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Found 21 results

  1. Ok guys, I’m stuck. I’m only 16 so I don’t reeeeeeeally know what I’m doing, but I need your help! Atariage, I’ve been scammed!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!! I bought a “working” atari 400 off of OfferUp whose only problem was that it had a cut video cable (Which I replaced with one I pulled from a broken 2600) and no PSU (which I had bought before the system arrived). I, being the idiot I am, DIDN’T test the system before starting my cleaning/retrobrite process (pictures below ;) ). After that week of school I threw the system back together aaaaaaaand... black screen... :( I’ve tried Everything I can think of, I reseated all the chips on the whole computer (cleaning the pins and the sockets as I did), cleaned the the ram and cpu board connectors, started it up with a star raiders cartridge, made sure everything was grounded properly, deoxidized the power jack, cleaned the channel selector, tried multiple tv’s (both new and old), and STILL I get that black screen... WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I traded one of my working 2600 for untested 5200 with 2 ports. I expected 5200 to be non working and I was right. It doesn't work. I just have black screen with any game I tryed. Power adapter is working and I hawe LED light ON. I downloaded schematics and noticed that there is two 7805 power regulators. Checked one in VR1 location and no power in or out. Checked other one in VR2 and my power out is 5.10 VDC. I don't know is that normal or should I have closer to 5 VDC? Anyway I am not sure for first 7805 in VR1, should I have power in there or that one receive power latter when some switch send it throug? I decided also to check power in all chips under metal shielding and found out that I don't have power in A7, A14, A15, A16, A17, A18, A19, A20, A21, A22, A23, A24 and A25 (chips are marked in red on photo). I am not sure what to do next. I did fix some 2600s, but 5200 is much more complex console. Anyone who can help?
  3. Devbinks

    Oh Hell...

    Okay, so I used to own, both, an NES and an SNES. Over the past few years, I've had a desire to start collecting as many older game systems as I can. So, today I went to a local Play N Trade and reacquired the NES and SNES. Well, the NES works okay so far. Just needed a bit of cleaning. The SNES, however, only gave me a black screen with several horizontal white (grey-ish) lines. I figure, okay, I'll take it back and exchange it. I got back to Play N Trade and explain the problem. The employee tries it out and gets a blue screen saying "No Signal". This baffle shim as he claims he had tested it just three days prior and it worked perfectly. In any case, he exchanges it for another SNES. This system, he tests right in front of me to make SURE it's not defective. It works fine so I take it home. Well, I hook it up to THREE different TVs, trying both RF out and AV out. Guess what... I get the black screen with white lines! Exact same problem as the one I just exchanged! I'll update this tomorrow most likely. I'm going to take the SNES back and wait for them to get yet another SNES in lol
  4. simbalion

    2600jr died

    Maybe I should have posted this here the first time. I have a 2600jr I got roughly a month ago and was happy to finally have one in the collection. Top was beat up, but it worked fine. I had been playing it this past weekend with no issues and even found another top for it, then yesterday I went to play it before swapping the tops and all I kept getting was a dark grey/black screen of death when I plugged in a a cart and turned it on. Any ideas what happened? I tried swapping power packs and RF boxes to no avail. Tried different carts as well with the same issue.
  5. I recently got an nes-101 from a friend for free. it had been sitting around for some time he said, didnt know if it worked. When i power the console up the picture is black with 2 thick white lines and it emits a buzzing noise through the tv. The reset button also does not seem to work. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have tried 2 different power supplies, 2 different tvs, 3 different rf cords, all original nes-101 cords. The problem is the exact same with and w/o a game inserted, no change. Some things I am considering are bad (from what i could find on the net) are the ppu, rf moduale, or the power supply capacitor.
  6. Hey folks, I have recently gotten my Telegames out of storage and we are trying to breathe life back into it. I got it for Christmas in 1977 and spent many, many hours with it as a kid (hey, I was an only child!). Unfortunately, all we get when turning it on is a black screen. Here's what we've tried and checked: -Multiple cartridges, same behavior -Multiple TVs, same behavior -Cleaned cartridge slot with alcohol; contacts look good and shiny -Tested voltage at regulator, comes out at 4.96 -Tested voltage at RF unit, comes out at about 4.96 as well That being said, what next steps do you recommend on fixing my friend? It was known working between 10-15 years ago, so I'm hoping this is something we can patch up. Thanks so much. *Edit - Actually, I think this is a light sixer Telegames, not a heavy. Changed the title to properly reflect the fact.
  7. Hello everyone, I´ve just acquired my first Atari: a 2600 six switch from Hong Kong, looking clean and with 10 games. Hooked it up by RF to my older Philips LCD screen which I also use for other consoles using RF. It picks up the signal well enough but it´s the black screen.. Sound is great though and I can play Pacman for example by feel and the other games make all the proper game sounds as well. I´ve resoldered the boards, replaced the 2200 and 4,7 uF capacitors, cleaned cartridges and the holder, cleaned the IC´s pins and sockets, but with no change. So I guess I´m switching IC´s. I´ve been reading through many of the threads on the subject here but one aspect that may help narrow it down is not mentioned: Which IC is the likely culprit, if any, when you can still play the game and have crystal clear audio? Greetings, Bram, the Netherlands.
  8. Hey guys. I've seen a lot of good help on this forum that I've used to help me diagnose my Atari 2600 4-switch that has not worked ever since I tried to install a widely used composite mod. (Kit Link Here) I installed it using an instructable (Instructable Link Here) I followed all instructions including removing q202, r209, r222, and c205, aaaaand... nothing it didn't work. (note: when I say nothing, I mean the TV says no signal.) I suspected bad connections but that wasn't it. I tried re-soldering the old components and that did something for a while but then it stopped. Next I thought that it wasn't getting enough power so I checked the power supply and 5v reg. Both were just fine except the 5v Reg had 2 of it's pins crossed. After uncrossing them I got some video for about two seconds and then it quit. (see attached video) I thought it was the chips now so I replaced all 3 (TIA, RIOT, and CPU) and this put me back to the same old no signal screen. I tried the old chips on a working system (w/o composite mod) and they gave a black screen. Not sure what to do at this point. Nothing is abnormally hot. Maybe my somewhat noob soldering skills maybe be a problem Cheers, kalgran Glitching.mp4
  9. Hi, So I'm getting my computer room/office set up and I just got my TI 99/4a setup and now I've run into a strange issue. When I turn on my TI 99/4a with the PEB turned on, the screen flashes for a moment and then turns black. When I turn the TI 99/4a on without the PEB being on, I get the usual ready screen and can access basic or cartridges. the disk drive in the PEB spins the disk with the red ractivity light on for a moment when the computer is turned on. I've tried cleaning out the connectors on the 99's expansion port and the PEB's connector with quick drying contact cleaner, which got a lot of grime out but hasn't change the function. Anyone here know how this is supposed to work/know whats up? I've got a couple floppies that are supposed to be new with games and an auto loader on them as well as the disk manager 2 cartridge.
  10. Buenas, acabo de encontrarme por casualidad con un atari 65xe pero la pantalla se queda en negro, enciende solo el led. No tiene fuente de alimentación pero la he alimentado directamente con 5 voltios y un mínimo de 1a y un máximo de 2a estabilizados. Solo he logrado que el xc12 tire a rebobinar y adelantar la cinta. En principio tenía los precintos intactos, no tiene nada de oxido en placa, solo un poco en la placa exterior, todas las soldaduras parecen buenas, ninguna pobre, he limpiado toda la placa, la temperatura de la ram es común a todas, todos los condensadores no parecen estar mal aunque ya tengo preparado para sustituirlos, lo único que he podido ver sospechoso es un diodo zener que me da valor en placa en los 2 sentidos IMAGEN ZENER y este zener soldado en este integrado y a la resistencia, tiene un color un poco raro. ZENER SOLDADO ¿Sabéis que valor tiene el zener dudoso? ¿Es normal el otro diodo? ¿Alguna sugerencia? Gracias de antemano
  11. Hello. I just picked up a VIC-20 from a thrift store for $11. It has the RF and the AC adaptor. The light powers on, but when I hook it up to my small CRT TV, there's nothing. I tried channel 3 and 4, but it's just a blank screen. Now this may be a stupid question, and I have almost no working knowledge of this stuff, but since it is a computer I assume it will power on without any cartridges or anything plugged in. Am I correct with this assumption, or do I need to plug something in to fire it up? And if not what are some basic things I could do to troubleshoot? I have a Genesis model 1 A/V cable and an RF switch for model 2, is there anything I can do with those? Pardon my ignorance on the subject and thank you in advance!
  12. Hello! I have this really weird problem with my Atari 800xl. After just finished building in, and testing my stereo upgrade next to my u1mb, I did something stupid. Well, I saw my mistake after the first black screen but I can't for the life of my understand why the problem persists. So, what happened? Well this: for the stereo upgrade you need to add a wire for the pin 15 on the GTIA chip and pin 13 on the cpu, Did that, tested it opened up, worked so yippeee right? I wasn't thinking 100% straight and put the shielding on, screwed the atari together and turned it on. Black screen. Fuck!!! I forgot to tape off the exposed wire @ the gtia and cpu and so they probably came in contact with the shielding and you can guess the rest... So now I get a black screen, and after a couple of seconds a low sound starts, and ramps up in tone in around 7 seconds and then ramps down again... It's not ramping up in volume, but ramping up in frequency. So it starts at C#1 or something and ends up at C#4, but not all the way up. Does anybody have an idea whats goin on? I tried disconnecting the stereoboard and just seat the pokey but no cigar. Maybe a fried CPU or GTIA? I am not a hardware specialist but this wasn't my proudest moment... :'(
  13. I picked up my first Lynx and about 30 games at the weekend. It's a Lynx II in great condition, and with it came two other brand new and boxed but non-working Lynx IIs. They were dead on arrival when they were new, so even if I can't get them working they might be useful for spare parts. Dead Lynx A completely unresponsive: I tried with both fresh batteries and a Lynx PSU and there is no response when I press the 'on' button. I tried connecting the negative battery terminal to the negative (ground?) pin of the speaker jack (which I saw in a YouTube video) - when I did this the screen backlight comes on but there is still no response. Problem Lynx B works perfectly except for the screen display being fixed solid black. The backlight switches on and off, sound plays, buttons respond etc., but the 'brightness' setting does nothing. Again I tried both batteries and a PSU. I tried switching over the motherboards of these two machines, to see if Lynx B's problem is just with its screen, but there was still just a solid black image. I was wondering if I could swap a McWill screen into this machine, but I'm not sure if this problem would persist with that screen too- is there any way I can test whether that would work? Is there any other A/B testing I can do between these two machines to help identify the problem components? Are there any other standard things I can test for? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello fellow atarians! I have a problem with my atari STe. As the title says when I turn it on it gets a weird screen like so: Here are the specs and what I've done so far: - Atari 1040STe, 4mb memory, hxc floppy emulator - Strange rev board: - No visual damage to the board/components - 4 mb memory upgrade (tried multiple different simm's in different combinations and tried these on a other ste & worked) - Replaced shifter chip (facebook ste group came up with that one, didn't work unfortunatly) - Pushed all the chips in their sockets - Also tried working floppy drive with floppies. - Hold the reset button for 10 seconds when turning on. - Video: 13pin din to composite cable - Video: RF via TV - Video: 13pin din to scart - All gave the same result, see this short video: https://vid.me/e/UxCW - Pressing keys on the keyboard give the typical beep sound so sound works I guess? - Hxc floppy emulator works great on other atari's, on this one it doesn't seem to load much. See this short video (beep = st cold reset): https://vid.me/e/dojE - Tried a different, known working, PSU still same result. - TOS roms are soldered (so no socket's damnit, I have 2.06 roms laying here though but too scared to solder and fecking the board up) Even after all that, I can't figure out what's wrong. I have ordered a HI-res din to vga cable to test out if the ste is maybe stuck in HI-res mode or something. (read it somewhere, can't remember). Warning, I don't have much hardware knowledge (so pls not too much jargon) and I don't have precise soldering skills and money ( ) Is there anyone here who might have any idea what it might be?
  15. Hi All, So I pulled out my Atari 5200 to test a controller my friend found at a thrift store. The good news is the controller works, the bad news is my system doesn't anymore. I was playing for about an hour before all of a sudden it decided to stop working. When I turn the system on, I get a solid black screen. Before this happened, I was getting some strange video irregularities. The screen for the most part would be okay but it would go into to flashing fits and then level out again. It seems like it got worse the longer a game was played. I thought maybe it was a dirty system/game or the video cable was going bad. Cable checked out okay. I cleaned the games and it made no difference. I found a repair manual online from Atari for the 5200 that had a troubleshooting section for a solid black screen. I took my system apart and pulled out my multimeter. I was unable to check the frequencies of the chips because I believe I need an oscilloscope for that. Checking the voltages where the manual said to, it looks like the voltages were all good except for A26, the 4013 Power ON/OFF latch. Across pin 8 and 16 I was reading around 14v where it should have been 5v. VR1 & VR2 were both showing 5v on their output pin so I'm not sure where this extra voltage could be leaking from. I did notice one larger resistor by the AV box closest to the end of the board was VERY hot. (By Q6, Q7. They're blue with gold, black, red, green brown rings on it) My system is a two port model, so it does not have the power integrated AV box like the 4 port model. Any ideas where to go from here? Thanks!
  16. Hello. I recently picked up an Atari 5200 4-port console with controllers, hookups, and Pacman for $5. I hooked everything up and turned it on. The light comes on, the switch box clicks, and I get a picture, but it's all garbled. I've read about blue screen, black screen, etc., but I don't seem to see any other people talking about scrambled screen. It's basically a black screen with some waves, color lines, just general noise and interference. I've cleaned the cart, cleaned the pin connector. Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be? I apologize if my description isn't very helpful, I have little to no technical understanding, so this will be a little tough for me to figure out, even if I can pinpoint the problem. Thanks guys!
  17. I recently bought a broken intellivision off of eBay, and after messing around with it i believe that the problem is the CPU. I don't have a working unit, or any other units for that matter. I was hoping i could find a new cpu (preferably a whole board, in case there is any other problems with it) from someone on this form. I really want to try and play some intv games, especially since they are cheap.
  18. Hi, this is my first post here. I did see a similar thread to this (via a Google search which brought me here), but I don't think the problem is the same. OK, I recently picked up an Atari 800XL on eBay. I hooked it up to my TV at home (a flat screen LG) and it worked fine via the RF out/antenna. The only thing I found a bit strange about it was that every time I typed a command into its BASIC, it returned an error which suggested it only read the first two characters. For instance, when I typed in 'RUN' after typing a small program to test, it returned an error saying the command 'RU' wasn't recognised. I'm not too familiar with the Atari setup (I'm traditionally a Commodore guy), so I figured maybe there was some quirk with the UI I wasn't aware of yet. Either way, it powered up and the keyboard worked so that was enough for now. However, I returned this morning to discover that even though the unit powers on, there is now no display on the screen. I have a C64 that is hooked up to the same TV via an RF cable which works fine, and when I first tested the Atari, it was via the same channel and t worked fine, but this appears to not be the case now. I've tried retuning the TV countless times, swapped swapped the C64 and Atari RF leads to eliminate those as the possible cause, but now I get nothing more than a black screen. The only thing I did different the second time around was plug in the RF cable into the back of the XL when the machine was already powered on. Could this have fried it somehow? It seems unlikely to me, but I can't think why it would suddenly develop a problem like this. I am obviously very disappointed as I always wanted a 800XL and was looking forward to playing with it, so either I broke it somehow or I was sold a dud. I would be grateful if anybody on here could offer any suggestions regarding the hardware. Could this be repaired, or should I just give up on it? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello Guys, I am trying to get back into the TI-99/4A which was my first computer and this is where my love for programming started. So I bought one from a local website and I was very happy to see that it looked amazing but the problem is that it doesn't boot I just got a black screen and continuous beeping sound, and after I told the seller he did not replay back I have been trying some stuff to fix it, after looking at a couple of threads here and getting some troubleshooting manuals I ordered a TMS9929ANL from ebay and replaced it and the problem is the same, also I saw some people mention the MCM6810P ram chips so I also ordered those and replaced them and still it acts the same. Could it be the GROMs? I cannot find them anywhere, the CD2155NL, CD2156NL and the CD2157NL does anyone have some of these and are willing to sell them? Anyways any kind of help is welcome, I already got my FinalGROM 99 cartridge from the amazing Ralph Benzinger but that will have to wait until my TI-99/4A works. Thanks! Rene
  20. Hi Im trying to fix this Commodore 64 but so far no success. When I power it up I get a line on screen (look at picture), after about 3 minutes the chips are slowly getting worm except for the PLA,SID and Kernal they get hot but just enough so that they can still be touched, i probed with my scope pins 1 and 39 on cpu and the clock seems fine ,how do I proceed from here I am suspecting the PLA but dont have another Commodore to test it I heard that I could test the chips using a arduino but probably would need a code for that.
  21. Hello everyone, Today I got a faulty Atari Jaguar. When i turn it on i got only a black screen, even the jaguar logo with red background is not showing (the indication of bad contacts in the cartridge slot) I'm connecting it to the TV using the original Jaguar RF adaptor, this works perfectly attached to a TG-16 Please help me giving me ideas for common related problems and its solutions. Thanks in advice I recorded this demo video: [video=youtube_share;-9B-WTYVfqA]
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