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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help me out with determining the value of my 2600. I bought an original 1977 Heavy Sixer at an antique mall/flea market type establishment, complete in box with the manual, warranty card, both original joysticks and paddle controllers, and all the cables, except for the switch box to hook it up to a TV. I purchased one of the coaxial adaptors so I could play it. In addition to Combat, it also had Riddle of the Sphinx, Starship and Air-Sea Battle in the box when I got it. I'm considering selling it, and I have no idea what it is actually worth. I would feel like a douche if I overcharged for it (I don't trust ebay prices as a guideline for anything) but I also don't want to give it away for too cheap either. I'm looking to either get a few more NES or Master System games instead, as I don't really care about having Atari hardware. I have an Atari flashback, and I love all the games on it. Any input would be most appreciated. Like I said, I have no idea what a fair asking price would be. Hope you experts can help me out! Thanks guys!!!!
  2. Hi all, I don't know whether this is oke to ask. But after (very) long thinking, I've decided to sell my Atari Falcon.. I haven't been using it enough to keep it really.. It looks and feels like new, is complete with the internal metal shield and speaker, the original 84 MB Connor harddrive is in the (bit noisy though) and a spare harddrive, 14 MB ram, software, switcher to connect the Falcon to the old ST displays, etc. I included a bunch of pictures of it working, and the whole package.. For some strange reason, some of the pictures are sideways and can always be reshot... Oh, it hasn't been recapped yet... I know (from the forum) that most people prefer it this way. The drawing tablet will go to Portugal, so is not included... Asking price: 1300 euros, or US$1450 (that should, according to my local exchange rate be just about equal). Shipping costs are separate extra. Of course depending on where it needs to be sent to... Of course it will be send with insurance and as properly packaged as I can manage If you have questions: don't hesitate to ask! I speak English and Dutch, I read and understand German as well, and a bit of Spanish and French... Bas.
  3. All I have left are the Journey Escape games. These first six Journey Escape games are still sealed and have some slight damage to the boxes but they are in good condition. $10 shipped each. They will be shipped in a small box for protection (no bubble mailers on these!) ONLY ONE LEFT! The next six Journey Escape games are also still sealed but they have a little more damage to the boxes (front and/or back). $7 shipped each. ALL SIX AVAILABLE The next two Journey Escape games are still sealed but as you can see they are pretty beat up. The one on the right has a decent looking front but something was hungry so it ate part of the box. $5 shipped for the box on the left and $4 shipped for the box on the right The next three Journey Escape games are not sealed but one of them is complete while one is missing the catalog. The one complete box is in pretty good condition, not much damage to the box just some normal wear and tear. The other box is missing the catalog and the box is a bit more beat up. $5 shipped for the CIB game and $4 shipped for the one that is missing the catalog. ALL CIB sold, the other one is still available. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hey folks. We received an amazing Atari donation over at the Personal Computer Museum last year, and we're still sorting through some of it. I thought I'd share some of the educational titles that appear quite rare with you to take a look at. While you might have the software, there's a good chance you've never seen the box - and we scan both the front and the back. Match Up (International Publishing and Software Version) Match Up! (Hayden Software) Shape Up! (Hayden Software) microAddition (Hayden Software) Matchboxes (Broderbund) microDivision (Hayden Software) Factor Blast (Hayden Software) You can also see our Atari 8-bit library on one page (keep in mind, we have a lot more software, but this is what we have cataloged so far) It looks like the manuals are also included for all of them. If there is sufficient interest, I'll consider making the effort to archive those as well - just let us know! Enjoy!
  5. From the album: CatPixtures

  6. What we have here is my entire Intellivision collection. It’s a pretty sweet collection containing 44 games (most of which have their manuals and overlays with three that are CIB), a boxed intellivoice and an original intellivision. I got almost all of it at an estate sale about 5 years ago. I’m not a fan of the Intellivsion and I never will be. I’ve hung onto it all these years because it was a feather in my cap to own it. But, it’s just taking up space and I have no good reason to hang on to. So to prove that I'm not a hoarder... here it is looking for a home that will value it. I’m the second owner, so far as I know, and all come from a smoke free home. I originally posted this here, but after a day of being up and not a single page view, I'm not going to waste my time waiting. It's now up on ebay. Hardware Original “Model 1” Intellivision - In working condition. At some point I had it open, washed the thing out and cleaned the contacts in the controllers. Intellivoice – Comes with the original box, but no manual. Also in fine working condition. It says B-17 Bawwwwmer just fine. Two plastic game cases (see photo), each able to hold 20 games and their manuals. One has a little damage on the lid where the front tab broke off, but both have intact hinges. Games Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Manual and overlays Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin - Loose Cart Armor Battle - Manual and overlays Astrosmash - Manual and overlays Auto Racing - Manual and overlays Backgammon - Manual and overlays Beauty and the Beast - Manual and overlays Bowling - Manual and overlays Boxing - Manual and overlays Burger Time - Manual and overlays Centipede - Loose Cart Checkers - Manual and overlays Demon Attack - Manual and overlays Donkey Kong - Loose Cart Dragonfire - Manual and overlays Golf - Manual and overlays Horse Racing - Manual and overlays Lock ‘N’ Chase - Manual and overlays Math Fun - Manual and overlays Microsurgeon - Manual and overlays MLB Baseball - Complete in Box NASL Soccer - Manual and overlays NBA Basketball - Manual and overlays NFL Football - Manual, playbooks and overlays NHL Hockey - Manual and overlays Night Stalker - Manual and overlays Pitfall - Loose cart Poker & Blackjack – Complete in box Reversi - Manual and overlays Sea Battle - Manual and overlays Skiiing - Manual and overlays Snafu - Manual and overlays Space Armada - Manual and overlays Space Battle – Complete in box Space Hawk - Manual and overlays Star Strike - Manual and overlays Triple Action - Loose cart Tron Deadly Discs - Manual and overlays Tron Maze-A-Tron - Manual and overlays Word Fun - Manual and overlays Vectron - Loose cart Intellivoice Games Bomb Squad - Manual and overlays B-17 Bomber - Manual and overlays Space Spartans - Manual and overlays
  7. Have some genesis games I'm looking to sell. All are repros except for Golden Axe. MKII unlimited is in an original MKII cart and uses its original pcb. Truxton uses a sega cart and pcb as a donor as well. The labels for those are glossy and professionally printed. Golden Axe is original in original box and artwork. no manual Zero wing is a repro the whole way. It uses the now infamous European translation. The PCB is a high quality Muramasa with a rom chip, not a flash chip. The cart is clear and painted glossy silver on the inside for a gun metal type effect. Professional quality box art and label too All games are NTSC, Shipped in a box USPS first class, US only please. If you buy all of them at once or a few I'll ship priority mail. Payment through Paypal, I will provide tracking. Golden Axe 25 shipped MKII unlimited 25 shipped Truxton 20 shipped Zero Wing 45 Shipped
  8. From the album: Spawnshop's Atari 2600 Collection

    My A2600 Boxed Collection as of 081615
  9. Hey guys, I decided to try this forum as it might garner some more attention than in the Marketplace section. I'm near to completion with my PAL release Atari 7800 collection and there are three games that I've been having real difficulty in getting... - Kung Fu Master - F-18 Hornet - Tomcat: F-14 Simulator All three of these games were released in PAL territories under the HES/Salu branding and I'm looking for boxed versions of these games! I'm also on the hunt for a boxed PAL copy of Dark Chambers. Is anyone willing to sell any of these? I don't care too much about the condition! Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for these various empty atari 2600 game boxes for sale. PM me if you have any of these and we can work something out. Asteroids Atlantis Baseball Combat Cosmic creeps Defender Donkey kong Football Frogger Gorf Gyruss Kaboom Laser blast Maze Missle command Outlaw Pole position Space war Stampede Star voyager Starmaster Street racer Swordquest earthworld Swordquest fireworld Target fun
  11. Anyone have a Vectrex Light Pen? box I do, complete in box. Ever once in a while I take it out and draw some fun stuff with it. I remember that I took a picture when I drew a kind-of galaxy picture with some asteroid floating in space around stars as dots and some other random stuff. The light pen cost my a good lump of cash but in my opinion it's worth it. I personally love this attachment but a little.. more like a lottle to pricey for my taste. All I need is art master an vectrex and light pen and I can be entertained for hours (I have a long attention span) What do you like drawing with a light pen?
  12. Fully refurbished and tested. Please look at the large pictures at the bottom. This Atari has been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. No cracks to the case and, considering its age, this Atari is in superb condition! The Atari comes with a RF aerial cable (on request) and power cable (on request). Fully tested with an external floppy drive, monochrome and colour monitor, hard drive, printer and RF output to ensure all ports are operational. Technical details:- TOS v1.02 GEM v0.13 AES v1.20 Half megabyte of memory Minimal yellowing - see pictures below Manufactured on 22/4/1987 The floppy drive head has been cleaned and reads, writes and formats floppy disks reliably. The joystick and mouse ports have been re-soldered. Sometimes these develop dry or broken solder joints, or develop intermittent faults over the years due to mice and joysticks being connected and removed . The memory has been tested with a 100 pass hardware memory read and write test. The Atari has been running for 24 hours to ensure to ensure there are no overheating issues. This Atari is in its original box with matching serial number to the Atari ST. The original box has some handwriting on it - see pictures below. What's included:- Atari STFM computer Atari STFM box and poly inserts Atari STFM owner's manual RF aerial cable (on request) 13A to IEC power cable (on request) Price: £60.00 + P&P P&P to UK: £12.50 P&P to Europe: £25.00
  13. I have a boxed Wii Fitness board up for trade. I'm looking for some of the things listed here. Wii stuff: NBA Jam Super Mario Bros Wii Mario Kart Wii System carry case/bag GameCube Stuff: Sonic Gems Collection Mega Man Collection Star Wars Bounty Hunter 2 Gamecube controllers
  14. It's funny, I've never gone out of my way to buy boxed and especially BNIB items. Yet I've accumulated quite a few boxes. That takes a couple of bins in storage downstairs. A few months ago I bought about 25 boxed games in a fairly good deal from a local retro store here in Toronto. They gave me about half-price from the individual cost and a lot cheaper than what I usually see on eBay especially for sealed items. It was a spur of a moment thing and have to admit, the thrill of owning them is pretty cool. I don't think I ever had that many new boxes of anything at one time. I haven't opened a single one, although I have been tempted! In the Atari BNIB grouping, the stand-out titles are Motorodeo, Xenophobe and Ikari Warriors. Bought them all from eBay. Not 100% sure, but one of them may be a PAL edition. The copy of Jinks for the 7800 was placed there with the 2600 games by mistake; got it with my modded 7800 from Best Electronics. I was looking at getting Klax at some point, but after never seeing a good deal on eBay for months, I just gave up on that. I seem to have boxed copy of Defender II and Stargate. A couple of variations of the Moon Patrol game. Many of them have the Zellers price sticker on them. One of the few games I looked for in a box was Realsports Soccer, always wanted to have the boxed version but haven't been able to find brand new. Paid a few bucks extra on eBay just to pick it up. The opened copy of Donkey Kong I found at a local pawn shop. I also have a bunch of non-Atari boxed games , majority bought at the same time with the batch of 25 games. I'm glad I got the entire Epyx series, although I also have a couple of duplicates (although opened). BMX Airmaster I got off someone on eBay. My favourite here is the Decathlon box. Wished I had bought a 2nd copy for me to open ... On the 7800 front, I have a couple of boxed copies of Ballblazer (one BNIB). I think both of them were unopened, but since I wanted to try Ballblazer to the hear its sound, so I opened the more banged-up copy. I do have a POKEY chip from Best just in case one day a multicart comes out that needs it so I wont sacrifice a cart (BB prices are now through the roof!). Ninja Golf was probably one of the last games I bought on eBay almost a year ago. Considering the going prices at the time, I felt it was reasonably priced. The last game I bought? The 7800 multicart #2.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ4-YuTeEzM&feature=youtu.be Hey there! I wanted to show off my collection, small as it may be. I am constant searching flew markets, goodwills..you name it on the chance that they might have anything to do with Atari. I yammer on for a bit, but I say each game title that I currently own, and show off a couple extras that I've got. No one around me seems to be as gung-ho about Atari or will play any of these with me, haha so that's why I wanted to share it with all of you who share the Atari love. let me know what you think! (I also realize that I said 7200, instead of 7800 >.< ) Thanks!
  16. Hello Atarists, I am looking for a Tron M-network joystick with the games and box, in a good and original shape! Well, kind of a holy grail I am sure but if anyone of you few who own it are interested in selling it, send me a signal!
  17. Hi, I'm looking to complete my boxed model 1 genesis collection is the last one I need. I see them on eBay from time to time but I figured I would try here first. So if you don't know what the fighting system is, its the bundle that came with Streets of Rage 2. The box is orangeish in some places. Here is a picture of what it looks like http://www.rfgeneration.com/images/hardware/U-040/bf/U-040-H-00012-A.jpg If anybody has one for sale, please message me and hopefully we can work out a deal. thanks!
  18. Hi, I've decided to sell my boxed Commodore 64C computer, and its matching disc drive, the 1541C. Both have boxes and manuals. The boxes show a little wear for their age, but are overall in very good condition. They have the booklets that originally came with them as well. Both have all the cords necessary to be hooked up as well. I have tested the Commodore 64. I have no games but I did play around with the initial start up options and made sure everything is working properly. The disc drive I can not test. According to the manual however, everything seems to be working perfectly. It makes the exact noises the manual says it will. It lights up just as the manual says it will. However, I do not have any games so I can not test it 100%. So that is everything, they are both boxed like I said, both have manauals and all their cords. The 64 works, the disc drive probably works but can not be fully tested. For a price, I'm not 100% certain of that these are worth. I can only go by offers I've had in the past and completed eBay listings. I'm going to start at $125 shipped or best offer. Please let me know if you're interested and we may be able to work out a deal. I'm also up for trades, but I'm mostly into NES, SNES, Genesis, 32x, Sega CD, Saturn and Gamecube. Please let me know. Take care, Tyler
  19. I'm trying to complete my Activision collection, and I need those games: BOXED COMPLETE: Beamrider Checkers Cosmic Commuter Crackpots Double Dragon Ghostbusters H.E.R.O. Kung-Fu Master Private Eye Rampage River Raid CART+MANUAL: River Raid II – have the box only LOOSE (wanna buy a bunch to make for some lots) River Raid Enduro Pitfall! Pitfall II H.E.R.O. Keystone Kapers Frostbite Megamania THanx!
  20. Morning, folks. Next up for sale, fully working (makes a really satisfying start-up, deep burrr - recently serviced so in GREAT SHAPE internally and externally), unmodified 1050 drive. All polys/box present (though that isn't in great shape - B grade at best), but I will tape up a little and ensure it's properly bubblewrapped for secure shipping. SORRY - no PSU / SIO cables with this disk drive. Only getting rid as I have too many drives now - the others are enhanced so someone had to make some space before 'her indoors' finally nukes the entire collection and me... £60 plus postage please - UK £5, rest of Atari World a little more - please mail me with your location and I'll get you a quote. Thanks for looking and all the best. NB: SPECIAL OFFER - take the 1050 and either of my XLs (a Freddy and boxed 800XL also for sale on AtariAge) and get £10 off the total price, so boxed 1050 AND FREDDY XL for just £120 or 1050 and boxed XL for £110 (plus postage of course). Cheers. BAZ
  21. Pardon my excitement, Krull as cheese laden as it is... is prob my Favorite move of all time (nostalgia drunk but still) The game on 2600 is one of, if not The earliest video game memory i have.. tied if not a close second behind Wizards of Wor on C64 I jumped on this copy, the only sealed game i own... how does it look? what would you say is the current value for something like this? just to ease the blow in explaining to the wife..lol
  22. i have the following games for sale Star fox- includes players guide and manual Diddy Kong racing. with box. ex rental Nfl blitz with box. ex rental Cruizin world with box mlb baseball with ken griffey jr. with box namco musem. missing white cart holder. loose booklets as well please make offers
  23. Morning, guys. Up for grabs here is a really nice 800XL all working, boxed and with all necessary RF cables, PSU/brick. Also included - 2 copies of ANTIC magazine. I'm looking for £60 plus P&P (UK £7-50, rest of world please contact me for a quote stating your location). Many thanks for looking. Best wishes, BAZ.
  24. I've put a post up in the Marketplace as well here is the link with pictures, a description and all that: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/195554-fs-boxed-commodore-64c-and-boxed-disc-drive-1541c/ I figured I could post it here as well thinking maybe since you guys are more aimed at the classic computers that it might help it sell. Thanks!
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