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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I have an Atari 5200, but need more ways to use joysticks/controllers than just the refurbished orginal ones. I wonder if someone here sells/makes connections/adaptors/cables to make PC 15 pin joysticks or say Sega Master/Genesis controller on the Atari 5200. Regards,
  2. Hi, I wondered if anyone sells or produces cables/adaptors/converter-pieces for the Atari 5200 so I can use 15 pin PC joysticks or sega-master/genesis controllers (and similar)? Kind regards,
  3. Hi dear Atari 5200 lovers, friends, I am selling the following Atari 5200 boxed games (see photos) : Robotron: 2084 CIB *like new* with controller holder 35$ + actual shipping SOLD Gremlins Boxed *like new* without manual 20$ + shipping Selling together: Realsports Soccer, Defender, Missile Command and Bezerk CIB *like new* besides Berzerk see photos😖* 25$ + shipping The shipping will depend on your Zip Code, I will ship from Canada priority mail tracking 5-7 days PM if interested Henri
  4. lulrik

    Atari 5200

    From the album: lulrik collection

    My 5200 system 2 port Travel US to EU !! 5651km

    © lulrik

  5. mykgerard

    My 5200 games

    I have 23 of the 69 5200 games. Here they are: 1 Berzerk 2 Blue Print 3 Centipede 4 Countermeasure 5 Defender 6 Galaxian 7 Gyruss 8 Kangaroo 9 Keystone Kapers 10 Missile Command 11 Pac-Man 12 Pengo 13 Pole Position 14 Qix 15 Real Sports Baseball 16 Real Sports Tennis 17 River Raid 18 Robotron 2084 19 Space Dungeon 20 Space Invaders 21 Star Raiders 22 Super Breakout 23 Wizard of Wor
  6. Yeah, so I did some thinking, I think I want one. Do I really though? Give me some reasons why it would be a good choice. Recommend some games. 4 port of 2 port? What to expect. How much to pay Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I've got a question about an Atari 5200 I recently picked up on craigslist. It's a 4-port model and came with all of the appropriate cords and stuff. I took it home and hooked it up and I could not get it to send a signal to the television. Curiously, the red light does come on the console itself, so I believe it is getting power, but the television does not display a signal at all. I tried on a couple of different TVs and got the same results. Wiggling the cord doesn't help either. I read on another forum thread here that the switchbox itself makes a "clicking sound" when you power up the console. However, I didn't hear any sound when I powered mine up. It does, however, allow another console to pass through it via the antennae plug in, and does display that video signal. Anyone have any idea what it could be? I was assured by the previous owner that the console worked the last time he plugged it in. If it is indeed the switchbox, does anyone have a homemade one that I can buy from them? My solderng skills are not up to par with creating one from scratch. Thanks and I look forward to your responses!
  8. Since her sister Maria received new clothes and Stella received new clothes, it was only a matter of time. Download the Atari 5200 palette files here: Pam2XX_Palettes_20131108.zip The 'Pam' palette files are presented with the same options as the 'Maria' palette files. There is a "base" palette plus the following options: x0 = Saturation Increase x1 x2 = Gamma Increase and Saturation Deltas x3 x4 x5 = Gamma and Saturation Increase with Contrast Deltas x6 x7 x8 = Saturation Increase with Contrast Deltas x9 Also like the Maria and Stella palettes, we have Phase Shifts 24.7 through 27.7 degrees in 0.5 degree increments. In addition to palette files with the '*.pal' file extension, the complete set above is also presented with the '*.act' file extension (Used with Atari 5200 emulators such as Atari800Win Plus, Jum52, & kat5200). Phase Shifting examples follow utilizing the x0 [saturation increase only] NTSC palette in the following order... Pam247NTSCx0 --> Pam252NTSCx0 --> Pam257NTSCx0 --> Pam262NTSCx0 --> Pam267NTSCx0 --> Pam272NTSCx0 --> Pam277NTSCx0. Pole Position: Joust: The next few are highlighting the two ends of the phase shift spectrum and a logical 'middle' ground (See explanation below): Pam247NTSCx0 --> Pam262NTSCx0 --> Pam277NTSCx0 Astro Chase: Moon Patrol: Mr. Do's Castle: Ms. Pac-Man: Pitfall II: Here are examples showcasing the different options within each phase shift. Phase Shift 26.2 degrees is selected in this order: PAM262NTSC --> PAM262NTSCx0 --> PAM262NTSCx1 --> PAM262NTSCx2 --> PAM262NTSCx3 --> PAM262NTSCx4 --> PAM262NTSCx5 --> PAM262NTSCx6 --> PAM262NTSCx7 --> PAM262NTSCx8 --> PAM262NTSCx9 Frogger: Pitfall: Color Bars with Reference from PAM Diagnostic [sALT] Cart v1.1: Pam247NTSC --> Pam252NTSC --> Pam257NTSC --> Pam262NTSC --> Pam267NTSC --> Pam272NTSC --> Pam277NTSC. GTIA CHIP - NTSC C014805 Official Document Color Order: Atari 5200 Field Service Manual: Per the technical documents referenced above the following can be deduced: Directions were given for the color just below and above the (grey) reference bar to be within one shade of each other. Under the same reference document, directions are given for it to be the same color. Phase Shift 25.7 degrees - matching Hue 1x, 15x and the color below the reference grey bar fits making it the same color. Accounting for system 'warm-up'/phase shifting as well as the instructions for it to be within one shade of each other would make Phase Shift 26.2 a realistic logical choice. It also collaborates with the official document color order: Hue 1x = Gold, Hue 2x = Orange, Hue 15x/F$ = Light-Orange; Phase Shift 26.2 places Hue 15x/F$ between Hue 1x, gold and Hue 2x, orange; a light orange in color. Here is an alternative capture of the color bars from the PAM Diagnostic [sALT] Cart v1.1 with Phase Shift 26.2 degrees in place by utilizing the 'Pam262NTSC' palette within kat5200's NTSC video simulation mode along with a few game captures: (Click on the capture to remove some of the distortion) Hue 1x for NTSC is intended to be gold, not green-yellow/yellow-green. Gold is how Hue 1x appears under a CRT - the original and intended display device for the system. A green-yellow/yellow-green Hue 1x is how the NTSC 5200 palette is manipulated and modified (in part) under a modern flat panel (I.E. LCD/LED/Plasma) display. The above harmonizes with what has been documented for the Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 systems as well, regarding their NTSC color palette. Although there is no Atari 5200 PAL system the palettes offered in the download for the PAL region are theoretical ones based upon how the colors align under the Atari 7800 PAL system (Since Atari 5200 NTSC and Atari 7800 NTSC share essentially the same palette when viewed on a CRT). However, it should be noted that PAL 8-bit (400/800) Atari computer systems appear to provide the same - or an *extremely* similar - palette of NTSC Atari 5200 consoles displayed on a CRT. Additionally, that would also mean that Atari 8-bit NTSC and PAL palettes are the same (Or extremely similar) from at least the 'base' level. Once actually processed through display circuitry from their respective region as well as slight hardware system differences (There is an additional oscillator for 8-bit PAL systems driving color frequencies), other items such as NTSC color 'artifacting' would not be present under PAL. A thorough summary of Atari 2600/5200/7800 console system palettes is here.
  9. "I'd certainly nominate [The Dreadnaught Factor] for remake status. With some visual upgrades, it would make a great XBLA download." -IGN Review "A cheapo remake [of The Dreadnaught Factor] on XBOX Live Arcade would be a blast..." -flojomojo "Would also like to see a remake of an old Intellivision game called 'The Dreadnought Factor' (also on the atari 5200)" -Andifferous This needed doing. So I did it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85j1Agw6Zgw The current version is just a prototype for the CREATE Jam contest. The prototype runs on generic Android hardware with an attached game controller. (e.g. Ouya dev hardware, an MK808 stick, or a Nexus 7 tablet) The game is ultimately going to be developed for the Ouya and GameStick game consoles. If anyone is interested in trying the prototype, let me know and I'll post the APK file. Note that I need your support to progress in the CREATE Jam contest. Please support me in the contest by liking the video below! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpLWWQ85VuE Hope you like it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  10. Is the Atari 5200 worth collecting? This is meant to be an overview for people who have never owned the console and know very little about it. I did a big shoutout to AtariAge in the video. Hope you guys & gals like it...
  11. I have a Electra Concepts Masterplay Interface 5200 in excellent condition, adult games Custer's Revenge and Eat'em & Best'em all FOR SALE... also 2 Wico Command controllers (joystick and keypad)
  12. Will Start Adding Pics That Paint Picture Of Magnitude Of Product I Have....Give Me A Bit - Thanks!! Hi, I am new to this site and bought a massive collection of games recently, roughly (6k-7k games)...I've sold a lot but have a bunch more to help with growing collections....I've never sold on here before but I wanna start and my buddy said it's a great place to do it...I know what the games are worth but would always prefer offer first for any purchases you'd like to make that I have that you may need...I am very fair and been selling things a long time so I always tend to come to a fair middle ground whenever selling items in good faith that people will come back and tell others as well...Thanks For Your Interest And Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions Or Make Requests....And As Far As Trades Go, I Am Only Really Open To Rare Games I Can Sell Quickly That Are Equal In Value I’m Giving Up, Atari 5200 4-Port Video Switch Box, ColecoVision Power Adapter & Empty Game Boxes I Could Use TO Complete Some Games **Lots Of My New Games Are In Gradable Top Notch Collector Condition** Items I have available include The Following (Also Have Some Consoles, Controllers, Manuals & Accessories Available).... Atari 2600 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 5200 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 7800 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Intellivision Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box ColecoVision - Cartridge Only, Cartridge & Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Commodore 64 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge, Cassette & Floppy Disc) & New In Box (Cartridge) Commodore Vic-20 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge & Cassette) & New In Box (Cassette) Sears Tele-games (Atari 2600) - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Complete In Box Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision) - Complete In Box & New In Box ...... And Of Course Other Consoles As Well (Also Sell Old Toys, Figures & Board Games) But Figure I Would Stay With Classic 80's Cartridge Games As Far As Details **One Last Thing...I Don't Have A List Because I Haven't Had Time And There Is Just Way To Many, But Odds Are I Will Always Have Something You Probably Need** My Personal Contact Info: Name: Andre (Dre) Number: 401-954-3295 Email: [email protected] Etsy Storefront URL (Overhauling Storefront This Coming Week): https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimelessToyStore?ref=hdr_shop_menu **Try To Sell Through Etsy Because I Can Give Better Deals - They Only Take 3%, We Come To Agreement Of What You Want And I Set Up Custom Sale For You - No PayPal Either..You Can Pay Direct With Card To Avoid Even More Fees - Which Means Better Prices** Ebay User ID/Name: TimelessToyStore Location: Rhode Island, USA (In Case Your Near Me And Local Pick Up Is Possible Or You Wanna Check Out Items In Person)
  13. I've recently come across an Atari 5200 at a flea market. I already have one so I want to give it to my girlfriend. Everything with it works and I have a controller for it too. The only thing I'm missing is the RF Switch. It's a 4-port so it needs that spec ail one that the RF and the power connects into. Finding one on eBay isn't that easy, I recently missed my chance on one on eBay and was wondering if anyone here has one they could sell me?
  14. Hi, I'm looking for the Y Adapter you need to hook up a Wico controller to the atari 5200. Ideally, I'd like two of them. Contact me if you have any for sale.
  15. I think I finally want to get into collecting for the 5200. Despite of its bad/good reputation. The one I want to buy is CIB in perfect condition...however, I have the option to buy either a 2-port or 4-port CIB...I want to buy the rarer one CIB obviously. So my question is: Which is more rarer/worth buying CIB over the other? Thanks! Also, the 2-port is $140 and the 4-port is $120 both CIB and in excellent condition.
  16. My atari games list atari classic games: arkanoid 1:08 berzerk 1:31 boulder dash 2:30 Centipede 4:13 dig Dug 6:02 donkey kong 6:32 joust 11:40 Jungle Hunt 12:12 keystone kapers 12:53 Mario Bros 13:25 pacman 17:03 pitfall 17:47 pole position 18:40 space invaders 21:54 super breakout 23:27 Super Pac-Man 23:49 Vanguard 25:26
  17. This is what i get when I play mr. do!'s castle. screenshot from jum52.
  18. Hi All, So I pulled out my Atari 5200 to test a controller my friend found at a thrift store. The good news is the controller works, the bad news is my system doesn't anymore. I was playing for about an hour before all of a sudden it decided to stop working. When I turn the system on, I get a solid black screen. Before this happened, I was getting some strange video irregularities. The screen for the most part would be okay but it would go into to flashing fits and then level out again. It seems like it got worse the longer a game was played. I thought maybe it was a dirty system/game or the video cable was going bad. Cable checked out okay. I cleaned the games and it made no difference. I found a repair manual online from Atari for the 5200 that had a troubleshooting section for a solid black screen. I took my system apart and pulled out my multimeter. I was unable to check the frequencies of the chips because I believe I need an oscilloscope for that. Checking the voltages where the manual said to, it looks like the voltages were all good except for A26, the 4013 Power ON/OFF latch. Across pin 8 and 16 I was reading around 14v where it should have been 5v. VR1 & VR2 were both showing 5v on their output pin so I'm not sure where this extra voltage could be leaking from. I did notice one larger resistor by the AV box closest to the end of the board was VERY hot. (By Q6, Q7. They're blue with gold, black, red, green brown rings on it) My system is a two port model, so it does not have the power integrated AV box like the 4 port model. Any ideas where to go from here? Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone, I am selling my Montezuma's Revenge Comes the manual and cart. In mint shape, please look at the pictures! 55$ + actual shipping (tracking / 6 business days option) Let me know if you have questions or PM me with your zip if you want to make a purchase!
  20. Just got a 5200 trak-ball, got home and tried it on centipede, the left side fire button doesn't work. Also, the trak-balls movement is shaky. My original joysticks even work better. It looks like it has been used a lot before, I am hoping to be able to restore it to working order.
  21. Heyho. Look what the postman did to my last bargain. https://fbcdn-sphoto...363919491_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...223358676_n.jpg I bought a bunch of Ataris from a fellow seller in Austria and on the way over to here to Germany, the postman didn't feel like carrying the package - can't get that Ace Ventura scene out of my head. The Atari 800 and the 5200 did not survive. Bad thing about it, both are USA NTSC Machines, hard to get over here and the post offices refuses to pay for the damage. I had one week to find out to whom to talk to and after I found the right lady, she told me that she only can help me within one week, so I did report to late... service? None! I am quite new to the Atarisection... always been a Commodore fanboy, but always looked over the edge and found Atari to be great, because of their freaky appearance, the many firsts (MULE) and the whole history of starting the business in the first place. Now that I finally decided to get all the Atari 8 bits for my collection they don't seem to want me anymore. Kinda curse, I guess. Does anyone in Germany has one of those hatches or even a whole, non working 5200 case left for sale? Anybody in the USA willing to send me a hatch for tiny money? Right now the whole system seems not work either. I get a green/brown screen, but according to this post it might just be the voltage regulator or probably the ANTIC chip. http://atariage.com/...0-2-port-issue/ Btw. which one was first: the 2-port or 4-port model? Thanks in advance... cheers, Dan
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