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Found 13 results

  1. The Atari XEGS, was released in 1987, and on its first month on the market sold 110,000 units, all that they produced, was discontinued with the release of the Atari Jaguar. All it is, is an Atari 8-bit computing system reworked into gaming console. Many computer companies tried doing this, c64gs, amiga cd 32, cdtv, amstrad gx4000, all of which catastrophically failed. The amiga cd32 even bankrupted their company. All of those systems are commonly talked about and trashed in the video game community, yet the Atari XEGS, which did exactly what they did is barley mentioned. It sold better then all of them and didnt have wierd quirks like the other computer game systems. It was marketed as a game system with the power of a computer, which means they were competing with themselves in the market with the Atari 7800. Thus is just a weird footnote in video game history, any comments?
  2. I've got a spare Lode Runner for the Atari XE Game System complete in box with game cartridge, manual and warranty card. Also plays on all Atari XE and XL computers. Game cartridge has been fully cleaned and tested and works great. The box has some wear, as evidenced by the provided pictures, but the cartridge and paperwork are in good shape. Asking $50 shipped. Please shoot me a PM with interest. Thanks. SOLD!
  3. I came upon an Atari XE Game System user manual, entirely in Spanish, a while back. Looking to part with it for only $10, shipping included, to anywhere in the US. Have never come across one of these before and cannot find any information about it online. However, context clues would make me believe these were manufactured in Atari's facility in Mexico, per the copyright info on the back (second picture), presumably for the Mexican (and perhaps greater Latin American) market. The manual has 145 pages in all. No handwriting or stray marks inside and the pages are crisp. Please send me a PM with interest. Thanks.
  4. I came across a handful of spare Atari XE(GS)-branded game manuals. Here's what I've got available: Ace of Aces (plus box) Battlezone Crossbow Fight Night Lode Runner Missile Command I also have an XEGS console manual in Spanish, which I had never seen prior to acquiring it a while back. Please send me a PM with interest and I can get pictures over to you and we can discuss pricing. Free shipping. Thanks!
  5. Note: I will be updating this post over time as needed. I collect Atari 2600 VCS and Odyssey 2. I am also currently looking for a few Commodore, Intellivision, and Atari 5200 items. Please note that where I specify the condition, it is usually because I already have a copy in lesser condition that I am looking to replace. My primary wants at the moment (Atari 2600 unless otherwise specified): Alpha Beam with Ernie: CIB nice condition NTSC Espial: manual Front Line: box Frankenstein's Monster: box Gravitar (silver): box, manual, cartridge with nice condition silver label Polaris: box, manual Quadrun: box, manual Spy Hunter: complete Stronghold: manual Wing War (PAL): manual, box Demon Attack+ (Jopac) cart, manual Flash Point (Videopac+) cart, control holder Super Bee (Brazilian Odyssey) Tutankham (Odyssey 2/Videopac) Activision patches: Secret Society of the Dolphins, Dreadnaught Destroyer (Intellivision version), Beamrider (half-moon), H.E.R.O. Atari patches: Video Game Masters, Centipede World Championship Data Age Video Game Club of America newsletter, membership card, catalog, accessories/merchandise Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, posters, and promotional items reproductions of unreleased Atari 2600 games Further details on additional items I am looking for are below.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is the complete list of my wanted items for the VCS: LOOSE GAMES (NTSC or PAL) ======================= Firebug (Suntek) Immies and Aggies (CCE) Out of Control (Avalon Hill) Pizza Chef (CCE) River Patrol (Tigervision) Spider Maze (K-Tel Vision) Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari) Wall Defender (Bomb) LOOSE GAMES (NTSC only) ========================= Cakewalk (CommaVid) Crack'ed (prototype reproduction) Glacier Patrol (Telegames) Gravitar (Atari) NTSC silver label good condition only Mangia (Spectravision) Rush Hour (prototype reproduction) Stuntman (Panda) Stronghold (CommaVid) Thwocker (prototype reproduction) Universal Chaos (Telegames) LOOSE GAMES (PAL only) ========================== Aquatak (John Sands) Asteroids (Atari) PAL red label Battlezone (Atari) PAL red label Commando Raid (Carrere) Defender (Atari) PAL blue label Ghostbusters II (HES) Eggomania (Carrere) Exocet (John Sands) near mint label Frisco (Home Vision) Hell Driver (ITT) Infernal Tower (Carrere) Joust (Atari) PAL red label Laser Base (ITT) M.A.D. (Carrere) Mario Bros (Atari) PAL red label Missile Control (Video Gems) Mission Survive (Video Gems) Octopus (Carrere) Panda Chase (Home Vision) Pengo (Atari) PAL black label Peter Penguin (ITT) Pharaoh's Curse (TechnoVision) Picnic (Carrere) Pumuckl I (ITT) RealSports Tennis (Atari) PAL red label RealSports Volleyball (Atari) PAL red label Robot Fight (HomeVision) Save Our Ship (TechnoVision) Sneak N Peak (Carrere) Space Jockey (Carrere) Steeplechase (Video Gems) Surfer's Paradise (Video Gems) Treasure Below (Video Gems) World End (Home Vision) LOOSE GAMES W/ NO ACTI-PLAQUE =================== (near mint labels/not blue label/NTSC only): Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari) Big Bird's Egg Catch (Atari) Boxing (Activision) Chopper Command (Activision) Cookie Monster Munch (Atari) Cosmic Commuter (Activision) Cosmic Corridor (Zimag) Dishaster (Zimag) Double Dragon (Activision) Freeway (Activision) Frostbite (Activision) I Want My Mommy (Zimag) Kaboom (Activision) Keystone Kapers (Activision) Kung Fu Master (Activision) Laser Blast (Activision) Oscar's Trash Race (Atari) Plaque Attack (Activision) Pressure Cooker (Activision) River Raid (Activision) Seaquest (Activision) Sky Jinks (Activision) Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari) Space Shuttle (Activision) Spider Fighter (Activision) Spitfire Attack (Milton Bradley) with end label Spy Hunter (Sega) Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag) Up N' Down (Sega) LOOSE MANUALS/INSERTS ========================= Assault (Bomb) Asterix (Atari) Boing (First Star) Cakewalk (CommaVid) Centipede "Bug Off" contest insert (Atari) Espial (TigerVision) Guardian (Apollo) I Want My Mommy (Zimag) Kung Fu Master (Activision) Mangia (Spectravision) Miner 2049er II (Tigervision) Out of Control (Avalon Hill) Quadrun (Atari) Rescue Terra I (VentureVision) Rescue Terra I contest rules insert (VentureVision) Springer (TigerVision) Stronghold (CommaVid) Submarine Commander (Sears) Superman (Atari) international version Superman (Sears) blue cover - near mint only Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari) Swordquest: Waterworld comic book (Atari) Wall Defender (Bomb) Wing War (Imagic) BOXED GAMES OR EMPTY GAME BOXES ================= ABSOLUTE: Pete Rose Baseball Tomcat F-14 Simulator ACTIVISION: Laser Blast - box near mint only Stampede - box near mint only ATARI: Alpha Beam with Ernie Asterix Gravitar (silver box) Hangman (silver box) Klax (near mint only) Quadrun Raiders of the Lost Ark Rubik's Cube Sentinel (near mint only) Swordquest Waterworld Taz Track & Field COMMAVID: Cosmic Swarm (second version.. not the cartoon box) COLECO: Front Line DATA AGE: Frankenstein's Monster IMAGIC: Laser Gates - box near mint only No Escape - box near mint only Wing War (PAL) M-NETWORK: Masters of the Universe - near mint box only Tron boxed set - near mint only PARKER BROS: Frogger II Gyruss - box in very good condition only Mr. Do's Castle Montezuma's Revenge Super Cobra - near mint box only SEARS: Blackjack (picture label) Defender Pac-Man (picture label) Poker Plus (picture label) Submarine Commander Superman Yars' Revenge SEGA: Spy Hunter Up N Down SPECTRAVISION: PictureMate SongMate TELEGAMES: Adventures on GX-12 Glacier Patrol Universal Chaos (NTSC only) TELESYS: Demolition Herby Ram It - near mint box only TIGERVISION: Miner 2049er II Polaris XONOX (boxed single-enders): Artillery Duel Chuck Norris Superkicks Ghost Manor Motocross Racer Robin Hood Sir Lancelot Spike's Peak Tomarc the Barbarian HARDWARE ========================================== Atari Kid Controller - no broken prongs on back KY Enterprises FingerTip Controller (photo) Micro-Händler Joystick (photo) Sega Spy Hunter "Dual Control Module" joystick holder (photo) Suncom TAC-2 joystick MISC =============================================== Atari 2600 carrying case (photo) Canal 3 cassettes (with case/insert) Tigervision plastic trays (holds cartridge inside box) Uncommon Atari 2600 game manuals PATCHES/STICKERS/ETC =============================== ACTIVISION (2600 versions): Beamrider (half-moon version: photo) Bell Ringer (Boxing fan-made patch) Decathlon Silver Decathlon Gold Secret Society of the Dolphins (Dolphin) Order of the H.E.R.O. (H.E.R.O.) All-Star Hockey Team (Ice Hockey) near mint only Kabashers (Kabobber fan-made patch) Explorers Club (Pitfall) near mint only Cliff Hangers (Pitfall II) Cross of Excellence (Robot Tank) Star of Honor (Robot Tank) Space Shuttle Pilot (Space Shuttle) Space Shuttle Commander (Space Shuttle) near mint only ACTIVISION (Intellivision versions): Dreadnaught Destroyer (Dreadnaught Factor) Trailblazers (Happy Trails) Explorer's Club (Pitfall) Trail Drive (Stampede) ATARI: Battlezone: Video Game Masters Centipede: Atari World Video Game Championship Gravitar: Video Game Masters Quadrun: Video Game Masters IMAGIC: Moonsweeper button SEGA: Sega Mundo ODYSSEY 2 ========================================== Hardware: Voice of Odyssey 2 CIB Misc: Odyssey Adventure (magazine) Odyssey Aventura (Brazilian magazine) Issues 3 and later Odyssey 2 Quest for the Rings poster Odyssey 2 stuffed dragon toy Videopac cases in nice condition (empty cases, minimum of scratches) Games: Barão Vermelho Bombardeio Submarino!/Tiro ao Alvo! Desafio Chinês! Flash Point (Videopac+) GoSub Missão Impossível/ Viagem Programada! Morse (w/manual only) Mr. Roboto O Gato e o Rato O Segredo do Farao Pong Puzzle Piece Panic Super Bee (Brazil version) Telegrafista Tutankham Manuals: Catch the Ball / Naughts and Crosses (Videopac) Morse (Videopac) Neutron Star (Videopac) Super Bee (Videopac version) COMMODORE ======================================== Hardware: Commodore Magic Voice module - CIB only Commodore 64 computer PAL only Commodore Plus/4 computer PAL only Amiga 1200 computer NTSC or PAL Amiga CD32 NTSC or PAL Games (C64): Batman: The Caped Crusader (Ocean / Data East) C64 NTSC disk version Enigma Force (Beyond) C64 CIB Firefly (Ocean) C64 complete Gaplus complete Neuromancer CIB Revenge of Defender CIB Toy Bizarre (Activision) C64 cartridge version CIB Wizard of Wor (Commodore) CIB only Games (VIC-20): A.E. (Broderbund) VIC-20 Mountain King (Beyond) VIC-20 Polaris (Tigervision) VIC-20 Springer (Tigervision) VIC-20 Video Vermin (UMI) VIC-20 Xonox cartridges for VIC-20 (any except Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood) Boxed Xonox VIC-20 games Manuals: Batman: The Caped Crusader (not cassette version) Enigma Force Firefly Max Headroom Games (Amiga): Blood Money CIB Killing Game Show CIB Strider CIB Uridium 2 CIB INTELLIVISION ============================================= BOXED GAMES (nice condition only): Centipede (Atarisoft) Commando (INTV) Defender (Atarisoft) Dig Dug (INTV) Diner (INTV) Fathom (Imagic) River Raid (Activision) Truckin' (Imagic) White Water (Imagic) good condition only Worm Whompers (Activision) LOOSE GAMES: Blockade Runner (Interphase) Commando (INTV) Congo Bongo (Sega) Defender (Atarisoft) Dig Dug (INTV) Diner (INTV) Hover Force (INTV) Kool-Aid Man (Mattel Electronics) Lady Bug (Coleco) Sewer Sam (Interphase) Turbo (Coleco) Venture (Coleco) ATARI 5200 =============================================== HARDWARE: GIM Electronics Fire Command for Atari 5200 MAGAZINES/COMICS/CATALOGS/ETC =========================== Activisions vol 1, 3, 5 Electronic Games (magazine) Electronic Fun with Computers and Games (magazine) Imagic dealer catalogs Imagic posters Odyssey Adventure (magazine) Tron (Slave Labor Graphics comic) Issue 4 Video Games Magazine (pre-crash magazine) Vidiot (magazine) OTHER STUFF ============================================== Books on high score strategies for arcade games, Atari 2600 games, and pinball Any contest-related or mail-order only items for the Atari 2600 Elite: any "Order of the Elite" items (pin, jacket, shirt, parka, etc) Power Lords Shaya and Sydot action figures Tron-related merchandise (comic books, action figures, artwork) Tron-themed Xbox controllers Atari/Video game-related posters or artwork Any spiral notebooks, binders, or folders from the early 1980s (pre-crash) with Atari or video game artwork on the cover.
  6. I'm presently in the market for an Atari XE game system. The bare minimum I want is the console & keyboard with any accessories for TV hookup. If anyone has the whole setup - console, keyboard, joystick, light gun, Flight Simulator and Bug Hunt Cartridges, hookup accessories - that's even better. I reside in the USA. While I am willing to pay for shipping in the USA and Canada, I will not pay shipping costs for any units from elsewhere (UK, Europe, etc). Anyone who has the above and is willing to part with it can either reply here or contact me via DM. If we decide to do business and close the deal, I'm willing to cut a check but can negotiate other payment terms.
  7. Hello all, First, I should introduce myself. My name is Boisy Pitre and I've been involved with the Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) and its community for some 30 years now. I run Cloud-9 (www.cloud9tech.com) along with my friend, Mark Marlette, where we sell CoCo hardware and software, and lead several open source initiatives in the CoCo community, most notably the NitrOS-9 operating system. I've always been interested in Atari computers as a kid, having had an Atari VCS back in 1980.During my teen years, I never got into the home computer end of Atari, though I was keenly aware of the scene. Now that I'm a little older, I can indulge more than I could back then . One of my more recent desires has been to obtain a 6502 based Atari computer such as an Atari 400/800 or 130XE, and replace its 6502 microprocessor with a 6809 (the same processor that is in the CoCo), then get NitrOS-9 running on that hardware. An interesting amalgamation of technologies, if you will, but nevertheless something that has intrigued me. To that end, I've obtained an Atari XEGS from eBay, along with a keyboard and a few cartridge based games. I've taken the system apart and identified chips that will need to be replaced for this project (the SALLY (6502) and the 16K ROM) Both have been desoldered and replaced with 40 and 28 pin sockets, respectively, and both chips were salvageable during the desoldering process. They have been placed back in the freshly soldered sockets and the machine comes up just fine. Along with working towards mating the 6809E electrically into the board, I need some advice on how to bring up the board to a known state once the processor is working. My thought would be to make some interesting sounds through the sound chip and setup the video mode, but in order to do that, I need detailed information on the actual chips involved, their addresses, etc. In order to do this, I think it would be important to obtain a disassembly of the 16K ROM, as well as find any cross-assembler 6502 tools that are useful. Can anyone point me to a fully annotated disassembly of the contents of the XEGS ROM, as well as the tools of choice to do assembling? Thanks, and I"m looking forward to being part of the Atari community.
  8. This is a little project I've been working on, a VT100 serial terminal made from an Atari XEGS keyboard, a 1.8" 160x128 262K color TFT OLED display, an Atari XE game cartridge shell, a LiPo battery with a USB charging circuit and a custom circuit board I designed around an ATMEGA328 micro controller to drive the display and do the VT100 emulation. The keyboard will have DB-9 and RJ11 connections on the back to attach it to any device that talks serial and allows the unit to be a self-contained serial monitor terminal. I needed a serial terminal to test out some I2C code/hardware I've built for my R2-D2 project, and this gave me an excuse to use an Atari again. The second cartridge shell on the left was my first attempt.. I was going to use a 2600 cartridge shell, but it made the display look too small and everything fit into the XE cartridge shell, so I switched. The XE cartridge plugs in permanently to the keyboard and will be tilted on an angle.
  9. You know you've been toying with getting an Atari XE Game System (XEGS)! This is a great starter set, as it includes the following items, all of which have been put through the necessary paces and are fully working: - Console + keyboard (the latter has slight yellowing on the keys) - Light gun (reminder: only works on CRTs) - Atari sticker is missing on one side - One (1) Wico Command Control joystick - top fire button located on top of the stick itself is not working but the fire button in the more traditional location works just fine and is all you need - XEGS Owner's Manual and Keyboard Manual - Flight Simulator II, Centipede and Star Raiders game cartridges (along with the built-in Missile Command, is course!) - Official OEM power supply - Composite AV Cable Asking $150 with FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to US buyers. Shipping to Canada would be extra. Live in and around the Philly area? We can certainly arrange a local pickup. Please see the provided pics for more details. I also have some of the harder to find "blue label" Atari XEGS games available, and purchasing a few along with this system would really start your collection off on the right foot: Karateka, Donkey Kong, Into the Eagles Nest and Choplifter. Also want an Atari 1050 disk drive to further expand your options? I've got one of those I can include for a competitive price, too. The possibilities are endless! Any q's and/or to finalize a deal, please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  10. Hello from a Greek Atari fan since 1986, when my parents bought me my Atari 800XL and later my Atari 520STFM... Here is my hardware collection of Atari Computers and other systems. There is a magazines, handhelds and software collection too which I'll post it in the near future, I hope... Thanks for keeping the Atari spirit alive!
  11. I recently picked up an Atari 1050, whatever disk I put in results in a slow scrolling boot error. I am currently running it on an atari xegs. I don't know if this is an issue with the disk drive, the Atari XEGS, none my floppys work, or maybe my power supply is incorrect, if you have any advice that would be awesome.
  12. I am in the middle of repairing or attempting to repair an Atari xegs for a local customer. I’m not new to fixing things (I have a multimeter, soldiering iron, etc) but this Atari has me stumped. It’s already had ram chips replaced, but still shows up green when I plug it in with or without the keyboard. However when I accidentally shorted these two resistors (I think) the image on the screen went from green to tripping out. I need help please
  13. Here we have an Atari XE Game System which has been fully cleaned and tested. The system and all accessories are in great shape, as can be seen from the pictures. Everything passed my tests with flying colors except for the light gun, which surprised me, as this is one of the better condition light guns I've come across - even has the stickers on both sides of the gun, which is quite uncommon. Figured buyers would still want it for completeness and in case they want to tinker with it at all. It registers on a CRT but errantly and often not when I'm pulling the trigger. Beyond that, everything is stellar, and note that it comes with the original cream-colored CX-40 joystick, which are hard to find. OEM power supply - one of the good ones! Composite cables work as they should but be sure to push extra hard to ensure they're pushed in all the way on the XE-side; otherwise, any old composite cables would do if an easier fit is desired. Color doesn't matter on those cords, which I'm guessing most buyers know - just make sure to be consistent with video to video and audio to audio. Flight Simulator II and Bug Hunt are included - the two original pack-in games for this system. Bug Hunt has some of the common "XE rattle" from long since dried bits of hot glue coming loose inside the cart, but it plays fine, as expected. Looking for $100 plus shipping. Please shoot me a PM with any questions and for a shipping quote. Thanks!
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