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Found 37 results

  1. Hi everybody, Talking to a homebrewer here at AtariAge the topic of large ROMs (128KB+) came up. One part of the bankswitching schemes which always put me off is the amount of memory used by routing overhead and the hotspots. Yes, I know that in the great scheme of things that may end up being negligible, but the whole point of using bankswiting is to have more memory available and large ROMs require a larger number of hotspots So I was thinking if a trade off with RAM could be acceptable, why not have a hotspot in RAM and bankswitch according to the value saved in that hotspot. The idea is that a write to that specific address would trigger the bankswitch. A read to that address would not do anything as the bank is already selected. Using a full byte in RAM, the cart could have 1MB of ROM available (256 * 4096). Coding would be as simple as loading the accumulator with the desired bank number and storing it into the hotspot address in RAM. With one additional RAM byte, the BS routine could route a call to 256 distinct subroutines in the new bank (see diagram below). And a relatively simple one-size-fits-all solution could be created by using another RAM byte and a single dispatch sub-routine: Does anything like this exist already? Would it make sense to use it for very large ROMs?
  2. I designed a circuit that allows the use of a PS2 controller to be used on an ATARI 2600 or ATARI 7800 gaming console. What I would like to know is if there would be any interest for this being turned into real a product? Of course the actual size of the product would be much smaller and more manageable. Please see my demo on YouTube: More info about me can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/afabrizi/
  3. From the album: HES Cartridge Label Graphics

    UPDATE: 5-1-2018 Heavy graphiced work. The original HES Label of Activision's River Raid had a Intellivision Game screenshot on the Cartridge label when It should've been the Proper Atari 2600 Game Screenshot on it. That's when I edit it re-done the label picture.

    © Activision Inc. and Carol Shaw - Game Designer for River Raid

  4. I bought this item from ebay, not at this price, but one that ccame on auction, from this guy, as you guys can read, I tought was an original thing. Just received today, 4 shit burned cdr's (even a shit quality) with 4 pages printed in inkjet (suposely should be the instructions) Is this legal to sell those as original ? In his auction, in any moment, he stated was a copy or anything like that ! What to do ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Worship-Woodgrain-Atari-Starpath-Supercharger-Video-Game-System-Console-2600-/291428349308?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43da7bb57c
  5. Hello, I recently purchased an atari 2600 junior and i have one of these: And was wondering if i could use this for hooking my atari up. Thanks, Archedhydra
  6. I was just curious if anyone knew of some kind of plastic outer case you could put cardboard Atari game boxes inside of to protect them on the shelf. Basically just a transparent, rigid/semi-rigid plastic box a little larger than a 2600 cardboard game box would work. Anyone seen anything like this for sale anywhere to preserve boxes from getting crushed?
  7. Hi, I'm working on a bankswitch card that supports multigames. I first made a normal 4k multicard using a 27C256 that holds 8 games, for testing purposes. Easy to make, and it worked fine... Because I have my own programmer, but not an UV eraser, I wanted to use a 29F010 EEprom that can be electrically erased. The pinout of this is (almost) the same as a 27C010. So I copied a few ROM's together and programmed the EEprom, but for some reason that didn't work on my Atari 2600. I used my programmer to read back the ROM file out of the chip, and tested it in Stella (32 in 1). That worked fine, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with programmed chip. Does anyone here have any experience using EEproms for DIY cartridges or mulitgame card, and what is the difference between using a EEprom and a normal Eprom (because the normal Eprom is working fine). Many thanks !!
  8. From the album: Spawnshop's Atari 2600 Collection

    My A2600 Boxed Collection as of 081615
  9. From the album: HES Cartridge Label Graphics

    Uploaed H.E.S. Graphic artwork Label Variation of Activision's Pitfall!

    © 1982 Activision, Designed By David Crane,

  10. CollectorVision has acquired the trademarks and trade names for both Acclaim and Exidy. Why do this? We all grew up fans of both companies, and want an opportunity to revive the brands for future generations to continue to enjoy, like we did growing up. Sweet, does this mean that CollectorVision will be publishing both Acclaim and Exidy’s classic games, or releasing new sequels to these classic games? No, we don’t own the IP rights to the old games for either company, and only intend to use the names for select new games that we develop. But why not just use CollectorVision’s Games name? Why bother with reviving old trademarks that have been dead for so long? CollectorVision Games has been producing quality games since 2008 and we have built up a solid reputation in the gaming community. We still plan on releasing games under the CollectorVision Games name, and will only use Acclaim and Exidy’s names on select titles that we fill fit those brands. We want to make both brands proud. The quality of our games will speak for themselves no matter who the game is published under; Acclaim, Exidy or CollectorVision Games. We are simply reviving these brand names to pay homage to the company brands that we grew up having a great deal of respect for. Reviving old trademarks is nothing new and has been happening for decades. Game companies bring back other old gaming IP’s all the time from defuncted old game companies and revive those. In this case it’s no different, just CollectorVision is reviving a company name instead. If you guys have any questions, feel free to post here on AtariAge, and we’d be happy to answer them for you. Thanks, -The CollectorVision Games Team
  11. So I thought this would be fun. I have 4 "unlabeled" Atari carts I will be checking later. I will upload pictures of the carts then small sound samples and then the final video of the game itself. I just thought it would be fun for all of us fanatics to take some guesses at what they are. I will begin with makes of the carts. 1 Apollo 1 Parker Brothers 1 Activision 1 Atari Let the games begin.
  12. Hi everyone, I am having another purge of my video game collection at the moment. So below are a few of my Atari 2600 and Colecovision games that I am selling. Please feel free to use the best offer feature. You may be surprised as to what I will accept. I will also combine shipping and will be listing more items in the future. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796905701 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796905060 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796904347 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796903628 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796902724 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796902210 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796901382 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796900194 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121800916347 ATARI XEGS
  13. I picked up a copy of Superman from a local pawn shop today for FREE, if you can believe it. I checked the rarity guides & can't find it. Unless I'm missing something. Can someone help me determine approximate value & rarity? See Photo
  14. So I'm sure it sounds amazingly lazy of me, but with the myriad of controllers out there, I hate having to swap them out in the console itself. I thought: man, it would be fantastic if some sort of "hub" existed where multiple controllers could be plugged in and selected via a switch. So ... does anything of the sort even exist for 9-pin controllers like those found on the 2600?
  15. From the album: RetroElectroDad Game Collection

    The Harmony cartridge is great and I use it mostly, but sometimes you can't beat opening up the box with the instructions and artwork to go full-retro.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  16. Hack and slash game for Atari 2600 / VCS. Defeat the upcoming waves! Beware of the enemies with different behaviours! You can slash them, if they don't slash you, otherwise you die! And: Go over the screen borders to escape! Runs on Stella or on intellicart (tested). Source-Code included but don't look at it or you will be slashed to hell! And it is concept: No fancy rainbow stuff - should be a game style from 2014. Enjoy and let's do retro! Greetings to all coders out there [email protected] More infos in the info.txt AXE_100.zip
  17. 35 US for the lot + shipping from Toronto Cheers ! Space Cavern [Red] Space Cavern [blue] (missing end label) Infiltrate Wabbit Final Approach (missing end label) Skeet Shoot Lost Luggage Shark Attack Racquetball (missing end label) Spacechase Apollo Catalog Manual for Shark Attack
  18. SOLD...Cheers ! Haunted Adventure Special Edition Pak for Atari 2600 Released in 2005 Original box, both manuals and both clear cartridges, production #23. $40 Cheers !
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