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Found 12 results

  1. I know, I know, I said the last update was the final one. But I came across some manuals I forgot I had. Without further ado: Dig Dug for Intellivision (HTF because it was released late in the Intellivision's life cycle, when INTV Corporation was running the show, largely through mail order) SOLD Missile Command for Atari XE Game System (HTF manual since it was never available at retail; the manual was only included with the purchase of an Atari XE Game System since the game was built-in to the console itself) Moonvasion for TI-99/4A (HTF because Moonbeam Software was an indy game development company and their distribution was not all that impressive) SOLD Please send me a PM with interest and I would be happy to get pics and prices your way. Thanks.
  2. I am interested in getting an Atari XE light gun for my Atari 7800 for games such as Crossbow and Barnyard Blaster. There is a problem though - these light guns are hard to find and the few I see on Ebay cost a small fortune. This leads me to two questions: 1. Is there a third party alternative out there to the Atari XE light gun? 2. Can another light gun (such as the NES Zapper) be rigged/modified somehow to work with an Atari 7800/2600/XE? Any input is appreciated.
  3. I've got a spare Lode Runner for the Atari XE Game System complete in box with game cartridge, manual and warranty card. Also plays on all Atari XE and XL computers. Game cartridge has been fully cleaned and tested and works great. The box has some wear, as evidenced by the provided pictures, but the cartridge and paperwork are in good shape. Asking $50 shipped. Please shoot me a PM with interest. Thanks. SOLD!
  4. I came across a handful of spare Atari XE(GS)-branded game manuals. Here's what I've got available: Ace of Aces (plus box) Battlezone Crossbow Fight Night Lode Runner Missile Command I also have an XEGS console manual in Spanish, which I had never seen prior to acquiring it a while back. Please send me a PM with interest and I can get pictures over to you and we can discuss pricing. Free shipping. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have idea for little device for XE (800XE, 130XE) that can read WAV files from SD-CARD and replay them to AUDIO-IN pin on ECI (Enhanced Cartridge Interface XE) powered by 5Volt PIN. WAV player can be based on project like this one: Here is mono PCB schematic: Here is my idea sketch: Here is Expansion ECI port: I am no PCB geek (I can´t do anything) anyways I want to start brainstorming this idea. It will replay "cassette/Tape: WAV files into computer in high speed BD (Turbo 2000 or maybe up to 7000BD and more, on ZX Spectrum they can load 15000BD for example)... So we will have cheap TAPE emulator. Maybe in future it can be computer controlled and we can have "TAPE Catalog" after boot sequence (600BD -> Super Turbo 15 000). So we will have ultra cheap SD Card interface for loading games. Or it can be with stereo jack input and you will use ipod whell manually on your 20GB Ipod for example... This solution will doesnt need SIO port... So you will be able to use SIO for Sio2PC or SDRIVE, Sio2USB, Sio2SD etc etc... -Matt-
  6. okay, I saw this Amiga lightgun by actionware on ebay. It's still live: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Commodore-Amiga-Actionware-Light-Gun-Gray-Phaser-/272807926381?hash=item3f849e9a6d:g:NrAAAOSwutpZlGZK The gun looks exactly the same as my xg-1 lightgun. It even looks like there is red left from a peeled Atari sticker. Also, note the insane price (dunno... seller may just be delirious). I read somewhere that Actionware often repurposed and resold nintendo zappers with their lightgun games. I haven't seen evidence of this, but it sure as heck looks like that is what they did with the xg1 here. Now I'm wondering if the xg1 works on the Amiga and C64 or if there is some mod done to the guns. I have a c64 and I love lightgun games so having it work on another computer would be a plus. I'm also thinking... heck... maybe I should just do the mod and sell my xg1 for 120 bucks on ebay lol (okay not really but there may be others that might want to).
  7. Hi! Been awhile... after my dad passed away, I wound up moving, and the move gave me an ulcer... life sucks sometimes. Anyhoo, I finally got around to unpacking my 65XE and found I needed a stick. Not content with the old 2600 stick, I decided to make my own. So I looked over the threads to see what other people were doing, then decided to do it better. 😎 I love my Sega Genesis control pads. They're the best of the old systems. And the old 3-button pads (which actually have four buttons) looked to be a great place to start. I figured that I could make B the standard trigger, A the secondary trigger most people do for 8-bit/2600 pads, and then make C the same as up. On old 8-bit systems with their single button, up was jump on a great many games, so making C the same as up means that you have a jump button right next to the trigger button. That leaves a potentiometer line open, so I hooked that to the START button. So my control pad has two triggers, a jump button, and a separate START/PAUSE button. Noice! So let's get this puppy going! First, take the control pad apart. It's easy - there's just several cross head screws on the bottom. No special tool required. The PCB will look like this Ho! Lucky!! It's not surface mount. Older pads are like above, and newer ones are surface mount. The procedure to convert into an Atari compatible pad is exactly the same, it's just a lot more fidgety soldering. So I really lucked out on that one. So, next we remove everything but the cable. Yes, everything. Now you want to swap cable pins 5 and 7. Next, bridge IC pads 3 and 4, 6 and 7, 9 and 10, and finally 11 and 12. Solder a wire between IC pads 1 and 14. Then solder a wire from the pads that used to have the pull-up resistors connected to C and UP. Finally, solder 330 ohm pull-up resistors in place of the original pull-up resistors on A and START. The size of those resistors isn't that critical. I used 330 ohms because that what was suggested in the original A2600 two-button stick document. It could be anything between 200 and 6700 ohms. The smaller the resistance, the more power it takes, but also the quicker it will charge the potentiometer line. If you've done it all correctly, it should look like this Note the 1/8th watt resistors. Is that okay? Hmm, P = V^2/R, so 25/330, or about 76 mW, which is about 1/13th of a watt. So, yeah, it should be fine. If you wanted to use a resistor below 270 ohm, I'd suggest going with a 1/4th watt resistor instead. A quick check with the volt-ohm meter to make sure nothing is shorted and put it back together. See? Not that hard. Well, maybe this might help... it's some notes I made to keep it all straight in my head... And finally, here's a link to an arc of all the images, and a tiny test app that will show your new control pad in all its glory! Source is included. I assemble my A8 stuff using atasm these days, but you could also use M65. http://www.mediafire.com/file/kkwkb99zjwu5fyp/SegaJoyPad.7z/file
  8. I have two of the harder to find Atari XEGS-branded game cartridges for sale, Donkey Kong and Crime Buster. As a reminder, the latter requires the XG-1 light gun. Both are cross-listed on eBay for $69.99 and $49.99, respectively, but I'm always willing to sell for less through AA. If you want both, I'll provide the best possible discount. The most recent Donkey Kong XE cart-only eBay sale was for $79.99 plus shipping. There are no recent sold listings of Crime Buster. I'll cover shipping for you. A prior owner wrote "Crime B." on the side of Crime Buster but it's very faint. Please see pics for exact condition of the carts. Thanks!
  9. is there a way to expand the XeGS to 320 k ? external / internal ? want to play bombjack !
  10. You know you've been toying with getting an Atari XE Game System (XEGS)! This is a great starter set, as it includes the following items, all of which have been put through the necessary paces and are fully working: - Console + keyboard (the latter has slight yellowing on the keys) - Light gun (reminder: only works on CRTs) - Atari sticker is missing on one side - One (1) Wico Command Control joystick - top fire button located on top of the stick itself is not working but the fire button in the more traditional location works just fine and is all you need - XEGS Owner's Manual and Keyboard Manual - Flight Simulator II, Centipede and Star Raiders game cartridges (along with the built-in Missile Command, is course!) - Official OEM power supply - Composite AV Cable Asking $150 with FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to US buyers. Shipping to Canada would be extra. Live in and around the Philly area? We can certainly arrange a local pickup. Please see the provided pics for more details. I also have some of the harder to find "blue label" Atari XEGS games available, and purchasing a few along with this system would really start your collection off on the right foot: Karateka, Donkey Kong, Into the Eagles Nest and Choplifter. Also want an Atari 1050 disk drive to further expand your options? I've got one of those I can include for a competitive price, too. The possibilities are endless! Any q's and/or to finalize a deal, please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  11. Here we have an Atari XE Game System which has been fully cleaned and tested. The system and all accessories are in great shape, as can be seen from the pictures. Everything passed my tests with flying colors except for the light gun, which surprised me, as this is one of the better condition light guns I've come across - even has the stickers on both sides of the gun, which is quite uncommon. Figured buyers would still want it for completeness and in case they want to tinker with it at all. It registers on a CRT but errantly and often not when I'm pulling the trigger. Beyond that, everything is stellar, and note that it comes with the original cream-colored CX-40 joystick, which are hard to find. OEM power supply - one of the good ones! Composite cables work as they should but be sure to push extra hard to ensure they're pushed in all the way on the XE-side; otherwise, any old composite cables would do if an easier fit is desired. Color doesn't matter on those cords, which I'm guessing most buyers know - just make sure to be consistent with video to video and audio to audio. Flight Simulator II and Bug Hunt are included - the two original pack-in games for this system. Bug Hunt has some of the common "XE rattle" from long since dried bits of hot glue coming loose inside the cart, but it plays fine, as expected. Looking for $100 plus shipping. Please shoot me a PM with any questions and for a shipping quote. Thanks!
  12. I am in the middle of repairing or attempting to repair an Atari xegs for a local customer. I’m not new to fixing things (I have a multimeter, soldiering iron, etc) but this Atari has me stumped. It’s already had ram chips replaced, but still shows up green when I plug it in with or without the keyboard. However when I accidentally shorted these two resistors (I think) the image on the screen went from green to tripping out. I need help please
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