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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I wanted to offer the people on AtariAge the opportunity to purchase one of the MineStorm decal wraps I designed for the Vectrex. Take a look at the attached images and let me know what you think! I'll be doing a limited print run of 50 wraps. There is a pre-order list. If you are interested, please comment below and I'll add your name to it. Pricing will be $75 for the wrap, $15 for shipping to the US and $25 to ship internationally. (Shipping costs are estimates and are subject to change) I'll be making payment requests in the next couple of weeks, once I've gotten a few more people signed up. Payment will be made through PayPal. The material is repositionable, pressure activated vinyl with a UV laminate to protect the decal (and your Vectrex) from light damage. It's designed to be removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface. It's the same vinyl decal material used to wrap vehicles, and of course that has to eventually be removed when you sell the vehicle or change the wrap. So don't worry about damaging your precious consoles! These decals will actually protect them and will come off clean when you're ready to remove them. They're also easy to install, and require no special tools.
  2. Here's a documentary of the first of two Sailor Moon fighting games rising to eSports popularity:
  3. I have been collecting for the emerson arcadia and its many clone systems for about 15-20 years. This is such an interesting system to collect for as it is probably the system with the most clone systems out there. And its origin is probably one of the most mysterious. I have been documenting the clones and at last count there are 43 different versions of this system that at best was not at all popular. And the strangest thing about it is that most of the clones had their own set of the games in their own unique packaging. Many of the same games were available on multiple clones but some of them had exclusive games to that particular clone. And in the usa we only got 22 of the 55 known unique titles total that got released across all the different systems. While the games are all compatible rom wise, between the 43 versions there are 5 different cart slot pinouts....meaning not ever type can fit in every other model. To my knowledge this will be the first picture of a collection where someone has collected a unique game of every single title across all the systems. And they are all in box! And all cib except for a manual for macross by bandai...can anyone help me with that 1 piece!!! Hahaha Here is all 55 known titles pictured with the emerson ntsc model we got here in the usa. There were 41 silver box games. These were the games that worked on the models like the emerson and used the same box design format. 4 of these were made by bandai and the rest are presumed to be made by UAL- United Appliances Limited. There were 11 more titles that were unique to the mpt 03 and mpt 04 consoles. Then 3 more that were unique to the palladium/polybrain/trackton/mr. Altus consoles. These are the 3 in the black boxes. 1 title is lexikon - dictionary. This was an interesting game that you put smaller carts into the side of the main cart to convert english words back and forth from german. I assume they planned to make mini carts for other languages to go with it but never did. I have many more games for the various clone systems that i can hopefully document here more later. But this is particularly neat to see a complete set of every known unique title. Enjoy!
  4. Here I would like to share my latest video about the Japanese Bandai Vectrex: If you want to watch it in 3D use this link here:
  5. Hi, I will be doing Japanese/Bandai style stickers for my existing game (Big Blue) and next game (Frontier). As the original Bandai games were numbered on the cart label 1-11 I have made my games 12 and 13. A taste of the artwork:
  6. it's not anything great,just a quick list that i made some time ago to help me with the wonderswan collecting. but first some comments -it's based on no more than 5-min sessions of all available roms/games so minor or major mistakes are to be expected -most of the games have japanese menus -also included games that are playable to a point (action-rpgs,action-adventures etc) -some games have additional notes in parenthesis -in this list you won't find all of the mahjong games,i have included 2 out of 5-6 that were released without further ado... my list Armored Unit (a lot of menu trial and error) Beat Mania Blue Wing Blitz (you should read a walkthrough for the general premise,the controls and the objectives) Buffers Evolution Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon (not 100% playable,some japanese knowledge is needed) Crazy Climber Densha de go! /2 (only if you know the general premise,menu trial and error) Dicing Knight Digimon Digital Monsters - Anode & Cathode Tamer - Veedramon Version Digimon Digital Monsters ver wonderswan Digimon Digital Monsters: Battle Spirit /1.5 Digimon Frontiers Battle spirit D's Garage 21 Koubo Game - Tane wo Maku Tori Engacho! Final Fantasy I/II/IV (try them only if you have played them before) Final Lap 2000 Final Lap Special Fire Pro Wrestling Flash - Koibito Kun (it's playable in the beginning but i don't know if you need,or not,to know japanese later ) From TV Animation - One Piece - Chopper no Daibouken (you have to know what the items do and what can you do from the pause menu) From TV Animation - One Piece -Treasure wars /2 (playable to a point if you can find the instructions translated by someone) Front Mission (playable quite a lot as the commands are in english) Ganso Jajamaru Kun Golden Axe Gomoku Narabe & Reversi Touryuumon (menu trial and error) Gransta Chronicle (english pase menu that might help a little but in general not too playable) Guilty Gear Petit Guilty Gear Petit 2 GunPey GunPey Ex Judgement Silversword - Rebirth Edition Kaze no Klonoa - Moonlight Museum Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Kidou Senshi Gundam Vol.3 -A BAOA QU- (not too sure if it's playable) Kidou Senshi Gundam Vol.1 -Side 7- (not too sure if it's playable) Kidou Senshi Gundam - Volume 2 - JABURO- (not too sure if it's playable) Kinniku Man Second Generations Dream Tag Match Kurupara! (playable quite a lot) Lode Runner Magical Drop Mahjong Touryuumon (not too sure if it's playable) Makaimura Mingle Magnet Moero !! Pro Yakyu Rookies (playable quite a lot) Mr. Driller (golf) Nice On One Piece - Grand Battle Swan Colloseum Pocket Fighter(s?) Pro Mahjong Kiwame (not too sure if it's playable) Puyo Puyo Tsu Puzzle Bobble Rainbow Islands - Putty's Party Raku Jongg (trial and error in menus and in some in-game choices) Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Rockman & Forte - Mirai Kara no Chousen Sha Rockman EXE WS (menu trial and error) RUN=DIM Return to Earth SD Gundam - Operation U.C. Sennou Millenium Shanghai Pocket Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden Side Pocket Soccer Yarou! - Challenge the World (menu trial and error) Space Invaders Tare Pan no Gunpei(y?) (menu trial and error) Tekken Card Challenge (if you know what to do,how to play it) Tetris Ultraman - Hikari no Kuni no Shisha Umizuri Ni Ikou (ίσως) Wasabi Produce - Street Dancer Wizardry - Scenario 1 - Kyounou no Shiren Jou (try it only if you have played another version of the game) Wonder Classic Wonder Stadium /'99 (menu trial and error) XI [sai] Little if you find any omission or have something to add/comment write it freely
  7. I have some retro computers and lots of games for NEC PC Engine, PS, etc. Along with vintage computer gear for sale. RETRO COMPUTING MSX Computer - Sanyo PHC-27 Silver Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - 64K Ext BASIC w/ Hitachi CPU TRS-80 Color Logo Manual for the Radio Shack Color Computer Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Direct Connect Modem PAK PC ENGINE GAMES Galaga 88 Space Invaders Lords of the Rising Sun F1 Triple Battle Racing USA Pro Basketball Power League 2 Baseball Power League 3 Baseball Pro Baseball World Stadium '91 Pro Baseball World Stadium Power Golf Winning Shot Golf NAXAT OPEN Golf Ganbare! Golf Boys Formation Soccer JLeague J-League Tremendous Soccer Power Eleven (Soccer) Formation Soccer Cup 90 TV Sports Football BOMBERMAN Bomberman '93 Final Match Tennis World Court Tennis PLAYSTATION PEBBLE BEACH NO HATOU PLUS Minna No Golf 2 BANDAI WONDERSWAN Final Fantasy WonderSwan WS Bandai Wonder Swan Video Game (Box + Manual) Happy to combine shipping though many items are free shipping!
  8. I have these three Bandai Inty games, they are like new, complete in box. Which is pretty much a requirement because basically they are the import boxes with the instruction slot on the back with the Bandai instruction books. They are not shrinkwrapped. I'd like $12 apiece for them, not including shipping. Or $40 shipped in the US for all three. Paypal is best. Thanks, ian
  9. Had a great time in Akihabara, Tokyo recently and decided to pick up some MSX and Bandai WonderSwan stuff. I have another thread related to the MSX games. Here are my WonderSwan products I'm currently selling. WonderSwan Portable Game Console System by Bandai http://r.ebay.com/NUZehB Puyo Puyo (TSU) WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) http://r.ebay.com/t3wU2d Puzzle Bobble WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) http://r.ebay.com/27AkWd Hataraku Chocobo WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) http://r.ebay.com/HGQ2hy Final Fantasy WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) http://r.ebay.com/LUe9Ul Vaitz Blade WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) http://r.ebay.com/mxfh8w Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita.
  10. As a way to gather feedback for future versions of the Blast! products, and to not muddy up the other threads, I wanted to start a dedicated topic for the Blast! family of products. While this year the focus for these low-cost products is on the mainstream market and fun for the average consumer/families versus something that specifically meets the needs of the retro gaming crowd, we hope to incorporate more features in the future that will appeal to that group at the same low price point. While we want to hear even the obvious stuff that we're already targeting for the future (perfect emulation, increased resolution and sharpness, etc.), we also want to hear any of the less obvious feedback. So let it fly! Also, please use this as an opportunity to discuss the current products, even though again, we realize they're not being targeted to the retro gaming crowd for this year. The official Website is here: https://blast.atgames.net/ (includes manuals and game lists) The current Blast! products announced so far (https://blast.atgames.net/blast_family): Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! (Walmart exclusive) Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 1 Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 2 Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 3 (Walmart exclusive) Activision Flashback Blast! Player 2 Blast! Controller
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