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Found 20 results

  1. Hi. I am new to the Atari 5200 Homebrew scene. The 5200 system was my first system I ever owned. I hope there someone out there that can help me out and would be willing to sell me the Atari 5200 M.U.L.E. Cartridge. I have a 4 port system and my friends & I are M.U.L.E. fans so I hope there's someone that can help me out, thanks.
  2. Bad news.. I finally finished updating my LTO Flash menu and Cart. I plugged it in this morning to play and in the middle of a game, the graphics and sound got all goofy and it reset. I started up another game but now it's in an endless reboot loop. Now this SVA Inty just has these flashing lines and won't boot into a game (homebrew/original) at all now. I tried pulling, cleaning and reseating all socketed chips and still no dice. I do have another Inty motherboard somewhere and will swap the SRAM if I can ever find it, since that's what went wrong last time. Note: this is a console issue, not an LTO Flash issue. I guess my main purpose of this thread is to inquire about scoring another Intellivision, or even just another motherboard. I don't care which model, just as long as I have a backup and can play my brand new LTO. Please shoot me a PM if you have one you could come off of. I'm hoping to trade for one but $ may work also. Thanks! look how weird Kroz looks, the letters are only there for a second and it tries to reboot.
  3. (To be clear these are all wants. I am looking to buy and are not selling any of the below .) Feedback for me: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/?hl=%2Bkreatorkat&do=findComment&comment=3480270 The only "major" trade item I have at the moment is a loose N64 Console or with an AV cable, one loose controller, and one cracked controller if you'd like. Controllers: -(2 needed) N64 First Party Controller Any Color. I need two N64 controllers with tight sticks. -SNES or Super Famicom First Party Controller. I need a SNES controller with a tight d-pad that feels good, i.e. not squishy and stays in place. -Atari 2600 Paddles w/ no paddle Jitter. Just looking for some nice paddles that don't need any repair to function properly. -Xbox 360 wireless controller. Good condition and working with battery cover, preferably white but I'd consider any color. Boxes/Cases ONLY (where marked with an M manual would be nice too, but not necessary): Gamecube -Metroid Prime M Genesis -Sonic 2 M Wii -Wii Sports -New Super Mario Bros Wii -Mario Party 8 -Lego Batman: The Video Game M -Empty Wii game Case (only if I can get it for like $.50) DS -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time M -Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia M -Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time M Games: Sonic & Knuckles (Sega Genesis) Good condition, with box or CiB Sonic Colors (Wii) CiB or just box and disk, good condition Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) CiB or just box and disk, can be greatest hits. Thanks all, KreatorKat
  4. Hello all, I'm new to these forums, but I'm an avid classic gamer, and I'm ready to step back a decade into the joy that is Atari. Having done some reading and being a collector at heart, it seems clear that to "do this right" I need to buy an Atari 2600 Woodgrain Heavy Sixer (1977, Sunnyvale) with original controllers. I don't care about boxes, manual would be nice but not necessary. Not looking for any games to start unless they are complete in box. While I don't collect my consoles CIB, I *do* collect my games CIB. It's also important to me that the console be in very good to excellent cosmetic condition and function properly. Finally, I'm wanting to get two of the original joysticks that make the lovely "clicking" sound when pressing the red button, and two of the original tennis paddles that have the Atari logo rather than the word "paddle." Hookups for modern-day televisions would be a plus but if not, I can scrounge that separately. If you have all of the above, please reply or PM me ASAP! To summarize, WTB: - 1 original Atari 2600 Woodgrain (NOT Sears) "Heavy Sixer" (1977, made in Sunnyvale) - without box is fine, manual would be nice, but not crucial - must work properly and be in very good cosmetic condition - 2 original joysticks (the kind with the red buttons that "click") - 2 original tennis paddles (the kind with Atari logo instead of word "paddle") - Not interested in pack-in games unless they are complete with box; while I don't collect console boxes per se, I only collect 100% complete games Thank you everyone for your time and hospitality!! (Edit: I now see that there is a separate "Wanted" sub forum. If any mods would be so kind as to move this post there, I would greatly appreciate it! Sorry for the oversight!)
  5. Hi. I already have a thread in the wanted section asking the question in the title above, but I figured that many arcade lovers and cabinet owners never look there but hang around here. I am looking for a non-conversion Neo Geo cabinet- 1, 2, or 4 slots is fine. Please PM me if you have one available or know of one around NJ. Thanks all and have a good weekend!
  6. Found! Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a dedicated Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet in a good state of repair (as in all functions works as they should and it looks very nice). Any number of slots (1,2,4,6) is fine, preferably not 6. It needs to be in New Jersey or near NJ (such as the NJ side of Pennsylvania or New York) so I can pick it up. I am looking to pay about $500, maybe more if comes with a good amount of good condition cartridges. I look forward to hearing from anyone with one available!
  7. Updates: 04-24 Updated Princess Rescue status, added custom controllers. added sealed games for ColecoVision and Intellivision, added CV Zippy Race. I am looking for the following games / items mint and CIB. I can either pay cash through PayPal or trade with you for these games. I have bought an sold with many here on AtariAge and on eBay with user ID troy_whelan. Please send me a PM with pictures and what you want for the game(s). Atari 2600 Alien Greed 1 Alien Greed 2 Alien Greed 4 General Re-Treat Princess Rescue - on it's way to me through the mail Stacker ColecoVision Custom Controllers - Mario Custom Controllers - Pac-Man Custom Controllers - Smurf Lord of The Dungeon (CollectorVision 1st release) Sealed games (PM me with what you have) Zippy Race Intellivision Adventures of Tron Orphan Overlays (any version) Sealed games (PM me with what you have)
  8. Hi, Anyone got one of the following (in order of preference) available to buy? - Complete Lynx 1 Shell (including battery cover, OK condition, paint chips accepted) - Lynx 1 front shell and battery cover - Lynx 1 battery cover only Im in the UK, will buy from anywhere in the EU. Thanks! Chris
  9. I am on the west coast, Los Angeles. I want to buy an Atari 800XL or 130XE. I need to make sure it will work with an s-video cable. In Atari 800XL versions produced before August of 1984, this cable will not work. This can also be checked with the version of Atari BASIC (This would be listed as Rev C but not all Rev C versions support S-Video) Thanks!
  10. Found a nice priced working unit on Ebay for a price I was willing to pay along with the drive. Thanks for consideration! A Commodore 64c was the first gaming and computer experience I ever had as a child, and I'm looking to obtain my own now. I'm looking for a working Commodore 64. I am not particularly choosy on the specific model, though I do prefer the 'C' model. (The sleek, white one, as opposed to the brownish/tan 'breadbox' C64.). I am also looking for a working cassette/tape drive with it. A more complete list of what I am seeking just to be sure is as follows: * Commodore 64 computer, 'Breadbox' Model or 'C' Model, with a preference for the 'C' model. - Working, all keys, etc. * WITH The Power Supply. * Commodore Tape Drive, Working - That I can use to pipe in MP3s. Anything else I may or may not be interested in! Thank you for your time!
  11. johncena1973

    PAL PS2

    Hi, i'm looking for a PAL PS2. I already have the controllers and the memory cards, I just need the console only. SLIM OR FAT model don't matter, as long as there's no damage to the console and it still can read the game, then it's all good to me. I'm living at the US right now. Thanks first, guys
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to pick up some ST Action magazines from back in the day - issues Nov '90 (#31) to July '93 (#63). Anyone have any duplicates / copies they'd like to sell? ​Thanks ​D
  13. Hey Guys. I really would like to buy a PC Engine console because it is the one 16-bit console I have never been able to play or even LOOK at, and I have always been interested in it, and I have always heard the PC Engine is cheaper and has more games than the TurboGrafx-16. The other thing is that I would like a Commodore Model 1541 floppy disk drive because the NTSC Commodore 64 is pretty much useless when it doesnt have one, and Colecovision is a must for me as a collector to complete my goal for 2nd Generation video game consoles. So if you guys have anything for sale at a reasonable price, please reply here!!
  14. galax

    WTB: Working Jaguar

    Anyone have a spare working Jaguar they want to sell for a fair price while avoiding eBay fees? Just looking for a working machine with maybe a controller and a cart or two, not too fussed about boxes, shrinkwrap, etc. Thanks!
  15. My wife has mentioned for years the fun she had playing Jawbreaker on her Atari 800 growing up. As a surpise to her I found a copy of Jawbreaker on ebay and picked it up. I could have sworn I had an 800 drive in my extra computer items stored in the basement but for the life of me now I can't find it. Does anyone have any idea on where I could buy a working drive for my Atari 800? I really want to surprise her for Christmas! Bill
  16. Just pm me if your interested it's te easiest way to reach me. NOTE I'm looking for these in acceptable condition please and no sealed games, too. I just hate opening those. I'm too over protective of my games value Anyway, here's the list of what I've been wanting: WANTED / WTB Cib Vectrex Console Loose Vectrex Controller Cib Cosmic Chasm Cib Bedlam Cib Space Wars Cib Star Trek: The Motion Picture (aka Star Ship) Cib Spinball Cib Hyperchase Cib Armor Attack Cib Space Wars Cib Starhawk Cib Rip Off Cib Hyperchase Cib Melody Master Any part of the 3d imager or it's games ex: just the plastic shell or the manual or color wheel etc. Cib Polar Rescue Cib Blitz Action Football Or any of the Japan released games(bandai) Animaction Manual VecVox HOMEBREWS: Vector Vaders (1996) Patriots (1996) All Good Things (1996) Vecmania (1998) Moon Lander Vectopia I, Cyborg Revector Thrust Protector Y.A.S.I. Debris Gravitrex Nebula Commander Logo Space Frenzy Colorclash Star Sling 3D Scape cart Vector 21 Spike's Circus Vectoblox Vectrexians Shifted Sectis Continuum Zantis War of the Worlds Sundance Vector Pilot Pls pm me if interested! By the way I will not accept limited editions of the homebrews, too pricey for me. Thanks!
  17. Looking for the Japanese consoles listed in subject: Mega CD (front-loader) - NTSC-J 32X - NTSC-J Multi-Mega - NTSC-J (Japanese CD-X equivalent) PM or reply here, thanks!
  18. relo999

    WTB Sega mega CD

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced Sega CD, I don't mind a system that need fixing, but I'd like to know what is broken before hand.
  19. Hello! I am looking for a 6 Button controller for the Sega Genesis. I am looking for one with individual Turbo switches and a mode button. If Sega made one like this then that would be optimal but any brand will do if it's good. Also I would be interested in Sega Genesis games if anyone wants to sell a bunch for relatively cheap. That's it for the Genesis. If anyone has the Raiden game for the orginal PlayStation, I'd be interested. Also for the PlayStation, I'd be Market for a high capacity Memory Card, an original gray Dual Shock Controller and a couple of quality arcade sticks. I'm thinking of building a Raiden arcade machine that runs with a PS1.
  20. I'm looking to buy either a used nook or kindle. If anyone has one they are looking to sell please let me know. Thanks! -Mark
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