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Found 35 results

  1. <<<<< Sorry, but everything listed in this post is now sold. >>>>> I have four Atari SF314 disk drives. All are in working order (i.e. were tested just before taking the picture today to insure that they read/write to a floppy disk). I'm only interested in selling to buyers with an United States post office address, and who are willing to prepay via cashier's check or money order. I'm asking $15 for each drive plus USPS shipping. Two of the drives will come with the original box (i.e. the serial number on the box matches the serial number on the drive). The original packaging is incomplete (i.e. probably missing original internal boxes and wraps. Also, I don't have the owner's manuals, or other Atari brochures that might have been included in the box. All four drives come with the power supply and floppy drive connector cable.
  2. go through this sellers list to find some interesting atari st stuff, seems to be listing more of it as well. eBay Seller: regalservice
  3. Looking to buy a nicely used blue/gray Power Pad controller for the ST/Jaguar - Name your price or let me know what you're looking for and we can do a trade. Please PM or reply here if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  4. Hello atari fans, I´m a new member of this forum! I´m from Germany and interested in these - obviously only in the U.S. selled - software gems. There were four titles for biology, two for chemistry and others for mathematics and physics. I think, this software from the mid 80´ies is now abandonware. In Germany, there is no possibility to buy these titles (used) and the one seller on ebay is only shipping to north america. Last year I buyed a mathematics title (together with other stuff like spectreGCR) from a gently US-Citizen and I´m interested in aquiring the others. Does someone here know, where I could download these software-pieces, e.g. biology and chemistry? Thanks, stokowski
  5. Hello all, Anyone like pixel art books? The latest issue of Classic Gaming contains 26 pages on Atari ST games, including Carrier Command, Oids and Silkworm. The game choice is fairly random, but may be of interest if you like to see the ST in print.
  6. Here's a machine I've been curious about but have never seen often enough in the wild: the Atari ST. Unlike the Amiga, which I seriously desired as a kid (and I have two models now: a 500 and a 4000!), the Atari ST tickled my curiosity but wasn't one of those "Oooh, I've gotta have it right now!" type of desires. Nowadays, though, I thought it would be pretty neat to check out the actual Atari ST hardware and see what it's all about! I do have some experience using Atari TOS thanks to Hatari, and I have sampled some games and demos on the platform. It's enough to wet my beak and get me interested in wanting to maybe add one to my collection! My problem, however, is that, like other retro computers of the time, the prices for Atari STs (and even the STE) have shot through the roof to ridiculous, exonerate prices on eBay and even Amibay. To make matters worse, most auctions and sales that I see are all in Europe (and I'm in the USA), which would mean that shipping would be absolute murder, and I'd also have to then spend money on things like step-down transformers and plug adapters. So my question is this: what's a fair going price for an Atari ST? I'd prefer an STE model; it can have 1MB RAM minimum and that's fine. Hell, it doesn't even need to come with cables; since the PSU is internal on STE models and is a standard 3-prong PC lead, I can supply one. I just need a mouse and I'm good. Send some ideas my way and I'll work from there!
  7. Anyone ever play the old Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin"? One of my old favorites. You can still play it today on The Grove and Dark Force BBSes. Anyway, I would love to get in touch with the game's authors. I think I may have found Wayne Myers on some social networks (though he hasn't responded to messages), but no luck with Kevin MacFarland. Anyone know/remember them? --Josh
  8. Earlier this year I finally managed to track down Kevin MacFarland, author of the Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin." Thought you guys might enjoy my interview with him. Back then he went by the handle "C Monster." I also wrote up a blog post remembering Assassin. If anyone else remembers the game, I encourage you to leave a comment on the blog! (And, as I mention in the blog, you can still play Assassin today on Dark Force, The Grove, and Starfleet HQ BBSes.)
  9. link only dev-docs.atariforge.org/files/alltogether.pdf Interesting i am assuming/guesssing it's only the ST and not the mega or ste machines....perhaps that is to come
  10. I'm interested in obtaining a working Atari ST (any model). I'm trying to diagnose a problem with another ST system and I would like a second system to provide reference. I'd be fine with a system rough around the edges (missing keys or the like) as long as all the ports work and the thing boots to GEM. It can be without a power adapter as long as it's known working. I'm also interested in an Atari ST External Floppy drive SF354 or SF314. More interested in the SF314 than SF354. Needs to be working and come with power adapter and floppy drive cable. Also looking for a working Atari ST mouse. I have a small list of lesser wants, if anyone is willing to part with these things for the right price. Atari 1050 floppy drive w/ power and sio cords. Working please. Atari 5200 and Intellivision - I've had my eyes out for both of these consoles. Low priority but would consider a decent offer. TI-99/4A Tape Recorder - If anyone has an extra one they want to get rid of. Atari ST TOS roms (Rainbow 1.4) - six chip version
  11. Hitachi


    Hello all. I've decided to condense my wanted into one post... any mods observing this are more than welcome to delete my other topics... I'm almost done getting the classic computers I want, but there are a few others I'd like... An Atari ST. I'm not really picky on model, but if it doesn't have RF out, I'd like a monitor too. A Color computer 3. I really thought about getting an earlier model, but after seeing the stuff cloud9tech has put out, I think I'll go for this one. Apple iii. I know this is a lot to ask. However, I am a Tron fan, and seeing that Kevin Flynn used one in the movie, I'd like to get it. Apple //e games Commodore 64 monitor and tape drive Ti-99/4A monitor and speech 130xe monitor and games Thanks for looking Adam
  12. VHS 27:51 minutes of setup instructions for the Atari 520ST Eric in Montreal, Canada Contact me if your interested. [email protected]
  13. Hello, I am looking to buy an Atari Mega ST. Or ST2 or ST4... I would also buy a TT if you have one you want to get rid off for a good price, but it has to be a really good price so I am not too hopeful on that... Maybe (partially) trade it for my Amiga 1200? Please PM me if you have one for sale/trade. I am in US.
  14. Altered Beast Dungeon Master
  15. A while back, I came across a Synergy demo done in VT-52. I thought it was cool and made a video capture: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2013/01/23/vt-52-demo-beat-nick-part-2/ Anybody know of other VT-52 demos or animations like this? I know there used to be such things, but I don't know where to find any collections. --Josh
  16. Hello Im looking for an Atari ST virtual synth vst for mac, I can only find one for P.C is anyone one here aware if one exist's for mac? many thanks
  17. I have a Mega STE that is working perfectly but has some cosmetic damage to the upper half of the case. I know it's a long shot but If someone someday has a non-functional but cosmetically fine MSTE, or one that has been rackmounted, I'd be interested in the upper half, or even the whole case.
  18. Rollingstone.com/music/news/tangerine-dream-edgar-froese-dead-20150124 Edgar Froese, founding member and keyboardist of the long-running band Tangerine Dream and an electronic music pioneer, passed away after suffering a pulmonary embolism on January 20th. Froese was 70. Optical Race is an album by electronic artists Tangerine Dream, which was released in 1988. Optical Race is the inaugural album of the Melrose Years era, and the band's first to be programmed largely with a computer, an Atari ST using Steinberg/Jones software.
  19. The bitmap brothers in action with XENON II They are one of the biggest heroes of the 16-bit gamescene on atari st/amiga (and then snes) in those time with XENON, SPEEDBALL, XENON II, CADAVER, GODS, CHAOS ENGINE, Z etc. and now they are collecting money for a book about the bitmap brothers. You can see preview on the kickstarter site. Time to support them and bring the bitmap brothers to print. Make it possible on kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darrenwall/the-bitmap-brothers-universe > The book cover: You don't know them? than it is time to jump into their fantastic worlds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bitmap_Brothers
  20. I asked a similar question on stackoverflow, but I figured I'd ask here as well. I use the Hatari (Atari ST) emulator on a Mac. Since there are a number of Atari ST BBSes out there still today, I'd love to be able to connect to them using a VT-52 compatible Atari terminal program, like Freeze Dried Terminal, TAZ, or VanTerm. But how can I get Hatari to work with telnet? I see that Hatari offers RS232/serial emulation. The manual suggests writing Hatari RS232 input/output to a file like /dev/ttyS0. And I found something called socat that lets you transfer data between various channels. So: is there a way to make socat take a telnet session and pipe it into a file that can be read by Hatari's RS232 emulation? Any ideas? I'm a unix novice, but I'd love to get this to work.
  21. 3 Atari ST Programming books (2 by Abacus Software and 1 by Clayton Walnum Atari ST INTERNALS ATARI ST GEM Programmer’s Reference Clayton Walnum’s C-manships COMPLETE Learn to program your ST in C! Eric in Montreal, Canada Contact me if your interested. [email protected]
  22. Frustrated that items that are no longer available retail, are still protected by intellectual property rights, but the simple fact is I can't get any of the "dubious origin" versions of these two games to run correctly on real iron. So I'm looking to buy them from someone who was lucky enough to have them from when they WERE available. Local (Toronto Canada) is always better, but happy to pay for shipping to get these two. (and years of collection vintage tech has made me keely aware of shipping costs, so I'll suffer no sticker shock)
  23. The Red "gun" on my SC1224, leaving me only the GB of the RGB. Luckily someone I've purchased from in the past has an SC1435 available that I'll pick up tomorrow. which leaves the question of what to do with this SC1224. Being the old fart that I am, I remember the days of Tube TV's where everything was repairable, but I'm not so sure about 80's/90's era CRT VDT's. I also hate to see an Atari monitor end up in electronics recycling, since there are likely so few of them left now, 30 years after their manufacture. So if there is someone in the Toronto area (I have no intention of shipping it anywhere). that would like it for parts or repair, and is willing to pick it up (Bathurst/Eglinton), it's yours for the outrageous price of $0 (plus 15 % tax) If I don't get a reply to this or a PM within the next week, it's being put out on electronics-waste pick up day. I'm only posting this on Atariage,
  24. I was browsing through some boxes I got out of storage at my parents' house a few years ago, and discovered a 16-page pamphlet called Game Enthusiast's Magazine: A friend of my mother's gave this to me in the early '90s, and the issue I have is July/August 1990, Vol. 1, No. 1, published by PAL Publishing in Fresno, CA. I can't find anything about this online -- anyone ever heard of it? It has 5 pages of Lynx and Atari ST coverage toward the beginning, including a full-page Lynx ad from BRE Software and an Atari ST scanner review (!). This is followed by 3 pages of Legend of Zelda tips and 4 pages of Sega Genesis reviews. The rest of the pages are the cover, an editor's note, a Marketplace page, and another full-page ad from BRE on the back. It also has an ad for "The Game Domain BBS" (misspelled as Domian). I've scanned it and attached a PDF. Obviously it's yellowed with age and isn't in the best shape, though the scan probably makes it look worse than it is. BTW I got this in New Hampshire, so it clearly wasn't just a local distribution. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think! Atari Lynx and ST fans may find this particularly interesting, but the magazine clearly wanted to cover a broad range of systems. Since BRE Software was also in Fresno, and was the primary advertiser, maybe they were responsible for putting this out. Game Enthusiast's Magazine, Vol. 1 No. 1 July-August 1990.pdf
  25. There were plenty of Atari ST BBS games back in the day, but I only know of one which came with a graphical front-end client: Thieves Guild. It took me a long time (and required real hardware) to be able to actually play it. Once I obtained a Mega STe, I wanted to make a video showing what the Thieves Guild front-end looked like in action. The CosmosEx's new remote screencast made that a possibility. Here's my first attempt: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2014/11/12/hatari-lantronix-and-cosmosex-my-quixotic-quest-to-play-thieves-guild/ --Josh
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