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Found 8 results

  1. ***Disclaimer: I purchased this controller with my own money and was not sent it to review. I don't get any sort of proceeds or compensation from the sale of these controllers, nor was I paid or compensated in any way for this review, and my thoughts on it are my own. Basically, you're getting my honest opinion*** Heya folks! Recently I found myself in need of a new joystick for my Atari 2600 (after snapping my second to last CX-40) so I decided to reach out to RetroGameBoyz.com to see if they could build me a custom Atari 2600 arcade stick. They offered several multi-button arcade sticks for the Atari 5200 and Atari 7800, but they didn't have a single button Atari 2600 dedicated stick. The owner of the company was really friendly and said he'd be happy to work with me to make a custom arcade stick to my liking, so we set to work designing a joystick and button layout template and after a bit of cooperative trial and error I think we settled on a very nice aesthetic and functional design and he got it all assembled and shipped out. After a little waiting for UPS to deliver it, my RetroGameBoyz custom Atari 2600 arcade stick arrived in the mail today, so here it is! It's pretty rare for me to not have any complaints about a product, but I think this one came out pretty darn awesome! The injection molded case (which measures 7.75" wide, 5.75" deep, and 3" tall) is just the right size to set over your knee without feeling cumbersome and the little rubber feet on the bottom grip rock solid if you want to set it down on a table or a lap desk. It feels extremely solid and hefty with no creaks or wobbles, and I think the light beige color really makes it look like an authentic Atari product from the early to mid 80's. The 3D printed top logo graphics plate and control panel plates are easily the smoothest feeling 3D prints I've ever seen and if I didn't know better I would honestly think this controller was a factory production item from back in the day. The 10 ft cord with case mounted tension pull really completes the look and there's nothing about this controller's appearance or feel that would ever make me think it was a handmade product and not a new old stock arcade stick from the 80's. As far as the controls go, the joystick is a high quality Sanwa JLF clone that I had RetroGameBoyz equip with a octagon shaped restrictor plate for precise control in both 4-way and 8-way games. It plays a mean game of River Raid but also works just as well for Ms. Pac-Man! The joystick spring tension feels just right too, not too light to flop around but also not strong enough to give you false inputs if you let the joystick go and allow it to snap back to center from any direction. The button is very nice as well, with a smooth snappy feel and very little pressure required to actuate the silent microswitch. It's not light enough to accidentally press just resting your finger on it, but after putting the button through it's paces with an hour of Plaque Attack I can safely say that it's extremely responsive and excellent for games that require high speed rapid tapping. Another neat feature is that the button comes equipped with a nice bright red LED that is powered off the +5 volt pin of the Atari 2600's controller port. All in all I'm absolutely thrilled with this arcade stick, and also happy to see that RetroGameBoyz liked my custom design enough to make it a regularly stocked item on their website! For the $65 they're pricing this at it's a serious steal of deal, and I'd recommend it to anyone in need of a good solid Atari 2600 controller that'll perform excellently whether you're just gaming for fun or playing competitively in the High Score Club. If you'd like to pick up one of these awesome little Atari 2600 arcade sticks for yourself here's the link to it on the RetroGameBoyz website: https://retrogameboyz.com/products/atari-7800-2600-arcade-stick-mold-injected-case
  2. I've been on a mission as of late to make arcade-type sticks/controllers for all of my consoles to enrich my game-play experience, and I've finally gotten around to my SNES. So unveiling my: SF2 / Twin2 Edition – VVG Enhanced Controller: (Super Famicom-Street Fighter / Twin Stick-Twin Control) Built into a Hammond Mfg. 20" x 11.25" aluminum enclosure, and featuring: *(2) iL Eurostick 8-way joysticks w/ Cherry micro-switches *(2) iL extended length, threaded SST shafts *(2) Sanwa LB-35, 35mm ball-knobs (Dak Hai) *(6) iL PSL-L concave push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (1 ea. Green (Y) /Blue (X) /Yellow (B) /Red (A) & 2 Light Gray (L&R)) *(2) iL PSL/CV convex push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (2 Dark Gray (Select & Start)) *SNES controller donor PCB & cable *Custom C.P. artwork overlay So basically its your run-of-the-mill arcade stick, with era-correct arcade components...featuring a Street Fighter button layout, and a 2nd stick wired in as a twin input for the Y/X/B/A buttons. The 2nd stick allows for arcade-accurate controls when playing Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu Arcade Classics), Robotron: 2084 (Williams: Arcade's Greatest Hits), Super Smash TV, and Total Carnage. Enjoy!
  3. The subject line says it all. I've got almost zero modding skills, but I'd love to have an arcade stick with two action buttons for games like Moon Patrol and Defender. It would improve games like Pac-Man and Berzerk as well. Would a Redemption plus a SMS arcade stick work as well? LMK if you have a Redemption for sale...
  4. So I recently decided I wanted to add an Atari Jaguar to my video game collection again, mostly for it's excellent port of NBA JAM T.E....and a few other select games. But as the NBA JAM series is best enjoyed with era-correct arcade hardware (not a hand-held control pad) I figured I would just build myself a controller as no commercial options exist. For maximum game compatibility, I decided to build it as a full-featured Jaguar controller, with an 8-way joystick, 3 action buttons (C,B,A), all 12 keypad buttons, and the Pause/Option buttons. I briefly had the thought of scavenging the keypad out an original Jaguar controller, but as I had already "built" my own keypad out of 24mm pushbuttons for a ColecoVision controller I built, I figured I'd just repeat it. So here it is, my Jaguar Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller: Built into a Hammond Mfg. 17" x 11.25" aluminum enclosure, and featuring: *iL Eurostick 8-way joystick w/ Cherry micro-switches *iL standard length, threaded SST shaft *Crown joystick bat-top (Black) *iL PSL-L concave push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (3-Red) *Sanwa OBSF24 24mm push-buttons (14-Black body / Dark Hai plunger) *Jaguar controller donor PCB & cable *Custom keypad and C.P. artwork overlays Hopefully now I will play and enjoy my new Jaguar a lot more than I did my previous one!
  5. hey all, new to the forum but have been creeping wtihout being a member for a while now.. a few months ago i bought a 7800 system without any cables or controllers, i had the video, ordering the power was easy enough, but given the general review of the proline controller, i decided to build my own controller from arcade parts. seems to have worked out okay for the most part, the 2600 and 2600 games recognize the controller right off. i used http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219466-diy-7800-arcade-stick-help/this post as a rough guide, including the pinout incorporated therein. the major difference is the base wire i'm using is chopped up cat5e, mostly because its what i had laying around the house. now for the particulars, i have 620 ohm resistors in the ground wires for each of the two buttons, and diodes in the lines running to pins 5 and 9. without the diodes i get a weird auto fire feature mentioned elsewhere in the forums. the ground wire for each button has its own line running to pin 8. as far as i can tell everything is wired "correctly" based against info found elsewhere in the forums. so thats good.... except using xevious as a test cart, i can use my joystick, but not the buttons. like i said running it against seaquest using the 7800... everything works fine. xevious or asteroids for the 7800... get me nothing. interesting side note, joust, robotron, and galaga all seem to work fine from what i can tell any ideas on what went wrong?
  6. Here are 4 2600 controller that I built and have up for sale at the moment. The black and white one and also the red/black/white one are 70$ shipped in the cont. USA. They are ready to rock with 10’ cables, plexiglass covers,siemitsu ps14g pushbuttons, and (black one) has Sanwa joystick, red has a zippyy stick. The white and black one and the green one are 60$ shipped USA. They have 6’cables. Also taking orders for custom builds right now as well if any of y’all happen to be interested in a custom stick. I’m not set up to build for 5200, Jaguar, or intellivision, but those several consoles aside, I can build out for most any retro consoles. Thanks for taking the time to check them out. Jeff Boss Level Controls
  7. Make me an offer if the Real Sports stick appeals to you....it plays GREAT. Will also sell the Starplex controllers for 30$ each, shipped in the US only. PRICE DROPPED on remaining RealSports controller. $65 shipped, OR, $80 shipped with your choice of Starplex-like controller (See bottom) Buy yourself something nice for Christmas so I can too! Each stick is $80.00 $65.00 shipped. Shipment to US only via USPS mail with tracking. Payment via Paypal. See bottom for Space Invaders/Starplex style controllers bundle pricing *****XEVIOUS STICK SOLD**** Xevious mini-stick micro switch joystick from (where else) China two new Sanwa buttons Original 7800 cord, wired for proper 2 button play Real Sports 7800 Arcade Stick for all those awesome Real Sports 7800 games... New Happ Stick New Happ Buttons Original 7800 cord, wired for 2 button play This one has a small scuff on the top right, a small wrinkle in the vinyl on the back, and other minor imperfections. The vinyl was all hand-cut and laid. *****COMMANDER JOYSTICK SOLD***** Atari 7800 Commander, 1 of 3 New Seimitsu Stick with cut down Atari 7800 control knob New Sanwa Buttons fancy pants chrome logo Original 7800 cord, wired for 2 button play Space Invaders/Starplex style controller Generic buttons in generic cases, overlaid in different vinyls. Fatty, chrome, and black. White buttons are left/right. Green thrust, blue warp, red fire. All feel great in the hand. Real Atari 2600 cords. If buying any of the arcade style sticks above, you can choose any one of these controllers for an additional $20, coming to a $100 total. First buy of the big boy controller, first choice on the starplex jr. (I have sold 4 of these Starplex style controllers previously, each at $40.) If, after a period of time, nothing is selling, I will consider selling these separately.
  8. So, I've got one of these: I love it to bits for Sega Genesis spaceship shooters, fighting games, and general Atari 2600 use as well. There's just one little problem: Over time the joystick has gotten really squeaky! I have already tried lubricating the joystick with white lithium grease, which I thought would be a good plastic-on-plastic lubricant based on my experience using it to lubricate the plastic internals of airsoft replicas, but it didn't do much of anything to help the squeakiness of the Arcade Power Stick. Any suggestions for a lubricant I could use that would eliminate the squeakiness of the joystick without risking damage to the silicone membrane contacts underneath?
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