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Found 31 results

  1. Hurray!!! Our first Episode is on line for your Atari listening Pleasure. Please download it and give it a listen. We will be looking to have our podcast added to iTunes shortly. Episode 0 http://xegs8bit.com/episodes.htm Check out our new website http://xegs8bit.com/index.htm and drop by our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AtariXEGS.and.8Bit.Game.Podcast/ If you have any suggestions, feedback, audio submissions, or would like a particular Xegs game reviewed we can be reached at [email protected] or visit our twitter account at https://twitter.com/XEGS8bitPodcast Hope you enjoy it, Thanks Bill, Michael & David
  2. From the album: Consoles

    Acquired in Sept 2012
  3. Is it possible to craft a PBI or an ECI interface in an XEGS? Duplicating the cartridge connectors won't be that hard, but how about the rest of the PBI makeup or alternatively the ECI? Is anything missing? (apart the Audio in for the ECI) I remember the MPD was kind of messed up on XEGS to allow for Missile Command select (or was that EXTSEL)
  4. After picking up an Arabic NAJM Atari 65XE i started searching for info on it. That led me to someone stating they had a Hebrew Atari 8-Bit (both with keyboard and OS variants). I'm wondering what other Atari 8-Bit computers came with different language variations? Is there a list that shows all different Atari 8-Bit computer keyboard language versions? I tried searching the Forums but only found keyboard variations - not language / OS variants. Would love to find out more (and collect) other Non-English Atari's
  5. Hi, today I found an absolute new and strange behavior reparing an Atari XEGS. I never have had such an error before neither I found something similar here. So maybe this could help other people with the same strange issue. The XEGS I got comes with the fault description "System hangs if Missile Command is started or sometimes the game just resets" (reset = start from the beginning, same if you would press START at any time). I can reproduce this error easily. So first, I watched the SYNC signal at the CPU - but even when the game hang, there´s activity on SYNC. So I decide first to change the ROM - I have a lot of ROM failures specially by the XEGS. After ROM the MMU was changed. But the fault remains. Ok, next step would be the CPU. CPU failures are from my experience the 2nd most related things after RAM memories. CPU exchanged, but you can imagine... that also didn´t help. BTW: Before I change any part, of course I watched every single pin of the CPU, GTIA, ANTIC and the FREDDIE. All fine. I connect a keyboard, start BASIC, enter some simple calculation endless loops with PRINT´ing them, this works for hours. I attached an SIO2SD, load Missile Command (file version) and... it works. No problems at all. Ok, which components might cause the CPU to make a break... ANTIC? GTIA? All signals (RDY, HALT, IRQ) looks good. After all, I didn´t found other ideas, so I decide to remove all chips, solder sockets in and put well-known working parts into the XEGS mainboard. Start the next test, no keyboard, Missile Command starts and... hang. Now - wished I had test this first, a lot of spent hours would have been saved - I connect the keyboard, start the XEGS with SELECT hold down and Missile Command starts. I didn´t know this before, that Missile Command could be started also with keyboard instead of Atari Basic. I don´t have an XEGS for my own, so I haven´t play around much with this. WITH keyboard attached the Missile Command works fine. No problems. Now I examines the POKEY more then before. Without keyboard I see on the scope, the IRQ line is sometimes low for over 10 times of a PHI2 phase! At every time IRQ goes low for such a long time, the game hangs, resets or makes other weird things. With keyboard attached this never happens, IRQ remains constantly high while the game is running - what I expect, then Missile Command didn´t read the keyboard nor SIO etc., it uses just the joystick ports and console keys, which are attached to the GTIA. After some more examining the POKEY I saw, that pin 16 and pin 25 of the POKEY - KRx lines - are heavy floating from -0.5 volts up to 2 volts. Now it would be clear: POKEY "thinks", a key a pressed, generate an IRQ, but the OS (which is active during the game, ATTRACT will also work) can´t read the source. In case of the bad floating signal the POKEY will generate a long IRQ, longer than normal, which cause the CPU to halt - like some of the "CPU breaker" with R/C links from the 80s. But... the XEGS is MADE for usage without the keyboard... so why this happens? Checking with another XEGS boards, the culprit was found very fast: It was the parsimony of Tramiel´s area, removing some necessary parts to save some cents. The "good working" XEGS has line filters in the KRx (and other) lines, which will prevent these open inputs from floating around and beeing using like an antenna. At this special board, Atari replaces these line noise filters by simple 0R resistors. See this board: The fix is absolute simple, after all I´m so silly not to find this earlier, but... now it works. And maybe it helps others from spending so much time to repair an XEGS Just solder two 1nF capacitors between ground and the both KRx lines - that´s all. Of course you can use wired capacitors, too. Now there´s no floating inputs and the system works fine - with or without keyboard... Jurgen
  6. Hello all, I recently got a "new old stock" XEGS, and it's been acting really weird. Long story short, sometimes it works fine and I can use it for 25-30 mins without issue. Other times it won't even start, or will start and then glitch out/freeze after just a couple minutes. --- More details below: The power supply is one of the more reliable ones, but I also got an aftermarket one just to be safe. The first thing I did when I got it was to run the internal diagnostics. It's went through them all lightning fast (so fast you could barely follow what was happening on the screen). I chalked it up to it being NOS or cold or something, so let it sit for a bit. After letting it sit for a bit, I did the diag test again, and it passed fine (all performed at regular speed). Next I tried the built in Missile Command, and no problems. Next test was to start up BASIC and run a hello world program for a few minutes. I was sad to see that I couldn't even get that far—halfway through typing the second statement, the screen turned gray and froze. I opened the unit to see if there was anything I could reseat, but it looks like everything is unsocketed on these MBs. A short while later I tried running some games with my UNOCART, and surprisingly was able to play without issue for 5-10 mins. Resetting into BASIC, this time I could get a simple program running on loop for 5 mins straight without a problem. --- The next day, I booted it up, and basically could get nothing to work without the unit either glitching the graphics and freezing, freezing to a gray screen, or not even booting (no image at all, or just a cursor). --- I think the thing is basically on its last legs, and the random nature of the failures suggest to me the RAM is bad, but would appreciate any input/knowledge you all could share. Returning it is basically out of the question, and if it's an issue I could track down and resolve by replacing some chips, it would be an interesting project to work on in my spare time. However, the random nature of the freezing is really throwing me for a loop. I haven't touched the unit in a few days, but there would be time where it worked fine for 25-30 mins, and other times where it hardly works at all. Thanks for any knowledge you can share!
  7. Here we have my boxed, complete never used XEGS system. Box has clearly seen better days but everything inside looks super clean and untouched! I am asking $160, thanks for looking!
  8. I'm doing a little spring cleaning via eBay and thought I'd let the fine AtariAge community know about it! I'm selling a working XEGS console bundle, non-working XEGS, non-working 1050 disk drive, working Sunnydale Heavy Sixer, 8-bit games including: Blue Max, HardBall!, Defender, Ms. PacMan, Fight Night, Centipede, Space Invaders, and The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Check it out, if you've got the guts!: http://www.ebay.com/sch/bigheadedd/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Everything is auction-style and starting at $ .99 and I'll combine shipping for anything you win. Thanks for looking!
  9. I have looked at the schematics and determined that there is no real difference with the schematic. am i missing something? it appears to be identical..I would like to use one for the other and i can do the wiring.. Douglas
  10. It's tested and works 100% - - Got it with an XEGS off amazon. It was dirty and the trigger seemed to stick. Cleaned it off, re-glued one sticker on the side (other is missing) and put a light coat of vaseline on the trigger "bar" and now the trigger feels normal. Tested it out with Bug Hunt XE (included if desired). Looks fantastic other than the missing sticker. I use an LCD TV and have zero plans of ever using a CRT. Things I'd trade it for: Atari recorders, either model with an SIO pass thru 1010 or XC11 (with PS & SIO if not built in) or ***EDIT 2*** Just going to buy a data recorder. These guys will be up on eBay soon - thanks for looking.*** XF551 (with appropriate PS & SIO) Maybe something else - though, I'm really wanting a good recorder - just make an offer if you have Atari stuff you think I'd dig. ----------------------- edit: In addition, I have Flight Simulator II with it's two books, map and control reference card.
  11. It really makes no sense. There is not a single legitimate excuse to release a console in 1987, and have it packed with a controller with ONLY 1 BUTTON! > > > Atari Corporation, you dun goofed! They should have made the XEGS controller more like either the 7800 joystick, or the C64 game joystick, complete with 2 buttons. Shame on YOU, ATARI CORP. for not making the XEGS stock controller with ONLY 1 button. Thanks for being stuck in the 2600 days! :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
  12. Hi Atari enthusiasts, new poster here! For several years I've had an Atari XEGS that I've never been able to get to work. However I've finally gotten off my lazy arse and started doing some troubleshooting. Unfortunately I don't have the original PSU but from my understanding, a PSU from a 600XL will work just fine. Just to be sure I checked the 600XL PSU first to ensure it doesn't suffer from any problems. And sure enough, it provides a very steady 5.2V on the proper pins. However when I plug it into the XEGS, and check the voltage from inside the machine it drops to a paltry 0.05V. And no that's not a misreading, I even checked with other settings on my multi meter and the most precise measurement I get is 54 millivolt. What the heck is going on here?
  13. I picked up a broken Atari XEGS on Ebay as a learning project for working on my soldering and desoldering skills. It has a completely black screen with no sign of video or audio activity. The RAM chips were heating up so I replaced those. The RAM chips stopped overheating but other than that there is no change. I still get a completely black screen. The power supply checked out. It seems to be completely fine. It's outputting 5V just like it should. There isn't anything unusual on the motherboard besides my poor job on the RAM chips. What would likely be the culprit here? Is there anything else I can check for or do I just need to start replacing chips?
  14. Hello! I have Atari XEGS games reproductions for sale. An article regarding this is available on: https://www.vintageisthenewold.com/new-reproduction-game-cartridges-available-for-atari-xegs-and-xl-xe-computers/ The official XEGS games list is as follows: Ace of Aces Airball Archon: The Light and the Dark Ballblazer Barnyard Blaster Battlezone Blue Max Bug Hunt Choplifter Crime Buster Crossbow Crystal Castles Dark Chambers David's Midnight Magic Desert Falcon Donkey Kong Eastern Front (1941) Fight Night Flight Simulator II Food Fight GATO HardBall! Into the Eagle's Nest Karateka Lode Runner Mario Bros. Necromancer One-on-One Basketball Rescue on Fractalus! Star Raiders II Summer Games Thunderfox Also, I can make reproductions of the unreleased XEGS prototypes: Commando Tower Toppler Deflektor Mean 18 Midi Maze An last, but certainly not the least, I have some XEGS conversions available: Pooyan! Montezuma Again! (new hack game from Montezuma's Revenge, topic regarding this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283253-montezuma-arrangement/ ) The pcbs can fit in a Atari standard cartridge case. You can visit my YouTube channel with demonstrations and tutorials on how to assemble them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg5eRNgGIkWoUcwHs_YbkDA If you are interested, you can PM me on this account. Cheers!
  15. I've just fixed an XEGS with a bad ROM and MMU, and have got it going temporarily by flashing four copies of the XEGS OS to a 27C128. Naturally it boots straight to the Self-Test, since there's no BASIC or Missile Command. I can't seem to find out what the ROM layout is supposed to be, however, on a 32K chip (i.e., is it BASIC, Missile Command, OS ROM, or OS ROM, Missile Command, BASIC?). Needless to say I've also been unable to locate a complete 32K dump of the XEGS ROM, otherwise I wouldn't be asking how to manually assemble one.
  16. hawk

    XEGS UAV Installation

    I recently purchased a couple of UAV kits from Bryan, so I thought I'd document my installations. http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/2096-uav-installation/ Initially I found it difficult to find installation information, but I soon realised that it was in all the forums, it just wasn't all in the same place. The installation of the UAV mod in the XEGS was extremely easy. The most difficult part was deciding how I wanted to implement the mod, and my decision changed a few times and still is not yet complete. I usually want to keep my machines in mint condition, unless something about them indicates that its not really worth it...maybe a broken case, repaired electronics, or I have more than one machine of a particular type in my collection. In this case, the machine I chose to mod had already been repaired by me. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258432-xegs-repair/?hl=%2Bhawk+%2Bxegs I had originally planned to remove the 4050 chip when I installed the UAV but realised that if I did that I would lose the RF output. I don't use the RF output if I can help it but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to totally remove it. From the monitor photos you'll see that I went to the trouble of replacing the original LCD driver board with a TV tuner LCD controller board. https://www.ebay.com/itm/LCD-controller-board-Kit-diy-VGA-HDMI-USB-TV-for-LCD-LED-Display-Monitor-Panel/152446068465?hash=item237e7e66f1:g:PlsAAOSwdGFYxLsS that allowed me to use RF in for some of my older machines including my 400. I ended up soldering the socket that came with the UAV kit directly onto the pins of the 4050 chip and then plugging in the daughter board. It almost worked first time, however I hadn't realised that I had to provide a colour input signal to the daughter board. I removed the centre pin of the composite out socket from the motherboard and wired the UAV output directly to that. I also included the extra ground wire. I didn't have any small shielded cables so I used regular hookup wire. You'll see from the photos in the album that there was not a great difference in the compisite signal before and after the mod. To be honest, the image was pretty good to start with. However, the S-video output made a big difference. I'd forgotten that my LCD monitor couldn't handle S-video, so I had to test it out on a CRT TV. I had yet to take photos of the S-video. I am also deciding how to fit the S-video socket on the rear of the XEGS. The socket I was able to buy locally is not the one that I'd prefer so I'm putting off installing that for a little bit longer. I'll update again after I've completed that mod...then it will be on to the 400. The 400 will be delayed until I can receive an Audio mod card from Bryan so that I can also get sound after bypassing the RF.
  17. I have a variety of Atari 8-Bit Computer items up for sale: eBay Items For Sale More items going up shortly including: • 400 Computer System (16K) • 800XL Computer System with 6 Game Cartridges • 2 x Trak-Ball Controllers Make me an offer. Thanks for looking.
  18. Has anyone looked into the possibility of porting the Mario Brothers XEGS rom to the 5200? I was really disappointed in the 5200 version, and the XEGS version looked a lot more like what I was expecting giving the capabilities of the machine.
  19. Recently came into a new boxed atari XEGS the box isn't in the best shape but everything inside is still in it's plastic and never used. games are sealed and it is complete. Does anyone have any idea what this goes for? Was looking to place this into the marketplace but was looking for opinions on reasonable price. i really have nothing to compare it to. Thanks in advance.
  20. A journey that started 29 years ago came to completion the other day. My father bought me my first gaming system, the Atari XEGS upon release in 1987, but never bought me any more games for it, believing the 3 that had come with the system were enough (). Ever since then, looking at all the pics of games on offer on the back of the console box, and playing the demos at my local department store (Myer, Dandenong), I wanted them all! Now, nearly 3 decades after, with the sealed Kareteka that arrived last Wednesday, I have every single Atari XEGS game complete in box : ) Thank you dad for starting me on my gaming journey with this most interesting and cool little pastel buttoned system. I wish you were here to reminisce with me. May you rest in peace. 🍻
  21. Anyone know this ebay user? He seems to have some NOS XEGM (don't call them XEGS) machines for sale. I'd like to ask him more questions if anyone knows him. Anyone else trying to sell an XEGM (or er . . S)?
  22. Hi Everyone. So I decided to go ahead and buy an Atari XEGS, and I finally just had the chance to test it out this weekend. Before I say anything else let me just put this statement forward, I am hooking the XEGS up to a small flat screen TV to test it out, and knowing that some old systems and new TV's don't get along well I am using a VCR as an intermediary, something I have to do for my 7800. Ok, so I hook the XEGS up with and without the VCR as a go between, and in both cases nothing but a green screen with lines on it. It reminds me of turning an 2600, 5200, or 7800 on with the a cart that isn't sitting in it the right way, or may need to be cleaned, yes a lot like that screen, kind of like something wants to happen. In my case though I tried the XEGS with and without carts in it too, and got the same screen. Yes, the power light is on, and I have tried resets. I'm hoping its an easy fix or something I'm overlooking, if anyone has any ideas let me know.
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