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Found 54 results

  1. Greetings, Today I finished a batch of my minimalistic and Low Cost General Purpose Fujinet v1.6 These are called general purpose, due to the interface its not only dedicated to Atari 8 bits computers; the unit is detachable, a DB15 to SIO, DB15 to DIN6, DB15 to RJ12, DB15 to DB19... allows you to connect the Fujinet v1.6 to each supported (currently or future) computer such Atari 8 bits - Commodore 64 - Coleco Adam - Apple II The unit includes all the hardware elements of Fujinet v1.6, also the Coleco Adam interface components. Via jumpers, you can select the desired operation, if Atari 8 bits SIO (C64 as well) or if you desire Coleco Adam Interface. As well, the unit can be powered externally, or via the SIO interface. There is a jumper to change this selection. The USB interface is included, in order to update the device. Microcontroller is the same, an ESP32 WROVER with 16 MB flash and 8 MB PSRAM A photograph of the device: And a video of the device being operated by an Atari 65XE: These units are available at the Atari Age marketplace; its a continous manufacturing, in the same way as the Atari ST/E hard disk units.
  2. Now that I am a month and some change away from releasing my work I would like to call on those of you that have already traveled this road. I can print my own boxes but would rather have someone who already does this and has the equipment to handle at least 100 units. I am in no way expecting my game to be popular but there may be some out there that would want a physical collectors version with a proper box and manual like the old days. Being as I also want my work to get out there and not charge a fortune which doing this myself would do. So please PM me with ideas and contacts. Also, this is related to my programing work but may not be directly programing so if anyone wants to transfer it to a proper place in the thread please do so.
  3. In order to contribute and help budding Coleco/ADAM programmers I intend to share various code snippets that will help you along. I have found over the years that specific details are hard to come by so I will help where I can but I am not going to teach you Z80 assembly language. It is not as hard as you think and can look intimidating at times but don't give up. If you use assembly language you will gain speed and space over any higher level language. (my opinion you may feel different) That said. Have you ever wanted to know what pattern your sprite is over or just wanted to know what pattern (or color) is at what position on the screen. Maybe you want to build a wall that you do not want to pass through so your wall is pattern 45. Well, you can say if a = 45 then do not pass. In assembly that looks like this LD A, ???? (magic number) CP 45 ; (Compare) or if A = 45 JP Z DO_NOT_PASS ; If yes then jump to Do not pass routine if no then continue on. ; Continue Journey code.... RET ;(Return from where you called from) DO_NOT_PASS: ; Do not continue moving through pattern. RET ;(Return from where you called from) But how do you get that important magic 45 or other value into A Well, in another post I will show you how to set up graphics but for now we will just say it is there. For now it is sitting in GRAM, VRAM....The Ram connected to the TI9928 Graphics Chip. The way Colecovision works is that the Z80 uses Ram and the Graphic Chip uses Ram so in order to get to the 16k Graphics Ram you have to go through a port which kind of sucks because it creates a bottle neck. However the Z80 is mighty fast so we can get away with a few things and scrolling is not one of them. That does not mean you can't have scrolling games, it just means they won't look as smooth as modern systems. Because Coleco Sprite Y and X values range from 0 to 192 Y and 0 to 256 X we have to divide them by 8 to get the proper Rows and Columns In the Coleco world we have 32x24 screen patterns (768) Mathematically it all adds up and divides equally as you would expect in the computer world. The routine is actually 4 parts. 1st is to divide by 8 and get the Rows 2nd is to divide by 8 and get the Columns 3rd is to send (OUT) to PORT 0BFh. 4th is put that returned value (IN) 0BEh into A Port BE VRAM Data (Read/Write) Port BF VDP Status Registers (Read Only) I do not want to get into the AND's and PORTS right now because that is information overload and a distraction so for now I am sticking with minimum code. Copy and paste or use the asm attachment. ; Tile Identify Routine (c) 2020 "From Scratch" Enterprises ; Free to use but please use love for me in the credits. ; To find Pattern under Sprite. (upper left hand corner) ; Sprite Definition (Y, X, Pattern, Color) ; LD Y into (OFFSET_Y) and LD X into (OFFSET_X) then call SPRITE_TO_TILE ; Pattern value will come back in A ; To find the pattern on screen (no sprite) LD HL with tile position 0-767 + VRAM_NAME ($1800) ; To find the pattern color (no sprite) LD HL with tile position 0-767 + VRAM_COLOR ($2000) ; Call QUICK_TILE. Pattern value will return in A VRAM_NAME: EQU $1800 SPRITE_TO_TILE: LD HL, VRAM_NAME LD A, (OFFSET_Y) ; offset Y (ROW) CP 0 ; can't divide by zero skip to find Columns JP Z, FIND_COLUMN SRL A ; divide by 8 (192/8) 24 Rows (actually divide 3 times by 2) SRL A SRL A LD B, A LD DE, 32 XOR A ZERO: ADC HL, DE DJNZ ZERO FIND_COLUMN: LD A, (OFFSET_X) ; offset X (Column) CP 0 ; can't divide by zero skip to QUICK_TILE which calls port to get value JP Z, QUICK_TILE SRL A ; divide by 8 (256/8) 32 Columns (actually divide 3 times by 2) SRL A SRL A LD E, A LD D, 0 XOR A ADC HL, DE QUICK_TILE: DI LD A, L OUT (0BFh), A ; (OUT) Lower Bits LD A, H AND 3Fh OUT (0BFh), A ; (OUT) Higher Bits EI IN A, (0BEh) ; (IN) Return value into A RET If you find errors or inconsistencies please let me know in the comments. Identify Tile.asm
  4. The original very rare super game Grogs Revenge, by Coleco Canada, was release with a nasty bug. When you use the warp codes listed in the manual for mountain 1, and you warp up to Level E, and went into any cave, the screen went black, and the game froze. Well Thanks to Oscar Toledo, that bug has been repaired using the following modification... From Oscar Toledo, I've analyzed the game and I've trimmed down the bug. 1. The bug happens when entering any cave of level E of mountain 1. 2. The game has an internal buffer of 64 bytes. 3. The buffer is filled with X+Y+Y elements (shells, stalactites and stalagmites) 4. Coleco programmers made a mistake, the total number of elements was 57+20+20 = 97, this doesn't fit in the buffer of 64 bytes. 5. This is the only level where they made the mistake. 6. I've patched it to 16+20+20 = 56 elements. Find annex the patched DDP file (byte $5374 in file changes to $10, this is $b074 in ADAM memory) BTW, the passwords for mountain 1: 2,2-3,3-4,4-5,5-6,6 For mountain 2: 2,2-2,3-4,4-4,5-6,2-7,8 For mountain 3: 4,2-6,6-7,1-2,3 Now. After fixing that bug, another one popped up where you warped past level E, the game would go into oblivion, and crash. Oscar has fixed that problem too, with the following modification... >>> For block patch this is block #28, sector #3, blk: 93 (it contains $06, patch to >>> $05) and blk: 120 (it contains $06, patch to $04) >>> People who have this game, sealed or not, are going to need these modifications to use the game. So make note of these changes. Any questions, let me Know. I'm on atariage as Klasko54
  5. So far it is pre-animation and a map with room numbers but whomever wants to give feedback is welcome The offsets have not been tuned so you might get stuck in a wall. If you stay within the green lines you should be fine. Do not go left in room 0, that is INFINITY!!!!!!!!! You may get the same result at the end in room 128. I would like to get the approval of the original author but if that is not the case I can tweak this to be an entirely different game. All 129 rooms are there 0-128 Enjoy !Shamus v2.5.rom
  6. Buy their &&it so they can stay in business and make more content. I have mine, what is stopping you!
  7. Just want to gauge the interests about the Coleco / ColecoVision (ADAM) History Book The book is first going to be available as hard copy Then later will become available as Ebook Are you interested by this book? Also, feel free to post questions, suggestions, comments and critics
  8. Picked this up recently and just wanted to share. I had never come across a boxed version of the Adam Digital Data Drive and thought it was pretty cool (maybe it's common?). I found a PicNSave Ad as well listing the price from 1984
  9. https://atariage.com/forums/profile/73874-itchy-scratchy/content/?type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1
  10. Technical question that needs insider info. I have several versions of the TI 9928 book including an original I received in 1984 just by calling Texas Instrument. The way I understand it is the Chip itself has a basic type of BIOS. I also understand that this is locked inside the Colecovision. However, a...Could a jumper unlock it (doubtful) but b... Is this bios a standard generic bios or one written for the Colecovision environment itself. Knowing a bit about chips that most of these are write once but some if you add voltage on certain pins they can be written to. I know this is above a lot of peoples pay grade but hopefully one of you knows just enough that may lead to more information. Maybe something Howard Eglowstein can answer if he pokes his head around here on occasion. I know he does over on the ADAM Facebook page.
  11. Polishing up my game and I am running into small issues that some of you brains might be able to help with. One, I am running out of time because of Christmas and Grand kids flopping about. Two, I am running out of time because of Christmas and Grand kids flopping about. With that I would ask if anyone in the community has an accurate count down timer like that featured in Donkey Kong, Blasto or your common core game with a count down timer. I have two players competing for merchandise on the screen with a count down so the higher score wins after time out. My routines work but they are iffy at best so if there is a professional formula that also shows a 3 digit display anywhere on screen Please, code must be in Z80 assembly. Tony Cruz gave me some insight on BCD and now I am thinking I was pretty dag on good with my coding, I have done some things you shall see, however this went over my head and just did not work the way I thought it would. A simple 3 digit display timer that counts increments of 1's from 199 to 0. TIA always.
  12. Complete ColecoVision Adam for sale - $265 CAD/$210 US + Shipping or Local Pick-up Tested today and working. Hardware includes printer, main console, keyboard, and one controller. Monitor is not included, however I will provide cable and instructions to connect (any monitor with composite video and audio in / separate speakers will work). Software includes Buck Rogers, SmartLogo (in box w/ manual) and Carnival cartridge. SmartLogo is a great introduction to programming for young learners! The printer works as a power supply and moves, however is no longer suitable for printing. The tape drive is working well.
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