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Found 5 results

  1. Lately been on a bit of a "FIX ALL THE THINGS!" kick, and recently restored a system that had a bad RA-3-9600 RAM chip and replaced the system's RF modulator to get a pretty nice system back up and running. I traded this for a non-working system that was a bit scruffy (one controller cord was RIPPED from the controller!) as part of a deal that resulted in a restored-to-working-order Bally Astrocade. Anyhow, while restoring the system that eventually was sent off as a 'thank you', I harvested the RAM from a bare 'sarcophagus' system that I got 20 years ago really cheap and dug out of its tomb in the garage. That board was 'BSOD' but the RAM tested as good. (Thanks for that SRAM test program, @intvnut!) With the trade-in system I received, the controller repair was just a mechanical job (the cord is 3" shorter now, and some bad traces on the controller matrix have been fixed). But the system itself was also BSOD - with some occasional nice pastel colors, light blue, sometimes green, sometimes purple. Once even a bunch of characters and other data appeared on the TV. Systematically testing each chip, the most likely suspects all tested fine... SRAM, STIC, CPU, and the color chip. Finally, it go to the point of … what the heck, check the EXEC. Wouldn't you know, the RA-3-9502-11 that was in the system, when placed in my test bed, would not boot! The fun part though, is that if you left everything powered on for a few minutes and then cycled power, it all worked, and the MTE-201 passes with flying colors! If you let things cool down, the behavior repeats. Since this reminded me of the other "dead" bare-bones mainboard-only system that just sacrificed its SRAM, I popped its corresponding part of the EXEC -- and saw very similar behavior! This one also tested out as "good" after "warming up" a short time. Putting a "known good" RO-3-9502-11 into the newly arrived system cures its ills, and it works! All of this finally leads up to the question: Are the EXEC chips more prone to failure than some of the others? Based on the chip documentation, it seems this one in particular is critical for the boot process to work properly. In my test cases, in which all the socketed chips are 'Known Good' and this particular one (the 'DUT') is bad, it usually manifests as a black screen, somewhat frequently as a screen showing only one color, occasionally changing from black to one solid color, and rarely as "garbled" (typically a bunch of GROM characters). Not sure if this is useful to any other troubleshooters, or perhaps this is already on the list.
  2. Hi guys! Im in the uk and I have a problem with my intellivision that I hope you can help me out with. A few weeks back I got the console from eBay. It was working fine apart from a small colour issue, the greens were red etc. But after 20 or so minutes the games would correct the colour. It suddenly went to a blank screen when i turned the console on or pressed reset. After taking it apart and giving it a dust down as well as cleaning the port with a credit card and a lint free cloth the title screen comes on, all in the right colours. Sometimes I have to hold the reset button and release it at the same time as switching it on to get the title screen. But as soon as I press any key or the d pad on either controller the screen goes blank. On mazeatron I get the title screen with the intro music, but, again, as soon as I press anything it goes blank. On demon I get the title screen and the graphics moving about, but does absolutely nothing when I press any key, it doesn't go blank, just stays on the title screen. I also tried leaving it on for a while on just the title screen to see if it would turn itself off as it did before, but it just stayed on the title screen for almost 20 minutes before i turned it off. I noted that underneath was quite warm. When i opened it up i couldnt see any damage, but then, i dont really know what im looking for. I have never attempted to fix anything like this before, i dont even know how to solder and i have no computer or electronic skills at all, i have absolutely no idea what im doing. Please help! Many thanks for reading!!
  3. Hi, So I'm getting my computer room/office set up and I just got my TI 99/4a setup and now I've run into a strange issue. When I turn on my TI 99/4a with the PEB turned on, the screen flashes for a moment and then turns black. When I turn the TI 99/4a on without the PEB being on, I get the usual ready screen and can access basic or cartridges. the disk drive in the PEB spins the disk with the red ractivity light on for a moment when the computer is turned on. I've tried cleaning out the connectors on the 99's expansion port and the PEB's connector with quick drying contact cleaner, which got a lot of grime out but hasn't change the function. Anyone here know how this is supposed to work/know whats up? I've got a couple floppies that are supposed to be new with games and an auto loader on them as well as the disk manager 2 cartridge.
  4. Hello. I just picked up a VIC-20 from a thrift store for $11. It has the RF and the AC adaptor. The light powers on, but when I hook it up to my small CRT TV, there's nothing. I tried channel 3 and 4, but it's just a blank screen. Now this may be a stupid question, and I have almost no working knowledge of this stuff, but since it is a computer I assume it will power on without any cartridges or anything plugged in. Am I correct with this assumption, or do I need to plug something in to fire it up? And if not what are some basic things I could do to troubleshoot? I have a Genesis model 1 A/V cable and an RF switch for model 2, is there anything I can do with those? Pardon my ignorance on the subject and thank you in advance!
  5. I've got a front-loader NES that's giving me no end of trouble. I picked it up this weekend and, too my total lack of surprise, wouldn't play games. So I went about the normal process of disassembling it, cleaning the connectors, disabling the 10NES chip, etc. No luck. Most of the time I get a blank white or purple screen. I will occasionally get Super Mario sounds (I've been testing with a SMB/Duck Hunt cartridge that I can verify works). So I ramped it up and went after the connector on the main board with Brasso. It got a lot of nasty stuff off. I reattached the 72-pin connector and the load tray and it worked! Or at least I got the SMB/Duck Hunt intro screen. But it's only worked that once. Since then I get the same blank screen most of the time. I still occasionally get those sounds, and more rarely I get a very corrupted intro screen. So I went to town on the 72-pin connector. Isopropyl alcohol, 600 sandpaper, the whole thing. Still nothing. So I ordered a new 72-pin connector. I got that yesterday. I plugged it in and got the exact same result. Where do I go from here? Do I just keep on using Brasso until no black stuff at all comes off? Or could there be another culprit — maybe a bad IC? I can post pictures of the main board this evening if it will help.
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