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Found 41 results

  1. This is for the box only and it has some imperfections. Will ship flat to avoid any crushing in transit. Please see the pictures which clearly identify the box's flaws. Just pay shipping and cost of packing materials (minimal). Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  2. Hello People, i have an idea for a Advanced version of the Atari Flashback Portable Device. This Advanced thingy should Feature Following stuff: -Atari 2600 Emulator -Atari 7800 Emulator -Atari Lynx Emulator -The atari Jaguar Port of Doom -All Arcade Games From Ataris greatest Hits -The Arcade Version From Marble Madness -A External Port for Usb Controllers for a 2 Player Mode -A Dial for Paddle Games -SD Card slot for Atari 2600, 7800 and Lynx Roms What do you Think?
  3. Anyone collected the different variants of 7800 consoles? It's my understanding that the progession went "EP" for the first 5,000 consoles made in El Paso, Texas in 1984; then "AT84" for an early batch still with Atari Inc.; then "AT85" for an early batch but now it's Atari Corp.; then "A1" for the first significant production run, still with the expansion interface present; then a run of A1's without the expansion interface but an indentation can be seen where it used to be; then "A3" with no expansion interface; then "X" for the final run. Here we've got an AT85 available. Cleaned and tested and works great, though to be honest, I acquired it amazingly clean already. Asking $50 OBO. Can include a Best Electronics brand-new PSU and/or a joystick and/or video cable if needed, we would just add on an appropriate amount of $. Also, if you're looking for a 7800 console from a different production run or would specifically like one with the plastic seal over the metal strip, let me know, as I have a few that I am looking to part with at this time. Any q's or to seal the deal, please PM me. Thanks!
  4. OK, so I was really, really curious as to how Double Dragon for the Atari 7800 played. Everyone said it was mediocre. But getting hold of fighting games to the 7800 aint that easy. I had it for while not getting my console to load it. Then I got an American (ntsc) version, and it booted and played immediatly. But ... it was... d i f f i c u l t ! ! ! ! So I try to find ways to get at the bad-guys, but its like every baddie is as difficult as one single opponent in Street Fighter 2: an entire 50/50 outset as fighting commences. I get so far to the boss of Level 1, and am learning some tricks... The Retron77 controller from RetroGameBoyz helped a lot.(and it has improved the gaming-experience for every 7800-game... with just one or two exceptions where the European Joypad-with-mini-stick is better). Any tips for getting the fighting going? What do you AtariAgers think about Double Dragon for the 7800? I´d love feedback. Fell free to comment the way you feel natural.
  5. From the album: My Collection

  6. DoctorSpuds

    Dig Dug (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  7. DoctorSpuds

    Xevious (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  8. DoctorSpuds

    Karateka (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  9. DoctorSpuds

    Food Fight (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  10. Recently while exchanging emails with Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games I expressed an interest in buying two games for the 7800, both of which were listed on the GDG site as SOLD OUT. Michael told me that he'd go through his Trade Show boxes, in hopes that he'd find additional copies. Well, he did. Both games are shooters, and were being developed by Tynesoft, However, they were both cancelled prior to being completed. When the protos for both games were discovered in 2008 by Curt Vendel they were unfinished and quite buggy. Both games were finished and given the polish that they deserved by Robert DeCrescenzo, Mitchell Orman, and Eckhard Stolberg. Both will now run on a stock 7800 console, NTSC and PAL. Plutos $44.75 Baz Daniels Youtube Play Video Sirius $44.75 The No Swear Gamer Review Video I subscribe to both channels. Hopefully they won't mind me using their videos. Whenever I use someone else's video for a Patreon post I ask for their permission first. But this isn't Patreon. The only exception that I make to this rule is when I promote another Youtube channel on Patreon; I make those posts Public. Besides, I post Patron Only exclusive content at least once each day. Last-night I made 2 exclusive posts. If you have a Youtube channel, please leave a comment if you don't wish for me to promote your channel. Or, if you do. Patreon/Cessnaace Last-night I also received an email from CollectorVision concerning the 3 recently released games that they are offering for the ColecoVision. While I attempted to post this last-night (along with the info on the two 7800 games) here in my AtariAge blog, that blog entry failed to publish, so I'm giving it another try here. I did post about it last-night at Patreon/Cessnaace. I'm just going to copy and paste from the CollectorVision email, but I'll have to add the prices as they weren't in the main body of the email. Jet Ready $65 Featuring: Brand New Game! Amazing Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! 8 different levels. LIMITED NUMBERS The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual Hustle Chumy $60 Featuring: Great Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! SG-1000 Conversion LIMITED NUMBERS The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual Jawbreaker 1 & 2 $55 Featuring: 2 games in 1 Cool Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! MSX Conversion The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual I really would like to purchase these three games, however I do not as yet own a ColecoVision (I really want one though). Recently, I conducted a poll in the Community section of my cessnaace Youtube channel, where I asked my subscribers to vote on which retro console should be my next (retro) console purchase. The choices were Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Atari XE GS. By a wide margin the XE GS received the most votes. So I'm saving up for one (and for a Switch). Plus, I also really want carts of Plutos and Sirius, and I DO own a 7800. Oh, and I do own Hustle Chumy for the SG-1000. Even though it rarely results in any, I'm again asking for comments. If anything it provides me with some feedback.
  11. I've got some Atari game manuals for sale, primarily Atari XE (and related 8-bit), Atari 7800 and Atari 2600. Have a couple for Atari Jaguar, too. Crystal Castles XE and Ninja Golf 7800 are probably the hardest to track down. If you're interested in one or more, shoot me a PM and I can get you pictures and we can have a conversation about price. Discounts are certainly available if you'd like more than one manual. Here's the list. I may be forgetting a few, in which case they'll be added once I'm home to double-check... Atari XE (and related 8-bit) Ace of Aces XE Barnyard Blaster XE Bug Hunt XE SOLD Crystal Castles XE SOLD Fight Night XE Lode Runner XE Missile Command XE Battle Chess Dig Dug F-15 Strike Eagle Frogger Joust Jungle Hunt The Pharaoh's Curse Pole Position Springer Tennis Atari 7800 Asteroids Ballblazer Centipede Choplifter Crossbow Dig Dug Food Fight Galaga Joust SOLD Karateka SOLD K.C. Munchkin! (Homebrew) Mario Bros. SOLD Ms. Pac-Man SOLD Ninja Golf SOLD One-on-One SOLD Robotron: 2084 Winter Games Atari 2600 Crossbow Crystal Castles Indy 500 XE (Homebrew) Kangaroo Kung-Fu Master (PAL version) Moon Patrol Summer Games Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 SOLD Wolfenstein 3d
  12. nicknickuk

    IMG 0714

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari 7800. Black metal case and I designed the centre vinyl sticker faceplate using paint Shop Pro
  13. Vectrex prices reduced. Atari 7800 and Atari Jaguar items added. Prices do not include shipping. Currently I can only ship in the United States, sorry everyone else. Please PM me and let me know what you are interested in, include your address or at least your zip code so I can give you a shipping estimate. Also, let me know if you want insurance. I’ll try and keep the list updated as sales complete. City Bomber - limited edition #3/50 : $120.00 $105.00 - (cardboard insert has tears at corners, came this way from publisher) Continuum : $115.00 $100.00 Cube Quest : $80.00 $65.00 Hexed! #006 : $135.00 $120.00 Melody Master with Instructions : $40.00 $35.00 Omega Chase Deluxe! - original in coleco intv cartridge case : $115.00 $95.00 Sectis #073, with Unused T-Shirt : $95.00 $85.00 Space Frenzy - original black box : $35.00 $30.00 Spike's Water Balloons Analog - original black case : $35.00 $30.00 Thrust - original black case : $35.00 $30.00 Tour De France - cge : $35.00 $30.00 V-Frogger original w intv case : $75.00 $65.00 Vaboom! Vectrace - original black case : $40.00 $35.00 Vec Sports Boxing GDG CGE 2k2 version : $65.00 $55.00 SOLD - Vector Pilot #040 Vector21 - #92 : $105.00 $90.00 SOLD - Vectrexians #082 SOLD - War of the Worlds #203 : $135.00 $115.00 Zantis #143/150 : $135.00 $115.00 Atari 7800 - Factory sealed. May have minor damage to box due to shrink wrap shrinking. All are in clear, protective boxes. Prices do not include shipping. Crack'ed - sealed box $14.00 Donkey Kong - sealed box $13.00 Jinks - sealed box $8.00 Jinks - sealed box $8.00 Mat Mania Challenge - sealed box, bottom left corner damage $12.00 Meltdown - sealed box [lightgun game] $18.00 Pole Position II - sealed box. torn shrink wrap on back $8.00 Realsports Baseball - sealed box $5.00 Scrapyard Dog - sealed box $30.00 Touchdown Football - sealed box $15.00 Tower Toppler - sealed box $10.00 Winter Games - sealed box $18.00 Winter Games - sealed box $18.00 Atari Jaguar - Factory sealed, prices do not include shipping. Games are in clear, protective boxes. Checkered Flag New, sealed - $18.00 Kasumi Ninja New, sealed = $55.00 Jaguar Pro controller Sealed - $225 Atari 7800 double controller holder Robotron 2800. Look to be 3d printed, so each may vary slightly. All are black. I have a handful of these $22.00 shipped, US only.
  14. Hey guys, I just thought I would try to clear something up with you since the people in this forum probably know more than anyone about this subject. There has been some discussion lately within a certain group (I promised them that I would not say who) that are claiming some higher-profile programmer is working on a Resident Evil-type game for the 7800. I'm fully aware of the limitations of the system, but have heard this over and over again. Is it possible? I mean, we have games like Midnight Mutants and such, so maybe a Resident Evil is not too far off? What do you think? Have you heard anything about a project like this? I asked Al, and he hasn't heard about anyone attempting this. It would be cool just because of the title (like Halo 2600, and a well-made game I might add) What do you all think?
  15. I am curious if anyone knows whether the Atari 2600 pause mod can be installed on a 7800 console to pause the 2600 games and if so, can you provide me with the instructions on where to connect it to the board? Thanks in advance!!
  16. I found my original 2600 carts in the basement the other day so I decided to start collecting Atari in addition to nearly every other retro system under the sun. I am looking for a good condition Atari 7800, preferably with some common games and controllers. S-video modded a plus. I would like to stay under $75 shipped in US if possible, but would go slightly over for a nice set. I have good feedback on nintendoage and neo-geo.com under the same name or ebay under vershak.
  17. I created my first sporcle quiz and made it about the 7800's library. Here is the link: http://www.sporcle.c...tari-7800-games Give it a try and let me know your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions.
  18. Will Start Adding Pics That Paint Picture Of Magnitude Of Product I Have....Give Me A Bit - Thanks!! Hi, I am new to this site and bought a massive collection of games recently, roughly (6k-7k games)...I've sold a lot but have a bunch more to help with growing collections....I've never sold on here before but I wanna start and my buddy said it's a great place to do it...I know what the games are worth but would always prefer offer first for any purchases you'd like to make that I have that you may need...I am very fair and been selling things a long time so I always tend to come to a fair middle ground whenever selling items in good faith that people will come back and tell others as well...Thanks For Your Interest And Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions Or Make Requests....And As Far As Trades Go, I Am Only Really Open To Rare Games I Can Sell Quickly That Are Equal In Value I’m Giving Up, Atari 5200 4-Port Video Switch Box, ColecoVision Power Adapter & Empty Game Boxes I Could Use TO Complete Some Games **Lots Of My New Games Are In Gradable Top Notch Collector Condition** Items I have available include The Following (Also Have Some Consoles, Controllers, Manuals & Accessories Available).... Atari 2600 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 5200 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 7800 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Intellivision Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box ColecoVision - Cartridge Only, Cartridge & Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Commodore 64 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge, Cassette & Floppy Disc) & New In Box (Cartridge) Commodore Vic-20 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge & Cassette) & New In Box (Cassette) Sears Tele-games (Atari 2600) - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Complete In Box Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision) - Complete In Box & New In Box ...... And Of Course Other Consoles As Well (Also Sell Old Toys, Figures & Board Games) But Figure I Would Stay With Classic 80's Cartridge Games As Far As Details **One Last Thing...I Don't Have A List Because I Haven't Had Time And There Is Just Way To Many, But Odds Are I Will Always Have Something You Probably Need** My Personal Contact Info: Name: Andre (Dre) Number: 401-954-3295 Email: [email protected] Etsy Storefront URL (Overhauling Storefront This Coming Week): https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimelessToyStore?ref=hdr_shop_menu **Try To Sell Through Etsy Because I Can Give Better Deals - They Only Take 3%, We Come To Agreement Of What You Want And I Set Up Custom Sale For You - No PayPal Either..You Can Pay Direct With Card To Avoid Even More Fees - Which Means Better Prices** Ebay User ID/Name: TimelessToyStore Location: Rhode Island, USA (In Case Your Near Me And Local Pick Up Is Possible Or You Wanna Check Out Items In Person)
  19. Here are most of my controllers for the 2600/7800, I have a couple joysticks and a joypad with the TV unit downstairs. The majority are original Atari ones and I didn't realize that I had 3 sets of paddles. I ended up refurbishing a 3-4 CX-40 with parts from Best Electronics. New rubber handle, new button/spring and for a couple of them I changed the contacts. Much cheaper than to get brand-new joysticks and except the usual markings on the rubber handle and scratched buttons, nothing wrong it. I have 3 CX-24 and 2 CX-78 joysticks for the 7800. I play pretty much all the time with the joypad, it's much easier to play with. I didn't realize I had four after-market joysticks. I think I will modify one of the yellow ones to have two joystick connections for Bump'n'Jump one of these days. There are a few controllers that I eventually would like to get. The Track&Field controller is high on my list, and perhaps I will treat myself to one in the next few months. I've also been keeping an eye out for the Epyx XJ500, I've always wanted one even back in the day when I had a C64 and that seemed to be the joystick to have. There's also the smaller Amiga joystick that came out in the mid 80s which I'd buy if I saw a good deal. As with everything else I find that the prices online have pretty much doubled in the last year.
  20. New palettes for ProSystem - Maria247, Maria252, Maria257, Maria262, Maria267, Maria272, & Maria277! Download them here: Maria2XX_Palettes_20131016.zip Not to be outdone by her older sister, Maria has received some new clothes as well. Like the Stella palettes, we have Phase Shifts 24.7 through 27.7 degrees in 0.5 degree increments. Unlike the Stella palettes under the Stella emulator, Maria has no easy way to make adjustments to the base values when being utilized under the ProSystem emulator, as many video options are not present. So, in addition to the base values, three varieties of intensity accompany the set. Also, the Maria palettes have different files for each region. NTSC and PAL regions are included. After further investigation and research, it appears what seems to be 'automatic' pot adjusting while the system is running is simply just the phase shifting. It is better understood and captured at a lower/cooler start (24.7 degrees) and watching via gradual increases of 0.5 degree. Previous palettes only offered phase shifts 25.7, 26.7, and 27.7. This set is much more complete and thorough in covering the 7800's hues and their respective phases on a CRT better than any prior releases. Screen captures to follow are in this order: Maria247 --> Maria252 --> Maria257 (aka 180 degrees colorburst) --> Maria262 --> Maria267 --> Maria272 --> Maria277 Color Charts (NTSC) Color Charts (PAL) Color Grids (NTSC) Color Grids (PAL) Following screen captures provide an example difference of intensity in this order: Maria262 --> Maria262x1 --> Maria262x2 --> Maria262x3 Donkey Kong XM Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Here's the Phase shifting in action shown in the following order: Maria247 --> Maria252 --> Maria257 --> Maria262 --> Maria267 --> Maria272 --> Maria277 Joust Scrapyard Dog Enjoy.
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