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Found 46 results

  1. For Sale - Vintage Atari 800 in great cosmetic and physical condition. I am asking $245 USD plus shipping. Keyboard and all keys are solid and working. All ports and both cartridge slots work. Nice uniform coloration on the outer case. No visible cracks in the plastic case. This is a collector quality unit. Sale includes Atari 800, BASIC cartridge and original Atari power supply. I opened the case, blew out the dust, saw no modifications, replaced one of the plungers for one of the special keys (OPTION I think). I have been using this unit a couple times a week for the past couple months with no issues. You will be hard pressed to find a better looking 800. Although everything is working for me, I make no guarantee or warranty that it will work for you because being about 40 years old, shipping can be rough on these. I have sold/shipped several of these over the years and know how to pack them for good protection. Local pickup is always welcome (in NC/SC). Otherwise shipping to the U.S. lower 48 usually costs about $35. Message me with questions. Payment via PayPal is preferred. We can discuss other items for purchase if you are interested. I have good working 1050 drives, 1010 tape units, 400 computers. Many cartridges. Many books, manuals, brochures, some commercial software/games, etc.
  2. Hi everyone, A little while ago I was able to get an Atari 800 that was in pretty great condition with the exception of a needed cleaning. I decided that I wanted to make a custom keyboard using the original Atari's keyboard with the same switches and PCB. After taking the whole thing apart and separating the keyboard portion I learned the PCB was a Mitsumi KSD hybrid (ksd-a58au). I now don't know where to go because I was unable to find a complete Matrix or a new modernized PCB replacement. I also don't know what to do if I find a matrix as setting up a micro controller to interpret the and transfer it to usb sounded too complex for me. I was wondering where I should go from here. If anyone is able to provide useful information like a matrix or some idea as to how to make the PCB usb compatible it would be very appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Star Raiders w/touch pad & overlay - SOLD SIO cables (3' long) - on eBay 800XL RF cable - recycled 2600 RF switch boxes - recycled Plus shipping from 80138. Feel free to make offers if you don't like the prices 😎 Thank you
  4. After almost 40 years. I finally purchased an Atari 800 so I can play the 2 games I still had a printout of on real hardware. I had a basic game that I retyped in from compute magazine that I have running on an ATR image. Space Mines was my Assembly game - 4k in length - that I wrote and I have it running on an ATR image by using Binary Load "L" on Dos 2.5. If I want to make Space Mines game a cartridge, with code changes so I can start it at a different address, what would be the quickest and easiest way to make a cartridge? I have a couple of old Brown carts I can open and replace stuff. All the classic consoles/computers sit at the corner of our office. I don't know why my child self liked the name "space" in all my titles. 🤣
  5. Hello all, I recently pulled my Atari 800 out of storage and tried hooking up Lotharek's SIO2SD. The Atari works just fine. I hooked the SIO2SD up to my Atari 800XL and it works great. However, when I plug the SIO2SD into the 800 I get the following screen: If I hit reset the Atari starts to boot the SIO2SD.xex then freezes. The follow is what appears on the SIO2SD: I think I turned the SIO High Speed feature off? Shift F3. Not sure. Can someone help me get the SIO2SD device working with the ATARI 800? Thanks
  6. Listed my Incognito on ebay. item# 182011281277 Shipping anywhere, no reserve set. It's a glorious device, but I'm just never going to get around to installing it.
  7. I'm working on getting Atari 8-Bit set up in RetroPie using the Atari800 emulator and most everything seems to be working just fine except for this: My WASD keys don't deliver any input at all. I've tried multiple keyboards, checked to make sure they aren't currently bound to joystick controls in the emulator and I assume there is somewhere in the emulator which is binding them to "movement" but I can't seem to find it. So right now, any game that requires pressing "S" to start, like the Scott Adams adventure games, I can't do anything with because my "S" key doesn't work. I've scoured Google looking for solution but it seems there aren't many people who have set up Atari800 on the RetroPie because it most certainly isn't the most user friendly of emulators. Anyone else run into this same issue and found a solution? Thank you in advance for your help!
  8. What I mean is that when you play Atari 5200 games on the Atari 800 using a Sio2sd will all the games play just like they would on a real Atari 5200, no emulation? I'm aware that the systems are very similar but the software is built differently but once you run it will the games play natively? Like is it comparable to other backwards compatible systems like the GBA with gbc and the Ps2 with ps1 games?
  9. This is very preliminary, and not everything works as it should, but it does do something... board is connected through standard vbxe breakout board for atari xe series that was soldered in as low as it was possible on CPU board, and then ribbon cable with male and female connectors was fed through the cutout in expansion bay plastic cover just under aluminium casting as for clock, you need to remove Q103 and connec a wire from VBXE 3.5mhz clock out signal to pin D of CPU board connector D6xx signal is present on pin P of SLOT3 expansion connector and all the other signal are provided by Incognito PBI connector for CSYNC, output from LUMA signal (R189) was used and this concludes current state of the installation do not treat this as a definitive guide, as just some things do work, but maybe some of you would like to try to install it anyways
  10. Anyone here remember the 1983 game B.C.'s Quest for Tires? Based on the comic strip B.C. by Johnny Hart (1931-2007), this is basically a clone of Moon Patrol. You play the character of Thor from the B.C. comic strip (not the Marvel comics character), who rides on a stone wheel dodging obstacles on a quest to rescue the Cute Chick. I played the port of Colecovision. It was also ported to the Atari 800, Apple II, MSX and Commodore 64. It was a fun game. Given its similarity to Moon Patrol, I'm surprised that it never got a port to other platforms like the Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800. (Cue to homebrew developers out there!) Anyone else play this game?
  11. Hi everyone. I am hoping someone will recognize the issue I'm having with my Atari 800. I think I've narrowed it down to bad RAM, but before I spend any more money I'd like a second opinion. The machine was given to me by a friend who had had it in storage for many years. The plastic chassis was destroyed and I had to disassemble and rebuild it, but the PCBs are all intact and the machine started and was able to run BASIC and other cartridge-based software perfectly. I was also able to load a game from cassette a couple times, though the belts in the cassette decks I was sent degraded rapidly and that stopped working. I recently bought an SD2SIO, and the machine came with an Indus GT. I set to testing these this week, but I can't get anything to load. The specifics of it are peculiar, though. The SD2SIO is set up to load the menu immediately on startup. When I power on the machine, it hits the SD2SIO, spins for a moment, then loads the menu and shows the files on the card. At that point the machine freezes completely. I have tried every possible input - Ctrl+Arrows in particular - and nothing works. The System Reset button also does nothing, which leads me to suspect the CPU is completely hung. When I first tried this I chalked it up to not knowing how to use the SD2SIO and stowed it for a while. I received a cable for hooking up the Indus GT and tried it out finally. I have several disks that should be bootable - a couple boxed games, some commercial applications and some user-created disks labeled as applications. In all cases, when I start the machine the Indus sets to work reading the disk and, for several of the titles I've tried, succeeds in getting a title screen up, but then either it prints an error message or corrupt graphics, the machine hangs, or the screen becomes garbled. Obviously the disks could all be old and tired, but they appear to have been stored well in their original boxes and sleeves and my gut says it's unlikely that they're all bad. The errors are also 100% reproducible, they always fail in exactly the same way for each program. I have cleaned the heads on the Indus. My hunch is that there's some bad RAM a few kilobytes in - since everything seems to load the application data okay but then fritzes out when trying to load content, I'm guessing there's good RAM where the base program code goes but something's fried up where the bulk data tends to get loaded in. The machine has a 16K stock Atari RAM cart and a 32K third party expansion. I've tried all combinations (just the 16K, just the 32K, and swapping the two) and it just changes the way the errors look. My assumption is that the 16K RAM cart has a bad chip, that the 32K RAM cart is not wired in a way that lets it correctly replace the 16K (hence testing with that doesn't solve it), and that I just need to get a new 16K card and I should be golden. Let me know if you think I'm on the right track. Thank you! Here's some pics. Card layout SD2SIO (just hangs here) What happens when I try to load some of the disks I have What happens when I try to load a couple programs that appear to have error handling Funky RAM addon
  12. All, It seems Candle's original page for installing the Atari 800 Incognito board is down, or gone. I used the Internet Wayback Machine to access the page as it stood before. I am posting it here with appropriate tags so others can hopefully find it with Google. I hope this is not a violation of TOS or Candle's IP. Retrieved using The Internet Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20130513213503/http://spiflash.org/index.php/block/30.html 3 Sept 2016 Multiple personalities for trusty old Atari 800 Opening your 800 This is quite easy. All you need to do is remove trap-door, all the expansion card that you have inside (this includes all three RAM carts plus Personality/ROM board. After this, you'll have to turn the unit upside-down, and unscrew 5 screws in the corners, and in the middle of front edge. Now you're able to open the case - lift top of the enclosure just enough to get a hold on keyboard ribbon - disconnect it from the backplane - please take a closer look on how it is connected - ribbon has plug wider than the connector on backplane (motherboard) and you'll have to connect it back just the way it was when reassembling the unit. Now, since you have clear view of power board and aluminium casting covering most of the backplane, disconnect the internal speaker and remove whole casting with all what is connected to it from the case. You'll find loads of screws to be removed on bottom side of the cast holding an aluminium plate to the top part. After this, disconnect 4 pin header leading from backplane to power board, and try to separate the casting from backplane - it will come off with power board, but this is the way it should be. Now the aluminium plate - it holds to the PCB by 4 expansion plugs - they are made from two parts - one is a pin that was inserted in the collar that expanded and made connection permanent, you need to use small flat-headed screwdriver to push it all the way out, so you'll be able to remove the collar. What you should have now, is the backplane PCB together with CPU board and plastic part that forms cartridge slot covers and expansion cards compartment. To get rid of it you'll have to gently pry and push four snap-ins you find accessible on the bottom of backplane PCB. Since you already have all that was required separate, you may proceed with installation. Readjusting the cutout It is nice to have Personality slot opening a bit wider than it is originally, so you can pass ribbon cable and auxiliary connectors cables freely. Please see the picture for the details. Some might think it not the best idea, but this way nothing gets compressed as it will be reassembled and the chances of getting something short-circuit are almost nil. Jumper wires You'll have to make two jumper connections on your board (see the pictures) - one connects REF signal from memory slots to the not used pin on personality slot - and this is essential for emulated MMU chip on Incognito board The other is a jumper between RNMI and COLD-RESET pins, so that CPU would be in known state when the board is re-initialised. Remember than 400/800 had no real RESET, instead it had Request NMI line (sometimes referred as to RESET NMI) that did some kind of software reset - as this was OK for 400/800 system, when ROM was connected to the system bus permanently, it's not acceptable for XL/XE when you can disconnect ROM by writing to PORTB. BIOS will handle RESET vector and redirect CPU to the valid location instead. Making connections for auxiliary header P5 This is essential for true XL/XE compatibility, as there are signals you need to tap in that are not present anywhere else in the system. These are: • pin #1 - HALT - necessary for ANTIC extended memory access (so called CompyShop mode) • pin #2 - IRQ - required by some PBI devices • pin #3 & 4 - RD4 and RD5 - controlling cartridge port in XL/XE series (mandatory) • pin #5 - RNMI - that becomes our RESET line (mandatory) • pin #6 - RDY - another signal required only by some PBI devices Please see the picture for tapping points for all these signals. Additionally, you may want to replace RD4/RD5 pulldown resistors to something ranging from 1.5k to 2.2kOhms. It will improve compatibility with cartridges, as protection resistors on Incognito board form with original ones voltage divider that may render some carts unusable. ATR change button, HDD activity LED, connector P6 If you want to use these features, you'll have to make some readjustments to power board - this way you won't have to drill any ugly holes in your 800 case, instead it will be as discreet as it can be - after this, your light conductor just under START button becomes another button, just for cycling mounted ATR files, and it still serves it purpose as power indicator plus hard disk activity indicator. P6 pinout goes as follows: • pin #1 - HDD LED anode • pin #2 - HDD LED cathode • pin #3 - switch To accomplish this, follow the pictures. Replacing 74LS42 with ribbon cable You need to remove 74LS42 chip (location Z101) and replace it with ribbon cable that was included in the kit. Fold the cable as shown. Putting everything back together Now you should have everything prepared for the Incognito board, all you have to do is to reassemble your unit. Start with taking the ribbon and the P5 and P6 header cables through the opening you cut in the plastic part of expansion boards compartment. When you done, put the compartment back in its place - it should snap back in and stay firmly attached to the PCB. Now proceed with the aluminium plate. Align it so holes in PCB match holes in the plate, and then put the expandable collars in those holes. When you put first one take that pin you've taken out of it, and put it back - this will fix the plate and easier the align of remaining holes. When completed you should reassemble the casting with the backplane PCB - just don't start screwing it tight again, as it will be better if you check everything up before you do that. Install the Incognito board in first slot (the one that was occupied by ROM board) and turn the unit on - Incognito BIOS screen should show up. If it doesn't - recheck all your connections, especially those two jumper wires and RD4/RD5/RNMI lines. Please make sure you didn't short circuit anything during the reassembly, as shorting any xilinx pin directly to the one of power rails (5V -5V or 12V) will kill it instantly
  13. I picked up this cart and I didn't recall seeing it before, and I'm betting it is on every cart, but it's neat anyway. Kinda makes me want to put paper over it and scribble out the pattern. ian
  14. Hi all, I'm using Altirra 2.10 to emulate an Atari 800 (or 800XL, or 1200XL, issue is the same). I am booting Atari DOS 2.5 with the BASIC Rev. C cartridge attached, and a host device (H:) to save files. This works fine except for two things: 1. Cannot enter lowercase text at all 2. Cannot enter inverted (high-ATASCII) text at all Yes, I'm kind of a n00b to Atari 8-bit emulation, and would like to try out some BASIC programs which use lowercase and invented chars in PRINT statements. Altirra's helpfile claims that Caps-Lock and End should enable lowercase and inverted text respectively, but it simply does not work. So I'm starting to believe there's something obvious that I'm missing due to my lack of Atari knowledge. Any ideas?
  15. I have a bunch of Atari floppy drives I'd like to test (810s, 1050s, an XF551, a Percom and some others). I've looked around for New Old Stock 5 1/4" floppy disks and I've found some, but I'm not sure which sources to trust. When did manufactures stop making new 5 1/4" DD disks? I imagine it was probably in the early-to-mid-1990s. Is there a reliable source in the United States for double-density 5 1/4" floppy disks that are still shrink-wrapped? Adam
  16. ======================== EDIT: These items are no longer available. ======================== I recently came into possession of a decent sized collection of Atari gear. I grew up playing games and computing on similar Atari hardware so I'm somewhat familiar with the gear. Despite most of the gear being in excellent condition, it was destined for a trip to the electronics recycler. Recognizing the historical significance of the gear, I snatched it up to ensure that it can live on. I'm looking to sell and redistribute the gear to the community of enthusiasts here to ensure that it can be preserved and enjoyed for many more years. I spent many hours cataloging, testing hardware, photographing everything, and uploading photos. I've done my best to test and verify the functionality of most of the gear in this listing. You can see a list of everything that I have here: https://bit.ly/2qeRtAA Each item includes link to an imgur.com posting with photos. Most items also include a note about the condition of the item. Sorry, it's not the most convenient way to view everything in one shot but it works for me. I didn't include prices on my spreadsheet as I don't really have the time to determine the value of each item. In many ways, the value is really determined by the community here anyway. I would simply ask, if you would like to make an offer for anything on the list, make it a reasonable offer. Also, keep in mind there are shipping costs. Some of the larger items may incur significant shipping costs. I can certainly offer local pickup for anyone in my area. I'm located in south central Pennsylvania (York, PA area). https://goo.gl/maps/bWMy8WTxebmbAu54A Contact me via email or PM if you're interested.
  17. Hey all, I'm an old Atari fan since the 70's. Sadly my Atari 800 disappeared long ago after a series of moves, and as I get older I find myself missing it a great deal. I do still have a few cartridge games for it. Interested in buying an Atari 800 in excellent condition. Must be fully working, and include AC adapter and preferably video cables as well. Box and any original materials would be a nice bonus but not a necessity. Would also be nice to have some original Atari joystick/paddle controllers in good shape. Condition means a lot to me, so the cleaner the better. Please let me know if anyone has such a computer to sell. I'm in USA. Thanks.
  18. Hi. I'm trying to extract music from one demo file (X-Files, The (1988-02-01)(SHP)(pl)[stereo]), all I get after extracting is 14 corrupted 1Kb files. I tried to use ATADIM, makeATR, Altirra, etc- no luck... Are there any chances to extract the sound files? Thanks in advance for any help P.S. The demo file itself- http://nitroroms.com/show/file-info/L45161/Atari_8Bit/X-Files,%20The%20(1988-02-01)(SHP)(Pl)[stereo].atr.html
  19. I need serial (in/out) MIDI cable or MIDI interface schematic (scheme) which will works with Raster´s Midi Pattern Editor on ATARI 800 . http://raster.infos....tari/mpe2v3.zip Screenshots>
  20. In another thread, I asked about what to do with an Atari 800 with a CTIA: http://www.atariage....-ctia-what-now/ I'd like to sell this to someone who wants an 800 with a CTIA, knowing what that means. However, I'm not sure of the value. So, I'm hoping to gauge interest in it while also getting a ballpark figure for its value. The unit is in nice shape, with some dirt in the "grain" of its case, but nothing that can't be scrubbed out. No cracks or other defects. The unit came with an unidentified memory card in the slot closest to the rear. The other three slots are taken up by one 10K ROM and two 16K RAM cards. Everything seems to work as it should. I have a SALT 2.05 if anyone wants me to check anything. Thanks for your interest.
  21. Hello After cleaning and restoring my Atari 800, I made a slideshow : Enjoy ! Thanks for watching ! gameplayerspecial.com
  22. Hello all, My first post, so thank you in advance for a warm welcome to the community and I hope that this is a suitable location for my post As a personal project I challenged myself to recreate Space Invaders from the Atari 800, it was one of the first games I played as a kid and it has fond memories. I managed to find a couple of game play videos online and subsequently the game's manual which was really helpful. One of the forthcoming features is to add the audio, and this is where I find myself a little challenged. I've tried to recreate the game as accurately as possible, but my only avenue for obtaining the audio at this time would be to try to extract it from the YouTube game play videos. This would be less than ideal as a) the quality will be reduced and b) a lot of the sound effects overlap, for example, the space invaders marching whilst the command ship flies across the top of the screen. There are alternatives that I could use but mostly from other versions of Space Invaders and they are just a bit too, well, jazzy compared to this game. I did take a look at the emulators but I was unable to find anything that was just "straight forward", e.g. download, install, run. Even if I had made progress with this, the overlapping sound effects would still be an issue. I was hoping that maybe someone here may be able to help me with this. I've only had a quick scan through the requirements so far, but from what I can see I need the follow effects; Player shooting Player explosion Invader shooting Invader explosion Invader movement Command ship flying Command ship player abduction Any suggestions or help with this would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help and your time in reading.
  23. I have an Atari 800 with a keyboard that has 8 or 9 non-working keys. I have read on several threads about having to repair the mylar layer so I took everything apart and attempted the separation of PCB from key frame, but the PCB did NOT want to come off. I applied enough force that I feared cracking the edges of the PCB so I gave up. It was like the PCB was glued or soldered in place. While it was apart I cleaned all the card edge contacts and reseated all the boards (I did not reseat the ICs). So then I reassembled everything including the case, added a small shot of De-Oxit into a few non-working keys. That did not help so far. Further reading shows that there were several different makers. I did not know that while I had it open, or I would have written down the name from the board. I don't remember it. Are there other variants that are not mylar based? And if so, what would be best? Just the repeated key activations? I'll describe what I remember: - The attached ribbon cable was fairly thick and multicolored with red-brown female connector. - 9 attachment screws, could not find one under the tape area. However, removal of the screws did NOT loosen the PCB in the slightest. - Heavy grey plastic frame - keyboard unit as a whole was very heavy and solid. My next steps would probably be to spray under each non-working key with deoxit (I only did 2 so far), exercise them for a long(er) time, let it dry and retest. Should I open it back up and get the name of the board? Any other suggestions are welcome. thank you!
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