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Found 8 results

  1. Mike Harris


    A ways back I asked for better schematics for the ADAM and I didn't get the best answer out there. This is not about knocking anyone this is about fixing your ADAM or making it better. I have yet to find this on Atari Age and it may actually be somewhere but here it is from me. https://console5.com/wiki/Coleco_Adam This is just a link I found that offers better resolution schematics as well as a Cap list if you want to recap your Coleco ADAM. Not sure as far as accuracy but it has every component. DDRives, Disk Drives, Gama, power supply ect... Inside the sight you can find the Colecovision as well as a few computers and consoles. Some with modifications but the ADAM none the less which I need. I have already received all my CAPS, Resistors, Tester and such to build Drive emulator and recap my R80 ADAM. The new Power Supply comes on Monday and that is when I plan to work on my project, but then again when I think about it I may just send for a good soldering station because my old on is from the radio shack days. It still works but I'm spoiled and like new stuff. I HIGHLY recommend that you get your nostalgia equipment recapped because if one pops you may end up with a chip that they no longer make being fried. It doesn't hurt and it extends the life of the equipment for generations to come. There is a link somewhere inside to buy an overpriced cap kit but I just picked up an assortment of like 1,000 capacitors for like $8 I HOPE that I have contributed some way to the community.
  2. I just got back from visiting my 108 year old Aunt up north. Oddly enough she looks like she will make 109. It seems I missed out on the new ADE Pro from John Lundy so I decided to make my own by ordering the parts on Amazon. I have a complete set of parts for 4 units which costs under 90 buckazoids. Hats off to those who make and sell them for $130 a piece. I own two MicroFox VD's which if my plans work out I will end up selling on EBay. I also picked up a Mean Well RQ-50B power supply to replace the printer and all the extra parts to recap my R80 board. Also a new Capacitor tester. So my new plan is to completely replace the second DDD drive space with a drop in replacement that goes off the connectors for the digital data drive. At least the power supply. I looked at the schematics, and I may be wrong, but if I can use that header for the ADAMNet I will do that too. I don't need the data sense or motor control but if it works then it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. I also plan to print out a custom frame and bevel but you get the idea. This stuff is fun. Being it's an Arduino based system I plan on future improvements to use a USB based transfer system being as no one else will and I just think the SD Cards are outdated. Anyway, that's a second project that I will keep you guys up to date on. All my other projects I will be working on. I have 3 other games in the planing stages, 2 have shell outlines. Super Venture with the completed levels, treasures and what not had to be scrapped because Collectorvision wants to release their own version as they own the rights. So I only seen one picture which looked like some 3D where as I just wanted the completed game to match the Arcade. No matter, there are plenty of other games and surprises from my camp that makes us all winners. So anyway, nice to be back home and on my couch instead of driving 18 hours straight like I used to when I was 20. Later guys...
  3. Hi. This is a full screen 40 column text editor for the Adam computer I wrote in 8080 assembly under CP/M, called ADAMED. It's a definite improvement over the ED editor I plan on using it to create programs directly on the ADAM rather than mess with emulators. Video demo of ADAMED Adamed.zip
  4. The original very rare super game Grogs Revenge, by Coleco Canada, was release with a nasty bug. When you use the warp codes listed in the manual for mountain 1, and you warp up to Level E, and went into any cave, the screen went black, and the game froze. Well Thanks to Oscar Toledo, that bug has been repaired using the following modification... From Oscar Toledo, I've analyzed the game and I've trimmed down the bug. 1. The bug happens when entering any cave of level E of mountain 1. 2. The game has an internal buffer of 64 bytes. 3. The buffer is filled with X+Y+Y elements (shells, stalactites and stalagmites) 4. Coleco programmers made a mistake, the total number of elements was 57+20+20 = 97, this doesn't fit in the buffer of 64 bytes. 5. This is the only level where they made the mistake. 6. I've patched it to 16+20+20 = 56 elements. Find annex the patched DDP file (byte $5374 in file changes to $10, this is $b074 in ADAM memory) BTW, the passwords for mountain 1: 2,2-3,3-4,4-5,5-6,6 For mountain 2: 2,2-2,3-4,4-4,5-6,2-7,8 For mountain 3: 4,2-6,6-7,1-2,3 Now. After fixing that bug, another one popped up where you warped past level E, the game would go into oblivion, and crash. Oscar has fixed that problem too, with the following modification... >>> For block patch this is block #28, sector #3, blk: 93 (it contains $06, patch to >>> $05) and blk: 120 (it contains $06, patch to $04) >>> People who have this game, sealed or not, are going to need these modifications to use the game. So make note of these changes. Any questions, let me Know. I'm on atariage as Klasko54
  5. Just want to gauge the interests about the Coleco / ColecoVision (ADAM) History Book The book is first going to be available as hard copy Then later will become available as Ebook Are you interested by this book? Also, feel free to post questions, suggestions, comments and critics
  6. Picked this up recently and just wanted to share. I had never come across a boxed version of the Adam Digital Data Drive and thought it was pretty cool (maybe it's common?). I found a PicNSave Ad as well listing the price from 1984
  7. I recently purchased this alternative power supply for my Coleco Adam from rey_1178 here on AA. Not only is it a major space saver in that it replaces the Adam Printer PS, but it runs quiet and cool and looks awesome! If anyone is interested or has additional questions you can PM rey_1178.
  8. I am wondering if a small color TV can safely sit on an Adam computer? I have a full working Adam computer, along with a spare base unit and parts base unit that I'd like to set up again with a small, RCA colortrack TV that I picked up not long ago. Both my Colecovisions have issues, yet the Adam worked great the last time I used it, but it hogs quite a bit of space with that printer and being able to possibly set the tv on the unit might save some space. Want to check about that before I do it though.
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