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Found 15 results

  1. The Wico Command Control joystick for the Intellivision and the ColecoVision look very similar. If you don't have the original packaging or instructions, how do you tell the difference?
  2. [EDIT 10/21: I've lowered the price and hope it's a bit more reasonable. Without a doubt I have no interest in trying to gouge anyone and apologize if my initial ask was too steep. These obscure things are always so weird to sell. Thank you!] [EDIT 10/16: Since I haven't gotten any interested buyers here yet, I've elected to try the eBay route just so anyone who may see this same item on eBay is aware. That said, if someone ends up wanting to buy it here before the auction runs out, I'd be happy to give that person priority and cancel the listing. Thank you!] Hi everyone, Though it hurts my heart a bit to do this, money is tight and I have some bills that need paid by the end of the month so I'm parting ways with my Wico Command Joystick for the Atari 5200. I've only owned this stick for several months since I got it off of a friend. In that time, however, I've sat down and enjoyed a handful of sessions using the thing and can attest to the fact that it really is the best way to play games on the 5200. So now for a few details about the actual stick and what's included. Though there was a bit of dust to clean off when I got it, cosmetically the joystick is in good condition and only shows mild wear. Both fire buttons work well and are responsive (do note, however, that the smaller of the two isn't utilized for every game) and the stick itself re-centers very well and feels tight. The two locking triggers on the bottom of the stick (which allow you to unlock the re-centering on either axis) also work well. **The one downside to this unit are the x and y axis calibrating sliders on the sides--though they do, indeed, work they are a bit stiff. It could be as simple as needing to open the joystick up and reposition them between the top and bottom housing pieces but I hesitate to open this thing up since I would hate to damage anything. Typically what I always do, if ever they get bumped, is test the stick on a game like Centipede where you have free movement in any direction and make sure the player-character isn't stuck moving in one direction. Once you set them, however, they usually stay so though they may get jostled in transit, you shouldn't have to constantly adjust them. Like I said, the functionality is totally there it's just that the sliders themselves--physically--are a bit stiff. Items included in this purchase are: -The Wico Command Joystick itself -Two Y-Cables that daisy-chain between the stick and a traditional 5200 controller (both tested and work great) -And a one page instruction/warranty sheet that I also have. It's not the actual instruction manual but it's still a little info sheet explaining how the stick works and is just a neat little collectible I'm looking to get $140 for everything, which includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states as well as the goods and services fee on PayPal. And that also reminds me that I use PayPal only for my transactions and will give whoever's interested my email address upon purchase. I'll be sure to ship as quickly as possible--within 24 hours of purchase even--and send the buyer a tracking number via email immediately so they know everything is safe and on its way. I know that asking price is a bit steep and certainly not a steal but, like I said, money is just tight right now and I'm asking that much because that's essentially the amount I need--I'll still consider offers if high enough but I can't go much lower all things considered. I really respect the Atari Age community, which is also why I've chosen to list this exclusively here since I know it will go to a good home and be cherished as the collectible it is. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible. I've tried to include a varied selection of photos (sorry they're not the best) but if you have any requests for more just ask and I'll try to take them and post and soon as I can. Thank you guys for looking and hopefully one of you will soon be the next proud owner of this little 5200 gem! P.S.: Sorry they're all rotated--the uploader did that and I don't know how to fix it. Sorry!
  3. Looking for a Wico Command Controller for Intellivision and an Amiga Power Stick for intellivision. Will pay a reasonable price. Up to 50 for Wico and more for Amiga Powerstick (with Keypad). I can also trade some cool and rare Intellivision games.
  4. DoctorSpuds

    Controller Haul

    From the album: My Collection

    I guy I know who owns a local game store lets me dig in his basement, this is what I got from by past two hauls. Two Magnavox Odyssey 2 Controllers (Not Pictured) Two CX-10's Wico 'The Boss' Competition Pro Joystick Suncom Slik Stik Champion Retractable Cord Joystick All working All for 30$? Amazing...
  5. Picked this up free and was wondering what it was for. Clearly it's been scavenged for parts but I thought I'd see if it was something I oughta try fixing or maybe someone else would want it if it wasn't something I could use. Atari controllers probably connect to one end. All I know is it certainly isn't a ti 99/4a adapter. Maybe trs 80? Some pictures inside and outside.
  6. Hello all - Since jumping into this thing and doing little projects here and there, I have suffered some setbacks, and enjoyed a few surprising successes. But, this latest project I've embarked upon has given me quite a few ups and downs, with an emphasis on the down. I have a Wico Keypad that was only registering a few buttons. I swapped a cable and confirmed it's the cable. Despite urgings from the intelligence center of my brain, I had to jump into getting to the bottom of it and solving my problem {without consulting the pros here first, of course}. How hard could it be to get some new wires from keypad box to the tip of a new donor cable? Well, long story short, I failed. I've attached a photo. My question is: Does anyone have a simple explanation of where each of the 15 colored wires in that line within the keypad need to be when they reach the DB15 tip of the new cable? I'll gladly expand if anyone can join me in solving this dilemma {and even hope to be gratefully embarrassed if/when someone shows me one of those simple pinout diagrams like for converting O2 sticks to Atari, etc.} But, so far I'm not seeing it. NOW, I have seen that page that someone explains the matrix array set-up of these controllers, and with that and following the lines on the boards, and some great mental strain etc. I could see solving this puzzle some day.... AND, as you may be able to see from the picture, I've got all the wires tipped with male prongs, and a female to female gender changer adapter on it's way. It sure would be nice {and I would be more than quite grateful} if, when that gender changer adapter arrives, I could just plug those male prongs 1,2,3....15 right into their respective spots at the DB15 tip and begin to feel I've brought something good back into the world again. Thanks for reading, helping, etc. A final note {since you've stayed on this far}: Wico, in a cruel twist {and causing all my pain here} embedded their wires in some blackened amber encasement at the tip of the cable, making tracking the wires nearly impossible {I was able to track like 3 of them after a "careful" destruction of the tip}. Also, the damage was done, but it didn't help that they included 2 orange/white wires into the mix. Thanks again.
  7. Personally, I found it tricky to get a lot of good information on the Wico Controller for the Intellivision. So I decided to write The Missing Manual for the Wico Command Control. Let me know what you think. I also included the original manual as well for reference here. Edit: Updated document to version 2.0. A section on the internals has been added. Also, additional information has been added about the early edition of the Intellivision Wico Controller (box didn't mention Intellivision II). The Missing Manual for the Wico Command Control.pdf Wico Command Control Manual.pdf
  8. Hi, I'm looking for the Y Adapter you need to hook up a Wico controller to the atari 5200. Ideally, I'd like two of them. Contact me if you have any for sale.
  9. Hey All, I'm new enough to the 5200 that I don't have a good concept as to if the asking price is reasonable here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-5200-System-Wico-Command-Control-Joystick-and-Keypad-Combo-CASE-FRESH-NEW-/231579980186?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35eb3e119a At $280 for the combo new, that looks to be about 50% more than if I found them used separately, but I have to admit that I have not spent all that much time looking, and I'm not sure how reliable the 5200 Wico is "well used." It is worth mentioning that I do plan on getting this setup eventually even if I don't go for one of these now. Any insight you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. It's time to get rid of some stuff I don't use enough to keep around. I'm open to sales, but would prefer trades. Here's what I'm interested in: - Games: Lynx, Intellivision, 3DO, Saturn (Japan only), Mega CD (Japan only). - Hardware: Sears 2600, - Controllers: Genesis/MD 3 button, 2600 compatible Arcade stick First up: Nintendo Gamecube (modded with Xeno mod chip by Guntz, so it plays backups) with Gameboy Player, Raphnet SNES-to-GC adapter. I will include a disc with the Gameboy Interface (GBI) homebrew software for the GB Player, which is much better than the actual GBP startup disc from Nintendo. Also includes SFC gamepad, AC adapter and composite cables. This is for trade only, if you'd like to buy one of these, please contact Guntz. Next, some loose Famicom and Gameboy carts: I'm asking $100 shipped for the Famicom carts. Quick Step, Pitfall, Keystone- $15 for all 3 SECRET QUEST AND MONTEZUMA ARE SOLD I also have a lot of other loose VCS carts (Jr Pac Man, Worm War I, a bunch of commons). PM me if there are others you want that I might have. Next, a loose Atari Flashback 7, with AC adapter ($20) Finally, some random items, CIB Wico (ON HOLD), Saturn PAR (SOLD), CIB Columns ($20), Phantasy Star IV ($40) Thanks for checking this out!
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone around here might still have a new old stock Wico Command Control bat top style joystick for Atari systems that they might be interested in selling? I do have a couple other purchases I have to make first so I wouldn't be in a position to buy one until April, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around in advance and see if anyone had one they'd be interested in selling and if so what they'd like to get for it price wise. Just shoot me a PM if you happen to have one that you'd like to sell.
  12. Hello, I'm hoping this is the right section because I found this little interesting thing that I think is for TI computers, and I'd like a little info on it. Here's a picture... I am under the impression that this is an adapter for TI computers, and looking for a little backup on that. From what I can tell, it looks like all it does is pull some pins from each controller and route them to other pins in a different, combined configuration. Not owning a TI computer, I'm not sure it has any use to me. I might sell it, but with something this old and dirty who knows if it works. I'd appreciate any info on this thing so I can make a more educated decision, and I'd really like to know if there's any way to safely test this thing, see if it's still working. I had a thought to test it on an Atari 2600, but I wouldn't want to risk shorting anything unless I was certain it would be harmless.
  13. Title says it all. Did some serious Atari 5200 gaming last night, and man, were my hands sore from those fire buttons. I think I need one of those Wico controllers, and ideally the Y cable that allows you to connect both the standard controller and the Wico.
  14. For trade here is my own Sega 32X. I bought it on a whim last January, but I can't really justify owning one given how few games there are, the pain of having it hooked up with my Genesis/Sega CD at the same time, and how it forces me to use composite instead of the component that my Genesis has been modded for. I'm better off just trading this and emulating the 36 games it has. Works fine, I had no issues with it. Here's my trade interests: INTV games (Tower of Doom, Thunder Castle, Hoverforce, Slam Dunk Basketball, Slap Shot Hockey, Pac Man) AV Modded Light Sixer VCS Atari VCS Homebrew/Repro carts Mario Bros for Atari XE Good, loose original B/W GB or GBA games NEW ITEMS: Here is a CIB Wico Bat Handle I bought NIB. Great condition, works perfectly, has controller, box, cardboard insert, and manual. Here is a CIB Saturn Pro Action Replay, lets you play import games on your Saturn, is a memory backup, and works as a 4MB RAM cart. Last is a loose copy of Phantasy Star IV for the Genesis. More items coming soon.
  15. For sale: Wico Command Control with Y-adapter for 5200. Works well, in good cosmetic shape. The sliding locks do loosen after a few minutes of play, but they quickly snap back. Sold! Lot of 5200 games including minty fresh / complete Q*Bert, Vanguard and Countermeasure (Countermeasure box has a couple of creases and a small sticker on top flap). Space Invaders and Centipede are complete with box and manual, manuals in good shape, but their boxes get a condition grade of "RC" for Real Crappy. Cart Only: Gyruss and Ms. Pac-Man have poor condition labels but play perfectly. Lot selling for $15 (shipping $5). Saturn games including Manx TT Superbike (CIB, good condition all around, some scuffs on case, no broken hinges), Crimewave (CIB, disc has a couple of scratches but plays perfectly, manual good condition, scuffs on case but no broken hinges), Nights (generally acceptable to poor condition; cardboard outer box has scratches, nicks and tears, game case cracked & missing hinge, game disc plastered with giant rental sticker but plays perfectly, no manual, 3d controller in good shape and works perfectly), disc only (all play perfectly): Mass Destruction, Mechwarrior 2, Daytona, Daytona Champ. Circuit, Warcraft II (only the console edition of WC2 lets you queue up units!). Sold! Sega CD games in working condition but with poor cases. Midnight Rangers, Links Golf, Tomcat Alley (missing back insert), Prize Fighter and game only Mortal Kombat. Sold! 2 CIB Genesis games from Blizzard: Rock n' Roll Racing (very likely my favorite video game of all time) and Lost Vikings. Both carts in 8.5/10 or better shape I'd say, RnRR manual 6.5/10 or so, Lost Vikings manual 7.5/10, both inserts 7.5/10 or so. Both games work perfectly. Rock 'n Roll Racing $21, Lost Vikings $7 (shipping $4 per game, or $5 to ship both) Box o' Broken Stuff, for the handy fix-it types with any skill whatsoever (apparently not me). 5200 2-port system (once got it to work for about 30 seconds after many trials; poor cosmetic condition, console only / no power supply) Suncom Power Stick (can get it to move left/right but not up/down), Atari Joystick (marked up with paint splotches, works pretty well but doesn't like going left, I'm too lazy to open / clean), Atari 7800 ProStick (works okay mostly but fire buttons quit / stick), 1 (pair coupled) Paddle controller, nonworking. $9.50 shipped, take these from me and fix them up! ( I think I'll be losing a buck or two on the shipping here, but I'd rather they went somewhere useful than just sat around or got thrown away) Sold! Paypal / US only. PM me to buy or with any questions. Thanks!
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