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Found 15 results

  1. As reported by Polygon, Tastemakers is releasing a new Arcade1Up series of 4 foot tall home arcade machines for just $399 each. Set to come out this fall, the only catch is that these 3/4 scale arcade machines have to be self assembled, although Tastemakers is promising that the process is a simple one. The Centipede headline cabinet also comes with Breakout, Millipede, and Missile Command, and features a trackball, which is good for everything but Breakout, which really needs a spinner. The Asteroids Deluxe headline cabinet also comes with Asteroids, Major Havoc, and Tempest, and features the classic Asteroids-style button configuration, as well as a spinner, which is needed for both Tempest and Major Havoc. The Capcom machine appears to just have Street Fighter 2. All of these cabinets feature a 17" LCD screen. While that rules out a true vector display for the Asteroids Deluxe machine, I have to say that that one is the most appealing to me because of the more authentic controls. Of course, the Centipede machine does have a certain appeal, even if I can't see myself enjoying Breakout with a trackball. Hopefully the Tastemakers custom emulator is up to snuff and the build quality is reasonable considering the amazingly low price.
  2. Asteroids is by far my favorite game to play on my Atari 2600, in that I can easily let it eat huge chunks of my time without getting bored. There's something so simplistically exciting about all those narrow escapes, those across-the-screen snipes, and evading those crafty UFOs. There's three different power-ups to use in Asteroids, and I was wondering which power-up you guys may prefer the most. When going for the ultimate challenge, it's implied a little bit that you'll go in with nothing but your wits, but let's say you're playing for funsies or just for more variety - what's your pick? The Flip, the Hyperspace Warp, or the Shield? My personal go-to is the Flip - being able to pull a quick u-turn is invaluable in situations when asteroids or UFOs have sneaked onto your six. Hyperspace has a habit of dropping me off in the worst possible place, and the Shield almost feels too easy, even with the two second self-destruct switch. The thing about these features, though, is that I often forget that I have them, so even with the Flip equipped I find myself manually turning around.
  3. Hi all, I am hoping someone on here with some experience repair an asteroids PCB can help me troubleshoot a minor issue I am having. My left rotate is sticking intermittently. I have replaced the buttons so I know it is a problem on the logic board but I don't know where to look. Every once in a way the ship gets stuck rotating left and then i can rotate right and it will eventually fix itself during game play. It only crops up once in a while. Any ideas?
  4. Greetings, when i was age 9-10, 1982-1983, in Denmark, I think that i played a game on a 2600 in a local Radio/TV store, however i cant seem to find it, ok my memory is sketchy. When thinking of it it reminds me somewhat of asteroids, but you had a dot, moving around your ship, and when you shot the shot would go in the direction of the dot, does a game like this exist? or is it my imagination? -lasse
  5. It may have taken a long time, but it finally happened. When I was a kid, we used to go over to my dad’s Aunt Helen’s house. Her teen kids’ Atari was in the shag-carpeted, wood-paneled, beanbag-sporting basement rec room that we lil’ sprouts would gather in at family parties. That machine was like magic, completely mesmerizing me with electronic gaming. We’d gather around it on the floor and play while the grown-ups socialized upstairs. I can’t remember all the games they had, but I have very distinct memories of about a half-dozen that flickered across that screen: Kaboom, Megamania, Frogger, Pitfall, Space Invaders, Keystone Kapers, and Asteroids. As I grew up through the NES age, I never lost my love for the classics, but my secret shame among my group of “retro gaming” friends (though we didn’t have a term for it in the late-‘80s and mid-‘90s), was that I never liked Asteroids. It was iconic, and I remember enjoying whizzing along in a spaceship and shooting stuff when I was a tot, but as someone who liked video games, I just never took to it. I wouldn’t tell anyone -- that’s like saying you hate Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. It’s understandable to hate Defender -- it’s too hard! But Asteroids? Everybody loves Asteroids. Except me. The strange gravity, lack of reverse thrust, the arcade’s “button only” controls, the unfairness of the hyperspace respawn (always right in front of a space rock!). It just made me mad. Repeatedly. So I was never any good. And in that "Silver Age of Console Gaming", I had enough other games with more flash and “tighter” space shooter controls to draw my attention, so I never got good at the older model. Of course, I couldn’t knock the game. I mean... It’s ASTEROIDS. It wasn’t a bad game. I just hated it. So, flash forward to this week. Money’s been tight lately, and while I still have the urge to buy games and stuff, I’m generally trying not to cross any of the “high-ticket” items off my wishlist. I’ve got all the games I can reasonably play (via flash carts and an already fleshed-out collection), so to scratch that collecting itch, I’m sticking to cheap stuff ($10-ish). That lends itself to filling in some small gaps in my Atari collection. The other day, my wife and I took a trip to a game store that I knew had a shelf or two of boxed Atari stuff in varying conditions, thinking, “Maybe I’ll find something fun.” [The guy that works there is a motormouth schmo with ears like a hawk who loves to eavesdrop. I told Mrs. S as we went in, “Don’t encourage him. Just get in and out without interacting. Do not engage.”] One of the categories on my wishlist has been to get decent-condition boxed copies of those “Aunt Helen’s basement” games. The idea that, if all my other stuff went up in smoke, I could start over with just those games, in boxes, in good condition. To once again seed the garden. After all, those were the ones that sparked my love in the first place, and should therefore be crown jewels in my collection. I've already got several of that handful. comb through what they've got, and spot a copy of Asteroids. The top flap is a little thrashed in spots, but with a supposed "buy-one, get-one” deal, I can score it for $5. I hem and haw and almost don’t but then I do. "Sure, why not?" The fact that I'm not a fan makes the box damage easier to swallow. Even though it’s at the bottom of my short "boxed Atari wishlist”, I decide it’s a classic and cheap and will be a nice addition to the collection. As a gamer, I don’t tend to collect cardboard boxes. To each their own, (except people that only buy sealed games and never open any -- I don't understand that at all), so when I buy a boxed game, I try to make sure to get the game out and play it a bit to make sure I’m not just paying for paper (again, to each their own). To my mind, I bought a GAME. Why not have a little fun with it? Sure, I’d played Asteroids plenty of times. Usually for a couple minutes, and usually immediately before playing something else in frustration. But damn it, why not give this chestnut a fresh chance? If it didn’t take, I could put it on the shelf and that’s that. Well, after about 5 minutes in a dark room with a six-switch, wood-grained gaming console and a big CRT television, I started to get hooked. I was into it. I paged through the manual and turned on the UFO/satellite. I experimented with hyperspace/shields/flip (I like traditional hyperspace the best). I put my nose right up against the TV and blasted those things into debris. Probably lost an hour to it before I had to get some sleep. Then, yesterday, after a few more unexpectedly long rounds of the game, I finally got around to loading a new rom onto my Harmony Cart: Space Rocks. Why hadn’t I played it before? Well, I wasn’t much of an Asteroids fan. But, boy howdy, it is the finest version of that game I’ve played outside of an O.G. arcade cab. I could not have picked a better moment at which to first experience it. I can only imagine the glee with which it was met by longtime Asteroids devotees. It’s all the gameplay I’m suddenly realizing I like, along with a masterful presentation, lots of options, and great graphics. In the dark, I can even see the phosphor glow around the “vector” style graphics option. But not only is it sooooo much fun, but even though I’m new to the game, it’s giving me everything I would want from an Atari VCS/2600 home versions of (*ahem* “based on”) Asteroids. I already thought that SpiceWare's Darrell Spice Jr. was a genius because of his re-imaginings of Warlords ("Medieval Mayhem") and Berzerk ("Frantic") for the Atari VCS/2600 system, but now consider my mind officially blown. Mr. Spice, thank you so much for your work on these games and for generously releasing a ROM to the public to play in our flash carts and emulators, along with the physical release. Once money starts flowing again, Space Rocks just jumped to the top of my list of “homebrews to buy on a cart”. [in fact, I’m repeatedly stunned by what some of the modern programmers can do. I have later consoles, 8- and 16-bit, and even though those can theoretically get “closer”, some of these games have been perfected for me on the Atari console. Even with additional processing power, Space Rocks, and the sensational Pac-Man 8K, are not only my favorite versions of those games “for an Atari console”, but my favorite ports of those games ever.] I actually like the game enough, I think I’m going to build my own Starplex controller. I’ll post some questions elsewhere soon about how to wire up a DIY box full of buttons. I’ve wanted one to use as my secondary Stargate controller, anyway, and this is a better excuse, especially since I can’t afford the forty bucks to buy one right now. I might even try to pick up another copy of the game in a sharper box, I’m loving it so much. [Though, feel free to PM me if you’re looking to unload a Starplex in a week or two. That woodgrain is something else. ] So yeah, sign me up as a freshly-minted Asteroids fan. It’s funny... 30 years on and still making new discoveries about games I thought I was “so over". Maybe one day I can even learn to enjoy RPGs. tl;dr: I used to not like Asteroids. Now I do.
  6. In my latest episode of my Youtube channel I discuss Asteroids and the various ports of the game. I know that most of us have probably played this game more than we care to admit, but I still love it and had a blast (pun intended) playing it again for this episode. Enjoy!
  7. Megaoids - Blasteroids type game now available on cartridge for $39.95 just in time for CyberMonday. The game was influenced by the arcade Blasteroids game. Instead of lives, you have shield energy that go down everytime you collide with an asteroids or exotic matter. The shield energy gets recharge when making contact with those glowing spinning orbs that pop up after destroying the asteroids. This also has fast moving laserbolts, can shoot multiple bolts at once. The game is full of sound effects, power ups, and exotic matter that redirect, grow, or clone the asteroids. I made a game many years ago in Turbobasic XL, many years ago around 1990. I decided to rewrite it totally in assembly language. I took the original font from its Turbobasic counterpart and updated it for this machine language version. As many of us know a 100% machine language port can run and play much smoother. There are more things can be done at the assembly language level that is hard to do in Complied Turbobasic. The Turbobasic version ran into limitations and I always wanted to do better. The orbs are now animated and move, no longer have slow downs, have stars in the background, and many more things move at the same time. The game is available here. http://members.tcq.net/video61/main.html We have also release Laser Blast X on the same day. Megaoids was originally intended to be release in early October but was delayed due to personal issues with a member of our team.
  8. This thread is to develop a demonstration of a ship movement routine in 7800bas that produces a result that looks similar to Omega Race / Asteroids. This initial post is a starting point only and does not display the desired characteristics. All programmers, mathematicians, rocket scientists as well as anyone who has constructive input are welcome to participate. ardemo.zip
  9. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    These are games I have that are made by Atari and based on arcade titles. From left to right, top to bottom, we have Combat, Pole Position, Kangaroo, Combat again, Defender, Battlezone, Berzerk, Centipede, Missle Command, Asteroids (in it's tele-games form), Breakout, and Pac-man. My favorite in this collection is probably Berzerk.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  10. From the album: high scores

    new record (bests 3rd in the world unofficially) 467,680 asteroids deluxe. pat hebert dec 3rd 2013
  11. Hello, I recently inherited an Upright Asteroids arcade game. The kind found in the old arcades. The game appears to operate but there is no video output. I've been reading around and it seems one of the first things is to replace all (or most?) of the electrolytic capacitors. I was able to find the Real Bob Roberts site that offers re-cap kits. There are several cap kits (http://www.therealbobroberts.net/caps.html) including one specifically for the Asteroids game. Questions: 1) Is the Asteroids re-cap kit all the I will need? 2) Is anyone familiar with this particular video issue? I'm an embedded engineer and quite familiar with circuits and etc. Although, I am entirely unfamiliar with the likely failure modes of this machine, and would be grateful for insight from folks experienced repairing the Asteroids arcade game. The model number is 215 XX. Kindly, Graham
  12. Make me an offer if the Real Sports stick appeals to you....it plays GREAT. Will also sell the Starplex controllers for 30$ each, shipped in the US only. PRICE DROPPED on remaining RealSports controller. $65 shipped, OR, $80 shipped with your choice of Starplex-like controller (See bottom) Buy yourself something nice for Christmas so I can too! Each stick is $80.00 $65.00 shipped. Shipment to US only via USPS mail with tracking. Payment via Paypal. See bottom for Space Invaders/Starplex style controllers bundle pricing *****XEVIOUS STICK SOLD**** Xevious mini-stick micro switch joystick from (where else) China two new Sanwa buttons Original 7800 cord, wired for proper 2 button play Real Sports 7800 Arcade Stick for all those awesome Real Sports 7800 games... New Happ Stick New Happ Buttons Original 7800 cord, wired for 2 button play This one has a small scuff on the top right, a small wrinkle in the vinyl on the back, and other minor imperfections. The vinyl was all hand-cut and laid. *****COMMANDER JOYSTICK SOLD***** Atari 7800 Commander, 1 of 3 New Seimitsu Stick with cut down Atari 7800 control knob New Sanwa Buttons fancy pants chrome logo Original 7800 cord, wired for 2 button play Space Invaders/Starplex style controller Generic buttons in generic cases, overlaid in different vinyls. Fatty, chrome, and black. White buttons are left/right. Green thrust, blue warp, red fire. All feel great in the hand. Real Atari 2600 cords. If buying any of the arcade style sticks above, you can choose any one of these controllers for an additional $20, coming to a $100 total. First buy of the big boy controller, first choice on the starplex jr. (I have sold 4 of these Starplex style controllers previously, each at $40.) If, after a period of time, nothing is selling, I will consider selling these separately.
  13. There is a local eBay auction for a restored Asteroids and un-restored Centipede. I have a Ford Explorer and was wondering if it's possible, or even a good idea, to transport them laying on their backs? I would prefer not to rent a truck, plus it's the middle of thunderstorm season here.
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