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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I have hidden a topic and it is gone. Any idea how to unhide a topic ? thanks
  2. Hi, I want to search in my Atariage-Inbox/Messages and Subfolders for one search-word, but I can do and enter and try what I want, there is absolutely NO result. I also try to search for messages that I wrote to other members (with the 100% fully and correct written name), and I also check the 2 options "Sender" & "Receiver" to search in, but the result is zero. Any idea ? Is there any way to download all my data (like Facebook and all other platforms offer), so that I can do that search offline ? (Not sure but I think this is mandatory/a must here in the EU.) thx xXx
  3. OK, so maybe I'm not the most tech savvy of gamers but I should be able to download and import ROMs for Atari 2600 games, especially as I have two emulators. To be clear I CAN download and import most commercial games from back-in-the-day, with a few exceptions. Mostly a handful of games from 20th Century-Fox and SEGA. But I've had ZERO success with homebrews and WIPs. Since a user at http://highscore.com/ submitted a score for Abyss of Chernobyl: 90 Seconds I've been wanting very much to play it. I have no idea if it's getting a physical release. I hope so. A factor to consider is that I have Doxillion Plus on my PC, which I use to archive all of my ROMs. I download the ROM that I want, and extract it with Doxillion Plus into the Folder of my choice. EMU7800 Version 2.2 (Core 1.4) Once downloaded I import the ROM file into EMU7800. This emulator will import most everything from back-in-the-day, but fails when it comes to some Fox and SEGA games. Stella Version 6.0 Has a ton of ROMs already, but whenever I try to download ANY homebrews, regardless of if they're a WIP or are finished games, Doxillion Plus pops up and I get an error message that reads (as an example) The file "Abyss0.19NTSC.bas.bin" cannot be loaded because its format is not supported in Doxillion Document Converter. What is the snag, and if I purchased a Harmony Cart what steps are involved in downloading ROMs into it? Abyss of Chenobyl is a large game. 64k I believe. Does the Harmony Cart have a size limit as far as individual games are concerned? I performed a search for the Harmony Cart at the AtariAge store but couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. From the album: Games! Games! Games!

    First purchase from the AtariAge Store: Lady Bug and Pac-Man 4K! The first of many!

    © 2018 Robert Menes

  5. Anybody have any idea if Jeepers Creepers will ever be available in the Atariage Store again?
  6. Dear all fellow Atarians almost a year ago, our game Assembloids2600 saw the light. http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-2600/assembloids-2600 It's been in the AtariAge store summer last year and while it sells every now and then a single unit, I was hoping for it to me more successfull. Not for the money - I have not yet received a single penny, which is totally fine with me. Albert has sent out numerous free copies to me, the box artist, helpers and friends. One of them is in the Berlin museum of computer games even When guests see it on my shelve at home, they sometimes even ask what I had to pay to get it released like that (top notch quality). I am more than happy dealing with a guy like Albert here So thank you Al! Sales for Assembloids2600 recently topped 50 sales (not counting the free units mentioned) which is quite cool already, considering the date! I would love to recapture the past (year) and end with some open questions I have. I hope you do not mind the long text... An early version of the game was presented by a friend at Sillyventure. Some gameplay footage even made it into polish TV back then. But I feel like this is a game that you have to actually play for yourself to get an idea of what it is like. Yeah, cheap selling argument It's simply not like Tetris where watching can be just as mesmerizing as playing it. Before we finished it, we put it on display during the german Gamescom in 2016. It was played by literally hundrets of people and remained busy for 10 hours a day during the exhibition. That helped alot giving it the final subtle tuning. You can follow the thread about it here, even though I started it rather late in the process: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216403-new-game-assembloids-2600/ Since it hit the AA store https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1094 It got 7 quite positive reviews (thank you . Some rather short, others more elaborated. All of them are highlty appreciated! 8 Bit guy featured Assembloids in one of his videos: "Modern games for Vintage systems: Assembloids, Bear Essentials, and Bittboy!" I was quite amazed by it (Just as side note, this generated not a single sale) [no, I did not use a teleprompter there, we just had one shot in a hotel room during vacation which is probably why I look so serious] Since I designed the game to work with Supercharger and actually used it for testing, I made a small video of a rather unique crossdevelopment setup - though most of the game was written on a PC I was very happy personally when Metal Jesus reviewed our game in his youtube channel! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277618-new-games-for-old-consoles-6-games-for-nes-snes-atari-2600/?do=findComment&comment=4004927 Or a direct youtube link is here: That you enjoy this game means alot to me! In fact, I spent alot of time polishing and tuning the game mechanics to make it 'more addictive'. Some seem to hesitate when they see 'yet another puzzler', but still they enjoy it. I love the style of the 'ZeroPage HomeBrew Video Gaming' channel. They play games the way they should be played Well, reading the manual would be helpful but then again: who did that? Maybe their review is a bit symptomatic? Obviously they enjoyed playing it, yet I hear 'for kids' somewhere inbetween. Are these kind of fun quick games really mostly for kids these days? I had hoped not. (This just made me thinking, no criticism here. I really enjoyed your video alot!). In the end those that played seem to value it for exactly that: quick fun with some addictive component It was mentioned in the Atariage "Party Game ;-)" thread to my delight http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277699-best-party-games/?do=findComment&comment=4007153 Even though some people actually advised against it, as he is known for his harsh reviews, I asked the VideoGame Critic to give it a try. I consider his opinon on games subjective but honest and consistent. It got an A- which I find great! Visitors voted it 'A' even. http://videogamecritic.com/2600aa.htm It also got tagged as 'hidden gem' and 'chicks dig this' (something I can confirm after the huge Exposition here and from my wife+daughter Please read his short review - he summarizes all about the game I hoped people would feel/see. Or on his forum here: http://videogamecritic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39461&t=16471&p=156097&hilit=assembloids#p156097 So everyone who played it, seems to really enjoy it. Friends, family, gamers and even professional gamers I got very nice feedback from people here, as well. Thank you guys. I am open for feedback of any kind here So feel free to comment if you bought it and liked it, or didnt like it or decided not to buy it. In case you consider the pricing too high, Albert just told me that a cheaper cart+manual version will be available soon, though. Is the distribution of physical boxes with the sheer amount of releases along with more convenient SD card solutions obsolete nowadays? What do you guys think? Thanks for reading, playing and being part of this community Cheers, Martin, enthusi / PriorArt
  7. So I switched to the full version of AA to do something I couldn't figure out how to do on the mobile site, and now I can't figure out how to switch back to mobile. There is no mobile option at the bottom of the page, and the selection of themes does not include any mobile themes. What am I missing? My browser is just the stock Android 4 web browser.
  8. Here's a video that I put together for Scramble. I cannot say enough good things about this homebrew! NOTE: Be sure to play the video in one of the 60FPS modes on YouTube for best results. I'm not sure why the flicker looks so much worse in this video than it does on the screen. I was capturing it from a Raspberry Pi in 1080p with an El Gato capture device. I'm sure that probably has a lot to do with it. The game is loads of fun and I swear the flicker does not look as bad when playing it through normal hardware!
  9. I show you the 43 games across 16 systems that I have added to my collection recently after visiting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo & with the helps of some fans of my channel. The AtariAge booth at PRGE was awesome! Always a highlight of the expo. For those that went, what games did you pickup?
  10. Hi All, It's been over a year since my last post about the development of this game, and just thought I'd update you, development is still going strong. Over Christmas I took the decision to completely overhaul the engine after running out of Sprite ROM, which put the whole project at risk! Luckily, rewriting the engine after proving the concept of an actual, working, turn-based JRPG on the 2600 has freed up enough space to bring it to completion. I'm hoping this will be the first of a trilogy about the land of Gaia, dpending on how successful the first one is. We are being published by AtariAge, who demoed the proof-of-concept build at PRGE, and the new engine should hopefully be unveiled in alpha demo form on ZeroPage this week (or next). The game should be a decent number of hours long. You will have multiple dungeons, over-world, shops, itinerary, inns, turn-based battles with a large selection of baddies, a story, text, cut-scenes, environmental music, player leveling, Armour and Weapon leveling, elemental spells, animations and save feature. All these features have been built and work! The engine works, it's smooth, it's easy to use.... its just a case of filling up with content now. Finally, genuine JRPG is 100% coming to Atari 2600 on a physical release, very soon!! Please get involved on our Facebook Page, http://facebook.com/generation2games or http://www.generation2games.com This will be released AFTER Panic! Rooms (April), I am aiming for PRGE for this one, but we shall see, it's a rather large game! Could take some time.
  11. I just released a new game called Break Free, a kind of Break Out game. In this variant one can move the bat around up, down, left and right and the aim is not to break all the bricks but to break enough to find a key which will open the gate to break free to the next level. The game has 6 levels with 3 difficulty levels for each level. Powerups help you clear the level faster and the ball will not break if it hits the ground, it only breaks if it hits the pointy ground. A boss level spices up the end of each phase before moving to a harder level. In the harder levels the key will be hidden in a different tile every time. You can post your High Scores on a dedicated facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/BreakFreeHOF/ To give you an idea please follow : It took me almost a year to complete and had to engage a proper composer for the music pieces which I could not compose otherwise. Games is written in 100% GPL. Have Fun and comment... I plan to keep writing games and hopefully be a net contributor to this TI community.
  12. I have some money to burn, and I need to know. What's the best of the best that you can get right now for 2600 homebrew in the Atari age shop? Big thanks! Things I have heard are good: Halo 2600 Hunchy 2 Blinky Goes Up Thrust SE What am I missing out on? Bargain's never hurt either. I'd rather get two games for $60 than one for $50
  13. I checked out the AtariAge online store and noticed that Pac-Man 4K is no longer available, even when I clicked "search", no sign of it available, what happened to it, I DO have it on my SD card of almost 700 titles but play that one religiously and many are missing the boat as it is far better then the 1981 Atari original (which was also 4K) and even prefer it as opposed to the 8K Pac-Man Arcade that is also great that is still available.
  14. Opcode Games Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With AtariAge MILFORD, Feb. 25, 2016 – Opcode Games today announced that Opcode Games and AtariAge entered into an exclusive distribution agreement under which AtariAge is entitled to distribute Opcode Games games and hardware worldwide starting March 2016. Under the terms of the agreement, AtariAge will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for the ColecoVision line of games and hardware from Opcode Games, including the Super Game Module and such games as Lady Bug Arcade, Pac-Man Collection SGM and Gradius. As a result, Opcode customers looking for the latest ColecoVision releases will now enjoy an easier and more seamless experience when shopping from the AtariAge Store. AtariAge customers, on the other hand, will benefit from the convenience of shopping for their favorite platforms from a single source. “Opcode Games is committed to producing the best ColecoVision games and hardware, while AtariAge is the leading online provider of games and accessories for Atari-era consoles,” said Eduardo Mello, president and co-owner of Opcode Games. “By leveraging AtariAge infrastructure and experience in selling homebrew games, we can now offer our customers an even smoother experience, while at the same time allowing us to concentrate on what we do best, creating games.” The first two ColecoVision titles from Opcode Games available at AtariAge Store will be Penguin Adventure and Gradius. About Opcode Games Opcode Games is a leading developer and publisher of ColecoVision games and hardware. Since its first game, Space Invaders Collection released in 2003, Opcode Games has helped set the standards for homebrew releases, being one of the first publishers in retrogaming to offer a complete packaging with its games. After a hiatus of 3 years, Opcode Games is now preparing for a busy 2016, with 6 high quality games planned and a new version of its highly popular Super Game Module. About AtariAge AtariAge was established in 2001 as the successor to the popular Atari 2600 Nexus, with a goal of maintaining an archive of Atari-related information and providing fans of classic gaming a home to talk about their favorite hobby. AtariAge features a games database for Atari's game consoles, a store encompassing over one hundred unique homebrew games, and an extremely active community forum covering discussion of many classic gaming consoles and computers. The AtariAge Forums are a hotbed for new homebrew development for many consoles and computer systems, including those from Atari as well as the Intellivision, ColecoVision, and TI-99/4A computers. AtariAge is a respected publisher of high-quality homebrew games, releasing over ten new titles in 2015, and several new titles are planned for release in 2016.
  15. Today I recieved Atariage's Super Pacman homebrew, and while playing it I discovered a glitch on the left side of the maze. Running over a certain spot triggers the key collecting sound effect and adds points, despite there being no key there. Is that a glitch in the original game's code, or just my copy? 20200320_215435.mp4
  16. From the album: AtariAge Fun Patches

    Show your love for Atari with the AtariAge Love Raiders Fun Patch. Based on the River Raid patch from Activision.

    © 2016

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