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Found 13 results

  1. Good news for all of you who have ordered an IDE Kit, because of problems with my contact here in Canada , Kevin Warnalis and I have decided to ship the entire IDE kit prototype to someone reliable in Arizona (the modified parallel interface, the prototype , a memory card, everything needed to get the ball rolling on this IDE Kit project), we should have results in a couple of months instead of a couple of years, Don is being taken out of the loop on this project, he is simply not reliable enough. I am sending everything related to the project this week and Mike from Arizona will be working on it for us, as well as trying to duplicate my retro SI Simulant Wifi Modem for the Atari Portfolio. Kevin and Mike and I had a long conference call last night and between the three of us, this is what we are doing. I will still be workjing on my BBS, which has changed form Spy Visits SPy BBS to Christ Followers BBS, at Christ Followers BBS and Website, Telnet side is Telnet side of Christ Followers BBS. As for the BBS and website, I am adding totally legal streaming of copyrighted audio only, from ABBA to ZZ TOP, all of my 1000 records and tapes are going online for your listening pleasure or download, negotiation of license fees for this are being worked on as we speak, it should only cost me around $120 Canadian for full streaming rights though Socan in Canada. Because I have so many records and tapes to record on my stereo system, I am picking the best of the best for now , and I hope to have a request system going for what I have , a list of all records and tapes will be made a available so that you can rock on while playing around with your Atari stuff. Another feature of the BBS that I am testing is surround sound streaming , I do not know if it is feasable at long distances, but we will try it, it seems to work good locally but overseas I simply do not know, there will be a section for Surround Sound 5.1 songs (whole albums), on my BBS, and as I have said before this is totally legal , as I am paying for the rights to do this quite simply because I am NOT charging for this , they gave me the lowest price that they could to still cover all legal requrements for me to stream copyrighted materials audio only, (no videos). The streaming will go online as soon as I get my license number from Socan, could be a few days before it is totally ready. I will still be writing software for the Atari Portfolio, but this new project of keeping the BBS going will take priority over anything. Russ Campbell
  2. Really good news for all of you who have bought the IDE kit, the parallel interface modifications were completed this afternoon, and I am to pick up all of the parts including the IDE kit prototype, Don finished it and has probably assembled the Parallel interface by now, he said he would do it by tonight , I wioll be paying him to do another 2 parallel interfaces , and he will nbe sending in a request for custom circuit boards once I have tested the software and all of the hardware , pictures of the completed parallel interface and the completed prototype of the IDE kit are below: Sorry for all of the delay, but it was out of my hands at the time, I really had to bug him to complete the interface, but now its done.... I will have 2 modified interfaces to go with the kits, as soon as he modifies the other 2. Russ
  3. Hello All, I have a 3d printer and was thinking that using the card slot might make interfacing with the portfolio a lot easier. I can print but modelling is not yet my specialty. Is there anyone with more experience with this that could print the interfacing and main body of the Atari "disks" (cards). Could match that with an Arduino or some small computer and put an SD card slot or even a card reader for multiple formats on it. Possibilities abound.
  4. Hi there! I'm a retrocomputer & old systems/videogame enthusiast from Spain. I have a small collection of retro consoles and planning in the future to get an original VCS 2600 "6 switch" console with some games (specially Haunted House, Space Invaders and so on). Recently I'm hunting down a Portfolio. I've located some of them and it's about time (weeks) to get one of them. I'm planning two things with it: 1 - Use one in good condition (the first) as a personal agenda/small computer and play around with retro stuff and even dedicated Portfolio DOS games (I've check out all of the topics by @rcamp48, all of them looking interesting). In this case, I'm asking for practicity purposes: What you would buy first? parallel or serial adapter? My first accesory BTW would be at least 2 memory cards (64 and 128kb respectively). And maybe in the future, the Memory Expansion unit, but with cards dunno if it's that necessary. 2 - In the near future, and if I see if that it's even possible, I would look down for a battered one/non working unit for making something I would like: a custom phone case with physical keyboard (not sure if I could make it working...maybe with arduino/BT connections? this is just long term project and speculation for now I don't even know how to program Arduino yet...). My actual phone is a Google Nexus 5x now, but will use this phone soon as a sandbox/playing ground with different systems and things like that (I love tinkering with things...). Cheers!
  5. I did this video of a dos machine running the slave/master disk, you do not need to get any software on the pc end.... All you need is a terminal program like Telix or Qmodem Pro. 20201221_033339.mp4
  6. This is a demo of the shell that I am working on for the Atari Portfolio, detaials in the readme.md file in the link below: Atari Portfolio Mass Media Shell Demo Russ Campbell
  7. This took me all morning and part of the afternoon , but we now have a printable book of Atari Portfolio file descriptions from Paul Jollie's Atari Portfolio Site. Atari Portfolio Book of Software Descriptions.pdf
  8. Hey guys, I just found out that the Atari Portfolio IDE kit also needs a modified Parallel interface, this is the setup for it , I will probably get Don to do 3 of them for me , I have 1 and have another 2 coming .... I thought according to the wiring diagram there was no modifications needed on the Atari Portfolio interface, but I was wrong, there is a total of 21 short wires needed to be soldered to the back of the circuit board. I can get Don to do a few and buy a few more as well, I have a good source for extra parallel ports. If anyone wants their money back, I will understand, Don has the money saved , but if anyone wants to go ahead with parallel port modification, we can do it for you. (AS well as memory upgrades). I am getting my 2 Atari Portfolios upgraded later this summer. 8255 Sub-D-25 IDE pin name pin name pin name 5 Port A.0 ------ 2 Data 0 -------- 17 Data 0 4 Port A.1 ------ 3 Data 1 -------- 15 Data 1 3 Port A.2 ------ 4 Data 2 -------- 13 Data 2 2 Port A.3 ------ 5 Data 3 -------- 11 Data 3 44 Port A.4 ------ 6 Data 4 -------- 9 Data 4 43 Port A.5 ------ 7 Data 5 -------- 7 Data 5 42 Port A.6 ------ 8 Data 6 -------- 5 Data 6 41 Port A.7 ------ 9 Data 7 -------- 3 Data 7 20 Port B.0 ------ 1 Strobe -------- 4 Data 8 21 Port B.1 ------ 14 Auto Feed------- 6 Data 9 22 Port B.2 ------ 16 Init -------- 8 Data 10 24! Port B.3 ------ 17 Select in------- 10 Data 11 25 Port B.4 ~~~~~~ 18* (Gnd) -------- 12 Data 12 26 Port B.5 ~~~~~~ 19* (Gnd) -------- 14 Data 13 27 Port B.6 ~~~~~~ 20* (Gnd) -------- 16 Data 14 28 Port B.7 ~~~~~~ 21* (Gnd) -------- 18 Data 15 16 Port C.0 ------ 12 Paper out------- 35 Address 0 17 Port C.1 ------ 13 Select -------- 33 Address 1 18 Port C.2 ~~~~~~ 22* (Gnd) -------- 36 Address 2 19 Port C.3 ------ 15 Error ---|>o-- 1 /Reset 15 Port C.4 ------ 11 Busy ---|>o-- 37 /CS 0 14 Port C.5 ------ 10 Ackn ---|>o-- 38 /CS 1 13 Port C.6 ~~~~~~ 23* (Gnd) ---|>o-- 25 /IO Read 11! Port C.7 ~~~~~~ 24* (Gnd) ---|>o-- 23 /IO Write 25 Gnd ----+--- 2 Gnd |--- 19 . |--- 22 . |--- 24 . |--- 26 . |--- 30 . +--- 40 Gnd +5V---\/\/\--->|--- 39 /ACT (/Busy) R LED Notes: the 25 pin connector to CF side has been done as far as I know, the only thing left is modifying the parallel port.... Russ
  9. I have exciting news , not only have I successfully combined two dead Atari Portfolios into one working unit , I am going to start taking old dead Atari Portfolios from anyone with the hopes of combining them into a working Atari Portfolio Unit. Here is the deal, send me a PM , and I will work out the details with you. If I get enough parts such as motherboards I will start to make 640 K motherboards from them, so send me your useless or spare parts. I know how to take the Atari Portfolios apart without damaging them, I have taken 8 or 9 apart now and successfully put them back together, the only part that I do not do is soldering , I have a friend that does that. Also I have a French keyboard if anyone wants the keys. Interested in old German and other language keyboards too... For those of you who are waiting for an IDE kit, the prototype is about 95 % ready, I have to test it, hopefully sometime this week I will get it to test. Not likely today but I will be seeing Don maybe today. Russ
  10. Hello everyone: Due to Covid-19 I was delayed 3 weeks for getting the prototype for the Atari Portfolio IDE kit, but as of today I have it in my hot little hands, and am testing it now. It get as far as recognising drive D on the Atari Portfolio, but it gives me a sector not found error when I try to read drive D. I am also missing the mk30mbfs.com file from the POFOIDE zip file, does anyone have that file? A friend of mine in the building is straightening CF pins on my CF to IDE adapter so I am using an IDE drive , formatted to 30 MB with MS-DOS 6.22 , (maybe thats the problem eh?).... anyways is there any other program around or does anyone have a copy of DOS 2 for my dos machine and I will try that. Russ
  11. I have decided to post this video here, its all about Trans Shell, a modified directory program that was written by Peter and Stephen from QB64.ORG, it makes using Transfolio for your Atari Portfolio a lot easier.... here goes: Atari Trans Shell Video
  12. Hey Folks: This is my current setup , I do believe I have it all working perfectly, in the picture you will see a P233 with Atari Portfolio card reader, an Atari Mega ST4 with monochrome monitor, 2 PC desktops, and an Atari Portfolio hooked up to a parallel interface on my older IBM ThinkCenter.
  13. i ections are coveredHekki everyone: I am working very hard to make Spy Visits Spy BBS one of the best PC run Atari BBS's on the Internet, so far I have put 500 hours into the BBS, it can be dialed up at 1-226-647-0710, or Telnet into at spyvisitsspybbs.com:21, or HTTP (the best way to get files), at Spy Visits Spy BBS, also I have FTP at spyvisitsspybbs.com port 21. I have no idea if the fTP section is working yet, but I will set it up fully. I am running Winserver 6.4 right now, I will be updating to Winserver 8.0 soon.... I have over 2,000,000 files ready to go online , all of the Atari system that exists. , each Atari section has its own file group, and file sections within the file group. I have at present 3.5 TBs online, ut I have to back up drive C , the BBS part to Drive E, and reinstall WIndows 10 32 bit, right now I am running Windows 7 64 Bit, so I have a lot of work to do there too... I am aslo looking for some co-sysops, let me know if you want to be one , this is a huge BBS and iut probably wioll take more than 1 sysop to run it as I have over 900 file sections, and over 100 file groups, everything from A to Z will be going online. I am at the moment still adding files to the file sections, take a look as you log onto my web site, do not use the WC Navigator part, instead ues Web Browser. This will allow you to use all of the chat, mail, file, etc functions from HTTP. HTTPS is coming soon. Russ Campbell
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