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Found 33 results

  1. I found my old Lynx game boxes while searching through my parent's attic. Anyone interested is these boxes? I also have the manuals to them. All game boxes are still shrink wrapped and look nearly new, just the top has been opened to take out the game card. The manuals are like new. Lynx system 1 (Grey box & manual) Mine looks like the 3rd one down on this page: https://atarigamer.com/pages/atari-lynx-console-boxes 1 Awesome Golf 2 Blue Lightning (grey strip box) 3 California Games (manual only, pack-in with system) 4 Checkered Flag (2 of them) 5 Chip's Challenge (grey strip box) 6 Electrocop (Big box, big manual) 7 Gates of Zendocon (Big box, big manual) 8 Joust 9 Ms. Pac-Man 10 Ninja Gaiden 11 Paperboy 12 Rampage 13 RoadBlasters 14 Rygar 15 S.T.U.N. Runner 16 Shanghai 17 Todd's Adventures in Slime World 18 Warbirds 19 Xenophobe (price tag partly on box / shrink wrap) 20 Zarlor Mercenary All the game boxes fit nicely inside the system box; so they were protected. I'm not really a collector, these are my personal games that I bought in 1991-1992, most of them at full price at Toy's 'R Us and Software Etc. stores in NH. I'm keeping the actual game cards & lynx 1 system, but if someone likes new looking boxes.... I'll take more pictures if someone wants. Thank-you, Michael F.
  2. Hello, (this is my first post). I recently purchased a copy of Doom. I noticed it was slightly different than the photo posted on Ebay and I'm confident it's not the one in the photo. I'm okay with that, but I want to make sure it's a real game. The box seemed a little shinier than other Jaguar boxes and I'm afriad it's a reproductions. I spent about $160 (CAN) on it so I really want it to be 100% original. Is there anything I can do to make sure it's original? Also, I was not able to test out the cartridge because I had a water leak and had to box up all my consoles while they replace the carpet.
  3. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    Perhaps my favorite Atari 2600 game. I got it new in the box and...it didn't stay in the box when I got it. It has the game, the manual, the comic, and an Atari catalog from 1981.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  4. Anyone interested in step-by-step instructions for making your own 2600-style boxes with full-color-print? I talking about real physical boxes, not only images. I own a printing-company and can make those boxes with instruction booklets and inlay (minimum quantity 50, pm me if you're publishing your own game), but I can also provide a step-by-step instruction for making your own (if you need just one or a few). It will look like this: It'll be quite a bit of work to put the instructions together, but if there's enough people interested, I'll do it. Post what you think. Thanks.
  5. I have just a couple remaining harder to find Atari 5200 games on my list to complete the collection: 1) Meteorites - Last game I need to complete collection, help me out! <PENDING> Also looking for the following overlays: Countermeasure Space Invaders Space Shuttle And looking for the following boxes (mostly interested in Atari/Parker Bros): Astrochase Ballblazer Berzerk Buck Rogers Choplifter! Dreadnaught Frogger II Gremlins Gyruss HERO Joust Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Keystone Kapers Mario Bros Megamania Miner 2049'er Monetzumas Revenge Moon Patrol Ms Pac Man Pengo Pitfall! Popeye Rescue on Fractalus Space Dungeon Star Trek Star Wars The Arcade Super Cobra Vanguard I do have just a couple duplicate 5200 games or I do have some 7800 games from loose to NIB. Beyond that I have duplicate NES, N64, SMS, and common 2600 games. Otherwise paypal works too. I am fine with loose carts, just looking to complete the set! I do not have much feedback here, but I have lots on nintendoage or ebay.
  6. I'm selling a few of my rare Atari 2600 games and I think there might be people here that are interested, so check out the auction: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110999979465 Good luck!
  7. ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST *UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc. Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration... Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aquattack Artillery Duel Brain Strainers Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Campaign '84 Choplifter Chuck Norris Superkicks Cosmic Crisis Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Decathlon Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Dragonfire Dukes of Hazard, The Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Fortune Builder Frantic Freddy Gateway to Asphai Gust Buster Gyruss It's Only Rock 'N Roll Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leaper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian Mountain King Oil's Well Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Roc N' Rope Rock 'N Bolt Rolloverture Sammiy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop Star Wars: The Arcade Game Strike It Super Cobra Super Crossforce Super Sketch (Loose or CIB) Tank Wars Telly Turtle Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'N Down Wing War Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's Zenji Thank you for your time..Cheers-
  8. From the album: My Game Collection

  9. Open to reasonable offers on 3 complete in box Atari 2600 games. All are in fantastic condition. Happy to provide more pictures upon request. Located in Australia. Thanks!
  10. So I bought Shantae Half Genie Hero yesterday at Lamestop (only place locally that had it) for all of $32 dollars including tax. It was one of the best game purchase values of my life as far as the packaging/price/contents/game quality mix goes. It came with no less than: -Box -Game in case -Thick full color Manual -Accompanying soundtrack CD If all games still came packaged like this i'd still be buying new consoles and games. The kicker is, I inserted the game and it fired right up, no hour long updates or servers to log into. Fun game too.
  11. Combat was the pack-in for the Atari VCS. Did the game come as cart only or was it complete in its own box as if it were a retail release?
  12. Recently, I picked up a boxed but incomplete Sears Video Arcade 4-switch. But I need to get a cardboard insert for it. I guess it's the same insert as a regular Atari 2600 4-switch insert? I'm also looking for a box, insert, manual for my Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision). If anyone can help me out, it'd be much appreciated. I can do cash via Paypal, or trades.
  13. I was just curious if anyone knew of some kind of plastic outer case you could put cardboard Atari game boxes inside of to protect them on the shelf. Basically just a transparent, rigid/semi-rigid plastic box a little larger than a 2600 cardboard game box would work. Anyone seen anything like this for sale anywhere to preserve boxes from getting crushed?
  14. Hi together, One spin-off out of the Atari Accountant is a new list for the Atari CX4xy boxes. Where x and y can be a number from 0 to 9, please see below for the actual list. Interesting is the fact, we had 404 for the 810 drive and the same(!) program obviously for the 815 drive, the 'beast', under the mark: 408... While the A800 with 48 KiB remains the same... So, does anyone know about the lables not yet described, e. g. 407, 409 and so on? Would be of great help to complete this part of Atari history. Thank you very much in advance. :-) CX401 General Accounting System (4 SSDD Diskettes) CX402 Accounts Receivable System (4 SSDD Diskettes) CX403 Inventory Control System (5 SSDD Diskettes) CX404 Atari Word Processor-for 810 drive CX405 PILOT CX406 Atari Personal Financial Management System CX407 CX408 Atari Word Processor-for 815 drive (? SSDD Diskettes) CX409 CX410 CX411 CX412 Atari Dow Jones Investment Evaluator CX413 Microsoft Basic CX413 CX414 The Atari Bookkeeper CX415 The Home Filing Manager (Basic) CX416 CX417 CX418 The Home Manager CX418 v.2 Atari Family Finances CX419 The Bookkeeper CX420 CX421 Atari Familien-Finanzen--von Budget & Income & Atari Family Finances CX481 The Entertainer CX482 The Educator CX483 The Programmer CX484 The Communicator CX488 The Communicator II The one and only exotic cartridge with a 8: CXL8001 Home Finance-Checkbook Cartridge
  15. I was a bit bored in lockdown and for a while I've been wanting to do something for my loose 2600 carts. I decided to try some custom mini boxes just big enough for the carts. I wanted to include the key info you're missing without the manual. The front is the original box artwork. One side has 1 or 2 Player icons. The other side has basic controls and the rear has difficulty switches, game modes, tips etc. Just wanted to throw them out there and see what people think
  16. Hello there everyone... Because this is my first time posting here at Atari Age, I'd like to say hello to everyone out there in Atari Land. I'm looking for some help on this one. I found this at a local thrift shop and knew I wanted it. When I found this I was super stoked because of the box and included games. Although, I'm not sure how to get it to work. I bought a RCA Jack to F Plug adapter but nothing.... I'm not sure what region this system is from or what the heck is going on. If someone could help out with understand how to hook it up to a regular North American TV that would be great. I tried to include pictures of the connections as best I could. Also, I know the box is in crappy condition, but does anyone know the approx value of what I've got here? Games included... Winter Games is in the yellow box.... Any help would be greatly appreciated from one gamer to another. Thanks!
  17. Hello all, I'm looking for these various empty atari 2600 game boxes for sale. PM me if you have any of these and we can work something out. Asteroids Atlantis Baseball Combat Cosmic creeps Defender Donkey kong Football Frogger Gorf Gyruss Kaboom Laser blast Maze Missle command Outlaw Pole position Space war Stampede Star voyager Starmaster Street racer Swordquest earthworld Swordquest fireworld Target fun
  18. I finally went and bought myself a PEB, listed as untested, and complete with RS-232, Disk Controller, and 32K cards. And as seems to be usual with untested systems, it doesn't work. (at least not entirely) I typed in the following program listed in the Disk Memory System manual, in order to test the drive: 100 OPEN #1:"DSK1.X" 110 CLOSE #1 The LED on the controller lit up for a fraction of a second, but the drive itself was lifeless, with me getting an I/O ERROR 00. The manual, however, says that I should normally get an I/O ERROR 06, and that 00 means that the drive could not be found. For what it's worth, the drive spins up when the PEB is first powered on, and the LED on the drive lights up when shutting it off. Where should I start with troubleshooting this? (BTW, I thought that members here were exaggerating about how loud the PEB's fan is; turns out it really is that loud )
  19. Apologies if this topic has already been discussed, I've tried going through a few different threads but things got a little confusing. I'm trying to determine which box art style came first. Take Moon Patrol for instance; There are at least 3 different box art styles for this game - One red, one silver (matching the style of other similar Atari boxes), and a second silver with its own full-cover sized artwork. The release dates are one thing, but then they could be NTSC/PAL boxes which brings in an entirely different question. Does anyone know the order in which these were released? Thanks in advance!
  20. I am looking for a good front picture of an Atari 800 box. I would like to convert it with RastaConverter like I've done with an Atari 800XL box.
  21. It seems like kind of a dumb question, but I'm looking for a good way to store and display my atari games. I'd probably play them more if I didn't have to dig through boxes to find them. Plus my kids are starting to play atari with me, which is great, and I think they'd be more apt to putting stuff away and taking care of the games better if I weren't just throwing them in a box. I'd love something older, like a case for atari games or something but everything I've seen only holds around ten. Do you guys have any good suggestions? Thanks!
  22. Some members suggested that I start a separate thread for the RAIN OF TERROR high score challenge so they could post their high scores directly in the thread. So here you go. The challenge is still going at this time... Now through November 6th, the person with the highest score on RAIN OF TERROR will receive the very first physical/box version of the game!! Including… · Numbered RAIN OF TERROR box – ( serial number 0001 ) · Labeled 5 ¼ program diskette · Full color manual And as a special BONUS… ( since this is a paddle controller game after all )… the winner will also receive an actual set of Atari Paddle controllers!! (don’t worry, shipping is on us too) Of course you can play on actual Atari hardware or on an emulator ( capturing the mouse as paddle controller works great on Altirra and Atari800win), but we do want a screen shot or digital picture of your best score either way! Please post your high score here (or you can PM me with it if you don't want to post it for some reason) including screen shot or digital picture by end of November 6th. Note that there is also a similar thread on ABBUC website here. http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9004 You can post either here on Atariage or on the ABBUC thread ( or both !), I will monitor responses on both sites. GOOD LUCK !!
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