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Found 76 results

  1. Playing Atari 7800 wirelessly!
  2. Here we have an Atari 7800 Console Bundle with eight (8) games, two controllers and all required cables. Everything has been lightly cleaned and fully tested and works great! Here is everything you get: Atari 7800 console - plastic protective seal is still present on the metal nameplate. Some scuffs here and there but overall in very good shape. Two controllers - one OEM Atari 7800 "Proline" joystick and one 2600-style joystick by Gemini RF AV cable (OEM) with RF adapter for more modern (and older CRT) TVs alike Official Atari 7800 power supply Eight (8) Atari 2600 game cartridges (fully compatible with 7800 console): Combat, E.T., Frogger, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Porky's, Racquetball and River Raid Please see pictures for exact condition of all items. As many of you know, this particular 7800 console is from the second production run, denoted by AT84, a very early run manufactured by Atari Inc. before Warner sold the company to the Tramiels and it became Atari Corp. The 7800 only saw a very limited release during the Atari Inc. days, so it is very hard to find such an early version of this console. This is a particularly low serial number within the AT84 production run, too. Since it is from an early run, the expansion port is present (it was abandoned in later revisions) and the cartridge slot is very friendly to all cartridges, including third-party 2600 games which do not fit well - or at all - in later 7800 revisions. Kind of hard to put a price tag on this as I haven't been able to find any other consoles from this run for sale, but I'll go with $200 175 including shipping via Priority Mail to anywhere in the US. Also taking offers. Cross-posted on eBay. SOLD! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
  3. This is a hack originally from 2015, but I didn't upload it because I wanted to make some changes to the title screen and never got around to it -- until now. It's nothing spectacular, but the point of this hack was to make Louie a little more cute like the Lynx version. The title screen isn't that much different, but Louie is a mix of his appearance on the 7800 boxart and his appearance on the Lynx. List of changes: (UPDATE 12-JUN-20 Scraps Version: Added a bounce to Scraps' step with a little bit of ear flop. Also tweaked the knocking sprites and edited text from "Persistent Fellow" to "Persistent Mutt". Final boss screen Louie sprite outline color changed to dark brown. ALL versions in single zip file, including a green title text option.) - Edit in-game Louie sprites. - Changed color of sky in junkyard levels to be slightly more blue. - Tweaked color of dirt to be a little more brown. - Edited Louie in title screen. - Unlimited Lives (thanks to RevEng) rom included in zip Scrapyard Dog (Graphics Hack).zip Also included is a hack started from a request by @Giles N to replace Louie with Scraps. I liked the idea, and here is the result. Giles did the base Scraps sprites and I edited them to fit within the constraints of the game and did various other re-draws. I've redrawn Scraps kidnap graphics to show Louie. Text was also changed that referenced Scraps or Louie in order to match the new story line. List of changes: - Replaced Louie with Scraps and vice-versa. - Replaced text and graphics referencing Scraps or Louie. - All changes from previous hack included here (title screen edit, sky and dirt colors, invincibility version) Prosystem.dat File Additions:
  4. See photos. All games boxed with manual and et cetera flyers. Prices are negotiable for some of the higher end games (it's very hard to try and determine fair values). All games (except sealed of course) were tested when received at the time. F14 Tomcat (sealed) - $300 F18 Hornet - $50 Kung Fu Master (sealed) - $450 Pete Rose Baseball - $100 Super Skateboarding - $80 Titlematch Pro Wrestling (sealed) - $450 Double Dragon (sealed) - $450 Rampage - $125 Asteroids - $15 Realsports Baseball - $10 Robotron - $20 Summer Games - $175 Touchdown Football - $15 Winter Games - $25 Tank Command - $SOLD Water Ski - $120
  5. A SPECIAL game demo is available on the JS7800 emulator. This demo includes Novice & Expert. Popeye gets 2 lives, but he can earn a 3rd. The game ends after the ship, so POINT PRESSING IS A MUST! Thank you to: @RevEng, @mksmith, @Synthpopalooza, @Pat Brady, @Trebor, & @playsoft (<-see credits below). Special thanks to @ZeroPage Homebrew, @Jinroh, @raz0red, and all who have been supportive on AtariAge, Twitch, and YouTube! The game is still in beta status, but I figure it is at a place where the public may enjoy it. The difficulty is currently balanced with the arcade, unlike softer home versions. There is a Novice mode in the final version. I have included a long-play video below. Please check it out. The final version includes a Novice, Arcade, and Expert difficulty. Novice - Rev F Popeye Faster; Spinach resets after losing a life; Extra @ 26,500 Arcade Comparable to arcade difficulty; extra life at 40,000 Expert Brutus is faster and more aggressive; Bernard is craftier; Items fall really fast Thanks to all who voted Popeye as 2020's "Best Homebrew Atari 7800 (WIP)". The game is 1 or 2 player alternating. Video: Below is the DEMO version (Most recent to oldest). Players can play 1 or 2 player. Players now get 2 lives and can earn a 3rd. Players cannot unlock the cheat mode in the demo. Arcade mode is the only level available. Novice and Expert are exclusive to the final version and the version on the JS7800 emulator. 3/3/2021 - RC3.5 Concerto still has issues at times. Dragonfly now seems stable. These issues do not happen on the final cart media. The mcpdev is also very stable. There are some minor cleanups. Fixed the color on the high score erase screen. This is it, unless some bugs come up that need attention. Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_BUP).a78 2/25/2021 - RC3.4 Fine tuning. Brutus now jumps at an angle, like the arcade. It's not quite as drastic. Popeye(RC3.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.4_Demo-BUP).a78 2/22/2021 - RC3.3 Tile change on first level. Was able to add a rail to the ship's crow's nest, during the intro and level clear. I also found out that Olive doesn't scold Popeye if a Letter falls into the water, on the ship level. I have corrected that inconsistency. I assume it doesn't make sense, since she's captured in this level. Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.2 More minor graphical changes. Now the title Popeye head has a brown pipe, like the arcade. Tile tweaks on the first level. Also reversed the ship mast shading, to match the arcade. Popeye(RC3.2Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.2Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.1 Minor update. Has a few tile changes Popeye(RC3.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.1_Demo_BUP).a78 2/20/2021 - RC3.0 This version has a lot more changes than a "release candidate" should have. From this point out, I would like to stick to bug-fixes. Fixed a high score issue, which was introduced by adding the High Score Clear. I noticed this while watching the @ZeroPage Homebrew stream. Each difficulty should line up properly now (Novice, Arcade, and Expert). No high score device should read "Top 5 Chart". That is the header for the arcade table. High Score Clear is accessed by holding RESET and pressing both buttons on the first stick! Also seen on ZPH: Brutus doesn't get stuck in the bottom left corner when Popeye has the spinach. (He gets stuck in the bottom left corner of the Notes board, but that is by design. That happens in the arcade.) @Defender_2600 had color suggestions: Popeye's drawn with a different hue of blue. The ship has a more midnight blue background, and the floors are more golden than yellow. (The arcade is a dark blue-ish purple when I play on an actual arcade machine. It seems similar in MAME.) Defender2600 had level suggestions: The Notes screen tower is now slightly thinner. The floor that leads to the see saw no longer extends to the end of the building. This required a lot of work in adjusting the logic. (See below) Fixed some tiles on the ship level. More color adjustments. REV F ROM set (Novice is based off an easier Popeye arcade ROM) has more of a burgundy background, on the Hearts level. The arcade REV F has a pink-ish background. I think this works well. The old "brown" was mistaken for green. Popeye now turns red, instead of pink, when he eats the spinach. Logic adjustments with see saw logic: This was about 8-10 hours consuming. I had some logic in place. Moving the floor exposed a couple holes in that logic, given a very specific alignment of the stars. In making the level adjustment, I got to recreate the 1%. It was still extremely hard to recreate. If Brutus kicked into pursuit mode, right as Popeye jumped onto the see saw, Brutus could still jump on top of Popeye. I believe I worked this out. I can't seem to get it to happen again. Tune adjustment: If the last item gets collected from the water, the game does not revert to the level tune. Last Note & Last Letter would sometimes still be present. I think I took care of that issue. Fixed some garbage that would flash after dying on the Notes stage. Popeye(RC3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/9/2021 - RC2.9 Many fixes and updates. I am concerned that "Arcade" difficulty feels a little easier to me. That might encourage more people to play the arcade difficulty. I do want it to feel like the arcade challenge though. I can run this for hours on my Dragonfly and versa-cart, without any issues. It does crash at times on Concerto. It seems to be when idling in attract mode. 1. Fixed remaining issues with Brutus's pursuit music. 2. Colors and spinach timing are different for NTSC and PAL systems. 3. Reduced slowdown by limiting collision detection-per-frame. 4. Better proportioned Bucket. @KevinMos3 5. Adjusted the better proportioned bucket to fit Brutus's head 6. Lessened the use of flicker in some areas, due to the overhead saved in adjusting the collision. 7. Minor bug fix: Popeye disappears if collecting the last note when starting up or down the ladder. 8. Updated the Windows on the Notes Level. 9. Found duplicate tiles, and used the extras for "Thru" posts on level 2. 10. Last player 1 and player 2 scores display in blue during demo. 11. Fine-tuned Popeye's punch. ** 12. Popeye walks off the screen when wrapping around on the levels. ** 13. Brutus doesn't gain super speed when Popeye gets the spinach. 14. Brutus imitates the quirky behavior of the arcade when he's stuck in the corner, by the see saw. (When Popeye has spinach) 15. Brutus logic tweaks. 16. Fixed some artifacting when returning from demo play. Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Most will not notice this change. Eliminates a flash of garbage after Popeye dies on the notes and ship levels. Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_NTSC-PAL)s.a78 Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_BUP).a78 2/1/2021 - RC2.8 Update. Only need one version for A7800, Concerto, and Dragonfly. BUP has a special version. I can play this version all day on my Dragonfly or versa-cart, and it doesn't crash. It plays pretty long on the Concerto, especially once things are warmed up. There's nothing I can do about that at this time. That was the inspiration to clean much of the back code up. A LOT of behind-the-scenes cleanup & some polish The bottles rotate slower - @tep392 Olive doesn't constantly walk on the Notes and Ship. (This affects game play in other ways that I won't disclose.) When Brutus gets his burst of energy, the bottle throwing music now plays, like the arcade. Popeye's house now has window panes. I can't believe I missed that. Popeye's now falls below the water line when he dies. On the arcade, Popeye reappears at the waterline, following the splash. I made Popeye bob back to the top. I like arcade purity, but I think they did it that way for sprite overlap issues with the water. The demo play scene is now more versatile. Popeye gets scolded often, like the arcade. Fixed rare combination that would silence music on the Notes level. Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo-BUP).a78 As always, play the point-pressing version on JS7800! 1/26/2021 - RC2.7 The levels are now more in-line with the arcade aspect. Many tiles were re-drawn and repurposed. This was a 14-hour day (with hour break) and a few hours the following evening. The characters now know the levels, the attract modes are up to date, and everything seems fine. Let me know if there are any issues. @Defender_2600 suggested that I address the issue with the crammed levels. I didn't think I'd have enough tiles, but it worked out in the end. I think it was worth the effort. He also recommended toning down the yellow a little. Redrew the tiles Reprogrammed the tile graphics to line up with the new tile indexes (Hearts in the house, Whimpy and the see saw, etc.) Reset the coordinates for the staircases Reworked the self-play intro Cleaned up some sprite plotting. Adjusted some areas where the text colors were not flipping correctly. Popeye(RC2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/23/2021 - RC 2.6 This version has major tile re-work. I started cleaning up the first level. This simulates the lower-res look of the arcade. In doing so, this cleans things up. Bricks are no longer 1px apart vertically, the stairs have 2px underneath. The floors are thicker, including the bottom level. I am unable to color the bottom blue, but I have a water shadow of sorts, to keep in the arcade spirit. On the logic side, I adjusted Brutus's randomness. He is less likely to jump down, based on difficulty, round, and number of items collected. This may not be obvious, because he will still jump down a decent amount of the time. Changing logic meant adjusting the demo play. The demo play now starts with an example of a heart falling into the water. Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/16/2025 - RC 2.5 I wasn't going to do this, due to the amount of work, but I had to. New upper playfield on Level 1. The tileset with the grass are now one row lower, allowing more arcade-accuracy. Transferred tiles from one tileset to another, which caused an offset in tiles re-aligned plotted tiles (hearts in Popeye's house) Olive will now center herself after throwing the last heart. This keeps the large heart from being drawn off-screen. Fixed the staircase "bricks" to be blockier, like the arcade Revision F has a plum background, to match the arcade ROMs Flower doesn't disappear when level 1 is cleared Popeye(RC2.5_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/14/2021 - RC 2.4 Got rid of random off-pitch item collection noise, @playsoft This makes the game more stable using the Concerto. The sound seems to behave similarly to other games I tested. This has gotten rid of complete songs playing out of tune or missing parts. Updated sprites and palettes Title music plays every other loop; Atari Today only plays when the game is turned on. Olive doesn't walk in space after scolding Popeye Popeye's footsteps are closer to the arcade pattern. Overhaul of Popeye's ladder climb Fix some reset behavior The JS7800 Demo will also be updated, which allows Novice & Expert to be played. Popeye(RC2.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo_Bup).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/2/2021 - Beta 2.9 Two-Player with shared joystick option. I figure this will be helpful for people with only one joystick. Sometimes I just like to play a two player game by myself. This should also help @ZeroPage Homebrew too ;). New death sound by @Synthpopalooza Updated the credits page More Popeye sprite tweaks Updated self-play sequence Brutus is smarter when Popeye has the spinach. Olive screams "HELP!" on the ship level. "Popeye Catch!" call out is present on the Notes level now. (Yes, the gray does show through the letters on the arcade too!) If the punch button is pressed during an intro or pause before a level starts, Popeye will punch when the level begins. This is a personal detail I wanted to include from the arcade. I am out of space in the hearts bank, so that level doesn't have a pause after the intro. No room. Shifted some code for less bank switching on the hearts level. Brutus is back to throwing a minimum of 2 bottles, instead of 4. This reduces slowdown, which is a better experience. All systems of the day made exceptions. He will still throw up to 4, if Popeye is in his line of site. Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-Concerto).a78 12/25/2020 - Beta 2.8 - Many Changes. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Thanks to @tep392, I have confirmation that POKEY sound on actual hardware matches emulation. Just in time for a late Christmas release! Sound will still cut in and out on the Concerto, but some sound is better than none! Since it's Christmas, I have changed the "DEMO" version to include 2 lives (an extra life can be earned). The game now ends after clearing the SHIP. Updated sprites and colors Brutus has different color outfits to match each level Other various changes *** Brutus now throws all 4 bottles, like the arcade. I am not sure that I want to keep this, but I wanted to try it for a version. In a previous version, I added code to allow Brutus to stop throwing bottles after the second one, if Popeye leaves his line of sight. This helps eliminate some minor slow down. Also, there are certain areas where Brutus and the bottles will cause sprite overload. This is found on the Notes level. Should I sacrifice arcade pureness for this to eliminate slowdown and what ends up being flicker? I might go back in the next version. Will that be the final version? Updates some of the self-playing demo routines. Updated the credits. That still needs tweaked and cleaned up, but I wanted to get it out there. Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).bin 12/8/2020 - Beta 2.7f - Fixes and clean-up. Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin 11/27-2020 - Beta 2.7 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).bin 11/24/2020 - Beta 2.6 Updated high score routines No High Score device - "Todays Top 5" will be stored with initials until power off. High Score device - "Novice Top 5", "Arcade Top 5", and "Expert Top 5" saved permanently. Brutus will wait for Popeye to clear the see saw, like the arcade. He did before in most cases. I fixed this when Brutus is in pursuit mode. Fixed artifacting on Title screen, found when level was selected in 2.5b Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5b - Update Popeye's fall (slower), fix bottle collision at far left, align some title elements. Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo_BUP).a78(BUP disables high score saving, to work with BupSystem emulator) Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5a - Fix collision issues with items (still broken on some far-left bottles); Set Popeye stance after punch; slowed notes on higher levels Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).bin Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo_Bup).a78 11/09/2020 - Original public demo Popeye(Beta2.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin
  6. Hi gang, I think I'd like to dip my toes into 7800 ownership, finally. I want one mainly for playing Atari 2600 games, but also some 7800 arcade titles that I never got to play yet. All in all, I'm looking for stock, working console in great shape.. Nothing too beat up or scratched up. Doesn't have to be Mint either, just as long as your dog didn't chew on it and plastic & metal trim isn't all gouged up. 😅 A Power Supply and Controller(s) isn't crucial, but are of course preferred. Thankfully I do think I have some compatible controllers already. However, I don't have any 7800 games yet. So if there's any cheap commons to throw in, that would be great too, but again, not a necessity. I plan on doing my own mods/upgrades and hopefully scoring a Concerto SD Cart soon, but I need to track down a decent system first. I'm down for buying this system outright, or possibly (hopefully) working out a trade for it.. I collect for lots of different systems, mainly vintage and some new(ish) ones (see my profile for the list). I don't have anything in mind specifically, trade wise, but if you have a nice, starter 7800 bundle/setup and have something you're after, that you'd like to trade, just give me a shout.. I'm sure we can figure something out. I'm pretty easy to work with. 👍 I live in the USA (OH), so I'd prefer to pick a 7800 within the states if at all possible, so that I don't get murdered on shipping. Anyways, that's about it.. Please PM me if you can help out. Thanks! ✌️
  7. Today we discuss even more Atari 7800 Homebrews. I am always happy to share the hard work and talents of these homebrew programmers. What has been your favorite homebrew in this series? What is a game you'd like to see programmed?
  8. I recently dug out my Atari 7800 7800 Monitor Cartridge that I bought from Video 61 in August 2000. It's been quite a few years since I've messed around with it. I was showing a friend of mine how it worked. We looked at the three demo programs that are on it (Bumper Tanks, Hex Demo and Color Display), plus we typed in a couple of the very short demonstration programs and tried those too. I suppose that after nearly 20 years the battery in the cartridge that saves the RAM is dead, but I'd still like to play around with this rare cartridge and maybe make a video of it in use since I can't even find video of anyone using it (not even pictures or screenshots of the three demo programs on it). I know that the manual for the 7800 Monitor Cart isn't freely available. This is a shame, as this certainly would get more people interested in the program. I wonder if Video 61 would allow, at least, the manual to be released as a pdf? Did anyone ever write any short subroutines that I could type into this machine language monitor using those trusty keyboard controllers? Are there any generic 7800 programs that I could use with the Monitor carts? Adam
  9. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 3 - Atari Jaguar with plenty of signs of usage. Comes with 3 boxed & 2 loose games. *** SOLD *** ============================================================================ I'm asking $225 shipped. I just tested the Jag and all carts with a universal psu (tested the universal first with meter) and it works. You get: Jag console one Jag controller composite video cable (red-white-yellow) Iron Soldier (not mint) with box and manual, missing insert tray, includes my receipt from 1994 Checkered Flag with box and manual, missing insert tray CIB Brutal Sports Football with box and manual loose Ulta Vortex loose Dino Dudes You can have the universal psu to use until you acquire a Jag or compatible Genesis psu. Its just safer. I don't think running a universal psu on a daily basis is a good idea. Way too easy to fry the Jag if the selector is on wrong setting or polarity is reversed. Everything will ship well packaged and padded. Please see pics. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 1 - Lynx Console, 30 carts, pouch, AC adapter ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm am the original owner of the console. It has the original screen. This console was my "second" gaming console--it saw not nearly as much use as my main console, but more than my backup console. Of my Lynx consoles, this a close second for screen quality. The vertical lightness that follows moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion. I am also the original owner of all 30 game carts. A Lynx pouch and AC adapter is also included. Please see photos. I'm asking $320 shipped. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 2 - Atari 7800 in great condition with 23 games (and 21 manuals) ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm the original owner of the console and most of the games. I'm asking $225 shipped. Please see photos.
  10. Thought I would give the AA community a shot at this rare collectible before heading to eBay. It's my understanding that Atari shipped a small number of these "Value Pack" 7800 console bundles towards the end of 7800 sales in the early 1990s in an effort to move some back-stock of games. Originally, the four CIB games (Galaga, Xevious, Robotron: 2084 and Ms. Pac-Man) were shrink-wrapped to the back of the console box. Note the sticker on the console box advertising the Value Pack contents. The console (A3 variant) matches the serial number of the box. Everything is tested and works great. I purchased this a few months back from the original owner, who said it got very minimal play, if any. The console itself and accessories are all in very good shape. The joysticks play extremely well - probably the best I've ever come across, with excellent response from the joystick and side buttons - not mushy at all! The CIB games are all still sealed but Galaga has a tear in the plastic on the side. The box has wear. Metal plates on the console and both joysticks still have the protective plastic covering on them. Please see pictures for exact condition of all items. This bundle comes with everything you need to start gaming as soon as you open up the box, including a modern RF adapter (no need to use that silly switchbox, which is only included for completeness). I had great difficulty pricing this, as these are so incredibly hard to find, so an eBay auction might be my best bet, but I thought $200 shipped here in the AA forums seemed quite fair. This will ship well-packed and fully insured via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM me with interest and with any questions. Thanks!
  11. DoctorSpuds

    Dig Dug (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  12. today I'm discussing more great Atari 7800 homebrews. Which are your favorite? Thanks for your continued support.
  13. Atari 7800 Discovery Thanks for letting me join, I know absolutely zilch about the Atari Consoles. I had an Atari 800XL once upon a time and absolutely loved it, so many great memories. So I went on a bit of a discovery with the Atari 7800 the other day and it really impressed me. Left me thinking “what if”. I thought I’d share it here, it’s nothing special, but just wanted to share my thoughts on what I think of this console and its games. Anyways here’s my video, I played every game using RetroArch and built this vid from it. https://youtu.be/TogzSRUVEMc Thx
  14. In this episode I celebrate the hard work of the many talented programmers who make games for this system. This will be the first of many as there are a lot of great homebrews out there. Which was your favorite homebrew? Which games would you like to see made?
  15. Here we have Water Ski for the Atari 7800 Complete in Box (CIB) with game cartridge and manual. As most of you know, this can be a tough game to track down in its original box with manual. The game cartridge has been cleaned and tested and works great! Also comes with a game box protector. Please see the provided pictures below. The game box has wear, as seen in the pics. However, all flaps are present and the game cartridge still sits inside the box as it should. Manual is in good shape with no handwriting inside. Asking $100 OBO, shipping included, to anywhere in the US in a carefully packed box. SOLD Please send me a PM with any questions or to purchase. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys, I just thought I would try to clear something up with you since the people in this forum probably know more than anyone about this subject. There has been some discussion lately within a certain group (I promised them that I would not say who) that are claiming some higher-profile programmer is working on a Resident Evil-type game for the 7800. I'm fully aware of the limitations of the system, but have heard this over and over again. Is it possible? I mean, we have games like Midnight Mutants and such, so maybe a Resident Evil is not too far off? What do you think? Have you heard anything about a project like this? I asked Al, and he hasn't heard about anyone attempting this. It would be cool just because of the title (like Halo 2600, and a well-made game I might add) What do you all think?
  17. I am curious if anyone knows whether the Atari 2600 pause mod can be installed on a 7800 console to pause the 2600 games and if so, can you provide me with the instructions on where to connect it to the board? Thanks in advance!!
  18. I am interested in getting an Atari XE light gun for my Atari 7800 for games such as Crossbow and Barnyard Blaster. There is a problem though - these light guns are hard to find and the few I see on Ebay cost a small fortune. This leads me to two questions: 1. Is there a third party alternative out there to the Atari XE light gun? 2. Can another light gun (such as the NES Zapper) be rigged/modified somehow to work with an Atari 7800/2600/XE? Any input is appreciated.
  19. In today's episode I discuss the few prototypes for the Atari 7800. Are there any that I missed? Were there more games planned than the ones I listed?
  20. DoctorSpuds

    Food Fight (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  21. Recycled Thread, Yes, this is available until I mark as sold. $30 + Shipping. $30 is what I invested to build this about 5 years ago, but I never use it. The box is wood, but not solid wood. I'm really not sure where the box came from, but it's sturdy, and looks pretty good. The joystick is a $10 unknown brand I bought online back in the day, and includes 8 way octagonal joystick gate. It works on the Atari 2600 and 7800, and it's wired for two button operation on the 7800. The cord is only about 3', but I'm including a NEW belt buckle and wrist band! Price does not include shipping from 45005, box is 3 lb 13 oz, 11" x 15" x 9". Include your zipcode in the PM, and I can get you an estimate.
  22. I opened up my Atari 7800 yesterday to adjust/fix the cartridge guide so that it will accept some third-party cartridges without any problems. This was a success and I'm happy with the result (even Imagic carts fit the slot without a problem now). When I was putting the system back together I noticed some sort of pink residue around diodes CR9 and CR10. Diodes don't leak, and as far as I'm aware, there is nothing in this area that can leak. The "pink stuff" is only on the component side of the board; there is nothing at all on the solder side of the motherboard. Does anyone have any idea what this pink stuff might be on the board? Here is a medium-res picture of my 7800's motherboard: Here is a close-up of the area with the pink stuff (you should be able to zoom into this picture pretty well): This system has worked for a couple of decades without any problems for me. There has always been an issue with a hissing sound in the background of my games... but I've always thought that it was standard RF interference. I can't tell what the pink substance is (it honestly looks like Pepto Bismol, but it's in a very thin layer). I'd rather not put the system back together without figuring this out. I just tested the system and it works fine. Can anyone tell me if this "pink stuff" is a real problem or not? Also, has anyone ever seen anything like this before on there. Adam
  23. I'm selling my final spare 7800 along with some goodies! Comes as a bundle with everything you need to get gaming except an RF adapter (I'm out of extras), but luckily those are $5 on eBay. The entire bundle is fully cleaned and tested and works great with limited exceptions as fully outlined below. Only asking $100 OBO. Here's everything you get: - Atari 7800 Console - a nice and clean console, good cosmetically besides some scratches here and there, with most scratches evident on the metal nameplate. Exceptions: 1) left tab on cartridge slot is missing. This does not affect gameplay, as only one tab is needed to activate cartridges with cartridge door/dust cover (limited 7800 games and many 2600 games). 2) Select button must be pressed firmly and Reset button is non-responsive. This is fixable, but it is worth noting that as far as I know, only four out of the original 59 Atari 7800 games require the reset button to start a game (the four Absolute titles). Many Atari 2600 games utilize the reset button to start a game, but for this bundle I handpicked eight (8) 2600 games that work just fine without the reset button. - Two (2) Atari 7800 OEM ProLine Controllers. One works perfectly while the other does not respond to "down" commands. - OEM Atari 7800 power supply in a reproduction box. - Monster brand AV cable (no RF adapter - a $5 buy on eBay) - 16 total games: Eight (8) 7800 games and eight (8) 2600 games. All games work great. Yar's Revenge is missing the cartridge door/dust cover. See pictures for titles. - Three (3) 7800 game boxes are BOX ONLY, three (3) 7800 game boxes come with the manual and warranty card, as pictured, and then Jinks is new in box and SEALED, and One on One which is complete in box and includes the cartridge (not pictured) but it tends to stop working properly within a minute of gameplay - clearly there is a glitch with that cartridge and is being included at no cost. Overall, a great buy at a great price. Please don't hesitate to contact me by PM with any questions or to finalize a deal. Thanks.
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