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Found 19 results

  1. Thought I'd share my recent 800xl repair log from a different site, re-posted here in case someone needs help in repairing their 800xl. Although I grew up with a Commodore 64, I have a soft spot for Atari 8 bit machines. My mission in life is to save them all from going into landfill. I spotted this grimy Atari 800XL on Gumtree very recently as untested, it came with an Atariwriter Word Processor Cartridge. I met the friendly chap selling the item and we did the exchange for the computer at Town Hall steps, which is a popular meeting place in Sydney. Taking the machine apart, I was happy to see that the machine was fully socketed and that the PCB was in excellent condition despite it needing a good clean. Actually, I was almost expecting a fully socketed machine because I also had a made in HK 600xl which was fully socketed as well. Another pleasant surprise was the brand of DRAMs used ( OKI ) instead of the mT variety, which have a bad reputation for reliability and were used extensively in the Atari 8 bit and C64 line. I had a close friend of mine over after work and we went through the troubleshooting together. Unfortunately, not much happens after power it up. A black screen most of the time and sometimes an intermittent picture, obviously this is a sync issue. Sometimes I manage to get a screen that looks like this. This is a good sign. At least I know the CPU, ROMs and DRAMs are working to some extent to produce this screen. Luckily I have a fully socketed 65XE to swap parts to and from. I also tried a known semi good GTIA for troubleshooting purposes, which was bad on one output only but otherwise produced a nice clean picture in a working machine. Replacing it doesn’t change a single thing so I consult the schematics, the signals go directly to a hex non inverting buffer ( 4050 ) so I switch my logic probe to the CMOS setting and start probing the chip. Output 6 ( lum0 ) is good, lum1, 2 and 3 were all bad and all outputs were floating. I wanted to check the CYSNC line ( composite sync ) and that was also floating ( no signal at all ). I short the input and output pins of the 4050 ( pins 15 & 16 ) with my logic probe briefly which restores the picture to the screen. Replacing the chip completes the job!
  2. Mille Bornes for Atari Microsoft BASIC 9/5/20 In my quest to put Mille Bornes everywhere here is an Atari Microsoft BASIC version. This game has a rather odd history; it started out as an Atari BASIC game that I got a long time ago from, I have no idea? The 1st translation I made was to the TI-99/4a in TI Extended BASIC several years back. That was a rather difficult translation and almost took a full rewrite. Recently I translated to the CoCo2 BASIC from the TI-99/4a. That was a rather simple translation since TIXB is very MSBASIC like (which CoCo uses). Yesterday I decided to translate it from the CoCo BASIC to Atari Microsoft BASIC which took only a couple hours since both are MS BASIC based. So it took 20+ years for me to translate Mille Borne from Atari BASIC to Atari Microsoft BASIC. 😁 the game autoboots and loads MSB 2.7 from disk. ENJOY Milleborne-MSB.atr
  3. Hi! I recently purchased a game called: Laser Hawk by ICD on Ebay! I am unable to get the program to load and run properly on my Atari computer! In the directions that came with the program, you are supposed to hold down the option, while loading the game! I have tried this game on my stock 130XE and my 800XL computer. Both with no luck! I can get to the game start screen, but when you press the joystick button, the game freezes on the screen! I have even tried the Atari translator disk with no luck! Any ideas or thoughts on why this will not load and run properly on my Atari computers! Thank You! ataridan
  4. I've ordered my first ever Atari 800XL, and I'm really excited. Unfortunately, I didn't order a disk drive. I was thinking of ordering one of those multicart things that you can insert SD Cards into. The question I have, though, is if they'll run disk based games at all?
  5. Uno for the Atari 8-bit in Atari Microsoft BASIC I wrote for the Atari 8-bit in Atari Microsoft BASIC. But I did later translate the program to the TI-99 (see Games/Mygame section). Not a lot of people knew Microsoft wrote a BASIC for the Atari 8-bit line. Fact is Atari Microsoft BASIC was going to be 'the' BASIC for the Atait 8-bit line. The only thing that stopped from being the de-facto BASIC for the Atari was that Atari had a requirement that the BASIC had to fit in a 8k cartridge. Microsoft couldn't ever get their BASIC below 12k and so Atari went with a company, which would later be called OSS, that could make a BASIC that could fit. Anyhow, a little while after the introduction of the 800 Atari released the Atari Microsoft BASIC first on disk then in a cartridge format (it still didn't all fit in 8k though). Unfortunately Atari Microsoft BASIC never caught on for various reasons such as the cost, lack of compatibility with standard Atari BASIC, it consumes more memory than Atari BASIC and a need to have either the disk or cart to run any MSBASIC software. Setting aside the above flaws the actual software is rather nice. It's much more standard to other BASICs then Atari BASIC , It's faster than standard Atari BASIC and has a lot more commands then standard Atari BASIC even ability to set up integer or real variables. the Uno game is simple as I just wanted to have a demonstrator for MS BASIC. You play against 3 computer opponents. the game is in graphics 1 with the a little P/M graphics for the Discard card. to play: bottom 4 lines are the letters for your cards segregated by color; red, yellow, green and blue. last line is Spl which is the change color cards. the types of cards beside the colors are 0-9 D=draw 2, S=skip and R=reverse. under Spl are C=change color and F=draw 4. when the human plays you choose Sort, Play and Take. Sort just sorts your cards. Take will take a card from the pile. Play will play 1 of your cards. in Play you type the card you want to play by following the prompts. the game plays a standard game of Uno except; Uno call is automatic and has 1 in 9 chance of 'forgetting to call' penalty which is also automatic. when you Take a card you can not play it even if the card is playable till the next round. So I wrote an Uno game in Atari Microsoft BASIC just to see what it could do and was pleasantly surprised. Here is game I wrote download from the Atariage site (you will need an Atariage account to download) .
  6. Hi there I was recently trying to hook up an early 2000s epson printer to my Acorn Archimedes which got me thinking about whether its possible to connect them to an Atari? Can you get the centronics adapter for an atari? I seem to remember seeing a Commodore one on eBay. Plus the drivers. I presume if you have the driver for an old epson printer it would connect, just with limited functionality? Forgive me if these seem like silly questions, I'm 16 and sadly don't have the benefit of experience. Thanks for your time!
  7. ======================== EDIT: These items are no longer available. ======================== I recently came into possession of a decent sized collection of Atari gear. I grew up playing games and computing on similar Atari hardware so I'm somewhat familiar with the gear. Despite most of the gear being in excellent condition, it was destined for a trip to the electronics recycler. Recognizing the historical significance of the gear, I snatched it up to ensure that it can live on. I'm looking to sell and redistribute the gear to the community of enthusiasts here to ensure that it can be preserved and enjoyed for many more years. I spent many hours cataloging, testing hardware, photographing everything, and uploading photos. I've done my best to test and verify the functionality of most of the gear in this listing. You can see a list of everything that I have here: https://bit.ly/2qeRtAA Each item includes link to an imgur.com posting with photos. Most items also include a note about the condition of the item. Sorry, it's not the most convenient way to view everything in one shot but it works for me. I didn't include prices on my spreadsheet as I don't really have the time to determine the value of each item. In many ways, the value is really determined by the community here anyway. I would simply ask, if you would like to make an offer for anything on the list, make it a reasonable offer. Also, keep in mind there are shipping costs. Some of the larger items may incur significant shipping costs. I can certainly offer local pickup for anyone in my area. I'm located in south central Pennsylvania (York, PA area). https://goo.gl/maps/bWMy8WTxebmbAu54A Contact me via email or PM if you're interested.
  8. Hey all, I'm an old Atari fan since the 70's. Sadly my Atari 800 disappeared long ago after a series of moves, and as I get older I find myself missing it a great deal. I do still have a few cartridge games for it. Interested in buying an Atari 800 in excellent condition. Must be fully working, and include AC adapter and preferably video cables as well. Box and any original materials would be a nice bonus but not a necessity. Would also be nice to have some original Atari joystick/paddle controllers in good shape. Condition means a lot to me, so the cleaner the better. Please let me know if anyone has such a computer to sell. I'm in USA. Thanks.
  9. the TV game 9/4/20 This is another one that is only loosely connected to the TI99. A couple weeks ago I had a backup drive crash with a lot of my retro-computer stuff on it. Fortunately I have found most of the stuff elsewhere but while looking through my old Atari software I found one of the oddest role playing games ever, 'the TV game'. Way back in the 80s me and some friends of mine came up with a role playing game where you took on the mantle of a network TV primetime programmer. Our 1st iteration of the game was on paper and my friend's TI programmable calculator. well it wasn't long the game grew past that and I wrote a small program for the TI-99/4a to help. that didn't last too long before the game out grew that too (I needed random access disk files by that time) so I wrote a huge suite of programs with databases, charts, printouts and such on the Atari 800xl. This is that game. You use the show creating program to create TV shows then put them on a weekly schedule. the other networks (3-5) do the same. all the schedules are put through a ratings program that spits out reports of that weeks ratings, shares and ranking. you adjust your schedule then do the next week. after a set amount of weeks all added up and a winner is declared for that season. Me and my friends play this game on and off for quite a few years. sometime there where just 3 networks, sometimes as much as 5. one year we even video taped our version of the emmys for the game while being a little inebriated. the files are in .txt or .bas form. PLEASE don't ask me details of how the game works though. you are on your own. it's been almost 20 years and we rarely wrote down instructions as we made up a different set of rules every time we played. included is the programs written in turboBASIC XL, lots of the reports, the databases with some of the shows we created and all runs on an Atari 8-bit with 64k. this is posted for entertainment purposes only. the programs seems to all work but i'm too lazy to run a full season to really test it. The game is posted on Atariage so you need an Atariage account to download it. The-TV-Game
  10. I created this version of Atari 8-bit Mille Borne to use a joystick for use on my PSP. I have an Atari 800 emulator on my PSP but using the keyboard on the emulated Atari is, challenging. So I converted the original Mille Borne to use a Joystick. MilliJoyst-ALT.atr
  11. Hi All, Here is my growing collection, though a lot of it I already had from my Childhood Atari 130XE system Atari 8-bit Games Atari 8-bit Software Atari 8-bit Hardware Atari ST Hardware Atari 7800 Games Atari 7800 Hardware Atari Lynx Game (Newest Collecting item so don't have many games yet) Atari Lynx Hardware Misc Hardware My trusty Commodore 1701 Monitor Quickshot Joysticks (I killed many of these as a child on Decathlon!) So there ya have it I just missed out on a PAL Atari 400 last night so looking out for one of those Cheers Rel
  12. Hello, I just was using this Atari 800XL, and without reason, the "U" key seems as pressed but nobody is pressing the key. (see video, sorry for quality and few background sounds. ). https://youtu.be/msnZSZTz8a0 Dirty?, maylar issues?, key system broke? Any suggest, comments, are welcome. Best Regards.
  13. Good day all this is my first post and hopefully it’s not redundant. So I Had my faithful 800xl running smooth but was in dire need of decent graphics. This site was a great source of info and I found/ordered the UAV. I did the install. Not too tricky. However, since then I have not been able to get her to boot. Using this gorum i did some testing with differing results. RAM hasn’t changed, tried no bios/bios, cart boot etc... I’ve seen a blue screen, a screen with vertical lines. Sadly though I have yet to hear the warm bleeps of the xl booting/loading floppy. What am i misding?
  14. Hello guys. Selling an Atari 800XL boxed. Have tested and boots to operating system. Open to offers or would swop with cash for Atari Lynx P.I.T.S. Many thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I had an interesting trade in today and frankly I have no idea what this stuff is worth or if any of it is truly complete or collectible. Ebay is amazingly scarce on a lot of this stuff and so I turn to the experts here to help me out and tell me what I have. I don't normally take trades like this since I am dumb about classic computing and have no business with these items which I openly admit, but it was just so much stuff and a lot of it was in awesome condition on the inside. The boxes were mostly beat to crap, but a lot of these machines were still in the plastic on the inside. It also came with a bunch of accessories that I had no idea about. The only thing this lot came with that I understood was 4 sealed atari 2600 games and that was the clincher in taking this stuff since I knew those were worth something. I just hope that I have some cool things here that can help flesh out some people's classic computing needs. I have attached pics of everything and i'm hoping you kind people can help me out and tell me what I have and possibly how rare it is if at all and if it's worth anything. I would be more than happy to work out a deal through here with someone if any of you are interested in anything in the pics. I don't post much here, but I am a known retro seller on the internet with a retro store in Portland Oregon and come recommended from rick weis and had a booth at the retro expo in portland. I just know that resellers don't usually have the best reception on these forums for good reason, but I hope you all can give me some help. I truly appreciate any feedback on this stuff. Maybe I can get a few more deals under my belt here as well. If there are any questions or more pics are needed let me know. I tried to take as many informative pics as I could so that there would be little guesswork, but am more than happy to take more if needed. Thanks everyone. Some vic-20 accessories and TRS-80 items Here are the computers themselves in some box shots No Box Now for the open box shots where you can see the amazing quality of the items on the inside. We're talking either never used or very lightly used. The only machine that isn't in the original plastic
  16. Hello im selling my Atari Collection. There are some very rare Atari 2600 Cartridges like "Break-Down" and some more rare Disk and Tapes for Atari 800XL like "THE GOONIES" in CIB. Please see my Listings. I will add more titles on a daily base. This is a huge collection so please stay tuned. See the first 70+ Titles here https://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?_ssn=retronrare2014&item=162664594560&_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=atari&_sop=3 Im shipping worldwide tracked in box for 9 €. Also i combine have phun.
  17. Hi, Just a quick note in case this helps anyone - I have a couple of 5200's (2 port) in need of repair, and both of them have extremely faint sound. If you crank the volume waaaay up you can just barely hear the sounds. I thought it was strange that both of these units could have a dead POKEY, so instead of trying to locate a cartridge (then desolder, then clean up the pins, then install in 5200), I decided to pop out the POKEY's and test them in my Atari 800XL. PLEASE make sure that you get the right IC for your motherboard! I'm not sure if Atari did any revisions and moved things around or not... This goes for the 800XL as well! First, the POKEY in my 2 port 5200 was the large IC in the lower left of the motherboard (when the joystick ports are facing you). The label on the 5200 motherboard reads 'A7', and the chip has the number '12294' on it. I'm not sure why the labels are so fuzzy - they look great at 200%! Anyway, you get the idea. On the Atari 800XL, the POKEY is 'U22' on the motherboard. Pop the POKEY out of your 5200 and swap it with the one in your Atari 800XL, then hold down the 'option' key on the right hand row of buttons while powering on. When you see the blue screen, release the button. The self test options will come up, and then you can use the 'select' button to go to the 'Audio-Visual' test, then hit 'start'. The test will play a simple tune on all 4 voices. If it sounds good, I'm betting your POKEY is fine - look at the Axial Poly capacitors (C13 & C14) 820Pf 25V - in your 5200, as these are prone to failure. I just ordered some from Mouser - I could only find 50V, but the voltage rating on caps can always be larger than the original value, you just have to match the farad rating exactly. Search - 23PS182 - they are 25 cents each. I'd replace both of them at once. If anyone has anything to add, or if you find a mistake, please let me know!
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