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Found 14 results

  1. UPDATE: This is already sold. I have an official limited edition Defi Lynx pin coffret available for sale right now. Here are the details: These coffrets were part of the Defi Lynx promotion run in 1991 by Atari France. There are two known limited runs of these coffrets: the firts run consisted of 250 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/250 and the second run consisted of 100 coffrets, numbered on the back as XXX/100. Coffrets in the second run contained one extra pin that was missing in the first run: Klax. The coffret I'm offering for sale is the open one in the first picture. It's numbered 65/100, which means it belongs to the 100 units limited run. This coffret does NOT contain all 35 pins in the Lynx pin collection. It contains the 24 pins that are usually found in the 100 units limited run: 1x A.P.B. 1x Block Out 1x Blue Lightning 1x California Games 1x Chip's Challenge 1x Electrocop 1x Gates of Zendocon 1x Gauntlet: The Third Encounter 1x Klax 1x Ms. Pac-Man 1x Ninja Gaiden 1x Pac-Land 1x Paperboy 1x Rampage 1x RoadBlasters 1x Robo-Squash 1x Rygar 1x Shanghai 1x Todd's Adventures in Slime World 1x Warbirds 1x Xenophobe 1x Zarlor Mercenary 2x Atari Lynx Logo Pins are placed in the exact same order they were originally placed. All coffrets I have seen belonging to the 100 run had pins placed in the same way. Coffret's overall condition is very good, given its age (28 years). Just a few tiny scratches here an there. I'm looking for money offers. You can offer to throw in any (really, really) rare Lynx item as part of the deal if you want to bring the price down, but your offer must be mostly cash or I won't take it into consideration. I'm in Madrid, Spain and will ship to Europe, US, Canada, Japan or Australia. Shipping fees will be on the buyer, though. Feel free to to ask anything related to this coffret in this thread so I can clarify things for everyone, but I will only answer to offers made through private messages in these boards. This article has also been posted in the Atari Lynx Fans group in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lynxfans/permalink/2784496444954040/ This is an extremely rare opportunity. Be sure not to miss it. Good luck.
  2. Hi everyone! Some of you have already joined the Atari Lynx Programmer Club, I'd like to invite anyone else who is interested in Lynx coding to join too. It may be a little redundant with this forum, but the advantage is we can create our own sub-forums in the club on focused topics. I've already added sub-forums for CC65, ASM, Graphics, Music/Sound. I don't want to control the exact content in the club forums so anyone can request to be a leader. Lets make it into the best Lynx programming community out there! 👨🏻‍💻🕹👩‍💻
  3. Greetings fellow Atarians! This summer I felt like trying something new after discovering the updated 512kb template for cc65 on the programming forum. Today I present you a demo on which I started to work in September and showed at ejagfest this year. It's work in progress and comes with its share of imperfections, but I wanted to share something with you before Christmas. I want to thank my friend PixlJuice for his excellent pixelart and DerLuchs for providing a kickass chiptune! >>> Download <<< Happy holidays and see you all in 2019 again!
  4. Moved to ebay You get two Atari Lynx games and the Lynx Visor for $40 plus shipping. I'm the original owner of all three items. I bought the items new back in the day, just at the end of the Lynx's life cycle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check out photos below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first game is Hard Drivin. It came with a poster, but no box. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second game in Ninja Gaiden. The box arrived bent up when I bought it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lynx Visor has never been used. In fact, I'm not even taking it out of the box for photos to keep it as close to "new" as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to flip the items? You won't hear any complaints from me. They'll be yours to do what you want with. Please see my feedback when you get a chance. Thanks for looking
  5. Greetings fellow Lynx addicts! Together with Willard I've been working on a new puzzle game for the lynx, based on the popular board game Rush Hour. For this project we have decided that we will be sharing playable betas of all of our significant updates, including the final version of the game. The ROM we'd like to share with you today is only 5% complete and represents our first milestone- a playable demo. This demo shows the perspective and graphical style that we will be using, but some graphics are still placeholders and many planned features are missing. Future updates will include more variation in graphics, sounds, time attack and saving functionality. We will post major updates in this thread as the game develops, and will also be creating a feature that details the development process and ultimately will include the source code. If you encounter any bugs while playing this game please be sure to notify me through PM and we will work to iron it out. Thank you for your attention. Attached is the 5% complete alpha as well as a promo shot that shows some currently unimplemented ideas ........................................................ PS. Most of you probably know me from working on on my big project DragonSaga. At times I need to have a break from it for my own sanity its still going strong though. PPS. Beta Phase Games is still working on brigning their upcoming Lynx and Jaguar projects out, but thought it would be fun to take a short break to focus on an original development that can be shared with the community as it is created. TrafficJamDemo.zip
  6. Hi Everyone - Relatively new (back to it, at least) to the Lynx world and I am looking to rebuild my library. I'm looking for some games like Paperboy, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Lemmings, Robotron, California Games, Stun Runner, etc. If anyone has any they're willing to part with reasonably inexpensive, let me know! Thanks!
  7. http://www.gamegavel.com/sites/rick63/ Thanks for looking! Rick
  8. Models: Atari Lynx 1 with official carry bag, and Nintendo Switch with Zelda Collector's Edition Sheika Slate Carry Pouch. To do: Add some back shots...
  9. Just a heads up that I'm selling my copies of Hot Dog and Relief Pitcher for the Lynx on eBay. You can check 'em out (with a bunch of other games and gaming promo stuff) here: http://stores.ebay.com/k3v/_i.html?_sop=10&rt=nc Cheers
  10. I picked up my first Lynx and about 30 games at the weekend. It's a Lynx II in great condition, and with it came two other brand new and boxed but non-working Lynx IIs. They were dead on arrival when they were new, so even if I can't get them working they might be useful for spare parts. Dead Lynx A completely unresponsive: I tried with both fresh batteries and a Lynx PSU and there is no response when I press the 'on' button. I tried connecting the negative battery terminal to the negative (ground?) pin of the speaker jack (which I saw in a YouTube video) - when I did this the screen backlight comes on but there is still no response. Problem Lynx B works perfectly except for the screen display being fixed solid black. The backlight switches on and off, sound plays, buttons respond etc., but the 'brightness' setting does nothing. Again I tried both batteries and a PSU. I tried switching over the motherboards of these two machines, to see if Lynx B's problem is just with its screen, but there was still just a solid black image. I was wondering if I could swap a McWill screen into this machine, but I'm not sure if this problem would persist with that screen too- is there any way I can test whether that would work? Is there any other A/B testing I can do between these two machines to help identify the problem components? Are there any other standard things I can test for? Thanks in advance!
  11. Here's what is left and some prices. Every game pictured comes with the game disc/cartridge and manual. Please purchase a minimum of $10 to make it worthwhile for me to drive to the post office Prices do not include shipping. XBOX Dark Summit $5 Tony Hawk 4 $5 GENESIS Roadblasters $14 DREAMCAST Bangai O $55 (European version, works fine on US tvs) Armada $20 ATARI LYNX Crystal Mines II $5 Tournament Cyberball $7 (sealed NIB) Stun Runner $12 Steel Talons $7 Hydra $7 QIX $32
  12. as you can see it's quite small but i'm hoping that someday i'll have all 99-100 games released CIB. i know that the total number of games is bigger but i go for the ones released with the "official" box-cartridge design
  13. Hello, I'm looking for the atari lynx version of double dragon,it should be complete (box,instructions) and in near mint condition or brand new (without crashes,scratches or creases on the box). i've heard that a version exists which is just a pcb with the eprom soldered on,a later rerelease possibly ? anyway,i don't want this,i'm looking for the one with the normal cartridge. Thanks! i've changed my mind ,i'll accept both versions
  14. some of my games (fortunately not many) have their labels fallen off ,what type of glue can i use in order to reattach them without damaging the exposed circuit board?
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