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Found 52 results

  1. Obliterator - Amiga 4 Channel. My Version Of The Obliterator in game Theme on a Classic Amiga 500+
  2. Classic games that have smooth controls & animation: The Super Mario Bros. game series on NES are a given. Many NES games have smooth, refined controls and are well-animated. Jungle Hunt on ColecoVision is another one. Your pith-helmet-wearing character controls as smooth/refined as on a good NES game. Jumping is smooth and well-animated. The falling boulders and crocodiles animate well. Swinging ropes move as smooth as windshield wipers. Looks like everything was done in a high framerate for smoothness. Even the side-scrolling was pretty decent. Very impressive for it's time! Other versions of Jungle Hunt at the time have choppier, more 'computer-y' looking animation -- like they were done at a much lower framerate. They also don't control as well. Post some examples of smooth animated/controlled games and discuss
  3. The Computer Spiele Museum visit. The Computerspielemuseum Berlin (Computer Games Museum Berlin) was founded in 1997. From 1997 to 2000, it had a permanent exhibition in Berlin. Afterwards, it became an online only museum. In 2011, it reopened its permanent exhibition in Berlin’s neighborhood of Friedrichshain. During the first month of its permanent exhibition, it had 12,000 visitors. Some pictures of this great museum : http://gameplayerspecial.com/2012/08/23/computer-spiele-museum-computer-game-museum/ Thanks.
  4. From the album: My Game Collection

  5. Polybius

    Atari 2600 part 8

    From the album: My Game Collection

  6. From the album: My Game Collection

    Group shot of all the Third party 2600 games in my collection
  7. From the album: My Game Collection

    Commodore 1541 floppy drive, Aquired with my Commodore SX-64 Computer
  8. See the original blog post here After building a few all-in-one systems like the STARFORCE PI and STARFORCE NEO I realized that I wanted to do something really special with the console that I grew up with and had the fondest childhood memories: The Sega Mega Drive. Additionally, I wanted to be able to connect other oldschool consoles to it, making a central game feature with a true arcade edge! After nearly a year of testing my girlfriend’s patience I finished it: The Sega Omega Drive Dedicated Oldschool Entertainment System (DOES). Built inside a 1987 Sega AfterBurner arcade bezel imported from the US, this system features an original Sega Genesis 2 motherboard which means the games aren’t emulated and play supremely well via one of the two dedicated systems inside, that collectively support all the popular high-quality analog and digital video inputs. The 4:3 aspect ratio 19″ LCD screen fits snugly into the bezel, and the black matte exterior houses a 5 Watt dual stereo speaker system by Logitech, delivering an impressive deep sound, with the option to connect external audio capture devices or headphones through the 3.5mm audio jack. The Genesis cartridge slot blends neatly into the bezel, supporting the entire library of Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System (via adapter) games, and brings thrilling 2-player arcade action with two essential Genesis compatible controller input ports. The real power lies behind the control panel, which houses an array of video input options, all needed to play those classic video game systems. SCART, VGA, RGB, YPbPr and even HDMI inputs run through internal scanline generators to pump out an awesome arcade experience. Two faders allows for a greater control of the stereo sound from the Genesis, SCART or RCA audio input, while an additional HMDI-output allows this system to run the Genesis in parallel to a connected second console on a second screen! A power port at the side means any console can just be plugged into a video input port, and powered by the system itself – no extension cords needed. Rubber grips are able to hold a Sega cartridge case firmly above the cartridge slot, between the fully functional blazing red AfterBurner lights, giving the gamer an interchangeable marquee and a satisfying arcade environment, every time. The transparant backpanel keeps the internals shielded, while allowing the lights to emit ambient background lighting. The PC Engine SD This was a little sideproject while I was waiting for parts to finish the Omega Drive, but I think it turned out pretty neat! You can read more on the PC Engine SD in my previous post, but as you can see I made it to fit nicely with the look of the Omega Drive. The Sega Omega Drive Dedicated Oldschool Entertainment System cost roughly the same as the STARFORCE NEO to build, around €600, coming mostly from the upscaler/scanline generator setups and bezel. However, it was considerably more time consuming to construct due to the size and the rather complicated wiring. Nevertheless, the end result is very exciting and unique. Marcel J. de Haan SFP Development Team SPECS: Authentic Sega Genesis Model 2 hardware JAP|US|EU Mega Drive/Genesis Cartride Compatible 2x Genesis Controller Inputs (Player 1 & 2) Integrated 19” 720p LCD Screen (4:3) Video Input: HDMI, VGA, RGB, YPbPr & SCART. Output: HDMI Vid1: ArcadeForge’s SLG-in-a-Box (scaler board, Sync Strike and SLG3000 in one) Vid2: ArcadeForge’s Scanline Generator + HD video converter Audio Input: Left/Right stereo RCA Logitech Z130 Internal 5 Watt Stereo Speakers 3.5mm Headphone Stereo Jack Fully Functional Arcade Lighting through 12v cold cathode tubes Extra power output port for additional console (230v) Classic 1987 Sega AfterBurner Converted Bezel Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 30 cm, Weight: damn heavy
  9. What's the easiest way to get an old complete w/ case iPod? I've been looking to start an Apple collection and my first main target are the iPod series. I have checked ebay and most of the iPods for sale are 200+ with the case and everything. I personally think flea markets aren't the best place to find cheap updated stuff. Anyways if anyone can name a website or place or just something to tell where I should go for finding old discontinued iPods for cheap. For Ex: the iPod Nano 3 gen is more expensive than the updated version in the official Apple stores we have now!
  10. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Contact Person: Dan Iacovelli Organization: Video Game Summit Telephone Number: (708) 688-4561 Email Address: [email protected] Web site Address: http://avc.atari-users.net/VGS.ntml AVC Online Announces the 2013 Video Game Summit Chicago, IL 11/23/12 Remember how much fun you used to have playing Atari, Nintendo and all kinds of games on your computer? Well, you will have the rare opportunity to play these great games again at the Video Game Summit, Chicago 's premier video game trade show. In fact, dealers in retro games will be on hand offering games, controllers,systems and memorabilia and will be prepared to buy or trade for the games you have held onto since you were a kid. Who knows, you might just have an Atari cartridge worth $1000 or more collecting dust in your attic. "Retrogaming," the playing and collecting of classic video and computer games, is more popular than ever. In fact, a dedicated group of programmers still issues new games for game systems,such as the Atari 2600, last seen in retail stores over fifteen years ago. The Video Game Summit, now in its ninth year, brings together classic and modern generation gamers from all over the country to swap stories, games and to compete in sanctioned tournaments and raffles. The event is open to the public and people of all ages with an interest in video games or computers are encouraged to attend. According to the event's organizer, Dan Iacovelli, "we plan to have many retro and modern game consoles for play”. The date of the show will be July 13th, 2013 from 9am to 7pm at The Heron Point Convention Center,665 West North Avenue , Lombard,IL (adjacent from the Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel) Admission is $5.00 per person (children 12 and under with an Adult are Free) and booths are $30.00 (a booth consist of three 2 x 5 tables 2 side tables and one front table). booth price includes admission for two and a choice of ad size full page (8.5 by 10) or half page(8.5 by 5), We will once again have free Wi-Fi access. Attendees and Vendors will all get the following: A. a copy of the normal print version of the 2013 program* 1 entry to the 2013 Ultimate Prize Package which consists of the following items: 1. the 2013 Color program, 2. the Special Edition Posters (2011 and 2012(2013 won't have one) 3. the Promotional Posters(from 2011,2012 and 2013) 4. the Video Game Summit double sided t-shirt and White Cap 5. 50.00 GameStop gift card 6. (other items might be added at the show from sponsors) B. 2 entries in to our pick the package raffle, where you get to bid on smaller packages made from prizes donated by sponsors. *Those register online before the program is announced for sale at lulu.com will be e-mailed a copy of the ebook version for free( once it's announced they will be sold online) you will be required to either print it out or have it on your mobile device when you come to the show (this cuts down on the printing of normal copies) For more information on how to register visit our registration page at: http://avc.atari-use...s/register.html . Connect with us: Video Game Summit Yahoo Group: http://gamesource.gr...ideoGameSummit/ Follow us on our twitter: http://twitter.com/VideoGameSummit Facebook group page: http://www.facebook....gid=93322237423 Squidoo page: http://www.squidoo.c...deo-Game-Summit Myspace page: http://myspace.com/videogamesummit 8-bit Classics Events Group page: http://www.8bitclass...ame-Summit.html Dan Iacovelli is available to answer any questions at (708) 688-4561 or [email protected] The Video Game Summit is sponsored by the following: AVC Online About AVC Online: AVC Online (Formerly Atari Video Club Online) is am online club that has been supporting Atari Video games and computers for more then 13 years. We have also been involved with Atari Jaguar Festival since 1997. For more information on AVC Online visit: http://avc.atari-users.net END PRESS RELEASE
  11. From the album: My Game Collection

    Group shot of all the Atari made 2600 Games in my collection
  12. From the album: My Game Collection

  13. From the album: My Game Collection

    My Atari 600XL.
  14. From the album: My Game Collection

    image of non Atari made (third-Party) 2600 games
  15. From the album: My Game Collection

    The Apollo Games Spacechase and Final Approach, the former a recent acquisition.

    © Anthony Ballmann

  16. Polybius

    Atari Game, part 1

    From the album: My Game Collection

  17. From the album: My Game Collection

    the box my Atari 600Xl computer came in (I know, wrong box)
  18. Hello everyone, I am new to posting a blog here so I decided to give it a try, please leave a comment. I have done an experiment with friends during the whole month of December 2016. We gradually made a list of memorable movies released before 1985. Memorable movies are famous for good and bad reasons such as iconic scenes, innovations. The list grew up to over 130 movies and surprisingly none of us, as individuals, saw at least half of these movies. Do I really know my cinema classics? Is it possible to see all these movies? I have made a second list (see below) limited to titles with less than 15 characters (including spaces and symbols if any). With this restriction, the list sure is incomplete and still some titles seem not really memorable in my humble opinion. What do you think? Which ones surely are famous memorable movies? Which ones are missing respecting the restrictions (less than 15 characters and before 1985)? Please leave a comment. ^_^ LIST of MEMORABLE MOVIES released BEFORE 1985 with LESS THAN 15 CHARACTERS (SPACES AND SYMBOLS INCLUDED) 1921 The Kid 1922 Nosferatu 1927 Metropolis 1931 City Lights 1931 Frankenstein 1933 King Kong 1936 Modern Times 1940 Pinocchio 1941 Dumbo 1941 Citizen Kane 1942 Casablanca 1942 Bambi 1953 The Wild One 1959 Ben-Hur 1960 Psycho 1961 Yojimbo 1962 Lolita 1964 Goldfinger 1964 Mary Poppins 1964 Fantomas 1967 Cool Hand Luke 1968 The love bug 1970 M*A*S*H 1971 The Big Boss 1971 Daisy Town 1971 Dirty Harry 1972 The God Father 1973 Magnum Force 1973 The Exorcist 1974 Female Trouble 1975 Jaws 1975 Rollerball 1976 The Enforcer 1976 Rocky 1976 Taxi Driver 1976 King Kong 1977 Crime Busters 1977 Star Wars 1978 Halloween 1978 Grease 1979 Alien 1979 Mad Max 1979 Apocalypse Now 1980 Super Fuzz 1980 Fame 1980 Airplane! 1980 The Shining 1980 Xanadu 1980 Brubaker 1981 Excalibur 1981 Mad Max 2 1982 The Thing 1982 Blade Runner 1982 Tron 1982 Annie 1983 Octopussy 1983 Videodrome 1983 Scarface 1983 Flashdance 1983 WarGames 1983 James Bond 007 1984 Don Camillo 1984 Amadeus 1984 Ghostbusters 1984 Footloose 1984 Starman 1984 Gremlins 1984 Dune 1984 The Terminator 1984 Police Academy Total: 70 titles
  19. Not as an amusement-only title, but as what I like to call "videmption" (for "video redemption"). The official name is Centipede Chaos. That all said, there is a good chance that this has a amusement-only/no tickets mode (like Galaga Assault and Space Invaders Frenzy have), although most locations that will grab it probably won't set it up like that. Chances are I'll have some hands-on time with this in Vegas in a couple of weeks, assuming it appears at a trade show there. If so, I'll be sure to get them to show me what the amusement mode is like, if it's there. https://arcadeheroes.com/2019/03/14/new-centipede-videmption-game-spotted-on-location-test/ That said : /
  20. So a Dave & Busters recently opened by me and for those who don't know it is a chain of Barcades / Restaurant where you can take your kids out and drink alcoholic beverages(seriously there are tones of kids and parents drinking). Anyways what I saw was mostly all new / newer arcade games. It looks almost completely different from an classic arcade where the "traditional games" are gun games or driving games and what is left are mobile game ports using ridiculous slap buttons. I only saw one fighting game and it was the DC injustice but without a joystick and only the large slap buttons to do your moves. There was no skee-ball but there were a small assortment of carnival style games. I went to another arcade that was in a bowling alley and it was all the same things. except they had skee-ball but it cost ~$1 per play. What they do seem to have is a rfid card that you load credits in and tap your rfid card on a small screen that reads the amount of credits the game costs. They absolutely have no Atari Games or traditional arcade cabinets with a joystick style game. No more are the joystick games or classic arcade buttons no more are any hardcore skill games. In someways I get it but it seems as if decades of arcade games are just gone from any new arcade. I remember arcades always used to have the older games, in the 90s they still had the games from the early 80s. Gone are the arcade tokens a tradition reaching almost a century back is gone in a modern arcade, they will only appear as a novelty in the gambling coin push games. If that doesn't make you feel old I don't know what will. What are your thoughts on this and modern arcades? Has the Classic Arcade come to an end? Post any pics of classic arcades to keep it's spirit alive. But hey maybe I am just jaded and becoming an old curmudgeon.
  21. Does anyone have a different way of collecting? a "sub-collection" or just something cool they like to get they're games with? a sort of non-standard collection? Me, I enjoy having the price tag on my games, as long as they have a high price on them. I also enjoy having games in rental cases... I find that very odd. but its cool. :thumbsup:
  22. Get the word out MGC dates set for April 7th to 9th ,2017 for more information http://midwestgamingclassic.com I won't ask for help for jagfest section yet, have to make sure I'm able to go,plus might have other plans for mgc. plus its too early to tell. when I'm ready for helpers I'll post a new topic as well as mention on avc online forum.
  23. So i noticed recently that the PS3 has: -Both Wolf 3D and Doom I and II in the store -Many 16 bit Genesis games (and the Genesis compilation disc) -Midway Arcade Games Game (a bit pricey new these days...) Of course these all look glorious through HDMI What other good compilations exist and are worth tracking down for retro fun on the PS3?
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