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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, Anyone can help me with this? I wanna use 3 or more sprites in same screen, using the system of flickering, something like in Adventure, I don't know how to create something like a "corroutine" in this, so if anyone can help me, thank u.
  2. found a minor bug in visual BA. If you have open more than one program file in some instances the errors from one file will show up in the other file when compiling. This has happened a couple times to me and it took a while for me to figure out what was going on. I would have a file open to compile (forefront) and the file, not open, (behind) had known compile errors. those (behind) errors be displayed in the (forefront) when compiled. I just closed the offending file and the forefront file compiled fine. Just an FYI
  3. I just opened a box and found a piece of paper that a buddy printed up from me from way back when. It's an exploit for Carrier Command that is suppose to allow you to add missiles to you store. I don't don't have my ST set up so I can't test this (OK, I could bring up a emulator... ) but I figured someone would want to try this. I did do a quick search and didn't find a cheat/exploit/bug mentioning this and I would hate to have it lost. STEPS 1. While in the Walrus arming menu, select 9 Harbinger surface to surface missiles and put them into the AAV 2. Select the Avatar Chemical Laser and place it over the missiles. 3. Select he pd you want (ACCB, Virus Bomb, Fuel) and place it in the AAV. When you've launched the AAV, look at its weapons and you'll find you have bit missiles and lasers. On returning to the carrier, any missiles you have left will be added to your ships stores. Carry on doing this and hundreds of missiles can be yours.
  4. I think my Game Genie has a stuck bit. I've haven't touched it in a couple years but I never had issues with it in the past. Last time I used it was on stock hardware, to grant infinite lives while playing the physical cart of Guntz's SML v3 Super Mario World hack, and enabling the feather cape to reach some hard to reach spots. Recently the Super NT gave me a renewed interest in everything Super Nintendo related, and I have run into so problems with the device itself. Anyway I made a youtube video of the behavior. (previous upload attempt aborted for some reason) Basically the third character on the code input screen entry appears to have a stuck bit in it. Upon reset, some codes entered have the wrong character assigned, and they still don't work properly when entered. It exhibits the same behavior on stock hardware as well as the Super NT. Is there potential to fix it, or should I just buy another one?
  5. finally i'm having one of my SG1000/MSX1 Boriel’s ZX-Basic examples working on ColecoVision The problem is that i don’t know why the joystick (accessed from i/o) is not working as expected (i don’t want to use the bios routines since i think it wastes that precious ram area, and i’m still not comfortable enough with that), and i can’t use halt as waitvbl (i think that there should be some code related to nmi there?) about the joystick, perhaps i should use di and ei before and after accessing the joystick from i/o? or is it something else? the sources (in Boriel’s ZX-Basic, and the intermediary .asm for debuging) and the resulting .rom file is there
  6. If anyone wants to help on the firmware side of things, the following ticket has been filed: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/issues/416 Which explains that the HTTP client class being used to instantiate HTTP connections over N: is failing on its second use (the response coming back is all zeroes, and there is no discernable debug information passed back otherwise) 13:49:00.713 > CF: 71 4f 04 00 c4 13:49:00.713 > sioNetwork::sio_process 0x4f 'O': 0x04, 0x00 13:49:00.713 > sioNetwork::sio_open() 13:49:00.713 > 13:49:00.713 > ACK! 13:49:00.713 > Deleting existing rateTimer 13:49:00.713 > 13:49:00.713 > <-SIO read 256 bytes 13:49:00.736 > ACK! 13:49:00.736 > sioNetwork::parseURL(N:HTTP://FUJINET-TESTING.IRATA.ONLINE/LOREM.DOC) 13:49:00.736 > sioNetwork::parseURL transformed to (N:HTTP://FUJINET-TESTING.IRATA.ONLINE/LOREM.DOC, HTTP://FUJINET-TESTING.IRATA.ONLINE/LOREM.DOC)Parse and instantiate protocol: N:HTTP://FUJINET-TESTING.IRATA.ONLINE/LOREM.DOC 13:49:00.739 > NetworkProtocol::ctor() 13:49:00.739 > sioNetwork::open_protocol() - Protocol HTTP opened. 13:49:00.739 > NetworkProtocolFS::resolve(/LOREM.DOC,/,LOREM.DOC) 13:49:00.740 > Resolved to /LOREM.DOC 13:49:00.740 > fnHttpClient::begin "http://FUJINET-TESTING.IRATA.ONLINE:80/LOREM.DOC" 13:49:00.742 > COMPLETE! 13:49:00.742 > fnHttpClient::GET 13:49:00.742 > 001869f0 _perform 13:49:00.742 > 001869f1 _perform status = 0, length = 0, chunked = 0
  7. i think i'm writing the 16 bytes header correctly (without scrambling), but the rom is not booting on Mess emulators (when the known 16kb rom games runs perfectly) - what might be wrong there? thanks! _example01d1_16kbtest.zip
  8. So I picked up a nice Atari cartridge lot off Craigslist the other day: 45 loose cartridges for $25, 22 of them 7800. Among the 7800 carts included was a new one to me: Tower Toppler. I loved this game on my C64 back in the day, so I was excited to have it on another platform for which I've recently started collecting. Get it home, clean the contacts, insert it into my 7800, and the title screen comes up with that familiar little ditty playing. So I excitedly press the button on my Proline controller to start playing and the first level comes up. Submarine appears, drops off my little guy, and then.... cuts to the next level screen? Huh. That was weird. So the next level comes up, little guy hops out of the sub... and another cutaway to the next level screen. WTH? Turn off the 7800, clean the cartridge's contacts especially meticulously this time, clean the contacts in the 7800 cart slot, and try again. And got the same result. Am I missing something obvious here? Or is there some extra hardware in the TT cart that may be fouled up and causing the game to malfunction? If it's helpful, I can record and post a video of the behavior. But I'm hopeful that this is just some simple-yet-obscure issue that one of you longtime AA regulars will know off the top of your head. Thanks in advance for any help! - [email protected]
  9. First time in well over 20 years of owning and playing this title* finally crash on me. I was just stationed behind a large pyramid, letting the system sit for ~15 minutes and it crashed to a screen looking almost similar to frying a 2600 or when a cart doesn't make the proper contact. I was able to replicate a similar behavior under the ProSystem emulator twice (but the emulator just froze instead of going to any sort of crash screen), sitting behind a large pyramid again like on the real hardware. The first time within about ~15 minute window and a second time after sitting well after a half-hour. I could only locate two posts mentioning Desert Falcon crashing, here and here. Anyone know why or how come it crashes sometimes/rarely? I know the source code is available, but not sure if it has ever been debugged to a level that is able to figure out why this would happen. *Granted in the past I never tried letting it just "sit" the way I did though.
  10. Hello. I am having difficulties with my AtariVox with the Homebrew Wall Jump Ninja. It appears not to be saving my high scores at all or only working sporadically. I've tested it both on my 7800 (with Genesis extension cord) and on my 4-switch woodgrain. I am also getting a random sounding blip or bleep out of the Vox when I crash on the lava or the spark sometimes. I wasn't aware the game used the Vox for sound effects but I seem to be getting a small sound out of it upon death. It seems to be sporadic though in that sometimes it produces a sound when I die, sometimes not. I managed to save a high score of 45 on easy, no lava, but a subsequent score of 20-something on lava, hard did not register. I'm guessing the high score is saved the instant you die? Because that is exactly the moment I hear a "bleep" out of the AtariVox. I'll try to post a video tomorrow describing the effect. I bought my AtariVox from the.golden.ax in 2013 shortly before he fell ill. If someone has a test ROM that will verify proper operation, it would be appreciated. I played Strat-O-Gems and it talks "One" "One-Two" "One-Two-Three" normally if I score combos, however I did not beat my old high score so not sure if it is saving properly, but it reads the scores fine. I own several other AtariVox homebrews if someone could suggest ones to try. I just haven't hooked my Vox up recently until yesterday. Thanks for any info, not sure why the save feature was unsuccessful on Wall Jump Ninja.
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