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Found 25 results

  1. Hello guys and girls After the bad news that the Fujiama 2020 can and will not take place this year, we just now got some very good news. Mr. V. has announced today that he's striving to make next years meeting, the Fujiama 2021, last a whole week again. A date hasn't been set yet. Location will probably be the same as ever, the Schützenhaus in 08485 Lengenfeld. Hope to see you all there next year. Mathy
  2. The ABBUC site is back online: http://abbuc.de The forum registration is open: http://abbuc.de/forum To ensure, members can access member only pages, and can´t, if their membership rests or ends (by not paying the membership fee) I activate each registration manually for starters. So it might a few hours, until you´re really in. I expect to open registration for non-members (can´t see the member sections of the website and the forum, can´t access the shop) after SillyVenture (that will be three days where I´m simple not available for anyone who´s not in Gdansk ). If you have any trouble registering, please send an email to [email protected] Cheers, Sascha
  3. Just received an email from @skr, the abbuc website is down. Here's a translation of the german text in the email (the English text was much briefer)
  4. Sorry for this rather unusual request but the ABBUC forum is down. If there's an ABBUC member living north of the Aldi equator who would be able to forward a 15-18kg package from Aldi to Austria for me, I'd be grateful if he/she could contact me via PM or mail. (Explanation: Aldi is a German discount chain and the two brothers who founded or inherited the company divided it into a "Northern" and "Southern" chain long ago, probably because they could not agree on how to run it). I'd like to order some BBQ accessories from their online service that are only available from the "Northern" branch (and apparently nowhere else) but they don't ship abroad and their division of the German market is so strict that they won't deliver to addresses in southern Germany where all the forwarding services are located close to the Austrian border.)
  5. Got my membership pack from Abbuc today, and that is a tasty membership number. Anyone got other significant numbers? Off the top of my head, 11, 12, 65, 80, 130, 410, 810, 800, 400, 551 are the obvious ones.
  6. This is to inform all ABBUC-members who are registered to the ABBUC website and can access the downloads: I´ve created a new section "ABBUC Magazine - ENGLISH" where you find only the english PDF-versions of the magazines. Currently #140, #141 and #142 (Title page will be english soon, too) are online. #143 will follow soon (translators are busy, let´s hope for this week), as will Special Magazine #52 (ABBUC competitions). I´m very optimistic, that #144 will be available as english PDF as soon as the printed magazines ship. But I won´t put it online, before the first magazines arrived at the members (which normally is one day after shipping). The disk images still are in the other folder, I might create a separate section for the ATRs, too. And: On Monday we reach the deadline for texts, graphics, sounds, games, tools... everything for #144 (printed and disk). So check your stuff and send us, want you want to share.
  7. Dear ABBUC members in Chile, I just got the magazines back with a note, that shipping is currently not possible. I am very sorry about that and will watch the German postal service informations ( https://www.deutschepost.de/de/c/coronavirus.html#international ) to see, when it changes and then resend the magazines. Please go to the ABBUC website to download at least the digital version of the magazine (.ATR) and the papermag (.PDF). The same page says, that shipping to the US is generally possible, but restrictions might apply. Can anyone from the US please give me feeback, if the magazine arrived? Apologies, Sascha
  8. Hi all, I´ve sent the ABBUC magazine 140 to the members, and the first copies already appeared, but only in Germany. International delivery might take longer, so please stay tuned. But to not make you wait too long, you can download the atr-images of the disk and the german PDF of the printed issue at the members section of the ABBUC website. I´m preparing an english PDF too, but for the time being you could at least use copy&paste to have the german pdf translated with an online service. If you are a member and can´t access the member section with the downloads, please send a message with your name to me. Access has to be be given manually one time, but for future log ins no further action is needed. Stay healthy!
  9. Hi gamers! The creators of software that helped me to make this game are: Radek "Raster" Sterba for Raster Music Tracker, Tomasz "Tebe" Biela for Mad assembler and Graph2Font, Avery "Phaeron" Lee for Altirra an Atari emulator (game was not tested on real hardware but it works! that how good this emulator is! ), Mark Schmelzenbach and Jakub Husak for EnvisionPC-Reborn 0.8.51 an atari font editor, Magnus Lind for Exomizer 3.0.2. Thank You software developers! Also thanks to: Zdeněk "PG" Eisenhammer for title and game songs, Petr "FLY" Svoboda for all graphics. For all that like games of this type You can download it here: Dr Sparkz https://atari.panprase.cz/?action=detail&co=6621 https://atari.panprase.cz/download.php?soubor=6621
  10. I´ve made an announcement in english language in the members section of the ABBUC forums, which I´d like to ask you to read it, if you are an ABBUC e.V. member. Those, who aren´t don´t need to feel ignored: After the annual meeting of the ABBUC e.V. next Saturday this information will be released to the public. The members section of the ABBUC-forums is only available for you, if you asked for access personally. If you don´t have access yet, please write an email to [email protected] and provide your ABBUC-Forum-name (registration can be done easily by anybody) and your ABBUC membership number. When approved, you can follow this link: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10094 Best regards, Sascha
  11. The official final results can be found on the webpage of the ABBUC Software Ressort: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1727-software-wettbewerb-2014 atarionline.pl actually managed to be faster with posting them after they got them from me. I´m getting old... For your convenience: Rank Titel Points Author 1. Dimo´s Quest 663 8BitJunkie 2. RGB 586 MaPa, PG, Ooz 3. Ransack 476 Jose Pereira and Lyren "Xuel" Brown 4. Nemezyro 465 MatoSimi, Poison 5. Joe Painter 408 Holger Bommer 6. Ramprage 398 Jason Kendall Congratulations to all authors. You ALL are WINNERS!
  12. In the printed magazine (sent out to all members) there are German instructions only. I´ll publish the genuine english instructions as well as links to corresponding Blogs and Atari Age Forum threads in the ABBUC Forums later today, please find them there: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8179 English instructions for Dimo´s Quest and Joe Painter will also be added later.
  13. Hello, Many of you have already seen and played our Ridiculous Reality... here are some new screens from game for those who have not seen it yet: Game can be downloaded from my website: DOWNLOAD Ridiculous Reality Hope you like it, enjoy!
  14. Hello there, the Fujiama 2016 in Lengenfeld/Germany just started 12 hours and 43 minutes ago ... One big special this year is the Realtime-Realtime.txt which can be followed at this address Greeting to all who can't attend, maybe you will have fun while reading ...
  15. Finally! Magazine 141 is now available as an completely english PDF in the download section for ABBUC members. Please excuse the long wait. Thanks to the help of @luckybuck, we now established a workflow to create the english version. Magazine 142 PDF in english will hopefully be available at the same time, when the printed magazine arrives at the first members. We also now work on finishing the english version of 139 and 140. If you are a member, but can´t access the member download area, please send me a message. You need to have a log in at the ABBUC website to which I manually have to grant the corresponding rights to.
  16. ABBUC members receive the magazine on a floppy disk four times a year. Beside "official" texts (protocols, dates etc.) it always contains software of all kind. This software shall preferably be created by ABBUC members, but actually, we sometimes had to search the internet for software to not deliver an empty disc. So this call is for EVERYBODY: If you have created ANY software for the Atari 8 Bit computer, which has not been released yet, please consider having it published on the ABBUC magazine. This can be anything: A game, a demo, an update, an image, a little BASIC program, a WIP of something (demo like)... you name it: anything! It can also be your first BASIC program you´ve created back in the days and never showed off. Why not release it and get some feedback? Please just also send a small text which describes you and the program. If you have anything, that you want to be released with the next magazine, please contact CharlieChaplin, who creates the actual disk images for the magazines, and/or me. If we come to the lucky situation, that the disk is full (we always deliver one disc, two-sided, ED) he will inform me and we decide, which software we release on the current issue, and what we keep for one of the following issues. Keep on coding!
  17. Just posted at AtariOnline.pl: http://translate.google.com/translate?client=tmpg&hl=pl&u=http%3A//atarionline.pl/v01/index.php%3Fct%3Dnowinki%26ucat%3D1%26subaction%3Dshowfull%26id%3D1578586217&langpair=pl|en really nice. 😚
  18. I've been meaning to start a topic about my abbuc hardware competition entry, a replacement for the Pokey chip. It's been mentioned in a couple of threads but I thought many people may have overlooked it. I tried to be sensitive to cost in my design, though once the full details are released (after competition result) it will be fun here to brainstorm ideas to make it even cheaper! Clearly there are still plenty of real pokey chips, however the supply is starting to become more limited and prices are on the increase. --- PokeyMAX Introduction The PokeyMAX is a complete replacement for the Pokey chip. It is derived from the work on the EclaireXL project, a complete FPGA based Atari 800XL clone. The intention is to build replacements for all of the Atari custom chips using this technology and Pokey has been built first. It can be used either to replace a broken/missing pokey, as a stereo upgrade, or just for fun! Features If pokey is socketed, zero wire installation (mono) Dual pokey mode Pins for 3 audio outputs (left channel/right channel/mixed) Small footprint, only a few mm larger than original IC Supports all features: 8x paddle inputs, IRQ, serial I/O, audio output, two tone mode, high pass filter and keyboard scan High level of compatibility Digital logic The PokeyMAX is built around the Altera MAX10 FPGA. This was chosen due to its integrated flash memory, power conversion, small size and low cost. The contained logic itself is described in VHDL and Verilog and then synthesized using the Quartus II software. Level conversion Most modern FPGAs no longer support 5V logic. While it is possible to find a few they are a vanishing breed. The MAX10 only supports up to 3.3V logic, so an IDT quickswitch level converter IC is used to connect to the high speed lines (A/D/IRQ/serial io etc) safely. Chip select Unfortunately I needed more level conversion lines than provided. TI came to the rescue with some 5V tolerant multi-function logic chips with which I was able to combined CS/!CS into one. Power The MAX10 requires a single 3.3V power supply, it then internally generates the rest of its supplies. This is very convenient, since often FPGAs require 3 or more different voltage levels. There is a switch mode regulator (LM3670) to convert from 5V to 3.3v in an efficient fashion. Paddles These are handled by charging a capacitor that we then check the level of using an LMV339. This is similar to the well-known LM339 comparator, except much smaller! The comparator is used since the level can be set very precisely rather than relying on when the FPGA detects a logic high. The level itself is set to 2.2v using the voltage divider on the right. It is also convenient since its open drain output means there are no level conversion issues. For the drain transistors, a 5V tolerant IO extender chip is used. The FPGA communicates with this over an I2C bus. Keyboard scan An IO extender chip drives the 6 keyboard lines and then reads the response. This is convenient since it only requires an I2C bus to the FPGA and the IC is much smaller than the level converters. JTAG The core may be upgraded or debugged using an Altera USB blaster connected here. Several of the JTAG pins are dual use and can be used as general IO. So we could for instance in future plug in i2c devices here or use for A5 (with external level converter) to allow quad pokey or sid etc. Audio filter The audio output uses a delta sigma dac. An RC circuit is used as a simple audio filter to smooth the output from this. There are four audio outputs, which are currently fed to pin 37 and 3 header pins (left/right and mixed). Note that the next stage much not draw a lot of current from the rc filter or it will cause distortion. A4 Pokey has 4 address pins (A0-A3). To make space for a 2nd pokey another address line is needed. For stereo connect to A4. Errata: Note that the "paddle capacitors" should not be populated and RA1 should be 0 ohm since these are already on the main board, this was a schematic error.
  19. Hello guys (m/f) This years Fujiama wil be held from August 20th until August 23th 2020. We start at midnight from Wednesday on Thursday. As always, the Fujiama will take place at the Schützenhaus, Schützenhausweg 11, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany. Hope to see you there. Sincerely Mathy PS my meetings page will be updated as soon my ISP responds...
  20. Well, Abbuc competition is over for this year and we got some really nice games! Congratulations to all who contributed with their work and lets hope next year will be even better! My entry "The Monk" reached third place so let's discuss it here. Video of compo version in action: There's much of planned gameplay in it, but still a lot more can be added. I'll keep working on it in next couple months and let you know of progress in this topic. What's best about the game for me is that I've learned a lot and plan to use this type of graphics for next projects. There is lots of potential in this type of colorful, low-number-of-bytes/screen type of graphics. Everything draws quickly, it doesn't take lot of space so fast, arcade games are possible with this approach. Will share details about coding stuff later this week. Wish you many good hours spent with the game and I hope you enjoy it. ps. If you get stuck feel free to ask ... Cheers! Vladimir Download: monk_1.3_plus_story_and_instructions.zip
  21. Here is the updated release of WAR ROOM ! Compared to the ABBUC version, this update now features: - PAL and NTSC execution speed and gameplay is the same - Atari 800 supported - More characters - Ability to exit from gameplay back to titlescreen (START) - Minor improvements to graphics and sound effects - Demonstration mode that automatically runs after sitting idle - Other little things Enjoy !!! See attached ATR and XEX files for download. OH! … and ‘H’ A P P Y ‘H’ A L L O W E E N !!!! Eric and Rob WARROOM.ATR WARROOM.xex
  22. Hello, I'm working on new game for abbuc software contest with two great atari guys, but we cannot cover drawing title screen in g2f by ourselves. So we are seeking picture artist who will draw title screen. anybody interested? Regards, Martin
  23. Hi all, as the current magazine is on the way and might reach international members too late for this information, I´ve put the following on the ABBUC website: MidiJoy 2.0 and Atariduino lottery on January 9th 2021 Frederik Holst provided some MidiJoy 2.0 and Atariduino - Boards to the ABBUC, which we will give away on Jan 9th 2021. To take part in the lottery, just send a message with your member number and a hint, if you want to win one or both of the boards to Sascha (skr). As he is the lucky fairy, Sascha can´t take part, but all other members are allowed to be in the lottery. The lottery will be live in the Internet (accessible for members only, detailed information will be posted here soon), but to win you don´t have to watch it live. All winners will be notified by mail immediately after the lottery. There was a lot of work in the last months, so I was somewhat quiet here. As I´m wrapping up things, please contact me, if you miss something. I´ve figured out that some welcome magazines were not sent out and also got some returns after more than six months. Postal service is an endless source of joy. Changed the way, how I handle it, so please check your magazines, membership data and let me know, if somethings still wrong/missing.
  24. We'll it's all go here in Atariland... lots of new games, a new Pro(c) Atari Magazine, a bunch of new players eager to play in the high score club, ok maybe that's pushing it too far?! Anyhoo here's the much improved version of my game, originally entered into the abbuc software contest 2019! Block On Legs: First Steps v1.1 Checkout the superb instructions artwork, thanks again RedThunder 😎 Block On Legs v1.1.ATR Block On Legs v1.1.pdf Have fun Jason
  25. Hello guys (m/f) The NOMAM 2020 will be held from April 3rd until April 5th 2020. We are returning to our first location, the school at Schleswiger Straße 29, 25840 Friedrichstadt, Germany. Hope to see you there. Sincerely Mathy PS my meetings page will be updated as soon my ISP responds...
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