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Found 13 results

  1. Here is the Telnet client from Win 2K Pro. It behaves properly when connecting to BBSs. The one that ships with XP has a problem because it echoes locally typed characters. Win 7 and later seem to have no telnet installed by default. This one should work for you. Extract these files to c:\windows\system32. TELNET.ZIP Edit: Make sure to cancel any and all Windows File Protection dialogs when you replace the files.
  2. I'm looking for a recommendation for an easy-to-use and easy-to-set up front end for several emulators for Windows 7 that can be navigated with a Xbox 360 controller. I've been looking at the various front-ends but most have more features than I need and will require some time to set up. The simple interface on Retroarch was fine but it didn't seem to work with all the games. I don't need fancy graphics like box art, just something that lets the user selected what system they want to play then just lists all the games I have in the folder for that system. I already have the emulators I need. Is there anything someone could recommend? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I recently joined the forum, though I've been browsing for awhile, and was curious to know if anyone else likes this vintage OS? I've been interested in old tech ever since I was a kid. I got into old console gaming first back in the early '00s, then in the mid-'00s I got an interest in old computers too. I discovered Win 3.1 while looking for old computer operating systems and liked what I saw in the screenshots I could find. I've used it on both real hardware and virtualization and the experience was similar, though I never ran the OS on an early '90s PC (oldest PC I had was from 1999). My first OS was Win 98, so 3.1 was completely different to me, which is what I liked about it. I like using the Program Manager interface and I've never installed any of those "make win 3.1 look like 95" programs, since, in my opinion, if I wanted 95, I would install 95. My biggest complaint with 3.1 is finding games. It seems like PC game developers focused more on DOS back in the day and once 95 came out they all shifted to that OS. I try to buy 3.1 software when I can find it, my most recent pickup being Microsoft Works 3.0. I know it's office software, but it's better than nothing.
  4. Hello, a friend of mine is searching for a legit download of this game, which he owns, but which disappeared from his PC for some reason. Monkey Bytes gave him an activation code to unlock the demo, but they couldn't actually furnish him with a copy of the demo. They just told him to look around on the Web and find the demo and download and unlock it. Problem is he hasn't had much luck finding it. Does anybody know of a safe source for it? Tucows has the Mac Classic version, but not the Windows version. Speaking of Windows, these are the system requirements: Since my friend says the game had been on his computer, but then went away for some reason, I have to wonder if maybe his PC had been running it in some kind of compatibility mode, and then a Windows update might have broken that compatibility? Assuming he does find a copy of this game, is there anything special he'd need to do in order to successfully install and run it on an XP or Windows 7 machine? Thank you in advance for your help with this!
  5. In case anyone out there needs it. VecFlash USB Software for Windows to talk to the Vectrex VecFlash cartridge from Richard Hutchinson. VecFlash USB.zip
  6. Well hello my fellow Atarians. If you're like me you still use the old Atari (either real thing or emulated), but you also use a modern computer like a Windows PC, Linux PC, or Mac. In that case you probably have cause to use text files from one system on the other and visa versa. As some of you know, I developed a program for the A8 to do converting called AAC. You can get info on that over in it's own topic. This new topic is about a different program with the same name that does the same job, but runs natively on the new machines. It is written in Python so has the ability to be cross platform. So here is AAC v0.1, 32-bit Windows, for your testing pleasure. It works fine as expected in every case I have tested so far, but I like to get feedback from others too. Once any bugs (if any) are ironed out. It will get it's v1.0 release. If you need a Linux version to test let me know.
  7. I recently loaded these on to an old Packard Bell Legend computer and they worked flawlessly. Please see the pictures and ask with any and all questions. $10 plus Media Mail shipping from 80138. Thank you!
  8. This is intended as a quick guide for folks who may come across a used SatanDisk and want to transfer some files from a Windows type PC to an SD card for use on their Atari ST computer. There are more detailed resources on the web that cover all the ins and outs and potential pitfalls or alternate methods but I will try to keep this a simple and brief description of what worked for me. Your mileage may vary as they say. First, this is for the original (now out of production) SatanDisk not Ultra Satan. 1. Have an Atari ST with TOS 1.04 or better. 2. Have HDDriver on ST floppy disk. 3. Have a 512mb SD card. Use a Windows PC to format the SD card as FAT (not FAT 32) Put the SD card in the SatanDisk and the HDDriver floppy in your ST and boot the ST Switch to medium resolution if you have a color monitor. Load HDDRUTIL.APP from the floppy. On the Hard Disk drop down menu select Partition. It will tell you a capacity value for your card. Enter a slightly smaller number on line 0 right hand column under heading MiB. Click on Compatability button then next to where it says Windows check Tos & Windows Click OK and click through the next few dialogs to complete the partition of the SD Reboot the ST Load HDDriver from floppy again From the File drop down menu select install HD Driver and click OK (or whatever to install the driver on the SD). From the General drop down menu Next to Cache for FAT change 10 to 2 Next to Cache for Data change 10 to 2 Next to Additional Folders change 100 to 0 Click OK or whatever it says to accept/save those values From the File drop down menu select install HD Driver and overwrite the previously installed HD Driver. Reboot the ST. If all went well your SD card will look like one large hard drive to ST and Windows will also be able to see it and read / write files on the SD card when you insert it into a PC. This process worked for an Atari 1040STf with 1MB and TOS upgraded to 1.04. By default HD Driver configures without the ability to transfer files between TOS and Windows and also configures itself some nice fat caches. I assume the author had a higher end ST or a TT or Falcon. Reducing those caches will allow the smaller memory machines to run more programs. Good luck.
  9. I found a reference to Tera Term on a Mecrisp Forth website. It mentioned that it has a BASIC-like programming language built in so I got it here. http://ttssh2.osdn.jp/index.html.en It is extremely full featured and it seems to run very well with Magic File Manipulator so I thought I would report my findings. At first it looked like it did not support XMODEM transfers. The help mentioned that it could however so I looked in the TERATERM.INI file and changed these two controls XmodemBin XmodemRcvCommand from 'off' to 'on'. After that the XMODEM menus were not grayed out and it works great. ; XMODEM option (checksum/crc/1k) XmodemOpt=checksum ; Binary flag for XMODEM Receive and ZMODEM Send (on/off) XmodemBin=on ; XMODEM receive command XmodemRcvCommand=on NOTE on MFM: I had been using the MFM program with hyper-terminal and had my RS232 configured on the TI-99 in the default 7 bits, ODD parity, 1 stop bit configuration. Somehow it worked even when I transferred binary (program) files. (??) But, I saw a lot of strange things on my terminal when I was controlling MFM at the TI-99 console. >>I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT MFM ECHOS MENUS OVER RS232. DUH!<< So for those who might be using MFM for the first time, set your serial port to 8 BITS, NO PARITY, 1 STOP-BIT and you can control MFM from the comfort of your PC. "Stupid is as stupid does" Forest Gump
  10. Hello folks! Do you like platform games? Do you like Hentai/Anime climate? Do you like puzzles and so on? Then you'll surely like... The story is simple... There is an island with some secret laboratories. One day something went wrong and all the biomass gathered there turned into MonsterGirls (MoGi). The wolrd end is near, but not all the hope is lost... Here's our hero: As you can see he is equipped with this (very useful) tool. Yes, it acts as weapon against MoGi but also... ...yes it may save your ass, too! The game is still under development and the authors still are looking for funds. All the details (as well as demo versions, trailers, funding infos and so on) can be found on the dedicated site. Please support MoGi Origins!
  11. There are approximately 1.6 billion Star Wars games out there...and here are some of the WEIRD, odd and FORGOTTEN games released that (you’re glad) you never heard of.
  12. Wasn't sure where to put this since it isn't Tandy-specific. That and it's retro, yet new at the same time: In other news, here's a working link for Windows port of the original 1982 version: https://www.blitter.com/~nebulous/otherworld/DoD.zip
  13. Folks, To save me some typing, the following are cut 'n' pastes of several messages that I posted on another message forum: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Does anyone have any idea as to what "streaky" does in the PC CD DOS version of Tempest 2000? I've NEVER found or read about ANY cheats whatsoever for the DOS version of T2K throughout all of these years, but was recently browsing the executable with my trusty hex-editor (as I've done numerous times over the past two decades). In the executable is the text line "FLOSSIE WANTS TO CHEAT", and immediately following that, the following hex: 1F 14 13 12 1E 25 15 I just thought to myself, hmmm... That SURE looks like keyboard scan codes (and only JUST NOW thought that they looked like keyboard scan codes... RE: "as I've done numerous times over the past two decades" above - with age comes knowledge LOL!). Hehe, and YES indeedy, they are KB scan codes, and they spell "streaky" LOL (see linked pics)! I fired up the game, and then during gameplay typed "streaky" in. The web flashes colorfully (like when you obtain an extra life), and the female voice sound effect says "Yes!", but nothing appears to have changed (?). It MAY be just me, but gameplay seemed a bit easier after doing this, but I'm not sure (?). BTW, you can enter the "streaky" code several times, with the same results (the web flashes colorfully). Anyhow, has ANYONE ever heard of this before (and have any idea as to what it does), or have I found a totally hidden easter egg/cheat in this game that NO ONE has ever came across since the game's release in 1995 LOL (wouldn't be the first time)? Pic of DOS version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16691 Pic of Keyboard scan codes -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16692 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OK, I JUST figured it out! After starting a game, enter "streaky". THEN press F11 to enable the bonus level warp, or F12 to skip to the next level. Hehe, the way I figured this out... F11 and F12 are cheats for the MACINTOSH version of the game (and are NOT normal keys for the PC DOS version of the game)! Hehe, I'm thinking "YES" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P.S. I HAVE just now confirmed that the"streaky" cheat code ALSO works for the Interplay Windows 95 version of the game as well Note that you will need to type in the cheat code fairly quickly in order for the game to recognize it. As in the DOS version, the web flashes colorfully, and you'll hear the female voice sound effect "Yes!" if you have successfully entered the code (and the game recognizes it). P.P.S. The keyboard scan codes for the "streaky" code were sitting all by their lonesome in the Windows version executable <GRIN> (see linked pic). Pic of Windows version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16719 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ENJOY!
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