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Found 18 results

  1. Is there a more fickle classic system? I owned three non-functional or flaky units before getting two in a row that actually worked. Then one of the two dies after sitting dormant for a few months. The other one dies after a few hours of play. Both of them come back to life after two more dormant months. I fully expect them to die again before too long. What causes this kind of weird, Lazurus-like behavior? Even after having removed the RF shields, I don't know if I've ever been as nervous playing a videogame as I am playing the Astrocade. I do admit it's worth it, however. There's nothing like The Incredible Wizard on any any other platform. And I just got my UltiMulti, so I'd better stock up on Astrocades if I want to use it for a while.
  2. I picked up a Bally Astrocade is very nice shape to add to the collection. Controller are in great shape. Box is even in decent shape. When I turn the unit on I only can get full color screens. I can hear sounds but I get either a all red screen or a if I put in the Basic cart I get an all white screen. I took the cover off and tried another shielded RCA cable but same problem. Any help or directions to who can help would be appreciated
  3. The people at triple jump tried to rate every console made everywhere in the world, of all time I know I like 92 rankings. the title for the worst console went to the dedicated system which only played one game which describes everything except the Odyssey 1 at the time of the Odyssey 1. I personally think I have good judgment on video games because no video game in that list was current generation when I first got it until we got to number 38 I believe, the Sega 32x. Before we got to number 38, there were four consoles did I happen to pick up at thrift stores before Macklemore hit the charts (my candidate for the BC and AD of video game thrift shopping eras). These four systems ranked below the 32x and Triple Jump admits that they used mostly system sales figures, game library quantity, game sales, metacritic charts (which was weird because they didn't have metacritic until like either of Dreamcast or PlayStation 2 so how would older games qualify for a metacritic high score?), and historic milestones. Those 4 systems were, in alphabetical order, by the name of the company, Atari Jaguar, Bally Astrocade, Emerson Arcadia 2001, and the Xavix. Let's just say, the Bally got the worst of the 4. 4. But that pull didn't factor in something that many Bally players known. (Has this guy never seen a Bally Fitness commercial? I'd say yes, because he wants to pronounce it "Bolly", like the Indian movie making capital.). There was fans and enthusiasts and programmers who were (and even still now) writing and buying new programs with Bally Basic, (and even better versions of Bally programming software) by selling them as almost a cottage industry of new games, passing tapes to each other. Plus I think this is the lowest ranked system that has a fan URL dedicated to system, as the name BallyAlley.com was bought by this group. If you did not voluntarily purchased any of these previous games that were listed before Bally back when they were considered new, then you have good taste in video games. I dare you to find a system with a worse ranking on that triple jump list than astrocade that has a fan URL. even some of the ones that are better ranking don't have a specific fan URL. they did not figure in the afterlife of these systems and probably Baliy has one of the best afterlives of a system. Obviously if they did factor in cottage industry games then the Bally would have ranked higher. It takes a special kind of person to be a Bally owner at the time when I was out. I think it got released before I was born and I got a ColecoVision when I was 7, pretty close when it first came out, so I admit I was not a Bally person back in the day. But I was aware that Cap'n Video was renting Astrocade as well as 2600 intellivision, and Odyssey 2 games as well as VHS, Beta, LaserDisc and Selectavision movies. We went there for Beta movies. But I didn't rent anything there gamewise because I was a Coleco guy. That was when Atari was starting to sue people for renting games. By the way, BallyAlley.com referred to this atariage sub-form as one of two official Bally Alley continuations of their old forum. The other one seems to be on groups.io email list. I currently receive the emails but can't find how to post.
  4. So I brought back my Astrocade, and decided to fix the PSU issue. The main problem is that I'm in Europe, and so, the Astrocade PSU might not like being fed 50htz instead of 60htz. I know that late Astrocade received a 12V PSU instead of the double voltage originally shipped with. Does anyone have a dead one or a spare one he could open so I know which wires I need to link together, and if there is any capacitor or resistor inside?
  5. Hello, Ladies and Gents if you have any working bally astrocade controllers you would be willing to part with please let me know whats fair and ill buy em I need 2, please and thank you
  6. ANNOUNCING!! NEW UltiMulti Version 2.0 cart. This cart is like Version 1.5.2 with the following changes: Still only $100.00 USD 163 unique programs War by Riff-Raff games is added Crazy Climber by Riff Raff games is added The Original Blue Ram Utility has been added A new RWB utility with a new command (CMPR) that compares 2 databases. The DIAG now checks All types of add on memory. The text describing where to set switches for multiple loads has been fixed to be easier to understand. This is going to be the last version of the UltiMulti carts. I will not produce any more after July 4, 2014. I need to give special thanks to some people that made this cartridge possible... Mike White who's Quarda program and Putt Golf, etc. plus all of his knowledge in making these carts possible. Mike Garber (Riff-Raff Games) who's programs War and Crazy Climber helped make this cart unique. Richard Degler who's programs and unrivaled knowledge of this system and it's machine language made it possible to make the RBW Utility possible. The late Leroy Flamm who discovered how to make the original BASICcart and other refinements. And lastly Adam Trionfo of ballyalley.com for his diligence in cross checking and finding errors as my Beta tester. I still will reprogram older UM carts for $25.00+S&H. Thanks, Ken Lill
  7. I recently purchased a working Astrocade, but it only came with a single controller, the #2 one. I'm interested in getting another one for the system - ideally a #1, but any is fine as long as it's fully functioning. Feel free to reply here or PM me if you have one for sale.
  8. I've just started playing this game on my Astrocade and was wondering if any others like it as much as I do. I was going to make a video of it, but it turns out there's a good review of it on Youtube already: http://youtu.be/SVBSv0FO6zc The reviewer gets it right when he says that it is a combo of Asteroids, Yar's Revenge, Geometry Wars (haven't played that one), with a little Robotron mixed in. This game looks and feels like a Williams game from BITD. There's another Youtube video that shows it on an emulator, but the game doesn't look as impressive. It plays great with the short-throw Bally joystick. Anyway, it is a scarce title but well worth acquiring.
  9. I recorded this video of me playing Fireball just two weeks before donating it to a local video game store. The machine works but needs repairs and since there was a big trash pick up my folks put this out on the curb. I contacted Digital Press of Springfield, NJ about picking this up and the owner came over then I helped load it in the back of his truck. I'm sad to see it go but am glad it is going to a good home.
  10. Hi! Long time member, but first post here. You might recognize the Verdana font often used on Yahoo! Group Bally Alley, where I'm known as "[email protected]" - real name at the bottom. Saw in Marketplace where someone is selling new copies of Kenn Lill's Ulti-Multi Astrocade Multicart - with My "LIFE" & 8 Beatles songs (note: all Arranged by George Moses) on it. Also included was my Prototype "PSEUDOKU 2008" featuring screen-shots attached in-line - Where the Red cursor is can ONLY go a '3' so ... Solved! Notice the fixed numbers are wider, placed numbers narrower. Missing is the Instruction Sheet, as seen here : ; pSeUDOKU for the BALLY/Astrocade (C) 2008 by Richard C Degler ; ; To use: Use clue squares to determine which number to place. ; Position red CURSOR on un-numbered square, pull trigger, then ; turn knob (1) to desired number or blank, and release trigger. ; Also enter the number directly from the keypad (1-9) and/or ; over-ride clue squares with the numeric keypad as follows: ; ; '1' '2' '3' 'x' <-- toggle clues using BPA keypad ; '4' '5' '6' 'x' ; '7' '8' '9' 'x' <-- 'x' is dead key for now [or test] ; ; '1' '2' '3' 'x' <-- set numbers using BPA keypad ; '4' '5' '6' 'x' ; '7' '8' '9' '0' <-- "=" (EQUALS) key clears cell ; ; Incorrect guesses WILL be allowed, but they will prevent you ; from solving the SuDoKu. Note that any changes you made to ; the clues will be obliterated if you change a placed number. ; ; Click on "NEW" for a new (well, a different) puzzle, and on ; "UNDO" if BLACK to restore to the original un-populated state ; or when RED to position cursor on the first incorrect entry. ; To get a "HINT" turn the Knob to select the number to isolate ; and hold the trigger in to show where missing digits might go. ; Nothing there about strategy - play it just like any other Sudoku puzzle. There were to be more than 2 to solve and each can be permutated so even repeats would not be recognized - but having the clues there took away the challenge … you might as well write a spreadsheet to solve it for you. PS Hi, Mario - who turned me on to this site almost 12 years ago!! Richard Degler
  11. I bought this in Colorado and I am very pleased with my buy, . $150 for the system, manuals, BASIC Programming package, 4 controllers, and 8 carts. I haven't done too much with it yet, but I have ALWAYS loved this system! "Scribble" the built in "game" reminds me a lot of Video Easel for the Atari 8bits. Who wrote VE for Atari? Who wrote Scribble for Bally? Do the Bally controllers work on an Atari or Genesis or Vice-Versa? What do I need to know about this system? How come it doesn't have a sub-group here on AA?
  12. Ok, I've been trying to get rid of this for awhile now but I guess selling this large of a collection in one shot just isnt going to happen so I have decided to break it up. Here is the list again. If you are interested in anything just shoot me an email with a list and offer. The bulk of these cartridges were acquired by me NEW...although they have all been opened. They have not been used and are therefor in new condition. I have multiple variations of many games including cartridge and manual variations. After each game you will see a note on each. The manuals will simply be denoted as the large book size or the small cassette size. The carts will be marked with the following guidelines: B1 Bally Original Copyright. B2 Bally Updated Copyright. B3 Bally Numbers and updated Copyright A1 Astrovision A2 Astrocade If the game was made by a third party it will be marked as cart or cart and manual. Some of the harder to find and more valuable games are bold and highlighted in red 280 ZZZap/Dodgem (2001) B1 small&large $15 Amazing Maze (5001) B2 small (2 variations) SOLD Artillery Duel (5005) A2 large $25 Astro Battle (2009) B3 small&large SOLD Astrocade Pinball (3005) A2 $70 Bally Basic (6002) B1 large $8 Bally Basic (6004) sealed in package $15 Bally Basic W/Interface B1 large $50 Bally Pin (3005) B2 B3 small&large $15 each BioRhythm (4004) A1 large $10 Black Jack/Poker/Acey (5002) B1 small SOLD Black Jack/Poker/Acey (5002) manual large SOLD Blast Droids (Spectrecade) cart and manual SOLD Clowns/Brickyard (2004) B2 B3 small&large $13 each Cosmic Raiders (2019) A2 $50 Dealer Demo B1 $50 Dogpatch (2010) B2 B3 small&large $15 each Elementary Math Bingo Math (4001) B1 small $15 Football (3002) B2 small SOLD Football (3002) B3 large $20 Galactic Invasion (2011) A1 large $13 Grand Prix (2014) A1 large $13 Incredible Wizard (2017) A2 largeX2 $15 Letter Match (4002) B1 small&large SOLD Ms. Candyman (L&M) cart $150 Muncher *marked Muncher SOLD Muncher *marked Test Programme $70 Muncher *marked with graphic of game (says Pac Man on start up screen) (only about a dozen of these exist) SOLD Panzer Attack (2003) B1 A2 small&large $15 each Pirates Chase (2015) A2 large $20 Sea Devil (L&M) cart and manual $200 Sea Wolf/Bombardier (2002) B3 $50 Sea Wolf/Missile (2002) B1 large $10 Sneaky Snake (New Image) cart and manual SOLD. Solar Conqueror (2018) A2 large $35 Space Fortress (2012) A1 large $15 Space Invaders (2009) B2 $40 Star Battle (2005) B2 B3 small&large $10 Tornado Baseball (3001) B2 B3 small&large $20 each Treasure Cove (Spectrecade) cart and manual $95 Ward Shrake Multicart #57 with manual $275 SOLD The system was acquired new by me and has less then 10 hours of use. It is being sold without controllers. $120 S-video adapter kit which was never used. $80 SOLD If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking!
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