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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! After some searching for MADS highlighting for Vim, I haven't found nothing useful, so I decided to write something new… The only solution like this which I found was vim-xasm, the XASM highlighting, but it wouldn't enough good to use with MADS (lack of preprocesor directives and so on) So, here it is! Completely new plugin, suitable for every serious Atari coder with Vim as his main editor. (Note: If Vim isn't your primary editor yet, give it a try! But remember, some of your habits will be quickly broken :>) URL for GitHub Repository (aka "The Giant DOWNLOAD Button"): https://github.com/skrzyp/vim-mads (of course, if you're not familiar with Git, you can still grab this plugin as archive, but you'll lose the ability to update it when something new will be added/corrected) Installation Manually: Put folders syntax and ftdetect in your Vim configs directory: Windows: %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles Rest of world: ~/.vim Recommended: Using Pathogen Clone this repo into your Vim path: git clone https://github.com/skrzyp/vim-mads ~/.vim/bundle/vim-mads Of course, I'm fully open for any suggestions and comments, even if you found any bug or problem, tell me here or make a pull request. I'm also very interested about any feedback from users. Screenshot (sorry, I don't have a code which use a full potential of MADS, but if someone has, send me your pic, please)
  2. Mord

    Change of Plans!

    I won't be getting the inactive list working with this release. To really be able to test that setup I'm going to need something extra. Monsters! (After all, monsters don't drop to the list!) So in preparation for the inactive list setup, I'm going to do a couple very simple non-animated test monsters. One of them will do nothing but bounce around a room, changing direction whenever it hits the edge of the game field. The other will run in a straight line unless it hits a dead exit. Hitting a dead exit will make it turn around. One monster, when destroyed, will generate a heart. I may alter it so it has a % chance of generating a heart. The other will generate the Black Key, which by that time will be set up a regional object. Some of the ideas I thought up tonight at work may require objects to have one more byte of data for misc info. It's use would be entirely dependent on the mob's AI. It may be necessary to add that variable to the inactive list as well. I believe there's more than enough ram on the cartridge to handle this. My weekend starts early so hopefully I'll have this sorted out and the next official version done before Sunday! (As it's way too cold to step outside for me without a real good reason!)
  3. Oh before I forget, here's the source for version 0.019. (20091113) I've already started in on optimizing what's already there. Some things run a lot faster, other things have waste trimmed. After I take another look through the code for "easy" optimizations, I'm probably going to start hacking away at the Status Bar. The only thing that Maze Realms is going to need is the player's power/magic bar so everything else is going to be removed. At the same time, I'll be centering the power bar since there will be no reason to keep it on the side of the screen. Previous source code versions, etc, are also available on my website.
  4. Mord

    Maze Realms (v0.020)

    Ok, this should do for another micro-version. In this version I've redone the status bar. In this game the only things it will need is the player's magic/power bar, so I've removed the extra things. The color of the status bar (the blue part) will actually serve a purpose to indicate to the player when they step into a magic field. I'll be changing the default color to probably a gray color to indicate the absence of a magic field. This will be a function of room AI which I will be adding in a bit later. Also, I backported the cycle 73 HMOVE code I wrote for the new Action RPG code base which allows me to pull off the status bar's repositioning without the ugly h-bars. One sprite is repositioned right before the start of the power bar, the second is repositioned immediately following it. I do notice the gate of the castle seems to be moved. I don't recall changing it's coordinates in the init code so I'm guessing there's an issue with using the cycle 73 code. I'll look into that more and hopefully have it figured out and fixed by the next version. The status bar overall is vertically more compact because of these changes. This means the game field can be larger, which is something I've been meaning to do since before v0.018. Otherwise, all the other changes in the code are are speed optimizations. In some cases I only trimmed a few cycles off. In others I found entirely different ways to do things or realized a couple things were entirely pointless! (I use to zero both hardware sprites at the end of each frame up until now. Not necessary since if I just point their ItemSlot to FF, the code assumes they're empty.) I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do in the next version. It's a toss up between re-adjusting/re-naming the item slots or redoing the room loader. Either of those two options will probably be time consuming.
  5. It took a few days longer than originally planned, but I finally finished reformatting the old Action RPG code and it's dubbed Maze Realms now. Action RPG has a different code base that I haven't gotten too far with just yet. It's all good tho. So now that the insane levels of potentially inaccurate comments and the like are taken out, I've started the second phase. That being fixing some of the bugs I spotted while I went through the first time as well as reworking some of the existing code. For instance in Maze Realms there's no need to have a delayed-press-and-release to drop a held item so I took it out. I'll be needing that kind of code for Action RPG later but I'll just copy/paste it over from the older backups. There was also a couple of instances where I found buggy non-bugs... or would that be non-buggy bugs? It was a few instances of "lda $FF" being used instead of the intended "lda #$FF". It just happened to be that address location $FF held value #$F1. For the purposes of the code, it just needed to have a value greater than $80 that was not $F0. $F1 fit the bill so the code acted as it was suppose to. Glad I caught that as I was reading through it otherwise it could have really had me stumped farther down the road. The fire button now simply drops held objects. It has the side effect that a holdable object can be passed through without picking it up if you keep the fire button pressed. I wasn't sure if I liked that or not, but I can't really see the harm in leaving it that way. That only works if the object can be held and moved. Maze Realms, like Action RPG, will have instant-use items that activate on touch. Holding the fire button down won't affect them. It could be altered so all objects pass through the player, but we'll see how it goes. It'll just need a quick short-circuit based on the fire button's position in the object's collision code. Otherwise I fixed a graphic glitch in the first castle room where an extra line would be generated if the player tried moving up past the closed gate. The kernel is pretty tight in some instances and in at least one case there's no room for cycle penalties. The glitch occurred because the castle gate's graphic was lying over a page boundary. That made one particular scanline case use too much time, generating an extra line in the process. The next big scanline glitch occurs when you try to push a held object through the left wall. This causes a problem where the object's X position wraps around and the 2600 thinks it's over 200. The sprite positioner ends up waiting a LONG time since 200+ is outside the allowable 0-159 range and an extra scanline is generated. I'll be fixing that as well before I release the next rom. I already know how I'll be doing it. So yeah, the next version is just going to be a less buggy version of what I've already released. >_> After that's done, I'll be fiddling with the display code and changing the Status menu to be something far FAR simpler. Of all the things on it, the only thing I really want to keep will be the status bar. And if that's all I'm keeping, I'll probably consider centering it as well.
  6. It can be done in any coding language but i think assembly will be fastest. I'm looking for solution that is faster than ATARI basic which is 50-80 muls per sec and it have loss of precision :( How many times per second can 6502c multiply 10-digit number by 10-digit number without a loss of precision?
  7. Mord

    Maze Game Idea

    While sitting on #jagware on irc.worldnet.net tonight I started thinking about the old code base I had for Action RPG. (I haven't been able to really sit down and code all this time on the new code base all the same) Anyway rather than just let that bit rot I was thinking of dusting off Version 0.018 (The last 'stable' version) and continuing that in a different direction. Essentially I'll fix up a couple of the object boundary problems still present in it (noticable if you carry the key off the screen in some directions!) then I'll reconstruct the status bar for something else and turn this into a large maze style game. I'm still trying to decide how that maze game should operate overall. I have a couple ideas, but I'm not sure if they'll work as well as I think it will. Hopefully this means I'll start posting roms and stuff again "soon". Wait. My "soon" can easily translate into 6 months... ok "Sooner" than "soon". It's mid-september right now. Let's see if I can pull off productive stuff again by halloween. (no final result by then, but hopefully it'll be well on the way!)
  8. Folks: Hi ho, Apple users. I have a few Apple programming guidebooks which I am putting up on Ebay. Some are already up, some more are going up today/this week. I play around with TI and Commodore, but not Apple, so I don't have a whole lot of use for them, though they are great books. Putting most of them up for around $10. Not really trying to make bank on these, just picking up a little cash for a few toys Santa seemingly forgot to bring. ^_^ I also have a random Tandy 1400HD power supply and a Vtech LCD Talking Baseball game up. Tandy PS is tested and working, but having no Tandy 1400HD, etc etc. Talking Baseball is ubercheese but the voice cracks me up. Auctions: Beginners guide to Apple II assembly language eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013141026 Nibble Expresses -collected snippets and code for Apple from Nibble Magazine, 150-200 pages each eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013138578 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013136901 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013074044 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013308513 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013307938 More Apple Secrets from nibble eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013311895 (Edit - More added) Applesoft BASIC Toolbox eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013314361 Basic Apple BASIC (Integer & Applesoft FP) eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013312998 I'll be adding a few more books to the above in the near future. Tandy 1400HD power supply eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201006101600 Vtech talking baseball eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201011770776
  9. I always wanted to know how software sprites worked in this demo. Here it is a dis6502 2.2.2015-04-06 zipped workspace of laser demo. I don't think i will be working on disassembling it anymore. Maybe someone will use it for something else. laserdemo.zip
  10. Mord

    Maze Realms (v0.021)

    Ok, added a couple monsters that I'll be using to test the various aspects of the Inactive List. I'll likely tweak it but for now it's ok. The Data byte for the slots is patched in and it will save to the Inactive list when that's implemented next version. Color of the object is usually hardwired into the object's data. That will probably work fine for most cases but if the color is read in as 0, it'll load whatever is in the Data byte instead. The application of such is used in the Hearts and the "gear" monster. Each monster has it's own AI. One will never leave the screen it's in. The other will bounce off of dead exits, but otherwise pass through the edge of the screen the same way the player can. It's movement AI is pretty simple but it's just for testing purposes. Also, the Heart Placer picks a random Data value which ends up giving it's hue (since it flashes the lower bits are meaningless!) however it then does a bit of modification on that Data byte and stores the result in it's HP byte - which is what determines how much HP/Power/Magic/Whateverit'scalledeventually you receive for picking it up.
  11. Ok here's an updated rom for Maze Realms. (Previously "Action RPG") Mostly this just fixes up a few scanline glitch scenarios and an update to the held-object/drop-object routines for use in the new direction this old code base is taking. (I'll be taking Action RPG in a different direction later. I figure it would be best for me to keep working on this code now that I'm familiar with it again along with getting a bunch of ideas for it!) At any rate, the file names are being changed to reflect release date of the rom in such a way that all the roms will line up in a directory on their own! Year/month/day format. 20071027 was when I first released version 0.018. And then went on code vacation for over a year. Still using the same old Test Realm for now. I have to see about making the code run faster. Code can take too long as it is in some situations. I'm not sure if I'll work on that next or if I'll turn my attention to the display to update the status bar.
  12. Mord

    Maze Realms reformatted

    Took a while for me to get to this point since I was also mapping out 7800 games, listening to music, attempting to design a few big complicated and likely unworkable 7800 cartridge formats, and various other little projects. After all that, I finally have the source code for Maze Realms (The old Action RPG code base) reformatted and compiling. It doesn't FUNCTION correctly however since I ripped various things out as I went. That's the next phase. Have to clarify in my head again exactly what the new screen dimensions are going to be since I shrunk and simplified the status bar. I'm still thinking on exactly how this game will work but I've fished up a few ideas. A bit of random placement should certainly help the replayability factor as well. Oh well, here's hoping I can still get the current code to compile AND run properly by halloween! (Not that it'll be finished by then of course but it's a good goal to aim for!)
  13. So I'm tinkering with batari for the first time, and have gotten past the ENORMOUS headache of compiling issues to actually be able to make some neat little things. one of my sprites i.e. the player is even animated and looks awesome. I've got a second sprite however, that is making me go crazy. I am 100% new to coding in general, but this is something that I really want to successfully accomplish. Anyway.. the whole thing I want the main player to be able to do is chase mice and "munch" on them to earn as many points as possible before a timer runs out(I'll figure that out later) So far I've gotten my cat to be able to move everywhere flawlessly. the mouse just shows up right now and is chilling out. my question: How can I make it so that when the cat comes in contact with the mouse the player gets their points/ How can I get the mouse to "run away" from the cat and re-spawn when "eaten"? Forgive me for being a complete noob, but I'm at the point where I'm completely stuck, and google has run out of answers. The attached file is what I've come up with so far. Thanks!!!default.bas
  14. i have been having problems with batari basic for a couple years so i've made no games because i cannot compile so i decided to make a very atari like game on a site called scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/236564770/#player i was wondering if anyone wants to code this program for atari and send me the bin file and if possible you could add a score board and a lives.
  15. Mord

    Weird World

    So after most of a week, I finally managed to replace the old room loader with the less compact but easier to read new room loader. Essentially a change in room format. It doesn't save as much space as the older one but you end up saving space on the code portion to load it. Which is good because the Inactive Object management is going to suck up some rom space when I get to patching it in. (Most of it is written, but not untested.) I also changed the "undefined" object flag for room objects to trigger on the Input byte instead of the Y coordinate. It was fine for versions up to now where either the object existed or it didn't. Things in the upcoming Inactive Object list however will have a Y value saved. They won't have anything in the Input byte however since that's not saved when they're pushed to Inactive. Nothing interesting has changed in the rom with this switch so I'm not going to release yet another binary for today. The only visual difference from a player's point of view is that I also fixed a glitch introduced when I changed the status bar. I made the status bar smaller, thus making the gamefield size larger. However I didn't change the values for the Maximum Y coordinate of the player before switching screens which meant if you got close to the bottom of the screen, it'd change screens before you actually touched the bottom. Nothing special here. Just had to fix the associated value in the constants file. What I WILL show off today, is one of the several freaky "worlds" I created by having bugs in the first few attempts at the new room loader. Basically info is being read wrong for the playfield but it can still be "explored". There are several dead ends etc however so learn where you can and can't go! There was one other "Weird World" that I saw but didn't think to keep a rom of it. It was actually larger than this one too. Ah well.
  16. Mord

    More coding babble.

    I fixed the glitch mentioned in the last post soon after the update. Not entirely sure what was going on but the bug was caused by good old copy pasta. It was testing one condition then setting a totally different one based on it and voila. Key-to-Heart glitch. Anyway, I likely won't do the next part today as I'm a bit busy with other chores, but the next task will be expanding the drop-item code so that it can detect when an object is out of bounds when dropped - and if dropped while out of bounds, it will be dropped in the proper room. If the exit is dead or wrap-around to the same room, the drop code will simply drop the object to the other side. (Currently I believe if I dropped an object out of bounds, it would become unavailable in the game!) This will work for the vast majority of rooms but it brings a little snag into play. what if you push the key outside of a castle? Right now for when the player exits, a special routine will run to move them in front of the gate. (Generally the Gate's own AI will do the check by looking for the character's position on the screen.) I think I can take care of this with a similar routine in the room loader. Dropping the object outside of a castle (or dungeon really, etc) will cause it to drop to the side of the screen in a place where the player would normally set off some AI to reposition them. Since it doesn't really matter where the object is in the room until the player enters it, we can do a similar trick in the room bank itself. That'll be the next trick AFTER the initial drop code modification. After that I'll consider "version 0.019" done. However I won't be calling it that. After reading over a thread that touched on WIP filenames, I've decided to change the format to a "title-year-mm-dd.bin" format. That way all the WIP roms will line themselves up. I'll post the old version 0.018 (renamed) and the new version at the same time for people who want to do comparisons without digging through the blog archive for the old one or going to my website to get it. Oh, I also think I have an idea for the life bar which will be redone in the following version. It'll be changed to a power bar instead and might implement a similar "powers" system to that used in E.T. In that your position on the screen will enable you to activate different powers. The powers that will be available, how the power bar is used, and how it will be notified to the player however won't be anything like it. I'm thinking of a bunch of ideas that would go well with this kind of setup and how to implement them in the game, but right now I'm too tired to actually write them down. I'm sure I'll remember them. *update* Finally finished modifying the drop code to handle out-of-bounds objects. Took a lot longer than it should have due to me typing on a branch by leaving out the space between the opcode and the label. This didn't cause an error as far as I could see. I'm guessing it interpretted the entire thing as a label or something... Anyway, been up too long this morning and have to get some sleep before work so I'll clean things up a bit tomorrow and try to post the new version.
  17. AtariX Hello everyone, my name is Iuri Nery, and a few days ago I started reading some tutorials at RandomTerrain to learn more about Atari programming, and so far I’m finding everything fascinating. I’m right now at number #16 of Andrew Davie’s tutorial (Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies). I’m learning a lot from it, and to learn faster, I needed to built something to help me testing the sample projects, that’s why I made this IDE. AtariX is a very simple IDE, but has a couple of features that can help novice users to get into Assembly programming: · Save/Load assembly files (.asm/.s); · Build binary files by pressing the “Export” button; · Test your games with 1 click; · Colored syntax for comments, assembly instructions, numbers, binary numbers and also for the labels from “vcs.h” (like COLUPF); Files included: · “vcs.h” and “macro.h” (unmodified); · DASM Assembler; · z26 Emulator; · AtariX executable; How to use: 1. Open the assembly file you want to test; 2. Put all the included files in the “include” folder; 3. Click on the “Play” button (you can also press F5); Credits: ; AtariX ; ------ ; Copyright © 2017 by Iuri Nery ; DASM Assembler ; -------------- ; Copyright © 1988-2002 by Matthew Dillon ; Copyright © 1995 by Olaf "Rhialto" Seibert ; Copyright © 2003-2008 by Andrew Davie ; Copyright © 2008 by Peter H. Froehlich ; z26 Emulator ; ------------ ; Copyright © 1997-2004 by John Saeger . This is not an advanced IDE or anything like that, just wanted to share it with you guys, I hope it can help someone. ps: I’m not an experienced programmer, so any tips are apreciated, also I don’t know if this is the correct session to post this kind of stuff. Thanks! AtariX_v01.zip
  18. Does anyone have the source code for Ti invaders (cassette version) or any other old classic games for the ti-99/4a?
  19. i am in the process of making a game and well i don't know how to make an enemy shoot i only want the enemy to shoot down and up according to player 0's y position can any one help?
  20. Does anyone know how the RNG works on Bomb Squad? It would be interesting to know the RNG iteration algorithm, as well as how it generates 1-digit, 2-digit, and 3-digit codes for the game.
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