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  1. 2020 - North Pole - Earth After humans destroyed their chances of survival, only one human was left on Earth. Frostbite Bailey! He's faster, he's more furious ... He's back! Jumping frantically across icebergs, he devours all the fish he encounters and dodges the mutant drone birds who left over from the human resistance, after the machines revolt. Genetically modified shells for human consumption, now try to devour the last human left! And the giant extraterrestrial crabs will give you a lot of headaches. Build your home with blocks full of blood from your raw feet and survive the fastest bear the universe has ever created. 80 incarnations foreseen by Chico Xavier. Start at level 80. And cry until you don't want to anymore ... A homemade production for the most exquisite tastes. Atari Hell Hacks Corp. frost_pro.bin
  2. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Tuesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH: Twitch Livestream | YouTube Archive WATCH THE NEWEST STREAM (Click on Date to Watch): 20200911 Let's Play: Railslider (Exclusive WIP Update), R.C. Sumo Bots (WIP), Ms Galactopus (High Score Club), City Defence (High Score Club), Doggone It! (High Score Club) UPCOMING LIVESTREAMS on TWITCH (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): -= SHORT BREAK FOR HOUSE RENOVATIONS =- 202010xx Let's Play: TBD, Don't Go (WIP), Shadow Reflex (WIP), Astronomer (Patch Attempt #2: ?/20) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 202010xx Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 202010xx Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 202010xx Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 202010xx Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 202010xx Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) ... 202010xx Interview: Developer Spotlight: John Champeau (Champ Games) (Live Video Interview!) + Unboxing of Zoo Keeper 202102xx Event: 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards Presentation! ARCHIVED STREAMS (YouTube): 20200908 Let's Play: PlusCart(+) Wifi Multicart Special, Internet Combat (Exclusive WIP Premiere) 20200904 Let's Play: Stratovox 2600 (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Demo Platformer (WIP), Zombie Crisis (WIP), Headkicker 2.0, H.E.R.O. (Patch Attempt #2: 57755/75000) 20200901 Let's Play: BBlocks (WIP Update), Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days (WIP Update | 7800), Beamrider (PATCH EARNED! 46582/40000) 20200828 Let's Play: Popeye 7800 (WIP | 7800), Robotron: 2084 (Exclusive WIP Update), Spire of the Ancients (WIP Update | 7800) 20200825 Let's Play: Omegamatrix Menus for Classic 2600 Games (Asteroids, Championship Soccer, Combat, Hangman, Indy 500, Space Invaders, Super Breakout, Video Olympics, Warlords, Outlaw (Exclusive WIP Premiere) 20200821 Let's Play: Deep Space (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Cave Run, Bert (WIP), Barnstorming (PATCH EARNED! 33.02/33.3s on Game 1) 20200818 Let's Play: Zeviouz (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Frantic (Exclusive WIP Update), Oink! (PATCH EARNED! 32,168/25,000) 20200814 Interview: Developer Spotlight: Darrell Spice Jr. (Spiceware) (Live Video Interview!) MORE ARCHIVED STREAMS (2018-2020) 2020 List of Completed & WIP Games: Atari 2600, Atari 8-Bit/5200, Atari 7800 Future Episodes & Games: HOMEBREW, IMAGIC & ACTIVISION PATCH CHALLENGES
  3. Anybody want to try their hand at a PointMaster joystick repair? It doesn't work. I honestly forget if it only goes in a couple directions or if the fire button doesn't work but I just know it was in my "doesn't work" pile because it wasn't fully functional. Just pay shipping! Shoot me a PM with interest. Thanks.
  4. This was part of a high score challenge but the best score I submitted was 43,950. Didn't get as much in this video but I still wanted to share some tips. If you're watching on your phone rotate the screen to watch it vertically.
  5. Edit: Selling the remainder of these manuals (sold items deleted) as a lot for only $20 shipped to anywhere in the US! Given that Space Harrier for 32X is worth about $20 shipped on its own, I'd like to think this is a pretty good deal on the lot. Shoot me a PM with interest. Thanks. Atari 2600 Indy 500 XE (Homebrew) Kung-Fu Master (PAL version) Pitfall! (Color version) Star Wars: Return of the Jedi UFI und sein gefährlicher Einsatz (German version of Alien's Return) Atari 7800 FailSafe (Homebrew) Impossible Mission (French) K.C. Munchkin! (Homebrew) Motor Psycho (French) Motor Psycho (German) Magnavox Odyssey 2 1981 Games Catalog Alien Invaders - Plus! Showdown in 2100 A.D. Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Catalog Volume 1: Setup Volume 2: Warranty Miscellaneous Computer Championship Lode Runner (Apple II/Commodore 64/Atari 400-800-XL-XE/IBM PC/PC XT/PCjr) Championship Lode Runner (Commodore 64 - with Victory Registration Card) John Madden Football Nintendo DS Pictochat Nintendo Game Boy Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet Tetris Nintendo Wii Mario Party 8 Wii Games Flyer Wii Play Wii Sports (x2) Sega 32X Golf Magazine's 36 Great Holes (Sega 32X) Space Harrier (Sega 32X) Sega Game Gear Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo 2 Metal Gear Solid Madden 10 (PS3) Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style X-Men: Children of the Atom Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Console Manual Super Mario World Super NES Super Scope Manual WWF Raw/Acclaim's Dream Team Poster/Flyer Registration Cards (Miscellaneous) Acclaim's Swords & Serpents Warranty Registration Capcom Captain Commando Refund (Expired 12/31/90) Data East Electronic Arts Koei Corp. Game Pak Registration (NES) Romstar, Inc. (NES)
  6. For sale Another huge lot of Atari 2600 games! These are cool pirate games from all over the world. Selling some as lots, some individually. Games are untested and sold as-is. Condition as shown in the pics, if you want more detailed pics of certain games, let me know. Games in Eurasian PAL format will most likely roll on an NTSC tv, games from South America will display in monocrome on an NTSC tv. Prices do no include shipping. Please note, shipping has gotten expensive. It's $30 for a parcel weighing 350 gr - 2 kg - so you better buy more games to get the most out of the shipping cost 😅 Payment by PayPal or bank transfer (IBAN) The goodies Rare Birds General Retreat / Westward Ho - SOLD The elusive PAL-only game from the Playaround series. Comes with leatherette box. One side needs a wiggle now and then to play. Apples and Dolls - $100 Perhaps the coolest Polyvox title? Immies & Aggies - $100 Never released in the US, the Brazilians (CCE) had it! I.Q. Memory Teaser - SOLD One of the elusive Suntek titles, only a handful around, missing end label Bingo - $25 Just a nice title by CCE, from Brazil JoJo multi - SOLD Obscure multicart from Taiwan, ripped label Pizza Chef - $100 Never released in the US, the Brazilians (CCE) had it! BR 101 - SOLD One of the cool titles from Brazilian company Dismac Spacevision / Supervision / Century / Taiwan Loose, mostly multigames, and some cool singles, $15 each the following are SOLD: All Supervision games Keystone Kapers - Spacevision (blue) Video computer system cart with guy on motorcycle Red "Video Game Program" cart with silver label Cream colored cart with tigervision art Jawbreaker/Donkey Kong - Supervision (purple) Century River Raid Century Space Raid Orange 4-in-1 Pink 4-in-1 Canyon Shot Taiwan #1 Set of 8 loose Taiwan pirates in mini cases, $50 for the set Taiwan #2 Set of 11 loose pirates, different style cases, some from Taiwan some from Mexico, $15 each. SOLD: Room Doom, Miki Dog, Atlantik, Jow, Keiston Keper Eurasia boxed Set of boxed games from Taiwan / Australia / Europe Galactic (top flap gone, $15) Galactic SOLD Mariana SOLD Super Ferrari SOLD Ski Run SOLD Dragon Defender SOLD Krieg der Sterne ($50) Night Stalker ($40) Space Robot SOLD Motor Race ($25) Frogger $15) Assault (rare white box variation, $50) Instant Brazil Collection! Lot of 117 loose Brazilian games, instant collection, lots of unusual brands: $1000 OBO WILL SPLIT THIS UP NOW, SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE A CHANCE. $15 FOR EACH CART OR $100 FOR 10 CARTS Carts with red marking have been SOLD Hi-Score / Action Hi-Tech Seven boxed games from Australia. Carts and boxes. Boxes are fair, two are missing top flap SOLD Argentina singles Lot of 18 loose games from Argentina, mostly Edu Games: SOLD Argentina multis Lot of 27 loose multigames from Argentina, mostly by Age: SOLD Brazil CCE collection Lot of 18 loose CCE games from Brazil: SOLD Mexico Lot of 9 games from Mexico (2x HEROE), look and feel of Polyvox, dirty labels, SOLD Intellivision / Canal 3 set Nice quality games by Brazilian manufacturers Intellivision (yes) and Canal 3, SOLD Argentina Artkaris set Lot of 18 loose games by Arkaris and Edu Productions, from Argentna, dirty and ripped labels, SOLD
  7. Here we have a Quickshot IX "Deluxe Joyball Controller" by Spectravideo (SVI). You don't see too many of them around and it's a very interesting concept. Works best for maze-type games in my opinion. It's not a trackball, and rather you push the ball in the direction you want to go and it will click (think microswitches). It is meant to be played horizontally, not vertically (note the left hand/right hand toggle switch). It also has an autofire switch. All four suction cups on bottom are present. This controller is in good shape cosmetically and has been fully tested and functions as it should. Please see the attached pictures for more details. $25 including shipping to anywhere in the US takes it. Willing to ship to Canada but will need a little extra for shipping across the border (and all bets are off on transit time). Shoot me a PM with questions or to finalize a deal. Thanks!
  8. Hi all! Last month I saw the following ad on eBay: I thought the appeal of this kit for homebrew development was very limited: No bankswitching/mapper (only 2K games or 4K games with further modifications on the board) It required messing around with UV lamps, programmers, etc Required some knowledge of electronics Buying the parts separately would probably be less expensive Not possible to ship as a product to customers It would be probably easier and faster to use one of the existing USB/SD carts to test on a real hardware. This did make me think though that I had never seen a development kit for the 2600 which would allow homebrewers without knowledge of electronics to self publish their games. If a mapper is required, then that knowledge need goes up real fast. As in Europe we have very limited offers of good homebrew games available (most of them are from the USA and shipping quickly becomes a problem), I thought about making this my next project. The idea is to have blank carts (populated with all required components but without any game image in them) and a simple to use cable and PC software which would allow the user to create a cart ready to be shipped to customers as well as test games in a real atari. Is this something that would interest the homebrew community? Here are some requirements I have come up with: The final product must cost under 10€ (populated cart PCB) All components must be easy to find. Preference should be given to components still in production Must be usable by people with no experience in electronics No soldering Must support mappers (the ones used by batari Basic at a minimum, as a lot of people seem to use bB) No physical alterations to select the desired mapper (or no mapper) Must fit in a standard Atari cartridge case Components should be SMD to keep production cost as low as possible All comments will be appreciated!! Cheers.
  9. New high score by Indcsion! Good going. http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_06_2019/post-67112-0-55770300-1560357998.jpg
  10. Hey guys I’m looking for the following titles for the Atari 2600: -Out of Control -River Patrol -Mangia (ntsc) -X-man (ntsc) -Any xante cartridge -Atari 2600 Prototypes (Lab Loaners) Im looking for cart only for each title (if you have the manual with the cart, I’d be interested in that too), so please message me if you have any of them and would be willing to sell. Thank you!
  11. I’d like some advice. I seem to have bad luck with 2600 carts not working. I have three that will not work. Most recently, I was very excited to find Frankenstein’s Monster for a decent price at a retro shop I frequent and it won’t boot up. I cleaned it very well as I always do to my cartridges and even took the board out and polished the pins. Still nothing. How common is this? I’ve asked other collectors and most say they’ve rarely, or never, had a 2600 game they couldn’t get to work. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks so much. Duke
  12. I'm going through my Atari 2600 collection and have decided to sell some parts of it. These are all (variants of) PAL format games. I have not tested them, please expect some of them to be not working Selling these as lots only, will not break them up. Prices are as listed (shipping is not included) or best offer. Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. Lot 1: Argentina (Edu, Artkaris, Age) 49 loose games from Argentina, mostly fair condition The blue carts by Age are multicarts $500 Lot 2: Brazil 128 loose games from Brazil, lots of pretty cool manufacturers, like Intellivision, Star Game, Digital, War Games, Zirok and Shock Vision. Mostly nice condition for games from Brazil. SOLD Lot 3: South-American Box 60 boxed games, mostly from Brazil and a handful from Argentina. These come in plastic boxes. SOLD Lot 4: Spacevision multi pirates 12 funky little multigames from Spacevsion. Mostly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Good condition on most of them. SOLD
  13. Looking to unload the last of my 2600 extras. Pins have been cleaned on all carts and everything is fully gameplay tested. Would be happy to sell as a lot or individually. The more you purchase, the greater the discount. Please shoot me a PM with interest and I can get pics your way and we can discuss pricing. Here's what I've got available: 20th Century Fox Fast Eddie SOLD M.A.S.H. SOLD Turmoil Activision Freeway (but was mislabeled at the factory - plays Ghostbusters!) SOLD Stampede Atari Asteroids Adventure SOLD Combat Donkey Kong (red label) SOLD Human Cannonball (w/manual!) Journey Escape (Data Age) SOLD Mario Bros SOLD Phoenix RealSports Football SOLD Coleco Donkey Kong x2 Mouse Trap x2 SOLD Venture SOLD Imagic Cosmic Ark Demon Attack (picture label) SOLD Demon Attack (text label) Dragonfire SOLD Fire Fighter Shootin' Gallery SOLD Mythicon Fire Fly SOLD Sorcerer SOLD Parker Bros Frogger (poor label) G.I. Joe Cobra Strike SOLD Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back SOLD Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (missing label) Random Third Parties Cosmic Creeps (Telesys) - works but PCB is loose inside SOLD Skeet Shoot (Games by Apollo) SOLD Space Jockey x2 (Vidtec) Sears Tele-Games Pac-Man (missing end label) Space Combat SOLD Space Invaders x2 SOLD Speedway II Star Raiders PAL Format H.E.R.O. - works fine on NTSC consoles but the colors are off SOLD Mario Bros. Atari 7800 Broken Carnival (FREE if you buy something and express interest) Decathlon (FREE if you buy something and express interest)
  14. After watching High Score on Netflix I wanted to revisit E.T. for the Atari 2600. This is a charming and decent game with nice looking graphics. In the video I explain how to play because I read the manual and that it is not the worst game ever made. It's only 6 minutes long so check it out!
  15. Hey everyone! As you have heard me talk about on the show a number of times, my RGB light-sixer has been down for the count for a few months now. I've done all I can with the knowledge and skills I have, which consist of poor soldering skills that didn't help anything. Thankfully @Nathan Strum has graciously offered his help to see if he's able to diagnose the issue and get it up and running again! In the mean time @Albert has sent me his S-Video modded four switch that we used for the first time on the most recent show, which was a HUGE step up in quality of the composite Atari Jr we've been using for a while now. Thank you so much Al!! Here's the VCS all packed up nicely and ready to be shipped to Nathan, it was sent on May 22 and just arrived to Nathan today, hooray! I'll let Nathan take over from here on the incredible saga of the RGB Light-Sixer repair. Thank you so much Nathan!! - James
  16. I've got some spare OEM Atari power supplies, as pictured. Tested and working. Atari 2600 x4 Atari 5200 x1 $10 per Atari 2600 PSU and $20 for the Atari 5200 PSU. Prices include shipping. If you need more than one, I can cut the prices a bit. Thanks.
  17. Looking to unload a bunch of Atari 2600/8-bit/Commodore-compatible joysticks. Note the two lists below, one with the grouping of joysticks that work as they should and the other with the grouping of joysticks that could use some TLC to perhaps get back to playable condition. Tested and Working - Sears Video Arcade II joystick - I don't have a Video Arcade II so I couldn't test the built-in paddle functionality but regular games worked fine. SOLD - Power Stick by Amiga (label peeling) - Kraft Mazemaster w/4-way/8-way switch (stick broke off but I still managed to beat the first level of DK. Repair project?) - Epyx 500XJ - Two Driving Controllers + Indy 500 Game + Indy 500XE manual (homebrew) - Slik Stik SOLD - Quickshot IX by Spectravideo (SVI) SOLD - Modded NES controller SOLD - Video Touch Pad w/Star Raiders Overlay - Two (2) Atari CX-40s - Two (2) Suncom brand joystick extension cables SOLD Tested and NOT Working - Two (2) Prostick IIs by Newport Controls (fire buttons work and one stick is semi-responsive directionally but it's a struggle) SOLD - PointMaster - Two (2) Atari CX-40s SOLD - One set of paddle controllers (one is missing the top disc. Appears to be from Mexico due to "Chaparral" written on top of disc) - Modded Atari Plug-n-Play. Someone didn't do the best job with the mod. Semi-responsive. - Some unidentified Sears paddle SOLD The first picture below shows the joysticks that work (any flaws noted below) and the second picture below shows the joysticks that do not work as they should. Most of the flawed joysticks could also use a good cleaning. I would be happy to take additional pictures upon request and also discuss pricing and answer any questions you may have via PM. The more joysticks you want, the greater the discount. Thanks!
  18. A lot of people think Bubsy started on Atari (really the SNES and then Genesis) so .... sure... why not! Here we have it folks... BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle This fun hack of Fast Eddie was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3 and some coloring by KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 games. The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the planet Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in... Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. Bubsy 2 Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying... Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back Bubsy: Paws on Fire Latest binary: Bubsy0 R20.bin Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special Downloads to load on a SuperCharger. (by Troff) Latest Sound Beta: Bubsy0 S14.bin Play online by clicking here! The manual (created by MKdoes711) Bubsy-Kittn_Kaboodle.pdf Atari 2600 Silver label. Atari 2600 Text label. Alpha stage: Bubsy A01.bin. Bubsy A02.bin. Bubsy A03.bin. Bubsy A04.bin. Bubsy A05.bin Bubsy A06.bin Bubsy A07.bin Bubsy A08.bin Bubsy A09.bin Bubsy A10.bin Bubsy A11.bin Bubsy A12-Color.bin Bubsy A13.bin Bubsy A14.bin Bubsy A15.bin Bubsy A16.bin Bubsy A17.bin Bubsy A18-No RL.bin Bubsy A19.bin Bubsy A20 2.bin Releases: Bubsy0 R1.bin. Bubsy0 R2.bin Bubsy0 R3.bin. Bubsy0 R4.bin. Bubsy0 R5.bin. Bubsy0 R6.bin. Bubsy0 R7.bin. Bubsy0 R8.bin. Bubsy0 R9.bin. Bubsy0 B10.bin. Bubsy0 B11.bin. Bubsy0 B12.bin. Bubsy0 B13.bin. Bubsy0 R14.bin Bubsy0 R15.bin. Bubsy0 R16.bin Bubsy0 R17.bin Bubsy0 R18.bin Bubsy0 R19.bin. Bubsy0 R20.bin. Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special. Bubsy0_R22.bin OTHER VERSIONS ----------------------------------------------- Atari Computer Version. Atari 5200 Version. Commodore Vic 20 Version. Commodore 64 Version. Nuon (Alpha) Version. Jaguar (Alpha) Version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And also... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special guest, Scott Williamson, programmer on the original Bubsy game!
  19. Here we've got an "ugly duckling" Atari 2600 cartridge lot (15 games total). Pins have been fully cleaned and all are in working order but all are missing at least an end label and in some instances both labels. If what you care about is playing games, this lot is for you. Here's what you get: Championship Soccer Dodge 'Em Football Haunted House Indy 500 (but a prior owner swapped out the PCB for Star Raiders, so it's actually Star Raiders) Outlaw Phoenix Pole Position Sky Diver Space Invaders Space War Star Raiders Street Racer (x3). Only asking $20 INCLUDING SHIPPING (USA only). Shoot me a PM to finalize. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone, It has been quite a while since I have posted on this forum, and I am glad to be back. My collection of vintage computers, consoles, and other electronics has increased significantly. With this, I purchased an official Sunnyvale heavy sixer with two paddles and CX-10 joysticks in addition to my other defective heavy sixer. The most recent one I got with the included paddles and joysticks at first has no snowy picture, no problems with peripherals working, and perfect sound. However, with that being said, there is a small problem of some colors randomly changing hues on different games (not all of them, as far as I can tell). Also, when I first received it, the games would start normally, but after a while the screen became a fuzzy grey. It hasn't happened recently, but it worries me that something is wrong inside the Atari. I read up on other posts that this can happen as a result of a faulty av cable, a faulty capacitor, or the power regulator failing. Is it possible that either of them are nonfunctional, if not all? If I need to repair a part of the console, how much would it cost and what materials would I need to use? Thank you for replying, Matt S.
  21. Hi Everyone, Yet another question, because as previously stated I am 100% new to working on electronics. So I have another Atari VCS that is displaying very strange behavior: It only plays some cartridges, but not others. The ones it does play it plays repeatedly - that is, with repeated re-seating of the cartridge. This is only about 1/3rd of all carts that are seated in the loading slot - the rest simply show blank screen or occasionally wide vertical lines. Does anyone have experience with a picky cart-playing Atari VCS 2600? Thanks! Evan
  22. Introducing BREAKANOID! 2020 UPDATE after the Zeropage review: Here is the HotFix version with the screen rolling fixed and all the levels: BRKANOID_HotFix.bin This Arkanoid style sequel turns up the action with a magnetic paddle to bring a new level of fast paced fun to the Pong genre! The ball still follows the laws of physics, but you can put English on it; throw a curve ball or whip it around the corner or over a ledge - it's like having an elastic leash on the ball! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csaXq8S7LB8 Here is a clip of BREAKANOID playing on a real 2600! The sound and gameplay are captured well enough to see the difference from the emulator but the animation and phosphor trails can't be filmed properly off of the CRT television - at 15 seconds the action gets so fast the camera is unable to track the ball and drops frames instead of showing the fluid animation. Try the BREAKANOID Playable Demo: The demo includes the first three levels from the game, download it to play BREAKANOID anywhere - in an emulator on your phone, your PC or on a real Atari 2600 via a Harmony cart! How to Order BREAKANOID: PM me, or post that you are interested on this thread and I will PM you with payment instructions. The BREAKANOID release package costs $20 and includes the following items: 1. The full version of BREAKANOID with all 15 levels unlocked! 2. The alternate levels version of BREAKANOID! The alternate levels version features three winning level designs from the AtariAge community (thank you tremoloman!) and several levels designed by the BREAKANOID beta testers. 3. The BREAKANOID Construction Kit: The BREAKANOID Construction kit runs on the windows platform and outputs a new BREAKANOID binary - it lets you edit the level designs right inside the BREAKANOID ROM image to construct entirely new and unique BREAKANOID games! In addition to letting you design your own levels for BREAKANOID you can edit BREAKANOID's huge 160 entry colour table; BREAKANOID is a colourful game and can display up to 35 colours on screen at once and stores different colour themes in it's colour table. Pixel artists will be able to create pleasing fades, mosaic and rainbow patterns with the BREAKANOID Construction Kit to go along with their artistic level designs. 4. Rights to put BREAKANOID on one cart: . . . but which BREAKANOID? I've been asked about offering BREAKANOID on cart directly but AtariAge currently performs this service for $25 and this gives Atari fans a lot more flexability to choose which BREAKANOIDto put on cart - you can decide to put the Alternate Levels version on cart or select one of your own custom versions that you've built with the construction kit - pixel artists may create special one-off carts that become collector items! 5. Instructions and cart Labels: BREAKANOID comes with instructions that can be used as a colourful cart label (great reference to have right on the cart), a control sheet and instructions for the BREAKANOID Construction Kit. *** --- Introduction and older stuff: About BREAKANOID! BREAKANOID is a fast paced arcade style action packed fun game for the Atari 2600 that I've been wanting to play since the 80's, but this type of game only appeared on other systems. During the 80's I wrote video games under my own label and for many software houses. I loved playing the games as well as writing them and was a big fan of the 2600 because on it's good games, the action was unrivaled - the games were fast, colourful and had great arcade sound effects. Arkanoid was one of my favourite games of the 80's and I would have loved to have played it on the 2600; other developers have told me the 2600 simply wasn't powerful enough but it seems to me that the 2600's unique hardware makes it the ultimate king of pong for building this kind of game This sequel changes the rules adding tilt like in pinball, bringing a new level of fast paced action to the genre. The ball still follows the laws of physics, but you can put English on it provided your paddle has room to move; this is great for throwing a curve ball up into the upper reaches of the board to hit those last stubborn bricks or to whip the ball around a corner or over an edge into a structure where it can get stuck bouncing around so you can have fun watching it break out! It's like having an elastic leash on the ball. In BREAKANOID you have 4 lives but you are in control of the ending; after you lose your last life you can either start a new game or keep playing through as long as you like Preorder BREAKANOID now: BREAKANOID is $20 and will start shipping on January 8th. If you preorder I will send you the full binary right away so you can start playing now! The release package will also contain these goodies: 1. The BREAKANOID binary, full version with 15 levels. 1. Rights to have BREAKANOID put on one cart. 2. A level editor to create new BREAKANOID levels! 3. A second BREAKANOID binary containing an alternate set of levels created here on the AtariAge forums; I am holding a design contest - please see the homebrew discussion forum thread for details! Try the BREAKANOID Playable Demo: The playable demo is a fully functional preview containing the first three levels of the game, I hope everyone enjoys the action as much as my beta testers did! This game was tremendous fun to build and I'm looking forward to everyones feedback! Updates: Saturday December 17, 2011: Added the option to continue up to 3 times (via the select switch) after the game ends or start a new game. Monday December 19, 2011: Added the following enhancements and requested changes: 1. Made the magnetic paddle optional - you can toggle it on and off during play (colour/b&w switch). 2. Losing a life now freezes the game briefly so that a new ball cannot immediately be launched. 3. Screen roll shake and shimmer should be vastly improved on the real hardware! 4. The super speed power up is now reduced to medium speed when you lose a life (staying in speedball mode was too hard). Thursday December 22, 2011: adding the following enhancements: 1. Added special yellow power-up's for extra life (rare). 2. Added BREAKANOID instructions: Brkanoid_Demo.bin
  23. This unusual baseball cartridge is a Taiwan Cooper variant that I found at Digital Press in Springfield, NJ for $1.99! I had to clean it and jiggle it around in the system for it to work. On the back of the cartridge it says made in Taiwan and since the text font is Cooper Black they've been known as Taiwan Cooper releases. From what I've read online no one knows who actually made these. ⚾
  24. This is the latest version of my blackjack game. It is a WIP. Current version link: BlackJackThetaVIII-0-92.bin (16K) The features I've implemented so far are: F6 bank switching Title screen Ship crash landing animation Betting screen Play with 1, 2, or 4 decks Dealing to 75% penetration Deterministic card dealing Dashboard display of current options Navigation menu Double down (D) Surrender (Su) / Early (Es) / Late (Ls) Insurance (I) Splitting hands (Sp) Hit on soft 17 (H17) / Stand on soft 17 (S17) Card flip animation Sound effects Difficulty switches and game options Features I will be adding next: Red/Black pip colors Keypad controller support Making the player's chips represent current number of chips Fixing the split hands interface, because it's confusing Winning hand animation Out of money animation (you're doomed) Breaking the bank animation (the ship departs) Idle animation More graphics and sound touches Features I'm considering: Looking into allowing more than 2 split hands Dev Notes: The user interface still needs work. The split hands are confusing, because it's hard to tell which is the active hand. The in-game bets need more feedback when the player lacks the chips to make the bet. The in-game bets include double down, insurance, and splitting cards. I'm looking into adding red and black pip colors. They will be enabled with the Black & White switch. The texture background must be disabled, because I need the playfield to render pip colors. I like the look of the textured background, so I'm keeping it as an option. What I mean by deterministic card dealing is the random number generator is seeded once when the deck is shuffled. It is not reseeded again until the next shuffle. The intent is to mimic a physical deck of cards, so once the cards are shuffled they will be dealt in a deterministic order. Continuously reseeding would mimic a continuously reshuffling deck, which was not my preference, because it defeats card counting. I'm also looking into allowing more split hands. It should be possible with the available RAM. I don't know if this version works on the portable, because I have only tested on Stella and a 4-switch. Known bugs: This was working before, so I'm not sure what happened. There are line count issues with 2 decks, but apparently not with 1 or 4 decks. You can force a reshuffle and switch decks in the middle of a hand. ---------- Premise: You're a NASA astronaut who crash landed on the uninhabited, inhospitable planet Theta VIII. You're living out the rest of your life in an artificial hotel casino created for you by the intelligent species who damaged your craft and killed your crew. Not knowing your preferred living conditions, the intelligent species constructed the hotel using the narrative from a poorly written pulp fiction novel in your possession. You can't leave and Blackjack is your only entertainment. However, there may be an escape. The casino closely resembles the story in the novel, which describes a casino being bought up by foreign investors. Perhaps your way out is to break the bank! ---------- Instructions: This game uses the joystick in the left port. Left difficulty switch: A = late surrender (harder) B = early surrender (easier) Indicated by Es and Ls Right difficulty switch: A = dealer hits on soft 17 (harder) B = dealer stands on soft 17 (easier) Indicated by S17 and H17 Select switch: Cycles between 1, 2, and 4 decks Changing decks will trigger a reshuffle and empty the discard pile Indicated by 1d, 2d, or 4d Black & White switch: Currently not implemented. This may enable red and black color pips in a future release. Title Screen Press Fire to continue Landing Screen Press Fire to continue Betting Screen Up or Down to increase or decrease the bet Left or Right to select the chip denomination Press Fire to begin the hand Game Screen Left and Right cycle through available moves Pressing Fire or Down takes the selected action When the hand is over, pressing Fire starts a new game Pro-Tip for quick play: When Hit is selected, pressing Up will stand pat Split Hands The currently selected hand is white and the inactive hand is grey. When both hands are over, pressing Up or Down displays the score of each hand. ---------- Blackjack Rules: A bet must be made before playing a hand. The goal is to reach a score of 21 without going over. A player requests more cards by hitting and ends their hand by staying (i.e. standing pat). Face cards are worth 10 points. An ace is worth 1 or 11 points depending on which is preferable. The remaining number cards are worth their number value. Achieving a 21 score is a blackjack, which pays out 2 to 1. Achieving 21 with only two cards is a natural blackjack, which pays out at 3 to 1. Scoring over 21 is a bust, which loses the hand and the bet. If the dealer receives an equal score, the game is a push, so the bet is returned. If both the player's opening cards are duplicates or 10 point cards, they may split their cards into two hands. Splitting cards requires making a 2nd equal bet. The player may double the bet on any opening hand by doubling down. The hand will be dealt one card then play moves to the dealer or the next split hand. Doubling down requires making a 2nd equal bet. The player may take an insurance bet if the dealer's opening card is an ace or 10 point card. Taking insurance is betting on the dealer having a natural black jack. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, the player loses their insurance bet and play on the hand continues as normal. Insurance requires making a bet one half of the original bet. A player may surrender on any hand. Surrendering ends the hand and returns one half of the bet. Surrender is not available after the opening move. Receiving a blackjack or 21 score will automatically end the hand. Play moves to dealer or the next split hand. Additional Info: Blackjack A natural blackjack pays 3 to 2. A blackjack on any split hand pays 2 to 1. The dealer checks if it has blackjack before hitting the player's hand. A player's natural blackjack is a push against the dealer's natural blackjack. Dealer The dealer may hit or stand on soft 17 as configured by the left difficulty switch The dealer reshuffles at 75% deck penetration. Double down Double down pays 2 to 1 of the original bet. Double down is available on split hands. Splitting Splitting hands is permitted on two equivalently valued cards. It requires another bet equal to the original bet. Split hands cannot be split again. Double down, insurance, and surrender are available on split hands. A blackjack on a split hand pays out 2 to 1. Surrender Early and late surrender is configured by the right difficulty switch Surrender returns 50% of your original bet. Insurance Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an ace or 10 value card. The insurance bet is 50% of your original bet and pays 2 to 1. Miscellaneous Winnings that are not evenly divisible by 2 are rounded down. The game ends when the player is out of chips or breaks the bank. A soft 17 is a hand containing an 11 point ace that totals to 17. Example: Ace + 2 + 4 = 17 BlackJackThetaVIII-0-91.bin BlackJackThetaVIII-0-92.bin
  25. I just discovered this double fire cheat and love it!
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