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Found 54 results

  1. I wanted to try my hand at making a fun little utility, that programmers, whether they code in machine language, or 7800basic, could use to help them write commands to send to the POKEY chip in their own programs. It's a program that lets you set the volume, frequency and waveform settings for each of the POKEY's four channels, and hear what kinds of sounds each combination makes, to help you make music and sound effects easier. Kind of a "what you hear is what you get" sort of thing. I call it "Prickle", because the chip is called POKEY, and GCC was going to make a low-cost sound chip called GUMBY for the Atari 7800, so I figured I'd stay within that character set. This was inspired by Random Terrain's Tone Toy 2008, which I find is a great help for programming the TIA's two sound generators. When I started to think about adding POKEY sound and music to the game I'm working on, I looked to see if there was something similar for programming the POKEY. I don't know if I didn't look hard enough, or if there really wasn't anything like that (unless Raster Music Tracker counts?), but I couldn't find anything that worked like Tone Toy, so I decided to make my own, and share it with you guys, hoping that you might be able to use it, as well. Here's a screenshot of the interface. It's not much, but since it's more of a utility, I figured I'd draw up something basic. I am thinking about making it look a bit more graphical in a future update, though. Basically, you have a context-sensitive help bar at the top of the screen, which tells you what each of the joystick movements (and the fire button) do, at any given moment. All four channels are laid out, for you to tinker around with, until you find a combination of settings that you like. It starts out with the word one highlighted, and if you move the joystick up or down from that point, you can switch between the other four channels, as well. With any of the channels by themselves highlighted, pushing the joystick to the left or right highlights one of the channel settings, like volume, frequency and the waveform ("square wave", "sawtooth wave", "pink noise", etc.). With any of these highlighted, moving the joystick up or down will change that setting. It'll increase or decrease the volume or frequency, and in the case of the waveform selector, change the type of waveform. If you hold the fire button down while you do this, it will slow down the increase or decrease, so you can have a bit finer control over what you want to change each setting to. And, when you push the joystick to the left or right, so only the channel number is highlighted, you can press the fire button to mute or unmute that channel. I figured that might be helpful, if you're trying to program in a two-, three- or four-part harmony with the other channels, and wanted to adjust each one, without hearing the others, and without needing to turn the volume all the way down on each channel, first. This is version 0.9, which I put the finishing touches on about an hour ago. It's version 0.9, because aside from the idea of making the interface look a bit more graphical (and because I've been itching to try 320B mode out), there's one thing I'm not sure how to do, that I'm pretty sure might come in handy: 16-bit mode. If anyone knows how to do this, and would like to help me add it in for version 1.0, that would be great. I'm going to release this under version 3 of the GNU GPL, but if that's not a good idea, I can change it. Here's the attached files: prickle.zip contains all of the source files 7800basic generated, along with the font I used, the A78 and BIN files. I figured I'd include everything, just in case. prickle-v09.a78 is the program itself. I tested it under MESS, both with and without the XM, and it worked both times. I haven't tried it in ProSystem, but if it doesn't work for you (or it complains of no POKEY chip), please let me know. prickle-v09.bin is a BIN file, because I wasn't sure if anyone would wanna try this on a Cuttle Cart 2, or CPUWIZ's MCP development cart, while they're programming. Maybe I'm just being silly. ​ If you have any questions, the interface is too confusing, or you found a bug, please feel free to let me know. prickle.zip prickle-v09.a78 prickle-v09.bin
  2. I recently dug out my Atari 7800 7800 Monitor Cartridge that I bought from Video 61 in August 2000. It's been quite a few years since I've messed around with it. I was showing a friend of mine how it worked. We looked at the three demo programs that are on it (Bumper Tanks, Hex Demo and Color Display), plus we typed in a couple of the very short demonstration programs and tried those too. I suppose that after nearly 20 years the battery in the cartridge that saves the RAM is dead, but I'd still like to play around with this rare cartridge and maybe make a video of it in use since I can't even find video of anyone using it (not even pictures or screenshots of the three demo programs on it). I know that the manual for the 7800 Monitor Cart isn't freely available. This is a shame, as this certainly would get more people interested in the program. I wonder if Video 61 would allow, at least, the manual to be released as a pdf? Did anyone ever write any short subroutines that I could type into this machine language monitor using those trusty keyboard controllers? Are there any generic 7800 programs that I could use with the Monitor carts? Adam
  3. I opened up my Atari 7800 yesterday to adjust/fix the cartridge guide so that it will accept some third-party cartridges without any problems. This was a success and I'm happy with the result (even Imagic carts fit the slot without a problem now). When I was putting the system back together I noticed some sort of pink residue around diodes CR9 and CR10. Diodes don't leak, and as far as I'm aware, there is nothing in this area that can leak. The "pink stuff" is only on the component side of the board; there is nothing at all on the solder side of the motherboard. Does anyone have any idea what this pink stuff might be on the board? Here is a medium-res picture of my 7800's motherboard: Here is a close-up of the area with the pink stuff (you should be able to zoom into this picture pretty well): This system has worked for a couple of decades without any problems for me. There has always been an issue with a hissing sound in the background of my games... but I've always thought that it was standard RF interference. I can't tell what the pink substance is (it honestly looks like Pepto Bismol, but it's in a very thin layer). I'd rather not put the system back together without figuring this out. I just tested the system and it works fine. Can anyone tell me if this "pink stuff" is a real problem or not? Also, has anyone ever seen anything like this before on there. Adam
  4. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 3 - Atari Jaguar with plenty of signs of usage. Comes with 3 boxed & 2 loose games. *** SOLD *** ============================================================================ I'm asking $225 shipped. I just tested the Jag and all carts with a universal psu (tested the universal first with meter) and it works. You get: Jag console one Jag controller composite video cable (red-white-yellow) Iron Soldier (not mint) with box and manual, missing insert tray, includes my receipt from 1994 Checkered Flag with box and manual, missing insert tray CIB Brutal Sports Football with box and manual loose Ulta Vortex loose Dino Dudes You can have the universal psu to use until you acquire a Jag or compatible Genesis psu. Its just safer. I don't think running a universal psu on a daily basis is a good idea. Way too easy to fry the Jag if the selector is on wrong setting or polarity is reversed. Everything will ship well packaged and padded. Please see pics. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 1 - Lynx Console, 30 carts, pouch, AC adapter ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm am the original owner of the console. It has the original screen. This console was my "second" gaming console--it saw not nearly as much use as my main console, but more than my backup console. Of my Lynx consoles, this a close second for screen quality. The vertical lightness that follows moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion. I am also the original owner of all 30 game carts. A Lynx pouch and AC adapter is also included. Please see photos. I'm asking $320 shipped. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 2 - Atari 7800 in great condition with 23 games (and 21 manuals) ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm the original owner of the console and most of the games. I'm asking $225 shipped. Please see photos.
  5. Still clearing out unused items from my collection.... Please PM if you have any questions. I would have to charge additional shipping outside the continental US. ======================================================================== /|\ All Atari manuals (qty 34) $42 shipped ======================================================================== I'm happy to sell individually, but I'll need you pick up the postage in that case. One last thing, I'd take $42 ***OBO*** shipped for all the manuals (34 total: 4-Lynx, 9-2600, and 21-7800 manuals) ======================================================================== /|\ Atari Lynx manuals (qty 4) $10 plus shipping ======================================================================== They're all in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== /|\ Atari 2600 manuals (qty 9) $14 plus shipping ======================================================================== These are in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== /|\ Atari 7800 manuals (qty 21) $30 plus shipping ======================================================================== These are in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== Apple II shoe box of discs--mostly games $32 plus shipping ======================================================================== I got these years ago. They came with an Apple IIe that I bought back in the day. They are backups and not originals. There are a lot of floppies here. And many have multiple games on them. I can't test them, so I don't know how well they still work. I'm offering these "as is". ======================================================================== /|\ Atari Lynx in need of screen help $58 shipped ***SOLD*** ======================================================================== Age is showing on the screen of this Lynx. Basically, this is a great candidate for a modern screen upgrade. There is lots of vertical banding--which sucks. But everything else works great on this Lynx--which is nice. This is from my person collection, like all the items here. Is this your first Lynx? I'll throw in a loose game cart so that you can test the unit as soon as it arrives.
  6. Thought I would give the AA community a shot at this rare collectible before heading to eBay. It's my understanding that Atari shipped a small number of these "Value Pack" 7800 console bundles towards the end of 7800 sales in the early 1990s in an effort to move some back-stock of games. Originally, the four CIB games (Galaga, Xevious, Robotron: 2084 and Ms. Pac-Man) were shrink-wrapped to the back of the console box. Note the sticker on the console box advertising the Value Pack contents. The console (A3 variant) matches the serial number of the box. Everything is tested and works great. I purchased this a few months back from the original owner, who said it got very minimal play, if any. The console itself and accessories are all in very good shape. The joysticks play extremely well - probably the best I've ever come across, with excellent response from the joystick and side buttons - not mushy at all! The CIB games are all still sealed but Galaga has a tear in the plastic on the side. The box has wear. Metal plates on the console and both joysticks still have the protective plastic covering on them. Please see pictures for exact condition of all items. This bundle comes with everything you need to start gaming as soon as you open up the box, including a modern RF adapter (no need to use that silly switchbox, which is only included for completeness). I had great difficulty pricing this, as these are so incredibly hard to find, so an eBay auction might be my best bet, but I thought $200 shipped here in the AA forums seemed quite fair. This will ship well-packed and fully insured via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM me with interest and with any questions. Thanks!
  7. Joe01

    Serial number

    Hello all, I recently purchased an Atari 7800. it is a later model, without the expansion port. I do not know how to read the serial number and am curious if anyone could tell me the year it came out.
  8. This is for the box only and it has some imperfections. Will ship flat to avoid any crushing in transit. Please see the pictures which clearly identify the box's flaws. Just pay shipping and cost of packing materials (minimal). Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  9. Anyone stateside collect PAL for 7800 or will I be shipping these overseas? Free shipping to the US; worldwide I'll eat a portion of the shipping costs. Mario Bros. Planet Smashers Motor Psycho Impossible Mission I also have H.E.R.O. for the 2600 (PAL), which comes with the manual and a high-quality scan plastic case. If these were NTSC, I'd make triple this! Oh well... All games have been cleaned and tested and are assuredly PAL format despite only two of them having the "P" stickers on the back. Please see the pictures for an exact condition of everything. Looking for $35 OBO for the four (4) 7800 games as a lot (would consider splitting up) and $35 OBO for HERO w/manual and custom plastic case. Shoot me a PM to chat further and finalize things. Cheers.
  10. This is a great bundle to get you started on the world of 7800 gaming! Here we've got an A1 model variant, which is one of the early production runs with an Expansion Port on the side. Everything has been cleaned, tested and works great. The plastic protective strip covering the metal nameplate on the console is still intact. This bundle comes with everything you need to start gaming as soon as you open up the package! Here's everything you get: - 7800 Console (A1 Model with Expansion Port) - One (1) Atari 7800 ProLine Joystick - Original Power Supply - Original RF A/V Cable - RF Adapter to plug into your modern TV (mileage may vary on 4K TVs) - Original Console Manual - Five great games to get your collection started: Pole Position II w/manual (original pack-in game), Choplifter, One-on-One, Ms. Pac-Man and Food Fight Please see pictures for exact condition of all items. While everything has been cleaned, scratches and other signs of age may be present. Only asking $80 shipped to US buyers. Would consider shipping to Canada for an additional cost. Please shoot me a PM with interest and with any questions. Cheers.
  11. I've got some game manuals for sale, primarily Atari 8-bit and video game systems but also some NES and Sega Genesis. If you're interested in one or more, shoot me a PM and I can get you pictures and we can have a conversation about price. Discounts are certainly available if you'd like more than one manual. Here's the list. I also have some game boxes for sale, sprinkled in as marked throughout the list. Game boxes are "new old stock" unless otherwise indicated. Atari XE (and related 8-bit) Ace of Aces XE (used box + manual) Barnyard Blaster XE SOLD Battlezone XE Bug Hunt XE SOLD Crossbow XE Crystal Castles XE SOLD Fight Night XE Lode Runner XE Missile Command XE Battle Chess F-15 Strike Eagle Frogger The Pharaoh's Curse Springer Tennis Atari 7800 Alien Brigade (used box + manual) Asteroids (x2) Ballblazer Centipede (x2) Choplifter Crossbow Crystal Quest Featuring Bentley Bear (Homebrew; box only) Dark Chambers (used box + manual) Dig Dug FailSafe (Homebrew) Fight Night (used box only) Food Fight Galaga (used box + manual) Hat Trick Impossible Mission (French) Joust SOLD Karateka SOLD K.C. Munchkin! (Homebrew) Mario Bros. SOLD Motor Psycho (French) Motor Psycho (German) Ms. Pac-Man SOLD Ninja Golf SOLD One-on-One SOLD Planet Smashers Rampage Robotron: 2084 (x3) Super Huey Winter Games Atari 7800 Advantage poster (x6) Atari 2600 Air Raiders Asteroids AstroBlast Barnstorming Battlezone Boxing Breakout Crossbow Crystal Castles (color Atari Corp. version) Desert Falcon Freeway Home Run (Color Atari Inc. version) Home Run (B&W Atari Corp. version) Indy 500 XE (Homebrew) Journey Escape Joust (Color Atari Corp. version) Kangaroo (B&W Atari Corp. version) Kung-Fu Master (PAL version) Mario Bros. (original version) Maze Craze MegaMania Midnight Magic Moon Patrol Q*bert Resident Evil: Trapped in the Haunted House (custom box for Haunted House; box only) Star Ship Star Voyager Summer Games Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Football Video Checkers (B&W Atari Corp. version) Atari 2600 Owner's Manual (x3 all for Vaders; two color and one B&W) Atari VCS Catalog Green "43 Games" 1981 (x3) Atari VCS Catalog Red "45 Games" 1981 (x4) Atari VCS Catalog Red "49 Games" 1982 (x4) Activision Catalog Spring 1982 Activision Catalog Summer 1982 Coleco VCS Games Catalog 1982 Atari Force Comic Book Vol. 1 No. 1 1982 Atari Force Comic Book Vol. 1 No. 3 1982 Atari Jaguar Attack of the Mutant Penguins (Box + manual) Alien vs. Predator Fever Pitch Soccer (box only) Iron Soldier (box only) Iron Soldier 2 (CD version) Missile Command 3D (box + manual) Myst Jag CD (box only) Pitfall (box + manual) Raiden (x2) Ruiner Pinball (box + manual) Super Burnout (box only) Tempest 2000 SOLD Wolfenstein 3d Zool 2 (box only) Jaguar User's Guide (console manual) Nintendo Entertainment System Adventures in the Park Dragon Warrior Metroid Mickey Mousecapade Predator Spy Hunter Sega Genesis Arcade Classics College Football USA 96 FIFA Soccer 95 The Jungle Book Jungle Strike Ms. Pac-Man Sonic & Knuckles Sonic Spinball Urban Strike EA Sports 1996 Catalog Sonic the Hedgehog Poster Golf Magazine's 36 Great Holes (Sega 32X) Knuckles Chaotix (Sega 32X) Space Harrier (Sega 32X) Sol-Feace (Sega CD) SOLD
  12. Anyone collected the different variants of 7800 consoles? It's my understanding that the progession went "EP" for the first 5,000 consoles made in El Paso, Texas in 1984; then "AT84" for an early batch still with Atari Inc.; then "AT85" for an early batch but now it's Atari Corp.; then "A1" for the first significant production run, still with the expansion interface present; then a run of A1's without the expansion interface but an indentation can be seen where it used to be; then "A3" with no expansion interface; then "X" for the final run. Here we've got an AT85 available. Cleaned and tested and works great, though to be honest, I acquired it amazingly clean already. Asking $50 OBO. Can include a Best Electronics brand-new PSU and/or a joystick and/or video cable if needed, we would just add on an appropriate amount of $. Also, if you're looking for a 7800 console from a different production run or would specifically like one with the plastic seal over the metal strip, let me know, as I have a few that I am looking to part with at this time. Any q's or to seal the deal, please PM me. Thanks!
  13. This is one of my listings and thought I would share here. This is the only value pack console I've ever come across in the wild. I know they have been mentioned a couple times here in the AA forums in the past. In case anyone is looking for one, feel free to take a look at my eBay auction, which ends this coming Tuesday at 11:00pm ET. Would be happy to answer any q's via PM. Thanks for looking!
  14. DoctorSpuds

    Galaga (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  15. DoctorSpuds

    Xenophobe (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  16. Hello People, i have an idea for a Advanced version of the Atari Flashback Portable Device. This Advanced thingy should Feature Following stuff: -Atari 2600 Emulator -Atari 7800 Emulator -Atari Lynx Emulator -The atari Jaguar Port of Doom -All Arcade Games From Ataris greatest Hits -The Arcade Version From Marble Madness -A External Port for Usb Controllers for a 2 Player Mode -A Dial for Paddle Games -SD Card slot for Atari 2600, 7800 and Lynx Roms What do you Think?
  17. OK, so I was really, really curious as to how Double Dragon for the Atari 7800 played. Everyone said it was mediocre. But getting hold of fighting games to the 7800 aint that easy. I had it for while not getting my console to load it. Then I got an American (ntsc) version, and it booted and played immediatly. But ... it was... d i f f i c u l t ! ! ! ! So I try to find ways to get at the bad-guys, but its like every baddie is as difficult as one single opponent in Street Fighter 2: an entire 50/50 outset as fighting commences. I get so far to the boss of Level 1, and am learning some tricks... The Retron77 controller from RetroGameBoyz helped a lot.(and it has improved the gaming-experience for every 7800-game... with just one or two exceptions where the European Joypad-with-mini-stick is better). Any tips for getting the fighting going? What do you AtariAgers think about Double Dragon for the 7800? I´d love feedback. Fell free to comment the way you feel natural.
  18. DoctorSpuds

    Dig Dug (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  19. DoctorSpuds

    Xevious (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  20. DoctorSpuds

    Karateka (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  21. DoctorSpuds

    Food Fight (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

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