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Found 30 results

  1. A real labor of love is finally complete. An Atari drawing for everyday of the month of October 2016 (31 drawings), now in one beautifully printed collection, Inktober 2016 | Atari Propaganda. Atari Lynx, Atari ST, and Atari Jaguar are featured most of the time, but there are a few bonuses in there as well. Because I am not one for heavy marketing, I want to make sure that everyone who would like a copy of this collection can get it for a deal right up front. I also don't want to spend the next year packing and shipping books, I got more Atari art to make darn it! So here is a bit of encouragement to purchase sooner rather than later. If you purchase the Atari Propaganda collection before the end of the day January 27th, you can get the $20 book for $18 USD (%10 off). If that is still too much, sign up for my mailing list (link at the top of my website) and get an additional %15 off of a single copy making your purchase $15 + shipping. This includes a dated signature from the artist of course. Not interested in buying the whole collection? Not a problem, I also have all the larger (8.5x11") art prints of every drawing on sale as well for $7 a piece. Pick the ones you really want, without the hassle of flipping the pages of a book. Thank you for the support, and enjoy the Atari fan art goodness! Atari Propagand Book Product Page (purchase here): http://williamthorup.com/product/inktober-2016-book/ Individual Art Prints http://williamthorup.com/product-category/art-prints/inktober_2016/ Get your extra 15% off coupon here: https://goo.gl/t0y69l Digital gallery of all the artwork included in the book: http://williamthorup.com/inktober-2016/
  2. I am pleased to announce that I have published my book Atari Projects: 50 Fun Projects for Your 8-Bit Home Computer. The goal of this book is to provide a series of fun projects to make it easy for beginners and experts alike to get the most out of their Atari 8-bit retro-computing hobby. Most projects are designed to be completed in less than an hour, and are ideal for the weekend hobbyist. The format of each project is a how-to that lists the pre-requisites, the time estimate for completion, some introductory information, a step by step guide, and some comments. The projects are presented in a sequential order that could be followed by someone new to the hobby. The book starts with projects related to purchasing and working with Atari computers and peripherals followed by chapters on software, BASIC programming, and useful resources. Included are projects on original hardware and software, as well as projects covering recent developments in technology such as flash memory devices and emulators that can enhance the Atari experience. The book is 122 pages with lots of color photos. It is printed on high-quality paper and sells for $19.80 on Lulu. Of course, all the projects can be found for free on the Atari Projects website if you don't want to buy the book. The advantage of the book is that the projects have been curated, presented in a logical order, and heavily edited. I hope you find the book fun and useful!
  3. Hello together! Recently the following manuals: OSS-The Basic XL Toolkit-Including the BASIC XL Runtime Package-Reference Manual and OSS-Basic XE Reference Manual did arrive at Atarimania. So, the circle is closing... There is just one book left, which seems to be lost: 30 Days to Understanding BASIC XL - Bill Wilkinson and Diane Goldstein If anyone of you has this book, we would really appreciate that to complete the BASIC XL project. Many thanks in advance to you and Happy Easter! :-) The manual for BASIC XL is exceptional. The first section, an exhaustive tutorial entitled, "30 Days to Under standing BASIC XL," takes the novice by hand and walks him through the fundamentals of BASIC programming. Experienced programmers can proceed directly to the excellent 135-page reference section. Review - BASIC XL BASIC XL OPTIMISED SYSTEMS SOFTWARE 1173D S. Saratoga/Sunnyvale Rd. San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 446-3099 16K Cartridge $99.00 by Robert L. Riggs Optimised Systems Software (O.S.S.) has done it again! Bill Wilkinson & Co. have put the cap on the BASIC language for Atari computers: BASIC XL. It's neatly wrapped and documented in a yellow binder which accompanies the bright orange cartridge. The documentation begins with a 176-page tutorial entitled "30 Days to Understanding BASIC XL," written by Bill Wilkinson and Diane Goldstein. If you are a complete novice at BASIC programming, this book and a fair amount of determination are all you will need to learn to use your Atari computer. Bill and Diane introduce you to BASIC XL with the "chapter-a-day" system: 30 chapters, beginning with "Getting to know your computer" and extending through "Congratulations: 30 END." Following the tutorial is the reference manual which documents the entire language, including 45 syntax expressions and keywords not found in 8K Atari BASIC. It's a well-known fact that Bill Wilkinson was part of the team that developed 8K Atari BASIC. He's written more than once of the bugs and limitations inherent in that language. BASIC A+ did much to alleviate those shortcomings, but it was disk-based and devoured too much memory. BASIC XL is on cartridge and, because of its memory bank design, uses no more RAM than Atari BASIC. Critics of the execution speed of other versions of BASIC will find little to complain about with regard to O.S.S.'s latest achievement. BASIC programs previously typed in from magazines and abandoned because of their boring snail-pace run at arcade speeds with BASIC XL. In fact, timing loops almost invariably have to be extended when running Atari BASIC programs with BASIC XL. That's right, BASIC XL is upward compatible with Atari BASIC, unlike MicroSoft BASIC. And it still offers MicroSoft-style string-handling, auto line-numbering, renumbering and line delete. Other useful additions to the BASIC vocabulary include ELSE, WHILE, ENDIF, ENDWHILE, PRINT USING, TAB and TRACE/TRACEOFF. Player-missile graphics are of particular interest to many Atari programmers. Dozens of articles and programs in a variety of books and magazines are devoted to utility programs to help you design and use players and/or missiles. O.S.S. provides you with BASIC commands to deal with these pesky critters. just wait until you can use commands like MISSILE, BUMP, PMCOLOR, PMGRAPHICS, PMMOVE, PMWIDTH and PMCLR. You'll love it! SET is another new and extremely powerful command. It allows you to exercise control over a variety of system level functions. You can quickly and easily change 13 functions such as BREAK key enable/disable, Tab stop settings for the comma in PRINT statements, the prompt character for INPUT, auto DIMensioning, and LIST formatter to automatically indent structured statements. DOS commands directly from BASIC include DIR (disk directory), ERASE, PROTECT, UNPROTECT and RENAME. And that's not all. You get additional functions like DPEEK/DPOKE, ERR, FIND, HSTICK/VSTICK, PEN, PMADR and SYS. You can type them all in caps, lower case or even reverse characters for all BASIC XL cares. Just think -- no more angrily hitting the CAPS/LOWR key after a syntax error! Yes, I know that doesn't add up to 45 commands, yet. There are more advanced-technique keywords that some of you will undoubtedly drool over, so I suggest that you run (don't walk) directly to your friendly Atari dealer and buy your very own copy of BASIC XL immediately. It's the here-and-now solution to all your BASIC needs for your Atari computer.
  4. I was looking for the woman who worked with John Skruch when I worked for Atari and I found THIS! I hope this is not a repeat post, but this is AWESOME! http://www.digitpress.com/library/books/book_atari_lynx_hint_book.pdf I always loved the Zarlor Mercenary "Game of Life" egg and the Chips Challenge Mandelbrot generator. Notes: The RoadBlasters egg is wrong - you have to be holding a button when you drive into the tree. Toki eggs were unknown to Sunnyvale apparently (hehehehe).
  5. Hey fellas, does anybody have a Final Fantasy 3 manual for the SNES? Or a Turtles in Time Manual for the SNES? I have both games boxed but no manuals :/ let me know if you do, thanks! Also if you have any other random manuals or boxes, let me know, thanks!
  6. [edited: link to PDF added] Hot news: the book Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies - Revised Edition by Andrew Davie is now available on Lulu.com for only $4.69. Order your copy here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-davie/atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-revised-edition/paperback/product-23644281.html Basically this book is the printed version of the Atari 2600 programming tutorials by Andrew Davie that he originally posted on these forums between 2003 and 2004 (and one extra session posted in 2012). Editing and formatting was done by yours truly. Note that in 2011 someone already bundled these tutorials into a book and published it on Lulu.com, but IMO there are a lot of issues with that version (e.g. no page numbers, missing session no. 25, images cut off on the end of the page, outlining issues, code samples hard to read because of wrapping). That's why I decided to call my version the "Revised Edition" 🙂 I formatted all code samples to make them readable in print-format, fixed a few spelling errors and also did some editing where the original text was clearly assuming the reader is reading the text online. Note that I'm not making a single dollar-cent on this; you only pay for the printing of the booklet. The consequence is that Andrew Davie is also not making any money from this, but knowing that in 2011 he was OK with the other published book on Lulu.com, I hope he's also OK with this new "Revised Edition". The binding and printing of this book is really nice. The pages are black & white, but the cover is full color (see attached images). I also added Andrew's avatar on the back of the book 🙂 And Lulu.com regularly has these promotions where they offer free shipping, making this a real bargain! Here is a link to the PDF for your convenience: Atari_2600_Programming_for_Newbies_Revised_Edition.pdf You might also like these other 2600-related books on Lulu: Stella Programmer's Guide 6502 Instruction Set Guide Cheers, Dion
  7. Greetings folks, Just an FYI for anyone looking for reprinted out of print programming books to try Lulu.com I have used Lulu before but this time I found a book I have been desperately looking for years. I have been wanting the Compute! published books Programming the 64 and Programming the Vic by West and was able to find the 64 on Ebay, but the Vic one appears to some rare air to find. I love West's two books for the C64 and Vic and have been wanting them for many years. I even went as far to email libraries in Texas once I found out they had the Vic book to offer them to buy it, however all of them could not sell the book to me.. I visited lulu and it looks like someone just recently uploaded the PDF and Lulu has made Programming the Vic for reproduction. I am just passing this on to anyone who may be looking for this awesome Vic 20 book! The printing is done well and it is the same size of the 64 original one and the binding is excellent. I also bought another copy (I have the original) of the Butterfields Machine Language for the C64, 128 expanded editions. The Butterflied book is printed much smaller but still looks good, I was surprised they went with the small size when it should be the same size of the West book. In any case I am not connected to Lulu and do not make any money or get anything from them.. I just wanted to pass on a place for anyone who was looking for these tough to find books and do not mind a reprint. The books were very reasonable priced. I put a few screenshots here for anyone who might be interested. I hope anyone who is interested in Assembly Commodore programming can find this knowledge useful for them. If anyone here is looking for these
  8. Just want to gauge the interests about the Coleco / ColecoVision (ADAM) History Book The book is first going to be available as hard copy Then later will become available as Ebook Are you interested by this book? Also, feel free to post questions, suggestions, comments and critics
  9. Hey everyone! As mentioned in the other topic, here is the Kickstarter link for our project with JF aka retroillucid about our book on Coleco Industries: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/booqc/coleco-the-complete-history Feel free to share it with your friends and community. I'll post the stretch goals soon, if we reach our goal of course. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Let me know if you have any question. I'll be happy to answer them! Also, we will work on some updates to share them over the course of the campaign.
  10. Greetings Atarians! Books on videogame history still keep coming and tend to be even more focused on specific topics. A recent (Jan 2016) example is the catalog accompanying the FILM AND GAMES. INTERACTIONS exhibition, which was organized by the German Deutsche Filmmuseum. This one presents reflections, interviews and scientific considerations regarding the intersections between film and games and is a worthy addition for a gamers library. (For details click HERE ) How retro-grade is this one? Naturally Tron, Tomb Raider and Wing Commander are touched more in-depth, whereas other "oldies" like E.T., Pac Man or SW: Empire Strikes Back are at least mentioned within certain contexts. For me FILM AND GAMES. INTERACTIONS is a worthy addition to my (scientific, historical) bookshelf on videogames. Check it out, if you are aiming for completion in this domain as well.
  11. I see we're down to the last 12 hours for this one. Looks like it's all stretch goals now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1462758959/commodore-the-final-years-book?ref=a5znrq
  12. Hi, all. Some of you know me on this forum. In general I lurk a lot, but I've been part of this scene for quite a few years, and am very passionate about Atari. I wanted to tell everyone about a project that has been in the works for a couple years already -- to share what we're doing, and to hopefully enlist some help here in the community. I am researching and writing a book about the Art of Atari. We are focusing on the art, illustration, and design of Atari -- specifically and mostly the home console part. I've interviewed more than a dozen artists, graphic designers and others who worked at/for Atari back in the day, as well as Nolan himself. It's my opinion that the artwork of Atari was more than just a way for the games to stand out on the shelves, or to help sell cartridges and consoles. It's art in its own right, and has a unique tie to the company, the games, and the memories of our youth. And unlike today, the amazing art helped inform the gameplay, because it served to augment the imagination when combined with much-simpler graphics of the time. I want to highlight the unsung heroes of Atari -- artists, designers, art directors -- and show their important and unique contributions to the games we love. My team and I have been collecting production slides, negatives, and in some cases shooting original artwork owned by some in our community here. I was able to acquire some negatives and slides that were once used by Atari for creation of their printed materials, and I've also gotten scans of work from the artists themselves. We are trying hard to gather as much production-quality art as possible, to make sure that this final book is big, comprehensive, beautiful, and shows the artwork in the best possible way. (And to answer the question, yes, we need a higher quality for printing than just scanned boxes, though we'd done a lot of that as well for context within the book.) So, we could really use your help. If you have original artwork (or know someone who does), or slides and negatives, or unique production sketches (industrial design will also be a part of the book), I'd love to talk with you. We are also looking for other large, printed pieces, like unique posters, mobiles, flyers, etc that show off the art and graphic design of Atari. Still looking for high-res scans of some of the rarer Atari games (think Crazy Climber) too. Attached are a couple samples of pieces we've gathered already. I'm also considering selling some of our duplicate negatives and slides in order to fund additional research, but I'll post about that soon. I've already done some interviews about the topic, and here are a couple: http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/19/4716444/how-atari-box-art-turned-8-bit-games-into-virtual-wonderlands http://www.edge-online.com/news/the-art-of-atari-the-masters-who-brought-early-games-to-life-by-filling-in-the-blanks/ We are in talks with 2 different publishers, and even though the bankruptcy of current Atari has slowed us down in terms of licensing, we're confident all of the legal and business parts of this will be buttoned up, and that we'll have a solid deal soon. So, thanks for listening, and let me know if you're willing or able to lend a hand. I'd love for this part to be a bit of a community effort, and I'll happily give public credit in the final book to anyone who is able to help us in even the smallest of ways. I'm making this book for all of us who love Atari and want to see these great memories and art preserved. Thanks!
  13. A project I have been working on for the last two years is nearing completion i.e. my next book called 'Programming Games for the Colecovision and Adam in Assembler'. It includes a tutorial section working through the steps of creating a game, with a Z80 assembler primer and information on how to set up a cross development environment (similar but extended from my Let's Make a Retro Game series). It also includes a complete Colecovision BIOS reference guide, covering ALL of the jump table BIOS calls with explanations and examples for using each call. There are extensive memory and port maps, also with explanations etc. It will have a dedicated web site section where you can download the code (for lazy typers :)). The early pre-order link for the Kindle edition is available here. Cover is still a draft. Shortly after I have released the Kindle Edition, there will also be a physical print edition available on Amazon's print to order service, which I used for my last book and has been received well. It does have some colour screen shots and pictures in it, let me know how many people would be interested in a full colour edition, rather than a colour cover with black and white interior. The book is currently 90% complete, with the majority of the content completed, but I have about ten quality read through passes to do and need to tidy-up/check all the source code etc. I am aiming for a 1st August 2020 release date at this stage.
  14. Here's my video review of the the Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion Volume 1 and Stella Programmer's Guide! Enjoy!
  15. 3 Atari ST Programming books (2 by Abacus Software and 1 by Clayton Walnum Atari ST INTERNALS ATARI ST GEM Programmer’s Reference Clayton Walnum’s C-manships COMPLETE Learn to program your ST in C! Eric in Montreal, Canada Contact me if your interested. [email protected]
  16. What is the best book you know of on the history of video games from pong days through the third generation?
  17. Hi there, The Kickstarter for the Coleco book is coming soon and I wanted to ask you which mock up cover you prefer. None of those 3 are final but we need to show something for the campaign. Let me know what you think!
  18. Hi all, For those who don't know me, I'm the bloke who wrote Driving Crazy, that funny road trip story about two life long friends driving across the United States to pick up their very own Crazy Climber arcade cabinet. There's a thread about it here if you're interested. Well, it's been six years, but I finally have a new book out! It's called Tell Me a Story. Tell Me a Story is my short story collection - over three dozen of my best received and most enjoyed stories, surrounded by a silly, mildly romantic interconnecting storyline about a man who shows his love for his wife by telling her stories. The majority of the stories are either humorous or have comedic elements, but there are plenty of suspenseful and serious stories in this collection. There's not much in the way of video games in this collection, but Jay and Austin (from Driving Crazy) do make an appearance in their very own short story. It's available at Amazon in a $13.99USD paperback version and a $3.99USD eBook version. It was just released Sat April 23, so it's not quite yet in the distribution networks, so I can't say "everywhere books are sold" just yet. If you'd like a signed, personalized paperback copy mailed to you, you can pick up a copy directly from my website. They are the same price - $13.99USD, plus shipping. $3.00 for USPS Media Mail in the US... as for outside the US...since when did overseas shipping explode? The cheapest overseas shipping I can find is $22.50. Ridiculous! (If I have even one request from someone outside the US, I will take a book-filled padded envelope to the post office and have them tell me for sure what the shipping will be... maybe I'm reading something wrong or clicking a wrong box.) Anyway, If you enjoyed my silly humor and my storytelling from Driving Crazy, I know you'll like Tell Me a Story. Cheers! Smeg (Randy D)
  19. rezor

    Racing the Beam

    From the album: GameDev

  20. Ok so I dont know if Im in the minority, but whenever I tried to learn batari basic I find them a tad confusing, like whenever i attempt to make something I just dont understand enough to make anything... But you know what I did understand, Atari Basic A Self Teaching Guide: https://www.atariarchives.org/basic/ One of the things that Random Terrain recommended that I look at before I tried Batari Basic. While I didn't understand BATARI Basic I feel like I under stand ATARI Basic very well. It felt kind a fun with the examples and with the practice in the book it helped really pound in the language and how to actually use it. Am I only one who thinks that Batari Basic could use this self teaching guide treatment as well?
  21. Hi, Marc Oberhäuser has announced a start of his Kickstarter project for publishing a 704-pages book "Games for Atari: 1977 to 1995". It would be a visual guide that would cover games for Atari 2600 (200 titles), Atari 8-bit (100 titles on 150 pages) and complete libraries of: Atari Lynx (74 titles), Atari 5200 (69 titles) & Atari 7800 (59 titles). More details in this thread on Atari Age and on the Kickstarter page.
  22. Just a little something I've been faffing with for the past couple of months. 90k disk images for anyone that wants to load them up on an 810, or a giant disk image with everything on for emulators/SIO2XX devices. Docs included for all programs, press Ctrl + letter to get them up on screen at the selection menu. Enjoy! The Best of Softside Atari Edition.zip
  23. Hello!, I just got myself an Atari 520STFM and I am very excited about what I can do with it and all its features. I am aware of a book called 1001 things to do with your Atari ST which has all sorts of fun things to do with an Atari ST, but does anyone know where I could find a PDF or E Book version of this book online? Thanks for reading
  24. I will be contacting various podcasts, sites, and publications to get review copies of my two upcoming books, CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy’s Underdog Computer (written with Boisy Pitre); and Vintage Game Consoles: An Inside Look at Apple, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, and the Greatest Gaming Platforms of All Time (sequel to Vintage Games and written with Matt Barton); but if you qualify, please get in touch with me directly to save some time. Also, if you know of any such qualified entities or individuals, please pass along my information. Thanks for the help!
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