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Found 26 results

  1. I buy very few digital games on my switch. Pretty much only carts. I think it will likely be the last great system to collect physical games for as they are carts and not optical media (thus more durable) and all the Big 3 will go purely digital after this gen i'm sure of it (and thus ends my game collecting hobby)...we are more than halfway there already. So that being said, i live in a small town and only the local Walmart has switch games, and their variety is pretty terrible, it's only the big releases really. So between there and Limited Run Games is where i've been getting my switch releases. I'm building up a backlog list of "to buy" games now from this list: Nintendo Switch Games (Physical Releases): The Complete List - Geeky Hobbies But it was last updated Feb 2021. Does anyone know where there is: -A much more updated (and regularly updated) list of all physically released games for Nintendo Switch -A list of games being released in the coming months getting a physical release? It's tricky with the E-shop being in the mixed (looks like a great deal of shovelware to me) finding out exactly whats getting a physical release. Thanks and any tips appreciated.
  2. I am giving atariage first crack at some stuff I am selling. here is 167 sega genesis lot. Most are loose, but about a dozen have boxes. I need to sell so I can get LASIK. If interested, email me at [email protected] I do have other stuff I am selling here as well so check out those threads. Included are price checks. I usually only deal in bulk and we can work out price later. Box or Shrinkwrapped ATP tour championship tennis shrinkwrapped batman box only/no cart clue box only/no cart lethal enforcers II gun fighters box ms. Pac-man box saint sword box shadow dancer box sonic the hedgehog 2 box sonic the hedgehog pinball box/instructions super vollyball box only/no cart the lost vikings box LOOSE CARTS air buster alisir dragoon arcade classics centipede/missile command arnold palmer tournament golf ballz barkley shut up and jam! battle squadron bill walsh college football bill walsh college football95 blades of vengence blockout brett hull hockey 95 bubsy bubsy II buck rogers bulls verse blazers and the NBA playoffs bulls vs lakers and the NBS playoffs centurions: defenders of rome chiki chiki boys cliffhanger coach k college basketball college football usa 96 college football usa 97 combat cars crue ball cutthroat island dark castle david robinson's supreme court death duel desert stike: return to the gulf ecco: the tides of time f-117 night storm f-22 interceptor ATF fifa international soccer fifa soccer 95 fifa soccer 95 fifa soccer 97 fifa soccer 97 frank thomas big hurt baseball generations lost hardball 3 hardball 94 hardball 95 hockey img international tour tennis insector x izzy's quet for th olympic rings jack nicklaus power challenge golf james pond james pond 3 james pond 2: codename robocod john madden football john madden football 92 john madden football 93 john madden football championship edition jordan vs bird jungle strike: th sequel to desert strike justice league task foce king's bounty la russa baseball la russa baseball 95 lakers verses celtics and the NBA playoffs lhx attack xhopper lotus II RECS lotus turbo challenge madden 96 madden 94 madden 95 madden 97 madden 98 mario andretti racing menacer 6 micro machines mike dika power football mlbpa baseball mutant league football nba live 95 nba live 96 nba live 97 nba live 98 nba showdown 94 nhl 94 nhl 95 nhl 96 nhl 97 nhl 98 nhlpa hockey 93 normy's beach babe-o-rama outrun 2019 pele pga european tour pga tour golf PGA tour golf II pga tour golf iii phantasy star III pigskin footbrawl populous power monger bad label pto: pacific thetre of operations WWF RAW richard scarry's busy town road rash road rash ii rolling thunder 3 rugby world cup 95 seaquest DSV shadow of the beast shaq-fu shinobi III; return of the ninja master skitchin sonic and knuckles sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic the hedgehog 3 sword of sodan sports talk baseball star control starflight strider summer challenge super battleship super volly ball superbaseball 2020 task force harrier taz in escape from mars team usa basketball techno clash technocop terminator bad label the aquatic games the duel: test drive II TMNT Tournament Fighters tnn bass tournament 96 todd's advetures in slime world toejam and eark in panic on funkotron toughman contest triple play 96 triple play gold edition trouble shooter turrican unnessary roughness 95 urban strike: the sequel to jungle strike virtua racing virtual pinball VR troopers where in time is carmen sandiego? winter challenge winter olympics world championship soccer II world class leaderboard golf world cup Usa 94 world heroes world series baseball world series baseball 95 world trophy soccer zero tolerance zoop
  3. Check out this thread from The Cover Project forum: http://www.thecoverproject.net/forums/index.php?topic=22545.msg210563;topicseen#new It appears people are making their own physical copies of "digital only" switch games. How it works: -Buy blank switch cases, have art inserts printed up and insert them -But micro sd insert for switch cart space in game cases (wiggy creating and selling these on TCP-Or they come in certain retail game cart holders) http://www.thecoverproject.net/forums/index.php?topic=23139.msg206496#msg206496 -Put digital games onto individual smaller micro SD's that fit them (and potential future updates) -Create and place small cartridge labels (this just getting started.) Kind of a cool idea and something I might pursue. Seems like a good way to create your own physical copies as much as is possible. Any interest or total folly?
  4. ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST *UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc. Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration... Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aquattack Artillery Duel Brain Strainers Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Campaign '84 Choplifter Chuck Norris Superkicks Cosmic Crisis Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Decathlon Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Dragonfire Dukes of Hazard, The Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Fortune Builder Frantic Freddy Gateway to Asphai Gust Buster Gyruss It's Only Rock 'N Roll Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leaper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian Mountain King Oil's Well Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Roc N' Rope Rock 'N Bolt Rolloverture Sammiy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop Star Wars: The Arcade Game Strike It Super Cobra Super Crossforce Super Sketch (Loose or CIB) Tank Wars Telly Turtle Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'N Down Wing War Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's Zenji Thank you for your time..Cheers-
  5. REPOSTED IN A NEW POST SINCE MOST OF IT'S GONE, TO MAKE IT CLEANER. I will cross stuff off when it sells. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ALSO JUST ADDED: BOXED BASIC PROGRAMMING (INT'L), details in post #7, I'll post a pic later. (Reduced to $15) Check out all the pics ---------------- AS OF 1-26-13 10AM, the below before the red dashed line is all that is left ---------------- ---------------- TAKE EVERYTHING BETWEEN THE RED DASHED LINES FOR $15 PLUS SHIPPING ---------------- ---------------- (except the boxed Basic Programming) ---------------- 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked Berzerk Defender Demons to Diamonds Missile Command x2 Pac-Man Warlords Yars' Revenge Black Jack 2600 Activision-brand Manuals $1 each Stampede Starmaster 2600 other-brand Manuals $.50 cents each Star Wars; Empire Strikes Back x2 2600 Atari-brand Comics $2 each Atari Force #1 Atari Force #2 Atari Force #4 Centipede x2 Yars' Revenge x3 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each Parsec TI Invaders Tombstone City Extra Bonuses Call of Duty complete (Windows PC) $1 Sega Rally 2 Championship complete (DreamCast) $3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATARI 2600 CARTS SOLD Berzerk (pic) Breakout (pic) Defender (pic) Codebreaker (text) Combat (text) x3 Dodge 'em (text) Football (text) Math Gran Prix (pic) Night Driver (pic) Outlaw (pic) Pac-Man (pic) RealSports Football (silver) Sky Diver (pic) Solaris (red) x2 Space Invaders (pic) Star Raiders (pic) x2 Super Breakout (pic) Surround (text) Surround (pic) Video Olympics (text) Video Pinball (pic) Warlords (pic) Venture (red) Yars' Revenge (pic) Backgammon (text) $1 Basic Programming (text) $3 Combat (# text) $1 Hangman (text) $1 Slot Machine (text) $4 Slot Racers (text) $1 Video Chess (text) $1 Joust (silver) $1 Millipede (silver) $3 Pele's Soccer (pic) $3 Raiders of the Lost Ark (silver) $1 Superman (text) $3 Battlezone (silver) $1 Krull (silver) $4 Miniature Golf (text) x2 $2each Othello (pic) $1 Space War (pic) $1 Street Racer (pic) $1 Surround (# text) $1 SwordQuest Fireworld (silver) $2 Vanguard (silver) $1 Laser Blast $1 Journey Escape $1 Nexar (THIS CART IS PAL) $FREE with any purchase Sneak'n Peek $1 Super Challenge Football $1 Space Attack (x2) $1each Dark Cavern $1 Super Challenge Baseball $1 Dragster $1 Fishing Derby $1 Grand Prix $1 Kaboom! $1 Stampede $1 Ice Hockey $1 Pitfall! $1 River Raid $1 Skiing $1 2600 Sears-brand Carts (SOLD) Asteroids Space Invaders Target Fun Warlords Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back $1 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each [sOLD] Munch Man 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked [sOLD] Superman $2 Krull $3 Math Gran Prix $2 Midnight Magic SwordQuest FireWorld x2 Backgammon Othello Slot Racers Surround Video Chess Video Olympics Target Fun (SEARS) 2600 Manuals $1 each [sOLD] Pitfall! Skiing Barnstorming Boxing Grand Prix Ice Hockey x2 Kaboom! Laser Blast Journey Escape Towering Inferno Atlantis Space Attack Astroblast 5200 Manuals $.50 cents each SOLD Dig Dug Centipede Defender Missile Command Pac-Man Qix Soccer Star Raiders EXTRA STUFF SOLD Video Pinball box (some crushing, but still presentable, front is nice) $1 (will probably ship flat) Yars' Revenge box (some damage at top and top front, art is still nice) $Free with other purchase (will ship flat) Thanks.
  6. Paypal payments accepted. Items shipped in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Great Britain- postage paid by buyer For sale: PS2 games: $17 (used) Champions of Norrath PS2 with box- disc isn't a flawless surface but it's guaranteed to run on your system $25 (New-shrinkwrapped) Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII $6.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Everquest online Adventures Frontiers $5.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Godai Elemental Force $8 (New- shrinkwrapped) Project Eden NES games: $12 (cart only) Super Mario Bros. 3 $6 (cart only) Black Bass $8 (cart only) Galaga PS1 games (with case and instructions): $48 (used with the enclosed poster) Parappa the Rapper- disc in really great condition $12 (used) Ape Escape- disc looks pretty nice $12 (used) Evil Dead Hail to the King (disc has small line scratch) $12 (used) Alien Resurrection (disc in really great condition) $6.50 (used) Darkstone (disc in really great condition) $3 (used) R4 (Ridge Racer Type 4)- disc will run and there are fine scratches $3 (used) You Don't Know Jack- disc imperfect but just a few fine scratches $14 (used) Spyro Year of the Dragon- disc in really great condition $6 (used) Iron Solder 3- disc in really great condition $8 (used) Resident Evil Director's Cut- disc in really great condition $30 (used) Final Fantasy VII (not greatest hits)- discs in very good condition $6 (used) Blazing Dragons- disc in good condition $3 (used) Ten Pin Alley $13 (used) Croc 2- disc in very good condition $14 (used) South Park (not greatest hits)- disc in very good condition Atari 5200: $12 (NEW- no shrinkwrap) Galaxian $12 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Qix $15 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Missile Command Atari 2600 quite rare game: $800 (NEW- Shrinkwrapped) Glib Atari 2600 Starpath Supercharger cassettes with plastic cover/label: $40 (used) Rabbit Transit $15 (used) Fireball (perfect label) $14 (used) Communist Mutants from Space (moderately mottled label) Atari 2600 carts (many of the non-Imagic carts mostly are going to have ok but not great labels): $8 Sub Scan (Sega)- actually a nice label! $7 Quick Step (good label) $5 Wabbit $3.50 Trick Shot (good label) $16 Solar Storm (good label) $3 Fire Fighter (good label) $1 Enduro $0.50 Joust $0.50 Realsports Volleyball $0.50 super Challenge Football (good label) $0.50 Sears Circus $3 Barnstorming $2 Star Voyager $2 Encounter at L5 $9 Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle $3 Frogs and Flies $8 Bump and Jump $2 Ice Hockey $4 Vanguard (good label) $2 Realsports Football (good label) $3 Epyx Summer Games (mottled label) $8 Off the Wall (plastic casing has name of owner written in pink marker, but the label is good) $5 Super Cobra $19 Frankenstein's Monster $7 Krull $0.50 Super Breakout $7 Kung Fu Master $7 Picnic (without spine label) $1 Space Attack $0.50 Sky Jinks (bad label) $5 Wizard of Wor $1 chopper command (bad label) $1 crackpots (label faded at spine) $3 Air Raiders $1 Haunted House $1 Maze Craze $2 Decathalon $5 No Escape (nice label) $5 Deadly Duck $8 Stellar Track (pretty good label) $2 River Raid $5 Pitfall $2.50 Freeway $15 BMX Airmaster (TNT white label has some mottling) $4 Tutankham $2 Video Chess (nice label) $3 Kangaroo $3 Warlords $8 Challenge of Nexar $45 Atari 2600 console made by Coleco- "Gemini" Comes with power supply, one genuine Gemini joystick/paddle controller, and wire to connect to a switchbox (switchbox not included) Atari 7800: $30 F-18 Hornet Colecovision: $8 Rocn Rope $12 Defender (Atarisoft) $14 Super Crossforce $8 Miner 2049er $6 Popeye $8 Q-bert $11 River Raid $14 Pitfall $5 Space Panic $5 Ladybug $4 Donkey Kong $4.50 Space Fury $4.50 Looping $2.50 Cosmic Avenger $4.50 Slither $7 Donkey Kong, Jr. May negotiate if you're interested in my 2nd Colecovision (no power supply or switchbox) May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Atari 7800 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare PS2 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare original PS1 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Nintendo 64 console Besides cash I'm looking for an Apple IIc or Atari 8bit game, Crisis Mountain and also for Super Zaxxon for the Atari 8 bit computers.
  7. Atari 2600 games. Some have box, some are sealed in shrinkwrap and some are loose. I'll give you the chance before ebay. I am selling off collection to raise money for LASIK. I have systems, joysticks and tons of other stuff as well. Included are price checks from 2 webs sites. I usually only deal in bulk. Let me know what you want and we can work out a fair price . If interested email me at [email protected] Shrinkwrapped Carts Batttlezone Sealed (Silver) Defender II Sealed (Red) Dig Dug Sealed (Silver) Galaxian Sealed (Silver) Gravitar Sealed (Red) Joust Sealed (Silver) Jungle Hunt Sealed (Silver) Kangaroo Sealed (Silver) Ms. Pac-man Sealed (Silver) Super Football Sealed (Red) Super Football (Atari) Sealed (Silver) Venture Sealed (Red) Yar's Revenge (Atari) Sealed (Yellow) Boxes air sea batle (Atari) box amidar box donkey Kong box frogger box galaxian box GORF box Race (Telegames) box robot tank box space invaders (Atari) box space invaders (Telegames) box target fun (Telegames) box Zaxxon box LOOSE CARTS activision decathelon top label damaged adventure adventure adventures of tron Air raiders air raiders air sea battle Airlock Amidar Armor Ambush asteroids blue asteroids yellow Astroblast Atari Video Cube in plastic. Atlantis atlantis backgammon Barnstorming baseball basic programming basketball beamrider berzerk blackjack bowling red bowling yellow boxing boxing brain games breakaway IV breakout bridge bugs california games canyon bomber casino centipede Challenge of Nexar checkers chopper command circus atari combat red picture combat red text Combat Top lable not attached commando raid commando raid cosmic ark cosmic ark dark cavern defender demon attack Imagic demon attack demons to diamonds dig dug dodge em red picture dodge em red text donkey kong donkey kong junior double dragon dragonfire dragster encounter at l-5 enduro ET NOT the worst game ever made. fast food fast food final aproach fire fighter fishing derby football green football white label football yellow picture football yellow text freeway Frogger frogger II frogs and flies ghostbusters golf gopher GORF grand prix gunslinger haunted house home run human cannonball yellow picture human cannonball yellow text ice hockey indy 500 infiltrate international soccer top label damaged Journey escape Top lebel damaged joust red 'p' jungle hunt kaboom kangaroo keystone kapers laser blast Lock in chase mario bros maze craze megamania midnight magic miner 2049er missing top label missile command yellow atari missile command yellow sears moon patrol Mouse Trap ms. Pac-man name this game night driver night driver no escape damaged top label outer space red outer space yellow picture outlaw red text outlaw yellow picture pac-man pac-man phoenix pitfall II pitfall II pole position pong sports Popeye porkey's pressure cooker q bert loose top label Q Bert raiders of the lost ark Rampage realsports football realsports soccer realsports tennis riddle of the spynx river raid robot tank Rubik's Cube in plastic. Letter 'j' on top left seaquest skiing sky diver sky jinks slot racers sneak n peak solar fox solaris Sorcerer in Plastic space attack space cavern loose top label space combat space invaders red text Space Invaders Top Label not attached Space Invaders space invaders yellow space invaders red space jockey space shuttle space war Spacechase not top label speedway II orange speedway II yellow Spider Fighter Spiderman Squeeze Box Stampede Star Raiders Star Raiders Star Ship Missing top label Star Trek: SOS Star Voyager Star Voyager Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back Starmaster Steeplechase Stellar Track Strategy X in Plastic Strawberry Shortcake Street racer super Breakout super challenge baseball Super Challenge Football Super Cobra Surround Swordquest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Taz Towering Inferno traget Fun trick Shot Tron Deadly Disks Top label a little damaged Turmoil Vanguard Video Olympics 1 with 21 on top label Video Olympics 1 without 21 Video Olympics Video Pinball warlords orange sears warlords yellow atari warplock damaged top label winter games word zapper Xonox Duel (Chuck Norris/Artilllery Duel) Xonox Duel(Spike's Peak/Artillery Duel) yar's revenge yar's revenge zaxxon
  8. Hey I'm new into the TI99 scene. I have a handful of loose carts from a swap meet a while back. After researching them some of them are kind of rare? I'm looking to make a few bucks but the carts aren't common enough to get an accurate read on the market for them. I was wondering if anyone on here might be able to shed some light on either the cost or the real rarity of these? I originally picked these carts up in hopes I'd get a TI99 to play with. But that never happened. so these carts are untested. -Mini Memory -Munchman II (with original manual) -Paint 'N Print (Navarone Industries) -Super Extended Basic (Solid State Cartridge) -Super Space II -Terminal Emulator II I also have a TI99 Cartridge Expander in the box.
  9. Hi - Let me know if you see any carts that you need. I can provide additional pictures. For many I have the manual to go along with the cart. Prices vary depending on title and condition, etc. PM me with any interest and I will post more pics. Some carts as low as $7 + you pay shipping. Everything is negotiable... Let me know what you have to trade... carts or other 8bit items. Thanks for looking!
  10. Here is everything. All game carts, They are alphabetically organized. Air-Sea Battle- Yars' Revenge Lower close-up of carts Upper close-up of carts Case, I have my controllers in here now. I use this to take a few games if I go somewhere and want to play some of my chosen games. My catalog/ list of games. It sais the Title, Release year, Rarity, Price (for which I bought it for), Rarity and date of purchase. Here is my entertainment center. Not organized haha. So, just tell us how you organize the stuff for you're 2600. I want better Ideas then the one I have. I want to see how you put you're collection together and if it is better than mine or somebody else's, We'll use you're strategy. Feel free to describe you're way or post pictures. Both would be awesome!
  11. Games listed alphabetically Games listed by rarity Arcadia Super Charger games
  12. I got a 2600 recently, and I was considering buying game lots from ebay and other such stores. I have a few VStocks near me, which is where I got the system and a half-bucket of games already from. Do they offer decent prices for selling games to them? Even if its just in-store credit thats fine. If not, where would you recommend I sell my duplicates? I'm looking for getting at least 75% of the resale value. do you think thats obtainable at brick & mortar stores?
  13. (Update June 8, 2021) Atari 8bit carts for sale. You won't find better prices!! See the pictures and asking prices. Make an offer. Thanks for looking!! Buy one or buy multiple to save on shipping. Buyer pays shipping. I can ship up to 6 carts to US lower 48 states for $9 USPS. Other shipping options for fewer or more carts to be determined. $8 Atariwriter $6 BASIC (3 available, $6 each) $8 Linking Logic (red cart) $8 Basketball $15 Eastern Front 1941 (2 available, $15 each) $8 Logic Levels (blue cart with missing label) $10 Music Composer (X2 $10 each) $10 QIX $6 Delta Drawing $12 Q*bert $10 Popeye $13 PILOT $10 Asteroids $39 Educational System (includes 'Talk & Teach Cassette Courseware Catalog) (Note: I may have 2 cassette courses available for this cart. We can negotiate the price for those if you are interested) $19 K-Razy Shoot-Out $19 Telelink I $15 Congo Bongo $34 Donkey Kong Junior (rare, silver label, see single/detailed picture below) is the more rare label type variant with first two words on line one. Most have each word on a separate line. $7 Football (silver label, two for sale, $7 each) $20 Atari Basic (rare silver label) $15 Joust (silver label) $15 Millipede (silver label, damaged label, includes box, image below) $11 Atariwriter (silver label) $15 Atariartist (silver label) $15 Centipede (silver label) $20 Ms. Pac-Man (silver label) $12 Flight Simulator II (XE label) $10 Bug Hunt (XE label) This is the more rare label type variant with first two words on line one. Most have each word on a separate line. $15 Millipede (silver label, damaged label, includes box, image below) Courseware 'Catalog' comes with the Educational System Cartridge
  14. [SOLD - as of 3/7/2021] Hi - Let me know if you see any carts that you need. All carts are tested and work. I can provide additional pictures. For some I have the manual to go along with the cart. Prices vary depending on title and condition, etc. PM me with any interest and I will post more pics. Some carts as low as $8 + you pay shipping. Everything is negotiable... Let me know what you have to trade... carts or other 8bit items. Stacked carts are duplicates. Silver label in upper left is Miner 2049er (silver label is faded) When you PM let me know the title and the label color (silver, brown, blue/XE or other). Thanks for looking! (Note: Updated photo 3-Mar-2021) Also 1 Millipede for sale with a good condition original box.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ4-YuTeEzM&feature=youtu.be Hey there! I wanted to show off my collection, small as it may be. I am constant searching flew markets, goodwills..you name it on the chance that they might have anything to do with Atari. I yammer on for a bit, but I say each game title that I currently own, and show off a couple extras that I've got. No one around me seems to be as gung-ho about Atari or will play any of these with me, haha so that's why I wanted to share it with all of you who share the Atari love. let me know what you think! (I also realize that I said 7200, instead of 7800 >.< ) Thanks!
  16. SOLD Lot of 10 loose Vic-20 carts for sale. I checked ebay and it looks like average-to-low prices on there for these would total about $30-$40 plus shipping, so how about $20 plus shipping for this lot. Not a bad deal for some of the very best Vic games, including 4 out of 5 of the Scott Adams adventure games released for the Vic. Adventure Land Voodoo Castle The Count Pirates Cove Avenger Clowns Gorf Mole Attack Omega Race Radar Ratrace Open to trades potentially too. Let me know what you have. Click picture for larger view.
  17. Hey everyone, I have been collecting Atari 2600 anything for many years. I recently moved and sold my collection. Before I let it go, I failed to pull out a few common favorite games. I can't believe I let the whole thing go without grabbing a short list of games. I am asking anyone with duplicates or directions to find these titles (online dealers) to help spare me the trouble of hunting down and overpaying on eBay. I have 2 Atari Club Suitcases that I plan on filling with 12 carts and new (ish) hardware (consoles, joysticks and paddles). That will be the extent of my collection. Oh, and a Harmony cart to play all the titles. Any help or ideas? My list from memory is as follows, Combat Air Sea Battle Target fun Maze Craze Video Pinball Kaboom River Raid Breakout Super Breakout Space Invaders - Sears is okay Warlords Bowling Adventure I know there are a few more but I can't remember right now. Thanks in advance for a place to buy these titles at one time. I've been away from the scene too long and don't know the best place to look. Andy Decatur, IL
  18. SOLD I have 41 Atari 2600 games in separate lots. All games have been tested and work. $.50 each $3.00 minimum purchase please Sold items are marked Lot #1 Air Sea Battle Asteroids Basketball Berzerk Bowling (text label) Casino (text label) Combat (pic label) Defender Demon Attack Donkey Kong Fishing Derby Football (pic label) Football (text label) Haunted House Home Run Ice Hockey Real sports Baseball International Soccer Missile Command Night Driver Pitfall! Seaquest Sky Jinks Space Invaders StarWars: The Empire Strikes Back Vanguard Video Olympics Video pinball Warlords Lot #2 Asteroids Combat x4 Defender Demon Attack Donkey Kong Ice Hockey Missile Command Night Driver Pitfall! Seaquest Space Invaders Warlords I only ship within the USA
  19. ​I have descided to let go of my loose carts. Not sure how the sale procedure works at Atari Age but hopefully it's ok to sell them here. This is the first batch. Some are NTSC and some are PAL. If interested in one or any of the carts, please let me know and I will find out about the system when possible. Give me an offer I can't refuse PAL... BMX Airmaster ​Kung Fu Superkick Miner 2049'er II Moonsweeper Moto Rodeo Road Runner Shark Attack Spider Monster (No label) ​Threshold ​Wall Defender ​ NTSC... Atari Video Cube Berzerk (Speak edition) Raiders of the Lost Ark Recue Terra 1 ​Spitfire Attack Swordquest, Waterworld Track o Field (repro label) Not applied... Unimex romcart ​Yoko romcart x 2 List updated 1 february.
  20. I have my system and stuff here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/227227-my-current-collection/?p=3023499 The system has been a/v modded. Like shown in the picture. It has composite A/V and s-video. I've had no problem with it. I also have an NES controller that has been modified to work on the VCS. Any questions? Suggestions? Threats? Please send them in PM form. What's it worth? I know I know, you can sell it for buku money more if I sell everything individually, but cars don't wait and neither does my meachanic.
  21. Atari 2600 Replacement Cartridge Labels Pricing per title is based on size, number, and type of material. Many titles are only $2.00 each. Some cost more and a few cost less. If you are interested just message me (pboland) and I can send you my current catalog (too large to post here). Label Making Process: Great care has been taken to make these replacement labels. They are not just simple copies of the originals. Most of the label imagery is rebuilt from the ground up using related print materials, such as manuals, boxes, advertisements, posters and many elements have even been redrawn. Some labels in my catalog have alternate styles. In the case of “Fathom” (pictured above) both a text version or a picture version can be purchased. Most of the replacement labels are printed on six ink photo quality printers, while others are printed on color laser printers (depends on material type). Each label is laminated and computer cut to size to ensure proper fit and shape. All orders are made on demand, so these are not mass produced labels. For that reason I normally need at least a week to put an order together. Depending on order volume it may take up to two weeks to complete an order. PM (personal message) me for current turn around. Ordering information: Please message me (pboland) if interested. I will send you my current catalog and tell you my current turn around. If you can’t find the label you are looking for, be sure to ask. Keep in mind I do have a $20.00 minimum order (not including shipping). Shipping inside the USA is $7.50 (priority mail with tracking). If you are outside the USA please let me know so I can quote you the shipping cost. I invoice via PayPal once your order is ready to ship so I will need your PayPal email address at the time of the order. History: I’ve been a video game collector since 1995 and a member of AtariAge since 2006. I started making reproduction labels for myself in the early 2000’s. It wasn’t until 2010 that I made my first reproduction label for another person other than myself. I’ve been making them off and on since 2012. I do not sell on eBay. For those that don’t know, I make/design new controller overlays and cart labels (meaning not reproductions) for some in the home-brew community and I’ve been doing this since 2012 as well. I can make cart labels for many pre-crash systems. Link for messaging pboland [https://atariage.com/forums/messenger/compose/?to=9874] (You must be logged in to AtariAge for link to work) Small Sample:
  22. Only on some of my carts I see a small series of stamped codes. What are these? Date codes? Examples on Star Raiders carts pictured: R 34 2 R 39 2 R 45 2
  23. Hi all! Since making custom carts has been discussed, I thought I'd create a thread for the purposes of helping people make their own RPKs for use with MESS. I downloaded Gazoo's .bin of a 1 meg cart, and have been trying to make an .rpk out of it. I've assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that the .bin is a ROM. I've got the checksum from sha1, and I think I've set the size right (0x100000), but it isn't working. No doubt, I'm doing something wrong here... I've attached a zip of what I've put together so far. 1MegGamecart.zip
  24. Of course all these games are awesome and deserve full boxed and manual releases. Ideally we'd all have each and every one in our collection to cherish and play forever and ever. In reality there is only so much time and resources, from both those making the games, and those buying them. So the thought exercise is as follows: Say you could only pick 5 of these to be produced, which ones would they be? Alternatively, say all were produced, but you could only afford 5-10 over the course of a year? Which ones would you choose? As I mentioned, all great games and I hope they do make it all to cartridge, and if they did I'd try to get a copy of every one of them. But the point of this (besides just being fun) may be to give an indication of which games people are most excited about and would like to have produced or made available before others. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing what people are most interested in!
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