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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everyone! I bought this from Blaine, @blainelocklair, in June of 2019 and barely put 10 hours on it so I figured I'd pass it along. I've also uploaded a video of it working as well. I will be shipping this out full insured via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is included in the price for US only. I'd prefer not to ship internationally at the moment. Lynx II will be shipped out same day if payment is received by Noon EST. If after I'll do my best to get it shipped out same day but more than likely will be the following day. Will send receipt with tracking number as soon as Lynx II has been shipped. Up for sale is my Atari Lynx II console with AgaCart. The Lynx II works wonderfully well. It was McWill modded by our fellow AA member -^Cro§Bow^- in 2018. This Lynx II was featured on Ivory Tower Collections YouTube channel! Video below. It's got the McWill screen installed and had been Xener and MOSFET upgraded prior to the McWill addition. All buttons on the console work great. The Lynx is just in great overall condition. As is usual for a classic console, it does have one light scratch on the front lens and minor but light use on the case. Nothing major and certainly nothing that impacts the robust condition of the console and its gameplay. Also includes the new AgaCart! Plays up to 175 games & software apps on the included MicroSD card. Asking $350 now $300 for the bundle, lower than the usual eBay price for the McWill Lynx II alone in many cases, Includes FREE Priority Mail USPS shipping with tracking to the con-US 48. PayPal accepted, please feel free to message me with any questions. Here is the YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/xXONfdxaye8 IMG_1459.MOV Thanks! Grant aka Disjaukifa
  2. I've been meaning to share this fix for quite some time. I was waiting until I did this to another Lynx so I could take quality pictures of the process, but haven't done so yet. The pics I've attached here were taken before & after, but not with the intent of uploading, so the quality is not good. However, the recent thread about a member's pause button not working told me I need to go ahead and share. Any of us who have worked on our Lynxes and had to pull the ribbon cable know how fragile the conductive coating is on them. No matter how gentle you are about disconnecting that ribbon, it WILL wear off the coating. Some of them seem to wear off in only a couple of pulls, while I've been able pull others several times before they have issues. A common recommendation is to trim your cable, but there is NO NEED to do that. Here's what I did to my Lynxes, even to the ones that had only been pulled once. You can seen in the (before) picture on the left how the coating had almost completely worn off. Most buttons did not work in this state. I bought some copper foil conductive adhesive tape from Amazon. I wish I could link to the exact one I purchased, but for some reason many of last year's orders have disappeared from my account. If you search for "copper tape", you'll come up with quite a few results in various sizes. I purchased a 1inch roll similar to this one. You could go with a 1/2inch roll or even 1/4inch. I went with 1inch for other random uses. - First, I cleaned the contact area of the ribbon. - Then I placed a piece of copper tape over the entire end. - Then I used a magnifying glass and an exacto knife to carefully cut lines in the copper tape in between where the contacts should be. (This is the part I wish I had a picture of, but I think it's still pretty self explanatory). - Then I used the blade to carefully peel away the copper tape from in between the contacts. - The final result is what you see in the (after) picture on the right. This has proven to be very durable for me. I've pulled the cables several times after doing this and they still work great. I'd call it a permanent solution, but maybe it's more semi-permanent. The tape could be removed if you ever wanted for some reason, or if the tape somehow got messed up you could always redo it. Never trim again and KEEP your ribbon length.
  3. Greetings fellow Atarians! This summer I felt like trying something new after discovering the updated 512kb template for cc65 on the programming forum. Today I present you a demo on which I started to work in September and showed at ejagfest this year. It's work in progress and comes with its share of imperfections, but I wanted to share something with you before Christmas. I want to thank my friend PixlJuice for his excellent pixelart and DerLuchs for providing a kickass chiptune! >>> Download <<< Happy holidays and see you all in 2019 again!
  4. Making more room.... thinning out my Atari collection today. Please PM if you have any questions. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 3 - Jaguar Console with composite cable, single controller, Jag AC Adapter, Tempest, Pitfall, Trevor McFur **** S O L D **** ============================================================================ A Jaguar with Tempest 2000 is instant fun. I've haven't played Pitfall & Trevor McFur much, but Tempest is the real star here. Console and games are loose. All are tested and from my personal collection (like my other items here). What's included: Atari Jaguar console (loose) Jaguar controller Jaguar composite cable (red-white-yellow) official Jaguar AC adapter Tempest 2000 cartridge (loose) Pitfall cartridge (loose) Trevor McFur cartridge (loose) $275 shipped in the US. ======================================================================== /|\ Bundle 2 - CIB Zaku & Atari Lynx console (loose) & Lynx Pouch **** S O L D **** ======================================================================== I'm am the original owner of the console. It is tested and works. It has the original screen. I haven't used this console much--it was my backup. I have several Lynx consoles and this has the best screen of my collection. The vertical lightness that follows moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion. I am also the original owner of the boxed Zaku cart (never played). A Lynx pouch is also included. I'm asking $200 shipped. ======================================================================== /|\ Bundle 1 - Atari Lynx manuals and posters **** S O L D **** ======================================================================== I'm selling off my Atari Lynx manuals (and posters). I prefer to sell a single lot. They're all in good shape--collector quality. I bought them all new myself. $107 shipped for the whole lot in the US. Shipping would naturally cost more else where.
  5. Greetings fellow Lynx addicts! Together with Willard I've been working on a new puzzle game for the lynx, based on the popular board game Rush Hour. For this project we have decided that we will be sharing playable betas of all of our significant updates, including the final version of the game. The ROM we'd like to share with you today is only 5% complete and represents our first milestone- a playable demo. This demo shows the perspective and graphical style that we will be using, but some graphics are still placeholders and many planned features are missing. Future updates will include more variation in graphics, sounds, time attack and saving functionality. We will post major updates in this thread as the game develops, and will also be creating a feature that details the development process and ultimately will include the source code. If you encounter any bugs while playing this game please be sure to notify me through PM and we will work to iron it out. Thank you for your attention. Attached is the 5% complete alpha as well as a promo shot that shows some currently unimplemented ideas ........................................................ PS. Most of you probably know me from working on on my big project DragonSaga. At times I need to have a break from it for my own sanity its still going strong though. PPS. Beta Phase Games is still working on brigning their upcoming Lynx and Jaguar projects out, but thought it would be fun to take a short break to focus on an original development that can be shared with the community as it is created. TrafficJamDemo.zip
  6. Made possible by fellow long-time AtariAge user Jesse Hardesty! Salute!
  7. Moved to ebay You get two Atari Lynx games and the Lynx Visor for $40 plus shipping. I'm the original owner of all three items. I bought the items new back in the day, just at the end of the Lynx's life cycle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check out photos below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first game is Hard Drivin. It came with a poster, but no box. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second game in Ninja Gaiden. The box arrived bent up when I bought it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lynx Visor has never been used. In fact, I'm not even taking it out of the box for photos to keep it as close to "new" as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to flip the items? You won't hear any complaints from me. They'll be yours to do what you want with. Please see my feedback when you get a chance. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi Everyone - Relatively new (back to it, at least) to the Lynx world and I am looking to rebuild my library. I'm looking for some games like Paperboy, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Lemmings, Robotron, California Games, Stun Runner, etc. If anyone has any they're willing to part with reasonably inexpensive, let me know! Thanks!
  9. From the album: Lynx Graphics

    A Frame of Snáƿcild running.
  10. For those who don't know yet, Jeremy Parish of Retronauts began covering the Atari Lynx on his Game Boy Works Gaiden sub-series at YouTube. I'll be posting his videos here as soon as i can for everybody to enjoy. He'll cover the Lynx library per year with 3-5 title across each video...
  11. Hi, I have the following items for sale: Atari 8-bit Computer Tape Games* EURO 20 European Countries and Capitals (Atari) TIB EURO 7 Meltdown (Cosmi) TB EURO 40 Richard Petty's Rennzirkus (Ariolasoft) TIB EURO 40 Strätos (Adventure International) TB (incl. Xerox instructions) EURO 15 The E Factor (Cosmi) TIB EURO 20 Zaxxon (Datasoft) TB * For more pictures just scroll down to the update post Atari Memorabilia EURO 25 Atari T-Shirt Berzerk (Size S, unused) EURO 25 Atari T-Shirt Defender (Size S, unused) Activision Patches EURO 10 Chopper Command EURO 35 Decathlon Bronze Make an offer Decathlon Gold EURO 10 Dragster EURO 25 Freeway EURO 20 Kaboom! EURO 30 Megamania EURO 125 Pitfal 2 EURO 25 Pitfall! Make an offer Robot Tank Star of Honor EURO 25 Spider Fighter EURO 70 Tennis EURO 50 Stampede Belt All patches are original, no repros. Atari 2600 Original Releases - Atari 2600 Reproductions EURO 175.00 Good Luck, Charlie Brown! - CIB - NTSC Made by CPUWIZ; #22, shrinkwrapped EURO 45.00 Music Machine - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction; Made by CPUWIZ *** Pending ***Atari 2600 Stella gets a new Brain Original Release (serial number #012, signed manual, very good condition): EURO 130 Atari 7800 - Atari Lynx - Atari 8-bit Computer Disk Wargame Construction Set (SSI) - complete: EURO 15 Springer - Tigervision/NTSC - CIB: EURO 60 The Great American Cross-Country Road Race - Activision/NTSC - DIB: EURO 25 Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons Data Disk - Mindscape/NTSC - DIB: EURO 35 Infiltrator - Mindscape/NTSC - DIB: EURO 30 Pinball Construction Set - Electronic Arts/NTSC - DIB: EURO 15 One on One - Electronic Arts/NTSC - DIB: EURO 15 Atari Standees + Mobile All items are made of cardboard (no posters) and all are original. The shipping to the USA (EURO 37) is so expensive because of the individual sizes are too big to ship as a small parcel/letter. Megamania – Activision 2600 – Standee – 31 cm x 22 cm – US – good condition – EURO 175 Merchandise Contra III Promo Puzzle from 1992 (shrink-wraped, bent because of the foil): EURO 100 Intellivision - Intellivision Poster - More Pictures For more detailed pictures please check this Gallery Please check also my other sale listings: Atari 2600 Reproductions + Homebrews Atari 5200 Prototypes Shipping Information I am located in Germany. The shipping options are: - GERMANY Regular Parcel (EURO 7.50) - EU Regular Parcel (EURO 17.00) - USA/CANADA Airmail Parcel (EURO 37.00, runtime about 14 to 21 days, insured, tracking) or Airmail Letter option for USA & Canada: I can offer airmail letter in robust box for 2 regular-sized boxed Atari games/parcel for EURO 4/parcel (no tracking, no insurance, runtime about 5 to 7 days) *** Payment Information Payment by Paypal/EURO only. If you have any questions, please drop me a PM. Exchange rate is about 1.00 EURO -> 1.20 US$ Be sure to check this topic from time to time, I am adding games on a daily base. Thanks for watching, Marc.
  12. Just a heads up that I'm selling my copies of Hot Dog and Relief Pitcher for the Lynx on eBay. You can check 'em out (with a bunch of other games and gaming promo stuff) here: http://stores.ebay.com/k3v/_i.html?_sop=10&rt=nc Cheers
  13. Models: Atari Lynx 1 with official carry bag, and Nintendo Switch with Zelda Collector's Edition Sheika Slate Carry Pouch. To do: Add some back shots...
  14. http://www.gamegavel.com/sites/rick63/ Thanks for looking! Rick
  15. Still clearing out unused items from my collection.... Please PM if you have any questions. I would have to charge additional shipping outside the continental US. ======================================================================== /|\ All Atari manuals (qty 34) $42 shipped ======================================================================== I'm happy to sell individually, but I'll need you pick up the postage in that case. One last thing, I'd take $42 ***OBO*** shipped for all the manuals (34 total: 4-Lynx, 9-2600, and 21-7800 manuals) ======================================================================== /|\ Atari Lynx manuals (qty 4) $10 plus shipping ======================================================================== They're all in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== /|\ Atari 2600 manuals (qty 9) $14 plus shipping ======================================================================== These are in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== /|\ Atari 7800 manuals (qty 21) $30 plus shipping ======================================================================== These are in good shape. I bought them all new. ======================================================================== Apple II shoe box of discs--mostly games $32 plus shipping ======================================================================== I got these years ago. They came with an Apple IIe that I bought back in the day. They are backups and not originals. There are a lot of floppies here. And many have multiple games on them. I can't test them, so I don't know how well they still work. I'm offering these "as is". ======================================================================== /|\ Atari Lynx in need of screen help $58 shipped ***SOLD*** ======================================================================== Age is showing on the screen of this Lynx. Basically, this is a great candidate for a modern screen upgrade. There is lots of vertical banding--which sucks. But everything else works great on this Lynx--which is nice. This is from my person collection, like all the items here. Is this your first Lynx? I'll throw in a loose game cart so that you can test the unit as soon as it arrives.
  16. I picked up my first Lynx and about 30 games at the weekend. It's a Lynx II in great condition, and with it came two other brand new and boxed but non-working Lynx IIs. They were dead on arrival when they were new, so even if I can't get them working they might be useful for spare parts. Dead Lynx A completely unresponsive: I tried with both fresh batteries and a Lynx PSU and there is no response when I press the 'on' button. I tried connecting the negative battery terminal to the negative (ground?) pin of the speaker jack (which I saw in a YouTube video) - when I did this the screen backlight comes on but there is still no response. Problem Lynx B works perfectly except for the screen display being fixed solid black. The backlight switches on and off, sound plays, buttons respond etc., but the 'brightness' setting does nothing. Again I tried both batteries and a PSU. I tried switching over the motherboards of these two machines, to see if Lynx B's problem is just with its screen, but there was still just a solid black image. I was wondering if I could swap a McWill screen into this machine, but I'm not sure if this problem would persist with that screen too- is there any way I can test whether that would work? Is there any other A/B testing I can do between these two machines to help identify the problem components? Are there any other standard things I can test for? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello guys. Selling an Atari 800XL boxed. Have tested and boots to operating system. Open to offers or would swop with cash for Atari Lynx P.I.T.S. Many thanks!
  18. UPDATE: This is already sold. I have an official limited edition Defi Lynx pin coffret available for sale right now. Here are the details: These coffrets were part of the Defi Lynx promotion run in 1991 by Atari France. There are two known limited runs of these coffrets: the firts run consisted of 250 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/250 and the second run consisted of 100 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/100. Coffrets in the second run contained one extra pin that was missing in the first run: Klax. The coffret I'm offering for sale is the open one in the first picture. It's numbered 65/100, which means it belongs to the 100 units limited run. This coffret does NOT contain all 35 pins in the Lynx pin collection. It contains the 24 pins that are usually found in the 100 units limited run: 1x A.P.B. 1x Block Out 1x Blue Lightning 1x California Games 1x Chip's Challenge 1x Electrocop 1x Gates of Zendocon 1x Gauntlet: The Third Encounter 1x Klax 1x Ms. Pac-Man 1x Ninja Gaiden 1x Pac-Land 1x Paperboy 1x Rampage 1x RoadBlasters 1x Robo-Squash 1x Rygar 1x Shanghai 1x Todd's Adventures in Slime World 1x Warbirds 1x Xenophobe 1x Zarlor Mercenary 2x Atari Lynx Logo Pins are placed in the exact same order they were originally placed. All coffrets I have seen belonging to the 100 run had pins placed in the same way. Coffret's overall condition is very good, given its age (28 years). Just a few tiny scratches here an there. I'm looking for money offers. You can offer to throw in any (really, really) rare Lynx item as part of the deal if you want to bring the price down, but your offer must be mostly cash or I won't take it into consideration. I'm in Madrid, Spain and will ship to Europe, US, Canada, Japan or Australia. Shipping fees will be on the buyer, though. Feel free to to ask anything related to this coffret in this thread so I can clarify things for everyone, but I will only answer to offers made through private messages in these boards. This article has also been posted in the Atari Lynx Fans group in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lynxfans/permalink/2784496444954040/ This is an extremely rare opportunity. Be sure not to miss it. Good luck.
  19. Hi everyone! Some of you have already joined the Atari Lynx Programmer Club, I'd like to invite anyone else who is interested in Lynx coding to join too. It may be a little redundant with this forum, but the advantage is we can create our own sub-forums in the club on focused topics. I've already added sub-forums for CC65, ASM, Graphics, Music/Sound. I don't want to control the exact content in the club forums so anyone can request to be a leader. Lets make it into the best Lynx programming community out there! 👨🏻‍💻🕹👩‍💻
  20. as you can see it's quite small but i'm hoping that someday i'll have all 99-100 games released CIB. i know that the total number of games is bigger but i go for the ones released with the "official" box-cartridge design
  21. Here's what is left and some prices. Every game pictured comes with the game disc/cartridge and manual. Please purchase a minimum of $10 to make it worthwhile for me to drive to the post office Prices do not include shipping. XBOX Dark Summit $5 Tony Hawk 4 $5 GENESIS Roadblasters $14 DREAMCAST Bangai O $55 (European version, works fine on US tvs) Armada $20 ATARI LYNX Crystal Mines II $5 Tournament Cyberball $7 (sealed NIB) Stun Runner $12 Steel Talons $7 Hydra $7 QIX $32
  22. I might as well discuss my plans for Lynx homebrews. -Snáwcild (Think of this as a better Ninja Gaiden 3 than the one that the Lynx actually got. As in nicer-looking sprites and sound.) -Zenithian Micro (Mega Man X with bits of Kirby Super Star.) -The Agathodaimon Mini -At least one space shooter/shmup. (Vertical/Tate mode will be supported.) -Red Wolf (FPS/Adventure) -At least one Middanyeard game. (Will be better than Viking Child.) -RC Car Combat. -Possible Castlevania clone -Gyaru Knight (G'nG clone with a wacky twist.)
  23. UPDATE: The collection is already sold. I have found myself in the unexpected and extremely lucky circumstance of owning two full collections of official 'Defi Lynx' pins, so I have decided to sell one of them. This is an extremely rare item, and here are the details: Included: all 35 pins of the French ‘Defi Lynx’ pin set (see post pictures). Not included: Lynx club pin. This pin was created by Atari Australia for their Lynx Club. As such, it does not belong to the 'Defi Lynx' pin set. All pins in the set belong to the 'Defi Lynx' promotion run by Atari France in 1991. 'Defi Lynx' set consists of 35 different pins: A.P.B. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Block Out Blue Lightning California Games Checkered Flag Chip's Challenge Cyberball 2072 Electrocop Gates of Zendocon Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Hard Drivin' Hockey Ishido: The Way of the Stones Klax Ms. Pac-Man NFL Football Ninja Gaiden Pac-Land Paperboy Rampage RoadBlasters Robo-Squash Rygar Scrapyard Dog Shanghai Slime World STUN Runner Turbo Sub Viking Child Vindicators Warbirds Xenophobe Zarlor Mercenary Lynx logo If you want to try to get this set, rules are simple: I will answer offers in private only. Feel free to ask for further details about the set in this thread. Don’t ask me for loose pins. This is a full set and I am not breaking it up for any reason. Sorry. Be polite. If you are withdrawing from our conversation, please say so. Don’t leave me hanging, waiting for an answer to my last message. That’s very rude and I will not do business with you again if you do that. I’m not going to get mad if I feel your offer is way too low, I will simply let you know it’s not enough, so please feel free to send me any offers you have in mind. I’m taking money only. Don’t bother offering things in exchange unless you have something equally rare and Lynx related (we are talking *extremely* rare here). I’m not interested in any other console or computer when it comes to collecting, son don’t bother with that either. I'm in Madrid, Spain and will ship to Europe, US, Canada, Japan or Australia. Shipping fees will be on the buyer, though. This item has also been posted in the Facebook group 'Atari Lynx Fans': http://www.facebook.com/groups/lynxfans/permalink/3774235172646824/ Good luck, everyone.
  24. From the album: Lynx Graphics

    A higher resolution version.
  25. HI! We are now offering Atari Lynx recapping services for both the Atari Lynx MK 1 and Mk 2, this is a preventive maintenance and not a repair service. Price is £39.99 plus return shipping, worldwide service available. Details of the service can be found here Atari Lynx Recapping Service For those that don't know our background was offering Commodore and Commodore Amiga recapping, so we have vast experience in both through hole and surface mount work. Any questions by all means ask. Thanks!! RetroPassion
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