outset, at risk of ridicule, I always thought, and still think {within reason of course}, all things considered, .... That U.F.O. is the Greatest game of all time!!! OK, let's move on from that. I've fared pretty well on this game over the years, and I finally conquered my childhood high score {it's now 901}. But, with my strategy I find it to be more a test of patience and focus, trying to always be ready to flee that unexpected death ray that could come at any moment, and I have always found that the one thing holding it back from the echelons of greatness in many other peoples' minds is the lack of the ability {or a trick if you will} to aggressively and consistently go on the attack against that dreaded and sometimes wholly unfair Starship. Well, back to the discovery, there was a guy name Shawn Watson {High Score - 11,090} who clearly must have discovered that trick. I just can't believe someone could get a score like that without being able to confidently go on the attack against that starship. I may not have the reflexes of a kid, but I've tried to figure this ship out, and I can do it 5 or 10 times or so, but that thing will always win in short order. Well, if there is anybody else out here {and I'll go to the Videopac.nl site soon as well} who likes this game too, and thinks they know the "trick" {Note: A video would be worth a 1000 words} or knows this Shawn Watson guy , then me and perhaps 1,2 or many others will be most interested in hearing. I've also attached some tips from Odyssey Adventure in case it helps someone enjoy this game more {that one from Krista Cugno could maybe stand some explaining or further investigation though}. Sorry for the length, but I'm too tired to proofread it down. Thanks for any thoughts.
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