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  1. Will consider all reasonable offers (potentially trades, though my wants are minimal at this point). Reluctant to split up the lots, but who knows - wow me. Photos available upon request, thanks! TG-16 -console with two controllers, TurboTap, Everdrive (no memory card) TRS-80 -CoCo 2 with one joystick, Mega Bug, Space Assault Atari 5200 Lot -Kaboom -River Raid Computer Game Lot -TI-99 - Alpiner (cib) -TI-99 - Munch Man (ci) -Vic-20 - Pirates’ Cove -TRS-80 - Space Assault NES Lot -Tengen Tetris -Nobunaga’s Revenge -War on Wheels (repro cart)
  2. Updated "Encore" Hacks These are updates of my previous hacks. I did this for a variety of reasons. I included some of my "Personal" hacks. They are hacks of Pac-Man games. I use these on my personal systems. I decided to polish them a little and share them with the community. These are located at the end. Popeye When Playsoft & I originally hacked Popeye (2015), we had a version with a "mono" punch. I have since regretted not releasing it. It was NOT popular in the forum, but I always felt it might have caught on if we'd finished it. Development shifted to the popular forum choice. Years later, @TIX asked me if I still had it. I looked; I could find the final A8 version, but I couldn't find the source. People seemed to like the mono punch in Tix's hack (Popeye sacrifices color for a higher resolution punch), so it inspired me to finish mine. I started by porting the rest of my final graphics to the "mono" version. While I was porting the graphics, I noticed little areas I wanted to tweak. I had always disliked my climbing and death frames. I also felt that Olive didn't translate well from emulation to CRT. Since I tweaked some of the graphics, I also updated the original punch version too, for those who still prefer the double-resolution/multi-color punch. I really like Tix's version. His was based off of the NES port, while I grew up with the arcade version; so each offer a unique graphic experience. I thank him for the inspiration to unearth the mono punch and for the angled bottles. Thanks to Playsoft for finding the original source AND adding the animated bottles! -- When I first saw Popeye in the arcades, I was amazed. I never thought games could look this "real". The Atari resolution is lower, the players are limited to 8, fat dots wide, and they're not very tall. The characters are also limited to 3 colors each. Colors are limited to what two colors will overlap to simulate a flesh tone. However, I do not see any competitor, of the time, coming this close. While I love the NES version, it could have been much closer to the arcade original. I would love to see this on the 7800, using 320 mode. (The arcade version actually boxes out when sprites overlap!) I think the C-64 could have had a much better port, but the release was an early titele Atari 8-Bit Computers PopeyeA8_EncoreM.xex (Mono Punch) * (Intro of the MonoPunch - Click Here) PopeyeA8_Encore.xex (Original Punch) Atari 5200 SuperSystem PopeyeEncoreM_5200.bin (Mono Punch) * PopeyeEncore_5200.bin * The original punch uses two overlapping players, since that is the only way to get multi-colored "sprites". One is blue, and the other is flesh colored. When the blue and flesh color overlap, it creates white. The programmer was pretty ingenious in making the flesh color double-width, so the arm could stretch out. He left the blue as low resolution. It allows more detail than if the two were both expanded. However, it sacrifices detail for color. In the "mono" punch, both players are made white, and they are placed side-by-side, allowing for a wider version of Popeye, in greater detail. This thread goes into more detail! Click here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donkey Kong (Encore) / Encore RMT (8-bit only) I was pretty happy with the Donkey Kong port. In some of the YouTube comments, I read that some were not happy with the colors I chose. This is a delicate situation, as many do not realize how limited the colors are. Mario's flesh is made up of two overlapping players. Tweaking the colors makes one character look better, and the others look worse. I played around with the colors, and I think I like this better. (Mario's flesh color is a result of red and blue overlapping, so this is truly the best compromise.) I focused on tweaking the contrast. I think this makes the game "pop" a little more. Colors have been slightly adjusted in doing so. I've tested it on real NTSC hardware (5200/800XL), and I am happy. Now there are two color sets to choose from. There was something still not right with Mario's steps and jump. Mario's jump is limited, because Mario is only 8-pixels wide. I think I improved it over the previous. I also improved his walking. Other insignificant changes were made. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks again to @playsoft for making this possible. I believe @Kjmann made the original RMT sound hack, with help from @tep392. Atari 8-bit Computers DKA8_Encore.xex DKA8_RMT_Encore.xex Atari 5200 SuperSystem DKEncore5200.bin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Donkey Kong Jr. Encore(Arcade) / Donkey Kong Jr. Encore (Enhanced) This is one I was never really happy with. I got tired of "playing" with this back in the day. I tried to add all of Jr.'s arcade detail, but it ended up making his head too big. This update was focused on trimming the "fat" off of the sprites. Due to the lower resolution, I needed to sacrifice detail for proportion. I made a few color tweaks. This game has the most graphic updates of the "Encore" tweaks. Notice Donkey Kong's hands in the cage. I had some downtime, so I was able to focus on detail that I couldn't before. Thanks to @playsoft, for all the help. @tep392 helped tweak the floor and vine boundaries, back when we first hacked this. It's not as easy to slip off of the floors, and the red snapjaws can't get Junior at the bottom of a vine. The game still takes some adjustment, but it's a lot more forgiving. The Atari 8-Bit version was always a little touchy, due to the graphics mode used, but it captures a few of details that other versions are missing. Atari 8-bit Computers DkJr_Arcade_Encore.xex DKJr_Enhanced_Encore.xex Atari 5200 SuperSystem DKJr_5200_Arcade_Encore.bin DKJr_5200_Enhanced_Encore.bin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mario Bros 5200 Encore / Encore-Improved I was pretty happy with the Mario Bros hacks. I did tweak some of the colors, especially in the ice ages. The regular "Encore" version includes graphic and color tweaks. The fighter flies are redrawn. The Encore-Improved version includes tweaks by @playsoft, that reduce slowdown in areas. The 5200 version included more arcade details than the NES version, which is what the poor 7800 version was based off of. It just needed a graphics overhaul to realize its full potential. Mario Bros52 Encore MarioBros52_Encore.bin MarioBros52_Encore.car Mario Bros52 Encore Improved (Less slowdown) MarioBros52_Encore_improved.bin MarioBros52_Encore_improved.car ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mario Bros XE Encore Mario Bros XE is, in my opinion, the most accurate home port of the Mario Bros. I recall that there is only one other home port of Mario Bros that includes the icicles (No, I am not talking about the Slipice. Even the 2600 has Slipice!) I think that version might be the Apple II, and it isn't even close to this standard. I made some tweaks to Mario. I think it makes his running a little more fluent. I added the pupil up to his jump. I carried the improved fighter flies over from the 5200 version. That can't always be done, because the software sprites are configured differently on each version. I was able to do so. They look better in this version, however, due to more animation frames. I adjusted the contrast and colors a little, to make things POP. I REALLY wanted to make the Shellcreepers jump OUT of their shells. There just wasn't enough room. Atari 8-Bit Computers (need 128K or 128K Cartridge) MarioBrosXE_Encore.car MarioBrosXE_Encore.bin MarioBrosXE_Encore.xex --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the Ms Pac-Man versions I use on my Atari 800XL & 5200. Atari Computer Ms Pac-Man Encore I always wondered why GCC didn't try to add red "lips" to Ms Pac-Man, especially in the 7800 version. I figured A8/5200 suspected it was a hardware limitation for this machine. When I realized that the A8/5200 versions had full player width available for the bow and lips, I made it happen. On a CRT, the lips can be hard to notice, especially if the signal isn't great. I suspect that might be the reason. Plus the red and black (eye next to red lips) tend to look like holes. I doubled the lips a little from the arcade for emphasis. I think they add and anti-aliasing effect, which "fakes" a higher resolution. I had to move her dimple down, because it interfered with the wide open mouth, due to the lower resolution and size. The monsters must remain 8-pixels wide, to hide the quad-width missile. It is behind their eyes, to make their eyes white. Thinner eyes are either off center or too far apart, due to the odd-numbered full-width players. I used a full "v" shape for years. I recently removed the inside pixel, to give them an angle, and I think it makes a subtle improvement. I wasn't going to post these, since there have been so many Ms Pac-Man hacks; plus I am not SURE who all have contributed to the various hacks that this is based off of. While I was cleaning up my other hacks, I decided to finally tackle all of the fruit prizes. I figure I will include these, since I didn't before. I will do my best to give credit where due. This A8 game already had the dot slowdown adjusted, Pokey sound was tweaked, and there are noticeable improvements in the monster logic. It plays more like the 7800 counterpart. Somewhere along the lines, I saw credits by @MrFish and @tep392. These are just my graphic edits. If anybody else needs credit, please let me know. Of all the monster eye hacks I've tried, below is my favorite for the A8/5200 tweak. I would like to round the monsters' "head", but that would reveal the white missiles behind the monsters. I am not sure who made the splash screen. It's pretty cool! Note: The 5200 version is slightly different. It only contained updated sound effects, which are slightly different than the A8 version's sound. @playsoft helped merge the dot slowdown fix, from the A8 to the 5200 version. Somebody had added a Ms Pac-Man splash screen to the 5200 ROM, but the game would freeze when I'd press Pause on real hardware. @playsoft stripped that off, and all works fine. It's a shame, because it was cool. I'd rather be able to use my pause button. Atari Computer Ms Pac-Man Encore Ms. Pac-Man_Encore.xex 5200 SuperSytem Ms Pac-Man Encore Ms Pac-Man Encore 5200.BIN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pac-Man Collection 7800 Hack I bought Pac-Man Collection at the Cleveland Classic Gaming Show (CCAG). It was the first and last time AtariAge had a booth there, so it was a long time ago. I loved @PacManPlus's creation. It was exciting to have Pac-Man on the 7800, but Hangly-Man is one of my childhood favorites! The lack of Pokey sound kept me from playing it as much as I would have. When I found the Pokey enhanced version, I was pumped. The graphics had also been updated, but there were some things I preferred from my old A8 hacks. I used "Pac-Man Construction Set" to hack this. I found I was able to fine tune the monsters even more than the A8/5200, since I didn't have to worry about exposing the big white rectangle behind the monsters. I was able to thin them a little. I tried to make Ms Pac-Man as close to the arcade as possible. It looked great in emulation, but it was blurry and awkward on my actual system and Sony CRT. I tweaked it a little. I felt the result played to the strengths of the RF output on my 7800, and this is the version I have been using for years. As I was cleaning up old hacks, I decided to update the fruit prizes, as I had not done that in the hack I was using. I decided include this with my full-blow hack collaborations, because I enjoy it. I appreciate Pac-Man Plus's blessing to share this. I would ultimately like to update Ms Pac-Man to resemble my A8/5200 main characters, as they seem to be a better average for CRT and emulation. I was tired after hitting the fruits for all the different versions. If I update the main characters, I will add them here. I don't know when I'll have the time again, and I don't know if my A8/5200 main character will look the same on the 7800. 7800 Pac-Man Collection Pokey, with my graphic hacks. Pac-Man Collection Encore.a78 Pac-Man Collection Encore.bin 7800 Pac-Man Collection Pokey, with updates from the A8/5200 version. Not sure how they will look on a regular CRT. Not yet tested on actual 7800 hardware. Pac-Man Collection Encore(Alt).a78 Pac-Man Collection Encore(Alt).bin PacManPlus, @tep392, and @Defender_2600 have created a NEW 7800XM Pac-Man Collection, Pac-Man Collection XM. It has taken everything up a notch. It uses 320 mode, so there's very little need to approximate the graphics. Click the link to check it out. The TIA sound is mind-blowing, but Perry also added Yamaha sound for the XM Expansion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atari Computer / 5200 * Unplayable * Baby Pac-Man maze concept When @PacManPlus was working on Baby Pac-Man, I couldn't help but think that the A8 would be a perfect candidate for the game. Since the arcade monsters do no have whites in their eyes, it would be much like the original A8/5200 Pac-Man. Four Players could make up the monsters, and the "5th" Player could make up Pac-Man, or Pac-Man could be a software sprite. I shared a few Baby Pac-Man sprites with @playsoft, and he sent back a maze with wandering monsters. I proceeded to fine-tune some of the playfield elements. The monsters move randomly. They are lacking any personality. This was just a quick demo for fun. There is no plan to work on this, but maybe it will inspire somebody to bring Baby Pac-Man to the A8/5200?? I personally got a kick out of running this on my A8 and 5200 hardware. There is a regular version and enhanced. The enhanced version uses software sprites to create the monster's eyes. That was @playsoft's idea. I have a thing for arcade purity, and he wanted to see real eyes. It would be cool to have a toggle option for "Arcade" or "Enhanced" mode. Atari Home Computers BabyPac-Man_A8.xex BabyPac-Man_A8(Enhanced).xex Atari 5200 SuperSystem BabyPac-Man_5200.bin BabyPac-Man_5200(Enhanced).bin
  3. We have new shipping options, Using couriers to ship to Miami (Air and Sea) and from Miami using Usps or similar. for the Sea option saves a lot of money to send larger packages (they Charge by the cubic feet) So decided to list some Hardware on Shipping Boxes. Thia form of Shipping avoids the dreadfull customs officers who opens every game, they can do that in a whole shipping container. But they take a while to arrive, (even the air option). I can also sell individually or several different items. Boxes will be protected with cardboard outside (no shipping stickers on your original box) Shipping costs not included, need the address to quote. Vcs Cartridge Adaptor, Sealed box of 4 160$ (50$ Each) without shipping. ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 Sealed box of 4, 220$, 65$ each without shipping. Atari Trak-Ball Controller (made in Mexico) Shipping boxes are not sealed (tape glue dissolved) and the shipping box do not provide enough protection, so is best to sell them by unit. 70$ each without shipping. Compumate Box of 6 (Consecutive serial numbers) 600$, 120$ each without shipping. cp/m card for apple II New & Sealed, 180$ without shipping. New Additions: Atari 410 Tape Drive, Sealed box of 2 (Probably need a rubber belt replacement) 120$ without shipping. Sealed Box of Two Atari 5200 Consoles, probably the shorter box model 3500$ Shipped OBO. Not Common at all from Venezuela. Sealed Box of 2 800XL 400$ Plus Shiping. Box of 2 New The Proggrammer Set for Atari XL 80$ Plus Shipping.
  4. Marco accidently sent me the wrong boxes a month ago. since I have no desire to get these games on carts I'm giving them away to a good home. They are Jr. Pac-Man and Xevious for the 5200 and Lockjaw for the 2600. All I ask is for $3 for shipping. Let me know.
  5. I am interested in purchasing Atari 5200 carts. I'm collecting them for play and display. Original releases, homebrews, customs, etc. If you have or many carts you'd like to part with, let me know.
  6. I am interesting in purchasing and/or acquiring non-working 5200 joysticks. I'm getting into repairing them as a hobby. If you have any you'd like to sell or get rid of, please let me know. It doesn't matter their condition.
  7. So both of my 5200 controllers are broke and I wanted to know if there were any good replacement controllers, now my track ball controller works but some games like pac man won't work.
  8. I figured out why using the TASM .TEXT command was producing junk at times. It was because the 'pretty font' I used with Adventure II XE, font1.s, had the characters switched around and some were actually replaced with custom chars. Standard ASCII and ATASCII has lower case letters from $61 to $7A, and upper case letters from $41 to $5A. But this font1.s had upper case in the range $21-$3A. I had a temporary programming fix which got the upper case letters to work, but I kept noticing other problems. This character set uses descenders, requiring the use of Antic Mode 3. I then edited the charset with Notepad, and carefully swapped upper case letters and the numbers rows back to where they should be to match ATASCII (and what the TASM .TEXT command was programmed to assume). So that's done. Back in 2011 or so, when I started to use that new charset for Adventure II XE, I must have figured out where the character ranges were and adapted. Until now I wasn't aware font1.s didn't match the 'customary' ATASCII character locations. (I didn't use the .TEXT command with Adventure II, instead I used the .BYTE command for lists for the words / rankings). The other thing I've been doing is working on the city street screens. AA user @LS_Dracon produced this Antic4 charset and 1st city screen for me back in 2010, based on some mockups I had made. So I'll use his designs from ... 12 years ago. LOL. I've started to make changes to some things and I added a few DLI color changes. Not sure if that cobbled street is too "busy" . Here is a sample of the work-in-progress city street , and I just copy/pasted the verbiage from another screenshot for now, to visualize how it would look. The Holmes text will be at top screen and is in Antic 3. The building and street graphics are Antic 4.
  9. My Retro/Vintage Gaming Hobby I Am a Child from the Dawn of the Video Game Age Taking a side trip here away from my adventures here. Anyone who knows me personally, can attest that I am somewhat of a geek and so it’s no surprise that I became an mechanical/aerospace engineer by trade. With that stated, I always had an interest in building things and tinkering with electronics, etc.. As I was growing up in the 70's I was fortunate to experience and be able to participate in the dawn of a new era. It all started simple enough with my father coming back from a business trip in Texas one year with one of the first ever digital calculators. I was hooked. I loved the display, the tactile feel of the buttons and the ease of use. I was further inspired when I saw advanced calculators becoming available and even into my high school and college years where I always had to have the latest programmable calculators for my science, math and eventually engineering courses. Now this seems pretty minor in this day and age, but back then, looong before cell phones, home computers, high level object oriented programming languages, etc.. this was an exciting era for me. Read more here... http://rubikonadventures.blogspot.com... A long time friend of mine came by for a visit one day and asked if it was OK to shoot video of my old video game collection and my "man cave" where I hibernate during the winter months when I am not out exploring. Enjoy another facet of my persona here: https://youtu.be/818OZog0Y4I Me Meeting Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and founder of the industry.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm working in Atari 5200 history and many reports speak of failure. But, what things caused 5200 to fail? Your problematic joystick? Your games? Your old hardware concept? The Atari company strategy? I would like to know your opnion!
  11. In the last episode of my 5200 series, I discuss more Atari 5200 Prototypes. It's really been a lot of fun learning about this gaming system. A big thanks to the 5200 Brotherhood for all their help!
  12. mykgerard

    My 5200 games

    I have 23 of the 69 5200 games. Here they are: 1 Berzerk 2 Blue Print 3 Centipede 4 Countermeasure 5 Defender 6 Galaxian 7 Gyruss 8 Kangaroo 9 Keystone Kapers 10 Missile Command 11 Pac-Man 12 Pengo 13 Pole Position 14 Qix 15 Real Sports Baseball 16 Real Sports Tennis 17 River Raid 18 Robotron 2084 19 Space Dungeon 20 Space Invaders 21 Star Raiders 22 Super Breakout 23 Wizard of Wor
  13. There weren't a lot of rare and valuable games for this system. Did I miss any? Let me know. thank you!
  14. What I mean is that when you play Atari 5200 games on the Atari 800 using a Sio2sd will all the games play just like they would on a real Atari 5200, no emulation? I'm aware that the systems are very similar but the software is built differently but once you run it will the games play natively? Like is it comparable to other backwards compatible systems like the GBA with gbc and the Ps2 with ps1 games?
  15. Yeah, so I did some thinking, I think I want one. Do I really though? Give me some reasons why it would be a good choice. Recommend some games. 4 port of 2 port? What to expect. How much to pay Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone! I've got a question about an Atari 5200 I recently picked up on craigslist. It's a 4-port model and came with all of the appropriate cords and stuff. I took it home and hooked it up and I could not get it to send a signal to the television. Curiously, the red light does come on the console itself, so I believe it is getting power, but the television does not display a signal at all. I tried on a couple of different TVs and got the same results. Wiggling the cord doesn't help either. I read on another forum thread here that the switchbox itself makes a "clicking sound" when you power up the console. However, I didn't hear any sound when I powered mine up. It does, however, allow another console to pass through it via the antennae plug in, and does display that video signal. Anyone have any idea what it could be? I was assured by the previous owner that the console worked the last time he plugged it in. If it is indeed the switchbox, does anyone have a homemade one that I can buy from them? My solderng skills are not up to par with creating one from scratch. Thanks and I look forward to your responses!
  17. I am looking to purchase an Atari 5200 in parts or all together. It seems working joysticks is the hard part. please drop me a line if you have any for sale. Thank you
  18. lulrik

    Atari 5200

    From the album: lulrik collection

    My 5200 system 2 port Travel US to EU !! 5651km

    © lulrik

  19. Updated 10/12/20 with the results, see bottom. I'm running out of ROM memory with the new code I'm adding for the 2-player mode of the game. Koffi: Yellow Kopter was programmed in 32k back in 2002. It seemed like a huge amount of ROM at the time, so I didn't try much to keep things small. There ended up being huge graphics tables and repetitive code routines, just because that was easiest to do. Also, before I finished Koffi, I used up as much remaining memory as I could. Over summer 2020, I went back and rewrote several routines, and I've ditched the original game's credits / names text and freed up 1k or 2k. I thought this would be enough to add some fun new stuff, but I'm once again running low on ROM space, so I am now rewriting the routines/data tables which are the biggest ROM wastes: those that create the image of the Trees. Stage 1 Mountain Valley's Tree / leaves graphics take up 1,000 bytes originally. But most of the bytes are the value of $55. I am now trying to store a big rectangular block of $55's (no need to code these into the ROM now) programmatically, and then just have left-edge and right-edge tables to provide the more rounded tree details. To illustrate, an original code section: ;************ Draw Leaves Layer2 ****************** ; RWL 2001 lda #<leaves2 sta Ptr1 lda #>leaves2 sta Ptr1+1 lda #$32 ;row 4 starts at $3208 sta $81 lda #$08 sta $80 jsr CommonMVTreeDrawLoop ; rewritten as common routine RWL 072520, saved hundreds of bytes Using data tables like this one: leaves2 .byte $15,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 7 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$50 ; ; .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 8 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$50 ; ; .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 9 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$54,$55,$50 ; ; .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 10 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$51,$15,$54 ; ; .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 11 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$54 ; ; .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55 ;line 12 .byte $55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$55,$54 ; ; See all those $55 values? A compression routine would also reduce ROM needs, I could compress these tables and expand them into screen RAM directly. But I'm not wanting to add a compress/decompress routine to this game this late in the game, which would take up some ROM itself anyway. So, I'm reducing these tables with my own custom draw routines. 10/12/2020 Monday night. Results: Success! I got the same basic tree image but at a cost of about 640 bytes less! prior Blog entries: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16854-koffi-redux-2020-part-2/ https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16763-koffi-2020/
  20. In July 2020 I and sat down at my home-brewing desk and started to play around with tweaking my 2002 Atari 5200 homebrew, Koffi: Yellow Kopter. I have had notes about doing a 2nd Koffi game since 2002 when I finished the first one, but it seems ever more unlikely I'll devote time to do a whole new sequel with all the ideas I'd planned. So, I decided to play around with the original, add a few game play tweaks, some new visual details, fix a few bugs, and add a new 2-Player co-op mode. Some of my first changes are listed at an earlier blog entry: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16763-koffi-2020/ As I started to experiment and add fruits, more colors, 2-Player code and other things, what it turned into was a serious need to reclaim some more ROM memory. And OH THE HORROR of some of my old code! Koffi was a 32K game, which seems like plenty of ROM for a game like this, but it fills up. And in 2002 I was new at 6502 ASM codeing and learning, so I did several routines burning more ROM memory than I needed. And I had tried to fill in all the 32K memory just for the principle of using it all, thus the original game had a lengthy Credits with people's names at Game Over. For this version, I axed all that. I reviewed several screen-drawing routines that were basically the same code, so I consolidated most of these to use tables and parameters and to call a common subroutine. Same deal with the BuildRainDrops / EraseRainDrops (which use the 5200s' missiles) - I consolidated 6 of these subroutine to be consolidated table-driven loops rather than 6 lengthy individual subroutines which all basically did 90% the same thing. Between these two categories I freed up about 700 more bytes in the past week, so that should be enough to finish 2-player mode and add some more interrupts and colors. Here are some WIP pictures. I hope to accomplish a few more dramatic visual changes, but it depends on free memory and if adding too much logic affects the gameplay. For this version, I kept Koffi's "Koloring Book" mode, where you press the #5 key and then can use *, 0, and # keys (at the bottom of the 5200 controller) to change the colors of 16 different categories on screen. And I added 3-character text descriptions to each of the 'categories', for example CL1 is Cloud Color 1, Tr1 / Tr2/ Tr3 are Tree colors 1/2/3, and so on. In the 5200 original, it just showed the hex value 0 through F. 2 Player Mode is starting to work. You toggle it on the Title Screen by pressing the #0 key. It is understandably glitchy for now, until I modify ALL the collision and Points logic to handle 2 players. To get 2 Kopters on-screen, I took Koffi's original Player0 and Player 1 (which gave him multi colors) and devoted Player0 to the first kopter, Player1 to the 2nd. If the first Kopter is named Koffi, then I guess the second Kopter will be named Toffi.
  21. Hi friends, I recently bought this wonderful AtariMax SD Multicart, I would like to trade it with a fully working and in good shape Atari 5200 trak-ball (+Centipede bonus 🙄) . This Atarimax cart originally contains Beef Drop and Venture (which I will miss) and is loaded with the usual 5200 stuff. The reason I am selling it, imo it is taking a bit of the magic of taking out a cartridge from the box and inserting in the 5200. Note : I asked Steve of Atarimax, to send me the unit without the label on the cartridge so I make a custom one, but I never did. It will be shipped with the original label and stuff.
  22. Is anyone from the UK looking to sell their Atari 5200 console? Doesn't have to be boxed, just in good working order with its controllers and power supply. I would buy one from the USA but postage looks prohibitive judging by listings on ebay.
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