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Found 49 results

  1. Hi all, I recently wrote a piece on Jack Tramiel and the battle over Amiga between Atari and Commodore. There's a huge amount of Commodore material from that era. Books, sites, talks, interviews, the lot. I really struggled to find much on the Atari side of the story. There's documentation about the ST's architecture and a really good video from the 1985 CES where the 130ST was introduced. I'm more interested in the story behind the people, the fights, the arguments, blood, sweat and tears that led to the Atari ST's release in 1985. Does anyone have any recommended books or sources they'd recommend?
  2. Here we've got the Atari ST game Into the Eagles Nest. Note that it is disk only and cannot be tested, as I don't have an Atari ST. Only asking $10 shipped. Shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I hope someone could help me I recently brought a Atari ste and got given a E Magic LOG 3 with it. It's like a midi expander box if anyone has any info on what it's used for or if it is purely a midi expander. What sort of price do they go and is it a sort after item. I'm totally new to the st scene so if anyone has any info or knowledge please let us know. *It's not my photo used but looks exactly like that
  4. Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14__ROUND 2 (Round Over Sunday 6/14/2020) ROUND COMPLETE RULES AND DIRECTIONS: Commando Time for some good ole' arcade summer fun! -Start the game with default settings and play until you get a game over. Record and post your high-score here! If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: Commando SCORES: 1. Machine 107,400 +10 2. masematte 89,200 +8 3. Hyper_Eye 57,900 +6 4. Darrin9999 25,000 +4 5. Rick Dangerous 12,600 +2 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings: 1. machine 20 2. Hyper_Eye 12 3. Masematte 12 4. Doctor_Shred 8 5. Darrin9999 6 6. Rick Dangerous 3 7. 8. 9. 10.
  5. Hi! i've been interested in getting an Atari ST lately, and have seen ones on ebay that have Television ports in the back, but just have atari 520St Badges and not Atari STm badges. would these still work with cables like https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-ST-QUALITY-GOLD-RCA-PHONO-TV-AUDIO-VIDEO-CABLE-OFC-2M/390232521592?epid=2263100432&hash=item5adbabbb78:g:FOAAAOSw2s1UuoH4 ? on that note, would normal atari st's without a television port work with that cable? (such as Atari STF's, or just ST's without television ports) I live in the U.S. Also: If they have the television port but not the STm badge, does this mean the operating system is off of a floppy disk? Thank you!
  6. Hi, some of the Atari ST fans are also 8-Bit fans (and vice versa) and may already know, that I make some little projects to enhance the capatibilities of the Atari 8-Bit family. Some time ago I´ve decided to do the next step and make some stuff for the Atari ST series, too. Find some infos here. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: All informations (availibity, pricing, links to manuals etc.pp.) is found in my info file - see also link in my signature. This file is updated 2-3 times a month constantly, so bookmark it 🙂 PLEASE don´t ask for prices and availibity here in this thread. See 1.) You don´t need to show interest (what is very nice, indeed). All projects are finished and will be offered independent from request here. See 1.) The first batches of all five shown expansions are ready at mid to end of July 2020. See 1.) Thanks for reading 🙂 Now here´s brief overview... DUAL-TOS Card for Atari ST computers (TOS 1.0x / 2.0x) This expansion can be installed in all Atari ST (except 1040 ST with CPU under the disk drive) and the Mega ST. It enables the usage of any TOS 1.0x version and TOS 2.05 or 2.06. No need to dril holes for switches, just use the existing RESET pushbutton. Eraseable EPROM included, if wanted, preprogrammed with the TOS versions and language of your choice. --- DUAL-TOS Card with Mega ST compatible RTC for Atari ST computers (TOS 1.0x / 2.0x) This expansion can be installed in all Atari ST - except 1040 ST with CPU under the disk drive. For this special version of the 1040 ST a seperate version will offered in the next 3-4 months. The DUAL-TOS Card enables the usage of any TOS 1.0x version and TOS 2.05 or 2.06. No need to dril holes for switches, just use the existing RESET pushbutton. Eraseable EPROM included, if wanted, preprogrammed with the TOS versions and language of your choice. This version has also the Ricoh RTC chip onboard, which is fully compatible to the Mega ST RTC. You don´t need special software, all TOS versions from 1.02 up to 2.06 supports this RTC. Just use the Control Panel to set the clock. --- DUAL-TOS Card with Mega ST compatible RTC for the Atari 1040 STE computer (TOS 1.06 / 1.62 / 2.0x) This expansion is specially made for the Atari 1040 STE only. It´s the first (known to me) expansion which enables a Mega ST compatible RTC for the 1040 STE. Also it enables the usage of two TOS versions which are able to run on an Atari 1040 STE (TOS 1.06, 1.62 and the 2.0x). No need to dril holes for switches, just use the existing RESET pushbutton. One-Time-Programmable PROM included, if wanted, preprogrammed with the TOS versions and language of your choice. You don´t need special software, all TOS versions running on the 1040 STE supports this RTC. Just use the Control Panel to set the clock. --- HD Module for 1.44 HD disk drive for all Atari STs and the 1040 STE This is one of the smallest PCBs with fully automated HD features for the ST series. It supports two drives with different setups (HD/HD, DD/HD, HD/DD, DD/DD), generates automatically the 3 ms step rate pulse and corrects the media change detection problem with standard PC disk drives. It has it´s own clock onboard, so no disturbation to the weak 16 MHz signal from the Shifter occours. You need a HD compatible disk drive which mostly must modified to work with an Atari ST (drive must be set to DS0 and HD-output on pin 2). --- 4 MByte Memory Expansion for all Atari ST and the Mega ST This PCB enables to expand your ST´s memory to 4 MByte. It can be installed in all Atari 260/520/1040 ST/STF/STM/STFM and the Mega ST series. It uses two banks with 2 MByte each, if wanted, only the first bank could be used and the 2nd bank deactivated. --- Reminder: All informations (availibity, pricing, links to manuals etc.pp.) is found in my info file - see also link in my signature. This file is updated 2-3 times a month constantly, so bookmark it 🙂
  7. hello all! I am having trouble with the keyboard using the flash floppy on my gotek. when i use F1 to search for files if it type: Q comes out as A W comes out as Z A comes out as Q Z comes out as W M doesn't work Attached is a photo with the version i am using. Any advice?
  8. Hello atari fans, I´m a new member of this forum! I´m from Germany and interested in these - obviously only in the U.S. selled - software gems. There were four titles for biology, two for chemistry and others for mathematics and physics. I think, this software from the mid 80´ies is now abandonware. In Germany, there is no possibility to buy these titles (used) and the one seller on ebay is only shipping to north america. Last year I buyed a mathematics title (together with other stuff like spectreGCR) from a gently US-Citizen and I´m interested in aquiring the others. Does someone here know, where I could download these software-pieces, e.g. biology and chemistry? Thanks, stokowski
  9. So OK, I followed some links on AtariAge, and found some ST demos, .. I'm pretty sure that I need an ST now... The music especially blew me away... Now before I ask this, let me say up front, I have Googled best Atari ST Everything, but I am hoping to get input from Real ST owners, about what they actually USE daily. Confession: I am an Amiga nut (turned slightly Atari ST nut) 'Must Have programs'? (Heck, even general utilities and such, TOS switch etc.) One thing in particular, are there any music programs on the ST For Beginners? (I took piano lessons when I was younger, total FAIL!) Are there any Good 3d graphics/animation programs for the ST? (Lightwave 3D on Amiga spoiled me!?!) Any programs to convert 2d/3D graphics files from Amiga to Atari ST? Can ST's be networked? What program (s) support networks? What is the maximum RAM that can be added to (any model of) an ST, including the Falcon? Anything else I need to know before I take the plunge.... And CURSE you Atari! Another system I am obsessed with!
  10. Do you guys remember the Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST Bluray disk that I created years ago? I found one of the disks from way back when I created them 2 years ago (maybe 3) and put it online on my BBS. The BBS is called Spy Visits Spy BBS II, if you had a password on the other BBS , Spy Visits Spy BBS then the password file has been copied over from the first BBS, and is available at telnet://spyvisitsspybbs.com port 1993, is running on a Windows 10 32 Bit machine has 32 bit online games but does not have 16 bit online games. If you want those, go to the first one on my XP machine at telnet://spyvisitsspybbs.com port 1990. Both BBSs are active and will be updated daily. Russ Campbell
  11. i ections are coveredHekki everyone: I am working very hard to make Spy Visits Spy BBS one of the best PC run Atari BBS's on the Internet, so far I have put 500 hours into the BBS, it can be dialed up at 1-226-647-0710, or Telnet into at spyvisitsspybbs.com:21, or HTTP (the best way to get files), at Spy Visits Spy BBS, also I have FTP at spyvisitsspybbs.com port 21. I have no idea if the fTP section is working yet, but I will set it up fully. I am running Winserver 6.4 right now, I will be updating to Winserver 8.0 soon.... I have over 2,000,000 files ready to go online , all of the Atari system that exists. , each Atari section has its own file group, and file sections within the file group. I have at present 3.5 TBs online, ut I have to back up drive C , the BBS part to Drive E, and reinstall WIndows 10 32 bit, right now I am running Windows 7 64 Bit, so I have a lot of work to do there too... I am aslo looking for some co-sysops, let me know if you want to be one , this is a huge BBS and iut probably wioll take more than 1 sysop to run it as I have over 900 file sections, and over 100 file groups, everything from A to Z will be going online. I am at the moment still adding files to the file sections, take a look as you log onto my web site, do not use the WC Navigator part, instead ues Web Browser. This will allow you to use all of the chat, mail, file, etc functions from HTTP. HTTPS is coming soon. Russ Campbell
  12. Hoping someone can give me some advice. I haven't used my Atari 1040ST much over the last few years, but I'm starting to get back into it. A couple of years ago I bought a cable from Best Electronics that allows you to hook the ST up to a multisync monitor which I also bought from another source. The thing works great in LOW and HIGH resolution, but when displaying in MEDIUM resolution, some of the text on screen looks scrunched and some letters look like they disappear all together. Is there any fix for this? Can I adjust something on the monitor so it displays correctly? I am hesitant to play with any monitor settings until I know for sure, so any guidance with be appreciated!!!
  13. It's been years since I've put disk images back on real Atari ST disks. Can someone please remind me how to transfer a .ST format disk image back to a real Atari ST disk?
  14. I have a few items for sale, listed below. Please note I am based in the UK and as such would prefer to ship to UK only. Atari ST - Original internal disk drive - no case cutting required! working. £25 + £3.50 shipping (pickup also fine) Atari ST compatible Tatung MM14 SAR Hi Res mono monitor. Fully working comes with a VGA to Atari adaptor - £30 - Pickup only Birmingham, West Midlands. Box of approx 45 blank disks DS HD + labels. Box has key and locks fine. = £10 + £3.50 shipping (pickup also fine) 1 x Atari Mens T-shirt in Green, size is UK Large. Licensed product by Diffuzed. Never worn still has tags on. - £8.50 (£3 shipping - happy to combine) 1 x Commodore 64 T-shirt in Blue, size is UK Large. Licensed product by Diffuzed. Never worn still has tags on. - £8.50 (£3 shipping - happy to combine) (both T-shirts for £15) Will be listed elsewhere also.
  15. Earlier this year I finally managed to track down Kevin MacFarland, author of the Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin." Thought you guys might enjoy my interview with him. Back then he went by the handle "C Monster." I also wrote up a blog post remembering Assassin. If anyone else remembers the game, I encourage you to leave a comment on the blog! (And, as I mention in the blog, you can still play Assassin today on Dark Force, The Grove, and Starfleet HQ BBSes.)
  16. Anyone ever play the old Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin"? One of my old favorites. You can still play it today on The Grove and Dark Force BBSes. Anyway, I would love to get in touch with the game's authors. I think I may have found Wayne Myers on some social networks (though he hasn't responded to messages), but no luck with Kevin MacFarland. Anyone know/remember them? --Josh
  17. Here's a machine I've been curious about but have never seen often enough in the wild: the Atari ST. Unlike the Amiga, which I seriously desired as a kid (and I have two models now: a 500 and a 4000!), the Atari ST tickled my curiosity but wasn't one of those "Oooh, I've gotta have it right now!" type of desires. Nowadays, though, I thought it would be pretty neat to check out the actual Atari ST hardware and see what it's all about! I do have some experience using Atari TOS thanks to Hatari, and I have sampled some games and demos on the platform. It's enough to wet my beak and get me interested in wanting to maybe add one to my collection! My problem, however, is that, like other retro computers of the time, the prices for Atari STs (and even the STE) have shot through the roof to ridiculous, exonerate prices on eBay and even Amibay. To make matters worse, most auctions and sales that I see are all in Europe (and I'm in the USA), which would mean that shipping would be absolute murder, and I'd also have to then spend money on things like step-down transformers and plug adapters. So my question is this: what's a fair going price for an Atari ST? I'd prefer an STE model; it can have 1MB RAM minimum and that's fine. Hell, it doesn't even need to come with cables; since the PSU is internal on STE models and is a standard 3-prong PC lead, I can supply one. I just need a mouse and I'm good. Send some ideas my way and I'll work from there!
  18. Looking to buy a nicely used blue/gray Power Pad controller for the ST/Jaguar - Name your price or let me know what you're looking for and we can do a trade. Please PM or reply here if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  19. go through this sellers list to find some interesting atari st stuff, seems to be listing more of it as well. eBay Seller: regalservice
  20. Hello all, Anyone like pixel art books? The latest issue of Classic Gaming contains 26 pages on Atari ST games, including Carrier Command, Oids and Silkworm. The game choice is fairly random, but may be of interest if you like to see the ST in print.
  21. link only dev-docs.atariforge.org/files/alltogether.pdf Interesting i am assuming/guesssing it's only the ST and not the mega or ste machines....perhaps that is to come
  22. I'm interested in obtaining a working Atari ST (any model). I'm trying to diagnose a problem with another ST system and I would like a second system to provide reference. I'd be fine with a system rough around the edges (missing keys or the like) as long as all the ports work and the thing boots to GEM. It can be without a power adapter as long as it's known working. I'm also interested in an Atari ST External Floppy drive SF354 or SF314. More interested in the SF314 than SF354. Needs to be working and come with power adapter and floppy drive cable. Also looking for a working Atari ST mouse. I have a small list of lesser wants, if anyone is willing to part with these things for the right price. Atari 1050 floppy drive w/ power and sio cords. Working please. Atari 5200 and Intellivision - I've had my eyes out for both of these consoles. Low priority but would consider a decent offer. TI-99/4A Tape Recorder - If anyone has an extra one they want to get rid of. Atari ST TOS roms (Rainbow 1.4) - six chip version
  23. VHS 27:51 minutes of setup instructions for the Atari 520ST Eric in Montreal, Canada Contact me if your interested. [email protected]
  24. Hello Im looking for an Atari ST virtual synth vst for mac, I can only find one for P.C is anyone one here aware if one exist's for mac? many thanks
  25. A while back, I came across a Synergy demo done in VT-52. I thought it was cool and made a video capture: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2013/01/23/vt-52-demo-beat-nick-part-2/ Anybody know of other VT-52 demos or animations like this? I know there used to be such things, but I don't know where to find any collections. --Josh
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