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Found 45 results

  1. Vectrex game Armor Attack - Aluminium & brass shell in Ukrainian colours Armor Attack in custom aluminium and brass shell in Ukrainian colours - Sold for charity This auction is for charity. All money I get from this auction will be donated to Swedish Red Cross. Ebay does not support Swedish charities, so I will handle the donation manually myself. The winner will get a printed certificate of donation. Hearing news about the horrors of war when Russia wages war against Ukraine makes one feel powerless to do anything about it. So I decided to act and do SOMETHING, anything to support Ukraine in this crisis. This auction was the best idea I could come up with. It is just the original game Armor Attack (by GCE 1982) that I have housed in a custom machined metal shell that I have made myself. The top half of the shell is made from solid aluminium that has been surface treated blue by a method called anodizing. The logo of the game has then been engraved into the shell through the coloured blue oxide layer so the engraving stands out in shiny aluminium "silver" against the otherwise blue surface. The bottom shell was made from solid brass. Blue aluminium top and yellow brass bottom shell makes the colours of the flag of Ukraine. This shell is HEAVY. More than three times as heavy as a plastic shell. The brass bottom shell has been hollowed out even more than usual to make it lighter so it won't put unnecessary strain on the cartridge port in the vectrex. https://www.rodakorset.se/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-game-Armor-Attack---Aluminium-&-brass-shell-in-Ukrainian-colours-/154904394347 #Charity #Auction #Svenska #Röda #Korset #Swedish #Red #Cross #Ukrainian #Colours #Vectrex #game #cartridge #cart #shell #Blue #aluminium #Yellow #brass #Armor #Attack
  2. I received a bunch of games today and this one cart struck me as odd. Its a late intv style white label Hockey cart in box, no NHL logo. I have seen many white label carts, but this is the first time i noticed the "1979" in lower right corner. Is this normal? (Im directing this at Cmart...lol) I dont collect the white label carts so im unsure.
  3. Here is Car Wars with graphics modified. Look out for futuristic hover cars ! Edit. Upload was not available for whatever reason. carwarsg.modg.bin
  4. Hello Sadly I noticed that the Magnavox Odyssey games have risen in price. Personally I want to preserve light gun gaming as much as possible. Therefore I started to do a multi card which can be used as cards 9 & 10. Then I realized that this was a waste of silicon an time and that I should better make a 12 in 1 mutli card. Myself I just own 3, 9 & 10 so I was very into the idea once I had it. Here is a picture of the final card: I put all the PCB files onto my website, so everybody can print one for personal usage. I uploaded the files as GERBER and as .brd files (I prefer the latter...). I wish you all happy gaming! Here is a short video of proof, which shows that the little thing actually works: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJGMqS9hTI&t=4m27s
  5. There have been so many solid homebrews released for the Lynx in the last 5-10 years, but only a tiny fraction of them actually made it to cart. What are your top picks that really justify the time and energy for a cart/box/manual full realease. For me its: -Mortal Kombat (When finished) -Assembloids -On Duty (great run and gunner) And i'm sure many other i can't think of right now. What am i missing, and what do YOU think should make it to Cart?
  6. Just looking for some info on it... maybe a value? https://goo.gl/photos/KDvknpEzG3rq5mAK6
  7. Hi All, One thing I really wanted to add to the Ultimate Cart was an easy way to use XEX files on the cartridge. Thanks mainly to flashjazzcat, we've now added this as a feature to the firmware. XEX files present on the SD card can now be browsed and launched just like cartridge/ROM files. Loading is practically instantaneous. You can program the attached new firmware to your Ultimate Cart using the (free download) Quartus 15.1 programmer. You will also need a USB Blaster (<$10 on ebay). Consider it a beta - there may be the odd bug. This firmware also replaces my original menu with the improved version by flashjazzcat. Since this is now part of the firmware, you should remove any older version of it from the SD cart (i.e. remove _BOOT.ROM if you have it). This will become the current firmware, and I'll upload the source files to github once this has had a bit of a wider test. I'm sure this will be a very welcome addition to the cartridge firmware, and praise and thanks should be directed to flashjazzcat who wrote the XEX loader and the improved menu - tasks both way beyond my 6502 skills! Robin 10M08SAE144C8G.zip
  8. Hello together! Would like to start a separate topic for MAC/65 out of a discussion within the ACTION! source code topic. As of 2015 to my knowledge there are 3 carts and 2 disk versions of MAC/65 available: - MAC/65 Macro Assembler (disk|cart) version, year : 2.00, 1982 (disk) version, year : 4.20, 1982 (disk) version, year : 1.02, 1984 (black cart?) version, year : 1.01, 1984 (black cart) version, year : 1.00, 1984 (orange cart) ; I have an orange cart with 1.01 myself author/company : Stephen D. Lawrow, Jim Dunion, OSS, Inc. available..... : 1982-1984 and up to 1994 package....... : assembler, editor, monitor, manual features...... : macros, source include Two pass 6502 assembler with integrated editor/monitor. Mac/65 is a direct descendant of the Atari Assembler/ Editor (via EASMD). Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC/65 ACTION!, Basic XE, Basic XL and Mac/65 were sold to Tom Harker at ICD. From another topic concerning the OSS Newsletters: Fall 1986 page 13: " OSS Newsletter Fall 1986 -------------- --------- A: Version 1.01 and 1.02 are fixed to produce the proper code (PS - 1.02 is the latest version). For update information see the update info sheet. " Further: " Mike distributed one of the disk based versions of SD and disk based MAC/65 with DDT as freeware. " Source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/wWxsqsmVcVI/z6W0y0U8eHEJ Does anyone have that freeware version, else one with DDT? Stephen is a really good soul: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/wWxsqsmVcVI/z6W0y0U8eHEJ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/TVwmswjj2zI/Z_8TwOXPIMsJ MD5 checksum of the 1.02 rom version, the real McCoy! : b560d57e36c9a4b95e6fd296937148d5 Same for the 1.02 car version : a67098f4476c95c778396f7cd269a24e Further: Type 3: OSS '034M' 16 KB cartridge There are two types of OSS cartridges. Both are 16 KB and occupy 8 KB of address space between $A000 and $BFFF. The cartridge memory is divided into 4 banks, 4 KB each. One bank ('main') is always mapped to $B000-$BFFF. The other 3 banks are mapped to $A000-$AFFF. The current bank is selected by accessing a byte in $D500-$D5FF. Only 4 lowest bits of address are significant. The '034M' scheme is the more complicated one. The main bank is D. An access to: · $D5x0 or $D5x1 selects bank A. · $D5x3 or $D5x7 selects bank B. · $D5x4 or $D5x5 selects bank C. · $D5x2 or $D5x6 is not useful. It disables ROM (there're $FF bytes in $A000-$AFFF). · $D5x8-$D5xF disables whole cartridge (enables computer's memory in address space between $A000 and $BFFF). Type 15: OSS 'M091' 16 KB cartridge This is the simpler one of OSS schemes. It uses only A0 and A3 address lines: · A3=0, A0=0 - $A000-$AFFF: bank B, $B000-$BFFF: bank A · A3=0, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank D, $B000-$BFFF: bank A · A3=1, A0=0 - disable cartridge · A3=1, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank C, $B000-$BFFF: bank A Bugs: There is a bug in the MAC/65 cartridge which gives an error on a JSR or JMP to a zero page address. A temporary fix would be to use macros in the source code. As examples, try these: 1000 .MACRO @JSR 1010 .BYTE $20 1020 .WORD %1 1030 .ENDM 1040 .MACRO @JMP 1050 .BYTE $4C 1060 .WORD %1 1070 .ENDM To invoke the macro, type @JSR (or @JMP) in place of the JSR or JMP instruction, and the proper hex code will be generated. From OSS newsletter (summer 1983): Comparision of 1.01 and 1.02 carts: 00000009: CA CC 0000000E: 94 92 00000022: 8D BD 00000023: 00 4E 00000024: D5 03 00000025: A6 C9 00000026: 08 04 00000027: F0 D0 00000028: 07 02 00000029: A5 A9 0000002A: 83 02 0000002B: D0 8D 0000002C: 03 8F 0000002D: 4C 04 0000002E: D5 60 0000002F: BE 00 00000030: D8 8D 00000031: 58 00 00000032: A2 D5 00000033: FF A6 00000034: 9A 08 00000035: 86 F0 00000036: 11 07 00000037: E8 A5 00000038: 86 83 00000039: A7 D0 0000003A: 86 03 0000003B: A6 4C 0000003C: 86 D5 0000003D: A2 BE 0000003E: 20 D8 0000003F: BF 58 00000040: B7 A2 00000041: A2 FF 00000042: 15 9A 00000044: BF EE 00000045: B7 AF 000006B2: A9 A0 000006B4: 9D B9 000006B5: 4E 8D 000006B6: 03 04 000006B7: AD 9D 000006B8: 8D 4E 000006B9: 04 03 000006BA: 9D CA 000006BB: 4C 88 000006BC: 03 10 000006BD: AD F6 000006BE: 8E E8 000006BF: 04 E8 000006C0: 9D E8 000006C1: 4D EA 000006C2: 03 EA 00000BBF: 4D 22 00000BC0: B6 B0 00000FFA: 22 30 00001014: B1 B2 00001016: 63 43 00001FEE: 00 86 00001FEF: 00 11 00001FF0: 00 E8 00001FF1: 00 86 00001FF2: 00 A2 00001FF3: 00 86 00001FF4: 00 A6 00001FF5: 00 86 00001FF6: 00 A7 00001FF7: 00 20 00001FF8: 00 BF 00001FF9: 00 B7 00001FFA: 00 A2 00001FFB: 00 15 00001FFC: 00 4C 00001FFD: 00 BF 00001FFE: 00 B7 000022C4: AA F0 000022C5: BB AF 00002FF0: 00 20 00002FF1: 00 AA 00002FF2: 00 BB 00002FF3: 00 AD 00002FF4: 00 8F 00002FF5: 00 04 00002FF6: 00 D0 00002FF7: 00 05 00002FF8: 00 A9 00002FF9: 00 02 00002FFA: 00 8D 00002FFB: 00 8D 00002FFC: 00 04 00002FFD: 00 60 ROM-Images: Atari 400 800 XL XE MAC/65 : scans, dump, download, screenshots, ads, videos, catalog, instructions, roms ATR-Image: MAC-65 2.00 and 4.20 with Bug-65 2.0 and DOS XL 2.30.atr Images from the different versions: Hope, that there is someone out there in the galaxy who can help to make this the final chapter?
  9. check it out, man http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gakken-TV-Boy-aka-Compact-System-with-Game-200X-NEW-BOXED-GREAT-CONDITION-/262359521645?hash=item3d15d8996d:g:EeoAAOSwwpdW-tMy check also my other items, I am posting some G&Ws and Casio PV-1000 (New, boxed) soon !
  10. As my first 2600 game is entering the testing phase, I'm hoping to have a number of cartridges made. I know that there's the option to have a custom cartridge made just like that and, while very tempting, I would like a number of cartridges made and it is sadly outside of my price range. So I was hoping to do so myself, as much as possible. Is there any explanation of what all is involved? From what I have heard, one would want plenty of existing games with little value which can be stripped down so their cartridges and boards may be used. It's all about needing a new EPROM, which are cheap to buy but must be burned with a pricey EPROM burner. So, my questions: 1. Is there any resource to explain how to make a custom cartridge oneself? If so, where? 2. How much can be salvaged from existing games? 3. What kind of EPROMs are required and where can they be purchased? 4. Is there anyone who already has an EPROM burner who would be willing to burn EPROMs for me on a pay-per-EPROM basis (with me paying for the EPROM, any shipping, as well as for the good individual's trouble)? Bulk orders in mind, here. 5. Is there anything else I should know about all this so I don't waste a lot of time and money on a wild goose chase? I'd very much appreciate any information folks can offer. Thanks!
  11. This is a super nice condition Atari 8bit cartridge holder book thingy. I've seen a few of these but this one is in the best condition I've ever seen with no cracks and no major dimples in the plastic. It has room for your 6 most prized Atari 8bit cartridges along with a slot to hold the half-page sized instructions/manuals for the carts. I inserted a BASIC cart in one of the 6 cart slots just to show the size of the slots (BASIC cart is not included). Please see the pictures for condition. Please PM me with offers. I have a price in mind. If I don't get any offers in a week or so I will update this with a price. Thanks for looking!!! Cartridge not included.
  12. Hello there 99ers! I thought I should start a new thread about this: Roadrunner had posted an issue with this cart using Classic99, however, trying Robotron on MESS, I found that loading the cart completely crashes the entire host system (a nasty lock-up - I can't even go to a virtual console to kill the MESS process). Roadrunner reports it working for a time in Classic99 before it crashes (I presume crashing Classic99). Regardless, it appears something isn't right with the .bin file.
  13. After going down to my local Gamestop and searching for complete Gameboy Advance titles, I was saddened to find that all they had was carts. But, the good news is that they have LOTS of carts still in stock. Is this the norm for anyone out there who collects Gameboy Advance titles? Granted, most were cheap ($10.00 on average), but of course the more "popular" titles were pricey ($25 or so for any Super Mario game I saw). Gba collectors, what are you running across out there in the wild? CIB games, or mostly just carts (probably with writing on them as well)?
  14. I have several XE carts (the light grey ones) that have something rattling around inside when you shake them. Sounds like little bits of plastic. Is there a safe way to open these carts without damaging them so I can remove the noisy bits? Extra points for a how to video. Thanks!
  15. Just starting a new VEXTREME specific topic to separate out the what is now a chatty topic away from other cool Vectrex project threads.
  16. Found in cart slot of a old 800 I picked up on eBay, Help identifying would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hi All, I have a P-GRAM+ card that I've just revived and was wondering if anyone has been able to get RXB working with it and how? When I use the P-Gram+ software to save a cart, it saves up to 5 files GRAM 3 GRAM 4 GRAM 5 GRAM 6 GRAM 7 and up to two RAM banks... RAM Bank 1 RAM Bank 2 So, if I try to load Extended Basic, it loads.... (in this order) RAM Bank 2 RAM Bank 1 GRAM 6 GRAM 5 GRAM 4 GRAM 3 I've looked at the P-Gram+ docs here but seem to lack the TI expertise to figure out which RXB files to map to which PGRAM files. The PGRAM files are unhelpfully organized... for example, extended basic saves (meaning, I used PGRAM to save the cart to disk) as... EB EB1 EB2 EB3 EB4 EB5 All are 9K files. Frustrating...
  18. I was looking at past auctions on Ebay and saw one where somebody had sold an ICD SDX cartridge. It said that it also included "Cart Dumper 2.07 ROM Chip - You can pop this in replacing the SpartaDOS ROM and you have the ability to dump atari cartridge ROMS to a file." I've never heard of this rom/chip. Does anyone know anything about it and if so, has a copy of it?
  19. There are a handful of Jag carts that are so expensive that it's worth having other AA'ers take a look to authenticate or at least offer a second opinion on before making a purchase. That's what this thread is for! I figured it might be easier than starting a new thread for each and every game and instance. Enjoy.
  20. The new homebrewers cart has a 512k flash on board. In order to simplify things it would be nice to have only one configuration. What should it be?
  21. I got a 2600 recently, and I was considering buying game lots from ebay and other such stores. I have a few VStocks near me, which is where I got the system and a half-bucket of games already from. Do they offer decent prices for selling games to them? Even if its just in-store credit thats fine. If not, where would you recommend I sell my duplicates? I'm looking for getting at least 75% of the resale value. do you think thats obtainable at brick & mortar stores?
  22. Hey guys! I want a Sega Saturn. It has to be a model 1. There aren't many stores here that sell retro gaming things. I'm not too concerned about the glossy black finish. That's okay. I don't, however, want a system with DEEP scratches or broken pieces off of it. On Hold Back up and still looking and waiting. Found!
  23. Hi all, The original shell for my Ultimate Cart was a hacked Atari grey cart shell, which I spray painted blue. Unfortunately the paint has rubbed off a bit, and its now looking rather tatty. So, now that I've got a 3d printer of my very own, I decided to design a shell for the Ultimate Cart. Like the rest of the project, this shell is open-source. I've uploaded both the STL files and the design files (OpenSCAD) to the github site: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/ The shell should fit any PCBs produced using the board files on github. This should be most of the boards out there, with the exception of the redesign by Panos that he used for his later runs (but I think these came with nice shells anyway). If you're not sure, compare your board to the pictures on github - if the connectors and screw holes are in the same places, it should fit. The cart has been tested for fit in my 65XE, and 800XL. Flashjazzcat has been kind enough to test it for me in a XEGS, 800 and 1200XL, and reports it fits well. If you don't have access to a 3d printer, I'm happy to make a few of these for others. This would be using the same printer and filament colours (bronze & red) as the pictures above. The price would be £22 + P&P (£1 to UK, £3 elsewhere). Send me a PM if interested. Robin
  24. It seems like kind of a dumb question, but I'm looking for a good way to store and display my atari games. I'd probably play them more if I didn't have to dig through boxes to find them. Plus my kids are starting to play atari with me, which is great, and I think they'd be more apt to putting stuff away and taking care of the games better if I weren't just throwing them in a box. I'd love something older, like a case for atari games or something but everything I've seen only holds around ten. Do you guys have any good suggestions? Thanks!
  25. Thanks to the efforts of foft (Mark Watson) and his Atari FPGA project, there is an open source FPGA pokey implementation available. As a little Easter bank holiday project, I thought I'd have a go at using it to make a dual pokey cartridge using a prototype of the Ultimate Cart as the starting point... Two of the fpga pins act as audio left and right, and I've hooked them up to a low pass filter on some perfboard, along with a 3.5mm stereo jack (which leads to my TV's audio input). It was pretty easy to make a firmware for the Ultimate Cart that included two of foft's pokeys, his DAC and a bit of VHDL to hook them up to the cartridge port. Then I modified TMC and RMTPlayer (with a hex editor) to output to the two pokeys at $D50x and $D58x. I guess technically this atari has 3 pokeys now (one inside, and two on the cartridge). The two pokeys use about 10% of the Ultimate Cart's FPGA, so there is plenty room for more. This was just for fun, and perhaps to show a little of what is possible with a FPGA hooked up to the cart port. To make a proper external dual pokey, we'd probably want to use ECI+Cart port, so the pokeys could appear in the correct places in the memory map. MP3 of TMC playing via the dual pokeys attached. SynthyGambol_vhdl_pokey.mp3
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