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Found 14 results

  1. You think, that Bubsy 3 "No More Mr. Nice Guy!" is the rarest media from Bubsy? Well apparently, Michael Berlyn tried to make Bubsy 4 after Bubsy 3D. Or did he? There are only two articles about it. The first article confirms the existence of it: "We learned a lot about 3D design and coding and the environment and what could and what couldn’t be done," he said, "and we went to Sony to pitch them on doing a product. We brought a prototype for Bubsy 4, which was really just nothing other than a calling card. And they could see where we had taken it, and said, 'Oh yeah, we’d be interested in doing a product with you. Absolutely not a furry animal product, though, we already have one of those." At this time, the Sony marketing machine was busy placing their new mascot, Crash Bandicoot, into pizza commercials. "So we said okay, pick a product any product, and by mutual consent, we agreed to do Syphon Filter." Syphon Filter, a 3D action game obviously inspired by Metal Gear Solid, would prove to be Berlyn's last. - Gamasutra, 2005 The other article declines it: Josh: As the legend goes, you sort of got pulled into Syphon Filter as you were trying to pitch Bubsy 4. Is that true? Michael: I pitched two other products that were not Bubsy. One was called Sparky and Bolt, which was an electrical boy and a sidekick who was a dog, who was electrical also, in kind of a Jetsons future where appliances had come to life and were attacking the city. Sparky’s goal was to kill the enemies, and Bolt would act as a sidekick and recharge him and shoot lightning bolts out of his nose. It was a very well-developed concept. Josh: Yeah, that sounds really fun. Michael: I pitched it to Sega, and Sega said, “Not enough edge. Have Sparky be a punk with an attitude, and have Bolt be some sort of nasty cat or something.” And I said, “You’re missing the point.” And I guess I was the one missing the point, because they turned it down. I pitched it to Accolade, and Accolade said, “Ummmmm, I don’t think so. We’re more interested in a Bubsy 4.” And I said, “I really think Bubsy’s dead by now. Between what you guys did with Bubsy 2 and What I did with Bubsy 3D, it’s time to move on.” They didn’t agree. At the time, Sony was making noises about wanting to buy the development company, and I had just left it. So Bubsy 4 was not a possibility, and Sparky and Bolt never happened, and Dingo Dan never happened. - Retrovolve, 2015 Sources: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/97672/Playing_CatchUp_Bubsys_Michael_Berlyn.php https://retrovolve.com/a-chat-with-bubsys-michael-berlyn-part-2-rejection-and-reinvention/ (found by Polimpiastro on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Polimpiastro/)
  2. I finally made a documentary video about this obscure game project. I hope you like it 😃
  3. Today, I added a lot more info about Bubsy TV Pilot on Bubsy Bobcar Wiki. I hope you like the new info about Bubsy cartoon Link: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_(TV_Pilot)
  4. There was a prototype of Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, that was (according to the description of it) LESS polished than the original. Which is very interesting. The price was 799$, but no one has ever bought that. However, there is a picture of the cartridge and the tittle screen of it. Theory The theory of this one is that it might have some screenshots of the prototype of this game besides the title screen. It's proven by looking threw magazines, that is mentioned and look at screenshots of the game and see, if there's any difference. One was even found in this commercial. Here are screenshots I've found so far and the comparison. There were two hot dogs in level 4, but there's only one hot dog in the final. In level 7, there was a shark, but not in the final. For this one, it doesn't exist in the final, because I can't find this place. Ok, it's not much different from the final, but it's interesting non the less. Did you know? Interesting enough, there's another NTSC prototype of the same game (with a cartridge), that was found by Nullifidian on Ebay in 2007. It costed €199.95 (or $247.08). There's also a PAL prototype of it. Sources http://platypuscomix.com/interactive/thingsyoucanteverhave7.html https://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=125236 https://twitter.com/JigxorAndy/status/1024580393968775168/photo/1
  5. Recently, we found 2 games: 196 in 1, Bubsy 1 & 2 (Mega Drive) 6 in 1, Bubsy 1 & 2 (SNES) We found some new other releases before, but forgot to tell you. Sorry about that 😅 If you wanna check the gallery, here's the link:
  6. Today, I made imaginary covers of Bubsy 3 "No More Mr. Nice Guy!" for Sega Genesis, Sony PSX (PS1) and for Sega Saturn. This was an actual game project back in the 90s. Read more about it in this link: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3 (Credit me, if you'll my pictures)
  7. Some days ago, I asked Mark Eyles through E-mail about Bubsy 3. At first, he thought I meant Bubsy 3D. So he said that he wasn't involved in this and gave me a link to Bubsy 3D page. Then I explained to him more about it and he then understood me. He said, that he doesn't remember working with Bubsy. There could be two possibilities he said: - either they are just referring to a discussion he had with someone at some point about game ideas or - it was some other game idea that they adapted for Bubsy. Which is interesting since the evidence tells, that he himself showed those ideas to Images Software. Here's the evidence of conversation with Mark Eyles though E-mail. If you don't understand, read the Bubsy Bobcat Wiki about Bubsy 3: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3 Again, here's the evidence of Bubsy 3's description.
  8. Today I found some more info about Bubsy 3. The most forgotten Bubsy game project ever. Which is why I did some research. Credtis: the information gave us by steven78 in 2016 at nintendoage.com and the blog was found by DoctorClu. the evidence Information Bubsy 3 was a game project, that was supposed to be completed on Spring of 1996 on Sega Genesis, Sony PSX and on Sega Saturn. It was produced by Accolade and Images Software (a division of Climax Enterprises Ltd.) (the same company who made Bubsy 2 for Game Boy). It was supposed to be called Bubsy 3 "No more Mr Nice Guy!". The game concept was made by Mark Eyles (the same person, who designed the game called "The Lawnmower Man" in 1993). When he showed Bubsy 3 concepts to Images Software, they liked it so much, that they immediately started developing. According to the evidence, they were close to complete the game. They only needed publishing partners, but it seems that no one accepted it. It could also be cancelled, because Images Software discontinued since 1995. The only proof is the last game they worked on was in 1995 called Theme Park for Sega Genesis and for Sega CD, which they did sound implementation and FMV implementation. We unfortunately have no other screenshots of it besides the tittle screen of it, which looks very alpha phase, the script of codes and the description. New updates about it is on Bubsy Bobcat wiki: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3 Sources https://web.archive.org/web/20191023083142/http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?StartRow=1&catid=35&threadid=163683 https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/13713-cruizin-nintendoage-september-2017-bubsy-2-for-gamegear/
  9. A few months ago, I uploaded a compilation of Bubsy commercials (1993-2019). If you look on 1:26, there's an interesting commercial, that advertised Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind for Sega Mega Drive in 1993. But unfortunetaly, the footage itself was distorted at the start and at the end, so we don't know how it starts nor ends. But at that time, this was the only footage that was available to see. But a month ago, Accolade uploaded a full polished version of this commercial on November 17th 2020 on archive.org. It was found by usagijojo on November 18th 2020 on Discord (Officious Bubsy Fan Group), a day after the footage was uploaded. Interesting enough, they included some more information about this commercial. According to the description, it's an LP VHS recording from a TV broadcast in Perth, Australia in 1993. The network is unknown. Here's the full footage, that they uploaded. 25-16 - Bubsy (1993).mp4 Here's the link: https://archive.org/details/bubsy-commercial
  10. Steven78 Steven78 is the person, who posted the screenshot of the title screen, the script of codes and the description on NintendoAge. He lives in Netherlands and has a lot of prototypes of games. He even has games, that were never published or completed (such as the Pac world, Shadows Of The Wind...). Where did he got them? I'm not sure. It was really hard to find his sites/adresses. I eventually found out, that this person has been silent since 2017 according to SMSpower page. A User named Bock tried to contact him in 2019, but he never got answers from him. However, I found his account with the same name on BoomBoxery. He must be the same person, because in his introduction page, it says, that he lives in Netherlands. And on NintendoAge, it also says, that he lives there. But unfortunately, he hasn’t been active since 2019. But I still tried to ask him. No answers. I found the article on Retro Game Network, that mentions him. Not only his username, but also his real name. Stephen Jacobs. I tried many combination with his user name, real name, location...The only other results from that is a bunch of accounts on Facebook with his real name. There are hundreds of them, but we don’t know how he looks like, or where he specifically lives on Netherlands (but according to his account on nesretro.com, he lives on Utrecht.) The last result is his account on nesretro.com as we mentioned before, but again, not active on it. So I think there's no way to contact him anymore. If you don't understand, what I'm talking about, here's the Bubsy Bobcat Wiki page about Bubsy 3: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3 Sources https://www.smspower.org/forums/17354-UnreleasedBubsyIIForGameGear https://boomboxery.com/forum/members/steven78.5626/ http://www.retrogamenetwork.com/2014/11/06/unreleased-super-nintendo-prototype-title-sound-factory-a-k-a-sound-fantasy-discovered/ http://www.nesretro.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1252696225
  11. I found the blog by Buyatari, that talks about Bubsy 2 preview prototype for Sega Genesis. Which is pretty interesting considering, that they got that only people, who previewed this game in 1994. Those were Scott Barnes, Alex V. Cabal, Harry Chavez, Dexx Dorris, Steve Fallas, Richard Gangwish, Sandy Jackson, Chris Nash, Kevin Seiter and James A. Vitales. So only 10 copies of it. Here are pictures, that he showed: Theory Just like Bubsy 1 prototype, there's a theory, that it might have some screenshots of the prototype of this game besides the title screen. It's proven by looking threw magazines, that is mentioned and look at screenshots of the game and see, if there's any difference. Here are screenshots I've found so far and the comparison. The early title screen of Bubsy 2 (there's also a text: Preview copy only! 1/28/94) An interesting early version of this menu (interesting enough, that's from SNES, so there's a chance that the prototype of Bubsy 2 for SNES exist) There are three interesting screenshots of what appears to be a level of space. There are two differences: first, the background is the sky from a plane level instead of space background. And second, there is an unused sprite of a globe with a ring. The most interesting thing about an early version of Bubsy 2 is that it had a weapon, that it doesn't exist in the final release: a pie. However, the pie weapon is included on Bubsy 2 for Gameboy. Conclusion Not only there is NTSC and PAL prototype of Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, but there's also a preview prototype of Bubsy 2. Source https://atariage.com/forums/topic/142182-bubsy-ii-sega-preview-prototype/
  12. On January 21st 2021, Julia (Archivist at The Strong National Museum of Play) announced on Twitter, that collection of Michael and Muffy Berlyn papers are now available on a museum called The Strong National Museum of Play, which is in New York. In the page from the museum it says, they have a lot of Bubsy archives such as: “Bubsy” – game proposal, tech specs, cost documents, notes; 1991 “Bubsy” – game design documentation, bug lists, notes, memos; 1991-1992 “Bubsy” – marketing folder with photographs, 1991 ... They even have some concept arts of Bubsy 3D and some VHSes! Read more about it here: 119.2588.pdf Or read it on the website: http://archives.museumofplay.org/repositories/3/resources/219
  13. Today, I looked at one of the screenshots of Bubsy 3 "No More Mr. Nice Guy!" and checked at the files, that are shown in the screenshot. I don't know, if I chose the right files for Bubsy 3, but I think those are the ones. I looked at definitions of each file on fileinfo.com and made theories around them. Once again, it's just a theory not a fact (but definitions of each files is true). If you don't understand, what I'm talking about, here's the page: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3
  14. DoctorClu has found and will buy this: RARE Bubsy 3D - Toys "R" Us VIDPro Display Card It's one of the original VIDPro manufactured cards that were used in Toys "R" Us at one point in time from the '80s to early 2000s. Pretty cool from them, don't you think?
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