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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, I'm not suggesting that an even deal. I know I have to pay SOME money. I'm just looking for a Colecovision repairman who would appreciate a partially-working coloevison as partial payment for repairing + Composite and/or S-Video modding the other. First I know there's a Component Mod, prblem is one of my 2 CRTs AND my current video capture/record/stream card does not support 240pY/Cb/Cr The Hauppauge rocket, I believe converts to 480i and then captures/processes it. How DO I know, I tried to run a Genesis game Video into the component port and if it worked, it would have had a b/w picutre. But it saw no signal, so no. Same with 1 of my 2 TVs. I also know there's a Collectorvision Phoenix which is an HDMI compatible CV with built in Super Game Module built in. The problem is I have a 3D montior which had good ping in 2012, but is considered poor ping for display today. a PS3DTV with 33 ms. here are my 2 Colecovisions and their problems CV1 plays wiht the right brightness, but sometimes has some "rainbow noise + monochrome". The other problem is that some of the characters look funny like Hit boxes are drawn in Front line where a bullet and a greneage look like 2 white lines. and the characters have borderlines, and sometime there are mirage characters that on the screen appear at one place, but in the game exist at different XY coordinates, and sometimes there's flicker between the 2 spots. And it occasionally spontaneously resets or crashes. CV2 Appears to have the characters well drawn and defined, excpet the problem is that the screen look extremely dark, and the few non-black colors closer to dark grey than the saturated colors. And there's again some "rainbow noise + monochrome' Also both have really loud audio hiss static that it's almost as loud as the intended sound effects/music. Based on these things, which is the better candidate for payment, and which is better for the operating room? Based on what I noticed, the Colecoviiosn, even though it was very powerful in it's time, and gorgeous standing still (whereas the Atari 5200 was gorgeous in motion, so the CV is a swimsuit model, and a 5200 was a Cheerleader. One looks better in poses, the other looks better in motion.),was so cheaply constructed that it can very easily get a glitch and it's cost-prohibitive to keep getting major CV repairs after Major CV repairs. The secret to a good Astrocade life is "do not put it on a carpet". The secret to a good NES life is Blinking Light Win. I don't know what the secret to a good Original Coleocvision life is. i've heard so many things can go wrong that if you try to save it in one way, it's in danger another way. Atari 2600 was like $700 inflation adjusted dollars when it came out. Colecovision was like $250 of days dollars, and nothing would get cheaper except Dremacast and Game Cube. Astrocade was like $2000 inflation adjusted dollars. Neo Geo Game territory. If it weren't for possible Phoenix ping issues, in less than optimal LCDs, I would sell these to parts buyers and put it towards a Phoenix. I'm debating whether to buy a low-ping HDMI monitor that has everything except 3D. So an analysis? Based on my description, how much would it cost to trade in 2 Colecos and get one working Coleco, preferably with a Composite and/or S-Video Mod? Vs how much as a "mostly working unit sale"?I assume that's the easiest way to get rid of RF Noise. That's both the audio noisiest and the video noisiest system of the whole NTST-RF-only era systems. Plus the only way you can play with RF on a new TV (assuming it has composite in) is a VCR with an NTSC tuner. By the Way, DVD Recorders may look cool with it's component out, but the ping will kill you. VCRs have no ping. (okay, a Microsecond) Plus it's the only way I'll be guaranteed low ping without buying a 3rd TV in addition to my CRT and my 3D TV. And will the Colecovision need to be repaired over time anyway, or is this the final (assuming no one abuses it.) solution? The answer is probalby the first, so... what's the likelihood of Phoenix working with a CRT TV? Also what's the likelihood of someone making an external 3D processor which turns any regular 2D TV into a 3D TV, like the Sega Scope did back in the day? If eatiehr of those are likely, I'll gravitate towards the Phoenix Also I MIGHT be interested in Super Action Controller repair. I got a quote of as standard joystick repair fee at videogame911.com for coleco controller repairs, but nothing in their message acknowledging that that's the price for repairing Colecovison buttons. I don't know if they're going to gouge me because they usually deal in PS4 and Xbox One controls. It's a $20 analysis fee per item, with the cost being $30 an item, with the first $20 paid for already by analysis fee going towards it. I got possibly 2-4 Super Action Controllers (depending on if my friend wants 2 fresh ones or not). I think the only problems are that some fire buttons don't work sometimes, and one or 2 buttons among 4 controllers don't work at all. I believe the keypad, roller, and joystick work on all of them. Then again I'm getting a fight stick made for a lot of systems, if the keypad and roller work, I could just Y adapter it and use the new fight stick for the stick and buttons, and use the working (minus fire buttons) Super Action as a sidecar ride-along for the keypad and roller. Some of it is just talking to myself hoping someone hears me, second guessing what I need.
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