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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all! I thought I would post a project I've been working on. It's a small animated thing that pays homage to Hideaki Anno's anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was a bit chuffed to learn that they dropped the Frank Sinatra song from the end credits, so I decided to make my own rendition on the Apple II. 😀 Requires: Apple II Plus or higher, 64KB of RAM (as it runs under ProDOS only). Real hardware tested on: Apple //e (64kB early, with 6502), Apple //e Enhanced (128KB w/ 65c02). It should work on the rest, though I'd love to hear your experiences! Location to download (including source code): Evangelion A.2 You can watch what it does in this video recording (made with AppleWin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4U1Gg--7JU
  2. Well, that was weird. No, not the movie. My last blog post. Well, not the post, but the way it got posted. It used to be, that when you posted a new blog entry, it would move to the top of the main blog page. But mine didn't. It stayed down at the bottom, right below Eric Ball's latest entry: The weird thing is, I posted my entry on August 10: And Eric had posted his on July 10: And uh... Wait. Why did the blog software make that graphic so big? It's huge!! Give me a minute here. (Several annoying minutes and edits later...) Okay. So, one of the things I hate about high resolution monitors, is that everything arbitrarily scales things to the size they think they "should" be. This includes screenshots in whatever Apple OS I'm using this week. It used to be a pixel was a pixel. Now you're just guessing at what size things may or may not display at. And this brings up another problem with Invision's lousy blog software (in case you're wondering what I'm talking about, hang in there a minute...). You see, for the most part, I link directly to image files I use in my blog, rather than uploading them. This way I can simply replace files in my FTP folder when I want to update something. But not anymore. Now, Invision's stupid blog software cache's its own local version of a linked file. So when I upload a new one, it doesn't change. And it's not my browser cache either, because I cleared that. And I also confirmed this in another browser that I hadn't even logged into AtariAge with. If this looks twice as large as the other one, then you're seeing Invision's stupid caching: Because if you open the actual image link in another window, you'll see the actual size of the file: http://cheeptech.com/misc/blog_pics/july-10.jpg (Here's a screenshot, since this will probably eventually be fixed accidentally by Invision or the cache will randomly expire): In order to update the screenshot to the smaller version, I had to rename, re-upload and replace it. That completely defeats the purpose of linking to the FILE IN THE FIRST PLACE!! (sigh) Yeah, I'm on another Invision rant. You may have missed the last one, because instead of putting that blog entry at the top, it buried it amongst the older entries. Like I was mentioning before. That entry, by the way, was a movie review. But it devolved into a rant about Invision's stupid blog software. But clearly, Invision doesn't care about blogs, because they've now been relegated to a submenu under Apps, rather than having their own link. Thanks, Invision. So, why did my other post get posted out-of-order? Well, if I had to guess, it was probably because I didn't click "Immediately" for "Publish Time". I had saved it while working on it, so the time stamp was a little bit earlier than "Immediately" would've been. Since the blogs no longer list when entries were actually posted, but just show "Latest", I'm guessing the time stamp is screwed-up, or missing, or whatever. So this time, I'll click "Immediately" and see what happens. Why not? should be fun. Anyway, onto the movie review. As with Spider-Man: Far From Home, I actually saw this a few weeks ago while on vacation, but never got around to typing up a review for it. Actually though, I never planned on seeing it in the first place. You see, I'm kind of done with Pixar. And Toy Story. I'm just tired of them. When I saw Toy Story 3, I really, really liked it and... WHAT IS A WEB BROWSER POLL DOING IN MY TOY STORY 3 MOVIE REVIEW?!?! WHAT THE INVISION IS GOING ON HERE?!?!? I did NOT put that in there. Now admittedly, that would've been a pretty funny joke. But I have no idea where that came from!!! Wow. Maybe I need to move my blog. MySpace is still a thing, right? Sheesh. Okay... let's try and finish this. So, I really liked Toy Story 3 when I saw it in theaters. But the weird thing is, I never re-watched it. Whenever it comes on TV, I avoid it. Not ignore - avoid. Why? Well, I'm just kind of tired of those characters. Oversaturated with them. And the movie, while it does have some really funny moments, in hindsight the emotional stuff is all a bit cloying and manipulative now. I still think Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are really good movies (although they're starting to look pretty dated now), but that's because they were still exploring new ideas. But with Toy Story 3, it was the whole unloved/lost/abandoned/Woody-is-all-angsty toy schtick again. But it closed out the series, and that was fine. The toys were in good hands, happy ending, the end. Of course, Disney wasn't going to let it end there. They became sequel-happy. And the sequels have been ridiculously successful, with Toy Story 3, Incredibles 2, and Finding Dory each earning over $1 billion worldwide. In fact, now including Toy Story 4, the only Pixar movies that have cleared a billion dollars worldwide have been sequels. Sure, Pixar has recently said that they won't be doing any more sequels, but don't you believe it. I never bothered seeing Cars 3 or Finding Dory, but even beyond the sequels, I've grown weary of Pixar's original films as well. The Good Dinosaur was a train wreck, Inside Out did nothing for me (and I've never re-watched it), and I didn't think much of Coco either and... wait, WHY IS THERE A YOUTUBE VIDEO IN THE MIDDLE OF MY COCO REVIEW?!?! Oh right... that used to be a link, and Invision arbitrarily decided to turn it into an embedded video. Idiots. You know, writing movie reviews didn't used to be this difficult. Anyway, so... I'm tired of Toy Story, Pixar, blah, blah, blah. But we needed something to go see during vacation, and there was nothing else in the theaters worth seeing (I'd already seen Spider-Man), so we figured Toy Story 4 was well-reviewed enough to justify seeing. And it was okay. It was well-animated. Had some funny scenes. And the new characters: Forky, Ducky and Bunny really need to get their own road-trip movie. Seriously - I'd pay good money to see that. But I'm just tired of Woody and his endlessly repeating need to re-learn some valuable life lesson. It's just worn thin. To the writers' credit, they did come up with an interesting take on the whole "lost toy" idea, but by far the most interesting character in the film was Forky, and they didn't spend nearly enough time delving into what makes him tick. They touch on it here and there, and it makes for some of the best scenes in the film (including a scene during the credits that's almost worth the price of admission), but just as they get into it, it becomes about Woody again. As for the rest of the Toy Story characters, they were effectively relegated to support roles, when they showed up at all. And yes, that includes Buzz. In Toy Story 3, his gimmick was that he was reset and spoke Spanish. In this one, he has another gimmick related to his digitized voice, and given how long the character has been around, it seems he's actually regressed in this film, from where we would expect him to be. They did bring back Bo Peep who had been missing after Toy Story 2, and we get to find out a little bit about what she's been up to. But again, this is Woody's film, and even her story becomes about him. So while she probably has a really interesting story to tell, it becomes more about his reactions to where she is now, than giving her the center stage. It almost seems a little like they're pandering to girls in the audience, without really following through with the character in any meaningful way. Speaking of pandering, that's the only way I can describe the ending of the villain's story in this film. It was shlocky and lazy. It's like someone saw an early Pixar movie, and decided they wanted to copy the feeling they got from watching it without understanding how it was accomplished. As an aside, there was just some weird stuff in this movie, too. Previously, the toys didn't impact the world around them much or interact with people directly (except Woody's line to Sid at the end of the first film), and the movie even alludes to those being rules that aren't allowed to be broken in a couple of really funny scenes with Ducky and Bunny. But then near the end of the film, the toys completely throw those rules out the window in a really big way. It just doesn't fit in with the established Toy Story universe, and it seems like a lazy solution to a story problem the writers found themselves in. Toy Story 4 would've been a better film if it were used as a vehicle to pass the torch to the next generation of characters (as mentioned, Forky, Ducky and Bunny were standouts), but this was more like Toy Story 2.5, than Toy Story 4. It's not that it's a bad film, but it missed its best opportunities to be something new and different. Toy Story 4 gets a 6/10. But in hindsight, I'll probably look back at it and think I should've given it a 4 or 5. That always happens when I go back and look at old movie reviews. I often score a movie I've seen in the theater higher than I otherwise would, probably because the theatrical experience enhances my perception of the film. Maybe having waited a few weeks to write this review will have tempered that somewhat, but these are pretty-much the thoughts I had when I was leaving the theater. Maybe 5.5 would be better.
  3. Hi everyone. I've been working on a project I'm calling AtasciiTube. It's a HTML5/JS app to play for ATASCII animations. I'm still refining the code, but it's working pretty well so far. Check it out: http://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii. Also, I want to send out a plea to anyone who saved any ATASCII animations from years ago. I have found quite a few, but I know there have to more out there. If you were an 8-bit sysop or user back in the day, or maybe you dabbled in creating these animations yourself, please give me a holler! I'd love to add any animations you can send me.
  4. Hey guys, I am not a programmer by any means.I was experimenting with visual bb and decided to make a sprite using both player sprites. I am now wondering if anyone would be willing to show me a code where I can combine both sprites as one. My first goal is to combine both sprites and then hopefully add some code so I can design a walk cycle. Anyone willing to share an animated double sprite code to an artist?I just wanna create art, I wish I understand programming. I provided art example below, I'm sure it will be nice to see if someone was willing to help out. My next step is walk cycle if someone can help with the code. I've seen this code for flicking, but I am not sure how to use it or write it in a code for my character. Assuming flicker is best. My understanding is, it allows you to use one player sprite instead of two? frame1 player0x = x gosub ShowLeftSide goto frame2 frame2 player0x = x + 8 gosub ShowRightSide goto frame1 Art player0: %01011010 %00110100 %00101000 %00110000 %00011000 %00110000 %00110000 %00110000 %01010000 %11100000 %01000000 %00000000 %10101010 %11111111 %00000001 %10110110 %01011000 %01010000 %01100000 %11000000 %10000000 %10000000 %11100000 %10000000 player0: %10110000 %01011000 %00111000 %00011000 %00110000 %00011000 %00011000 %00010100 %00001100 %00001110 %00110111 %01001011 %01010000 %01101111 %01011111 %01011000 %01011101 %01011101 %01011011 %01100110 %00111001 %00000011 %00000011 %00000001
  5. Classic games that have smooth controls & animation: The Super Mario Bros. game series on NES are a given. Many NES games have smooth, refined controls and are well-animated. Jungle Hunt on ColecoVision is another one. Your pith-helmet-wearing character controls as smooth/refined as on a good NES game. Jumping is smooth and well-animated. The falling boulders and crocodiles animate well. Swinging ropes move as smooth as windshield wipers. Looks like everything was done in a high framerate for smoothness. Even the side-scrolling was pretty decent. Very impressive for it's time! Other versions of Jungle Hunt at the time have choppier, more 'computer-y' looking animation -- like they were done at a much lower framerate. They also don't control as well. Post some examples of smooth animated/controlled games and discuss
  6. Highly inspired by this : http://68000.web.fc2.com/bad_apple.html I decided to do my own version of this demo for the sega megadrive I initially wanted to proof it was possible to achieve full resolution video while keeping 30 FPS playback rate. After many effort i finally completed it. 4 MB version : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p1.bin https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p2.bin 8 MB version (without bank switch) : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple.bin Note that the 8 MB version can work only with Mega Everdrive or custom flash cart supporting full 8 MB mapping (without SSF2 bank switch style). Also some special emulator can support it as well as this one : http://umk3.hacking-cult.org/2.11hack.zip The good point is that it does work on real hardware exactly as on emulator
  7. Hey all, I tried to spend the weekend learning the basics (ha!) of IntyBasic. And what better way to learn for a "retro" console than to make a PONG clone? So I made a very rough PONG clone called "PONGadelic" to learn: Simple sprite definition and rendering. Controller input and translating input to sprite movement. Simple collision detection. How to handle color-switching on the Inty. I've attached the BAS and ROM files for your perusal. The PONGadelic_title.BAS simple renders the classic title screen (adapted from the SDK's classic title screen example - thanks!). So down to my questions - I've got the Inty in ColorStack mode: MODE SCREEN_COLOR_STACK, STACK_BLACK, STACK_CYAN, STACK_BROWN, STACK_YELLOW 'I have no idea how to use anything after STACK_BLACK BORDER BORDER_BLACK This results in my entire play field being BLACK, which is what I want for now. Great. But say, after either player scores a point, I want to change the whole play field to the next color in the stack - that is everything that was STACK_BLACK should now be STACK_CYAN. I was not able to figure out how to accomplish this. Is there some sort of "advance color stack to next color" command? I saw something about setting $2000 but I'm not sure how or where to do that. I don't want to change the color of a sprite or printed object; I want to make the entire play field a new color. Second question - I have a Ball object (SPRITE 6) that I want to animate in a simple, back-and-forth kind of deal. I have two sprites loaded into GRAM for this purpose; SPR03 and SPR04. SPRITE 6,ballX+HIT+VISIBLE,ballY+ZOOMY2,SPR03 + ballColor 'this is where Id like to animate the ball, (i.e. change to SPR04 for X frames, wait X frames, then change back to SPR03). My assumption is we need some kind of counter that switches the line from using SPR03 to SPR04 every X frames, then starts over and switches back to SPR03 after X frames elapse again - but I struggled with how to implement this. When I had counters swapping the sprites, I ran into collision detection issues. Final question - WAITs - I don't really understand when I should (and shouldn't) be using them. I understand that certain things need to "settle" sometimes, or you can only do certain operations once every "cycle"... but I'm kind of lost . Besides those (probably obvious!) questions, PONGadelic is a totally functional albeit rough PONG clone! If you feel like trying it out, here's how it works: Classic PONG - use your paddle to bounce the ball and prevent it from going out the back of your side. Left Controller - Left Side; Right Controller - Right Side. Player who just gave up a point gets to "serve" the ball using any of the Side Buttons (serving merely sends the ball in a random direction from the center). When the game first starts, Left Player gets to "serve". First player to 9 points wins the game. Walls, Paddles, and Ball have a random color during each round of the game (hence PONGadelic). Thanks in advance for your help! J. Lewis pongadelic_title.bas pongadelic.bas constants.bas pongadelic.rom
  8. I've done stop motion animation for a very, very long time. I'm kinda a wizard at it. I know a lot of little tricks. It's not as easy as it looks... I call my stop motion multidimensional masterpiece of episodic calamity.. The Megaverse ENJOY!! (Buttons said I needed to be LOUDER!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpcG9eS9rl4&feature=youtu.be
  9. Not one of the high points of the series!
  10. Here's a little animation I did with my APAC interlaced converter. Clash of the Lightsabers 130XE - english.atr
  11. Hey everyone, Back then, Richard Williams had a dream. He promised to make the greatest animated film of all time. It took 30 years just to get close to finishing the film. Unfortunately, it never was finished. Only 85% was done, and then the film was taken from Richard William's hands. It was finished by other people, but butchered beyond relief. Several scenes of amazing animation were cut, and third rate songs, voice-overs, and animation were put in. Richard Williams created a work print before Thief was taken from him, and that reflected his vision. It has been horribly bootlegged to death though, and many copies are almost literally unwatchable. But, in 2006, a man named Garrett Gilchrist created a nonprofit restored version called The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut. This version has many old deleted scenes, and many discovered storyboards and pencil tests. He is still updating the film, and is planning to release a Mark IV version for free online sometime next year. Please help spread the word and support this great man. I am only a fan that is trying to create awareness. Here is his youtube channel. You can watch the whole Recobbled Cut for free. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheThiefArchive And this is also his official production website. He has several other projects and a forum as well. You can even donate too. http://orangecow.org/ Have a great day everyone, and please enjoy and preserve this lost masterpiece of animation.
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