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Found 1 result

  1. As usual, whenever I finish another major build I run on over to AtariAge and share the tales of mayhem and mirth. I hope you guys are gonna dig it, it's The Nintendo Snack Pack. After rebuilding every major classic system from the console wars era, I finally brought the remaining two powerhouses of the late-80s/early-90s into one easy-to-carry little console. A light-weight version of the Sega Omega Drive, if you will, featuring a carefully hand-picked list of games for the NES and SNES, running on official Nintendo hardware (emulation, but still). When the NES mini came out, I wasn’t that interested, thoroughly entrenched with Team RasPi & Original Hardware. But when I played my brother’s NES mini and saw that excellent interface, the simple yet rich features, and played on the responsive and authentic controller, I was hooked. And 30 well-picked games was perfect for a guy who never owned anything Nintendo except a GameBoy (SEGA For Life, Baby!). I’ve been wanting to built something Nintendo for a while now, and this was it. I set to work, and created The Nintendo Snack Pack Dedicated Oldschool Entertainment System (DOES). If you’re interested how I built it, visit the buildblog. I wanted the system to be really easy and fun, no brain required, and above all, portable. That’s why the system is fitted with a large 20.000mAh battery and comes with a 12v charger – just carry and play! The system revolves around a SNES mini and a NES mini board stacked on top of each other, which you can switch between via the large vintage-style rotary dial at the front. This dial also allows you to go to other channels, but we’ll get to them later. Each board is hakchi’d and contains a host of platforms and games that can be played via the controller ports at the front, for 1 and 2 player action. The system features a rich 8″ IPS LCD display, running at 1024×768 in 4:3 aspect ratio. Sound is pumped through 1.2watt Logitech stereo speakers for clean & crisp audio, and the whole thing is housed inside a vintage 1972 portable black & white Sony TV-740. The Nintendo Snack Pack has 4 retro channels to choose from, so let’s check’m out! Channel 1: NINTENDO WORLD – Plays the mighty NES, it’s heir to the crown SNES, and Classic Gameboy and GBA games! Of course a channel dedicated to classic Nintendo is fun, but you know what’s more fun than classic Nintendo? Classic SEGA! That’s right, the second mini board is loaded up with everything decidedly NOT Nintendo. Just switch your controller over to the SEGA ports, and Welcome to the Next Level: Channel 2: SEGA ZONE – Play the powerful Mega Drive, Master System, & Game Gear! We even sneaked on a bit of PC Engine, Lynx & Vectrex! All that 8- and 16-bit action getting a bit much? Need a moment to chill, and reflect how to kill that damn boss in Contra Hard Corps? Switch over to channel 3 and chill out with some toons. Channel 3: VIDEODROME – Stream classic cartoons, movies and shows via Chromecast! Classic games are excellent of course, and I enjoy seeing a bit of Ghostbusters over breakfast with the kids, but sometimes you wanna play a little more modern games, right? Well, thankfully this bad boy is equipped with AV RCA input, allowing you to hook up that PlayStation, Saturn or DreamCast for some late-90s polygon action! Channel 4: INSTERT GAME – With oldschool AV you can connect your own console or VHS player! I built this with the idea of making something that would be undeniably fun and flexible, easy to use and portable. What I didn’t consider was how difficult it was to build, especially because I tried following a systematic workflow. This didn’t work out so well, so I went back to building in the manner I had always done: intuitively. Hack and slash, and solder, and fry, and curse, and burn, and replace and finally out from the carnage we get a little treasure that is something I could’ve only dreamed about when I was a kid. A little gaming TV that does it all. Wanna know how I built it? Check out ‘Building the Nintendo Snack Pack’! Wanna know what 30 SEGA Games I chose for channel SEGA ZONE? Check out ‘SEGA’s Fatal 30 for the Nintendo Snack Pack’! Nintendo Snack Pack SPECS: Authentic Nintendo NES Mini Board (Channel 1) Authentic Nintendo SNES Mini Board (Channel 2) 4x Controller Ports (1-2 Player for Channel 1 & 2, respectively) Google Chromecast 2nd Generation (Channel 3) RCA Audio/Video Input (Channel 4) Aluminium Rotary Dial to switch channels 8″ IPS LCD screen in 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024×768 (HDMI/RCA/VGA) Logitech 1.2watt Stereo Speakers (Z120) 20.000mAh 12V DC Battery Vintage 1972 Sony TV-740 Converted Case Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 24 cm, Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
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