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Found 16 results

  1. UPDATED 8/17/19: 100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +49 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback +31 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, additional +18 not yet totaled in OP. **TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 100% on Atari Age (AA), +14, Link to AA Feedback 100% feedback on ebay, 341 positive, Link to ebay feedback - Ship from Houston area, Ship not included in prices, United States Shipping Only, Paypal gifted pls or add 3% - I reserve the right to not sell to any one based on user feedback, better offers, communication (or lack thereof). What are ya buyin'? A strike though indicates sold. Genesis, Sega CD, GG, & SNES Posters, Manuals, & Misc SNES OEM Cleaning Kit: This is not my area of expertise at all. They've been sitting in storage. Would rather them go to someone who appreciates them. Let me know if you really want a single poster/manual, but preference would go to someone who wants the lot for ease of shipping & time involved. Have fun looking at these if anything else! Pics: PS2 Logitec Official PS2 USB Headset (licensed product, open but in original packaging) - $5 Pic: Check my AA Auction thread for more here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234732-jags-ebay-nothing-currently/
  2. Looking for a CIB atari 5200 module to play 2600 games on the 5200... with the box in good shape -- new in box even better -- shoot me a PM with your price, pictures would be great Thanks Dave
  3. Colecovision cib and loose carts and coleco handheld and expansion module 1 for sale. Mattel electronics handhelds . Also ms pac man nib homebrew for sale, Pm me for prices or offers. Prices doesn't include shipping, enjoy
  4. For sale: 12 Atari Lynx official power supplies NIB. Asking price: $200 shipping included for the whole lot, or $25 (shipping included) per unit. If you're in the US, include $10 extra for insurance. PM me if you're interested. Payment via PayPal only. Fast shipping as soon as payment is received. Prices are in Canadian dollars for buyers in Canada, and in US dollars for American buyers. Reasonable offers will also be accepted. Here's a link to our eBay profiles: http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ladyjaye75 and http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ericdestcyr
  5. I started posting up some Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit games tonight (and a classic Mac one) on ebay. All of them are at least CIB, and some are NIB, all are in great condition. A couple real rarities in there, including Invasion Orion for 400/800 (an early Epyx/Automated Simulations game), and Adult Poker by Keypunch for C64. http://www.ebay.com/sch/bookworm100/m.html?item=181113155259&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks.
  6. I think I finally want to get into collecting for the 5200. Despite of its bad/good reputation. The one I want to buy is CIB in perfect condition...however, I have the option to buy either a 2-port or 4-port CIB...I want to buy the rarer one CIB obviously. So my question is: Which is more rarer/worth buying CIB over the other? Thanks! Also, the 2-port is $140 and the 4-port is $120 both CIB and in excellent condition.
  7. Heres a nice piece of history up for sale! http://www.ebay.com/itm/162233701241 Thanks guys!
  8. I moved this topic from the Rarity Guide since that sub-forum doesn't seem to get as much love I was wondering what value for a complete in box Dare Diver on the 2600? Cart, labels, and manual are in great condition. Box has some rubbed corners and wrinkling on flaps but no tears, writing, water damage, color fading, etc. Was there ever a non-Sears Tele-Games release? http://i.imgur.com/ZKVI0Yl.jpg <<<<< Larger picture
  9. Hello All, I am clearing out a big chunk of my collection. There will be more added here periodically as I clear out all of the games in my home. Feel free to make me an offer if you want to buy a large lot, otherwise prices are as shown. I have feedback on Digitpress and eBay. More pictures of any item you want to see upon request. Please give me a couple days to ship as I am shipping them out with my eBay sales and take a trip to the post office every couple of days. I also have Rare Nintendo game, Amiibos and a ton of others on my eBay. eBay is link is HERE. You can contact me here about my eBay stuff as well if you want to make an offer on combined orders. Most items shipped in standard bubble mailers, delicate items shipped in a box or small flat rate shipping box. Ask if you have questions about how your item is shipped. All prices include shipping. All Complete in Box unless otherwise noted. 3DS CIB: Legend of Legacy Limited Ed. NEW - $28 Super Smash Bros - $20 Soul Hacker - $15 PENDING Devil Survivor 2 NEW - $25 Miku DX - $25 Kirby Triple Deluxe - $20 Mega Man Legacy w/ Gold Mega Man Amiibo NEW- $40 Lords of Magna w/ CD - $25 Mario Tennis Open - $12 x2 Adventure Time Hey Ice King - $10 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Limited Ed. - $28 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fatasy Curtain Caall Limited Ed. w/ FF Lanyard - $20 PENDING Senran Kagura 2 - $30 DS CIB: Kirby Canvas Curse - $20 Kirby Mass Attack - $10 PENDING Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - $10 Etrian Odyssey - $12 Etrian Odyssey II - $15 Tetris DS - $15 Dokapon - $60 Kirby Squeak Squad $15 Metal Slug 7 - $35 Legacy of Ys - $30 Mega Man ZX - $15 Okami-den - $20 Game and Watch - $20 Dig Dug Digging Strike - $10 Pac'n Roll NEW - $12 Summon Night Twin Age - $25 Space Invaders Extreme - $10 Spectral Force Genesis - $10 Henry Hatsworth - $10 Nostalgia - $40 Pac-pix - $6 Ivy the Kiwi? - $12 Sun Moon Rain - $12 PENDING Solatorobo - Make Offer Super Princess Peach NEW - $40 Legend of Kage 2 - $10 PENDING Wii: One Piece WII - $26 Kirby Return to Dreamland - $28 Rhythm Heaven - $10 Phantom Brave - Price all over the place, make offer GBA: All CIB Sword of Mana - $25 PENDING Astro Boy Omega Factor - Make Offer Advance war 2 - $30 Advance War - $40 Shining force $40 Rivera - $30 Tron 2.0 Killer App - $10 River City Ransom - $60 WarioWare Twisted - $30 Sigma Star - $25 Guardian Heroes - $20 GBA BOX & Manual ONLY: Zelda Minish Cap - Make Offer Golden Sun The Lost Ark - Make Offer x2 Mr. Driller 2 - Make Offer Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Make Offer PENDING PS4: Doom - $20 PS3: Akiba's Trip - $12 Atelier Meruru - $12 Atelier Ayesha - $12 Tales of Xillia - $12 Mugen Soul Z - $12 PENDING Rune Factory Tides of Destiny - $10 Trinity Universe - $30 Tales of Grace f - $12 Guided Fate Paradox - $12 Agarest War Zero - $12 Dragon's Crown Disgaea 3 - $6 PENDING Disgaea 4 - $8 PENDING Ar tonelic Qoga - $15 Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Limited Edition - $35 Other/Misc: NES - Star Solider NEW - Make Offer NES - MappyLand NEW - Make Offer PS2 - .hack Infection PS2 - .hack Mutation PS2 - .hack Outbreak PS2 - .hack Quarantine - Prefer to Sell as a set, but will break it up if I can't PSP - Final Fantasy Tactics - $8 Time and Eternaty Soundtrack - ?
  10. request withdrawn -- TY Nimtene
  11. Hi there, i have MANY 2600 wants, i collect only boxed atari 2600 games with instructions and any pack ins. I have way too many wants to mention but i'll start with one i loved playing as a kid, Piece O' Cake by US Games. Does anyone have a complete one for sale? Let me know and thanks!
  12. Got a 1984 Vader 2600 set with a Sword Quest poster. This might be my fave model vcs. Rockin some Phoenix on the Panasonic beast.
  13. Shipping is not included in prices. Post sold for the items you want then PM me for shipping quote. Thanks! Pending - 4 Switch Woody with original atari power supply - tested and working $29 Also available are 2 CX-40 joysticks $8 each and 1 set of paddles (no jitter) for $5. Each Buyer of the two consoles has first option to purchase the controllers (2 joys & one paddle set). If you aren't buying a console you can claim the controllers pending sale of the consoles and confirmation that they don't want to buy the controllers. Boxed Atari 2600 games: Midnight Magic $10 Amidar $7 Moon Patrol $10 Atari 2600 Games with manual: SOLD - Centipede $3 Chopper Command $3 Donkey Kong $4 SOLD - Pac-Man $2 Super Challenge Baseball $3 SOLD - Video Pinball $3 Atari 2600 Loose Games: Amidar $3 Battlezone $4 Blackjack (text label) $2 Bowling (picture label) 42 Centipede $2 Championship Soccer (text label) $2 Combat (picture label) $2 SOLD - Decathlon $4 Football (picture label) $2 SOLD - Kangaroo $3 Keystone Kapers $3 SOLD - Ms. Pac-Man $2 Ms. Pac-Man $2 Pac-Man $1 Pitfall $6 Q-bert $3 Reactor $3 Space Invaders (picture label) $1 Starmaster $2 Summer Games $3 Super Challenge Football $2 Taz $5 Tennis $2 Warlords $1 SOLD ITEMS: SOLD - Sears Tele-Games Heavy Sixer and original gray power adapter - tested and working with 2 CX-40 Joysticks, 1 set of Paddles, Centipede, Pac-Man, Video Pinball, Ms. Pac-Man
  14. Hey Guys, just starting my collection of 2600. Looking for CIB if possible, nice condition (in no particular order): Burgertime Riverraid Donkey Kong Mario Bros Chopper Command Star Wars Arcade Star Wars Death Star Battle Journey Escape Spy Hunter Tapper Halloween - game only OK Texas Chainsaw Massacre - game only OK Ikari Warriors Joust MOTU He-Man Looking for Cartridge only: MASH Othello Popeye Space War Looking for Manual only: Spider Fighter Looking for Box only: Star Wars Arcade Sears Joystick Hex Discs - original or repro Atari Joystick Hex Discs - original or repro Atari Joystick CIB Atari Joystick Grabber CIB and Loose Atari Dig Landfill cartridge/ box with coa Other Misc items wanted (Wishlist): I have for trade: "Heavy Sixer" AC Adapter (Gray) GONE Pitfall - CIB Asteroids - CIB Circus Atari - CIB Frogger - CIB Missile Command (Lower case end label) - CIB Adventure - C&M Pac-man - C&B Berzerk - C&B Stamped - B&M GORF - Manual only Combat - Text - C Brain Games - C Donkey Kong - C Dragster - C ET - C 27 Tele-Games - C Haunted House - C Jungle Hunt - C Space Invaders - C Star Wars: ESB - C Blu-ray Steelbooks Walking Dead action figures
  15. Hello all. I've been collecting video games for some time, but never thought about joining any forums until a couple weeks ago. I have a few modest collections for different systems, but I only have pictures of my Colecovision and Atari collection at the moment. I don't know anyone who is into this kind of thing, so I'm interested to hear what people think. If anyone has any comments on rarity or values I'd be interested in that as well. Thanks for viewing. http://www.atariage....ari-collection/
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