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Found 71 results

  1. Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death is coming for the ColecoVision! Sydney must navigate dark caverns while avoiding bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles. If you can survive all 10 caverns, you will be able to win your freedom! Here's some screenshots of the work in progress
  2. Refurbished and Composite modded console with 2 controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords and original power supply $199 + shipping Set of black controllers refurbished with ball knobs and straightened cords $60 + shipping Set of Tan (Adam controllers) with ball knobs and straightened cords $50 + shipping. Thank You AtariAge for over 7 years of ColecoVision mods! I've modded over 500 ColecoVision consoles and over 1200 controllers. Feel free to contact via messenger if your looking for any ColecoVision services. ***Newest offering F18A install. $169 + return shipping that's parts and labor. Great mod connect directly to HDTV with VGA port, or use a converter to go from VGA to HDMI. *** Ask about availability of ColecoVision hardware. I may have expansion modules or modded console(s) with or without controllers and power supply. If available Atari expansion module $20, steering wheel $25, Roller Controller $30, RGB modded console (console only) $199. Complete system with RGB, composite, pause, intro skip BIOS, 2 controllers and power supply $329. Plus shipping for all these listed items. RGB mod: Here is a link to a thread in the ColecoVision Forum: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232809-new-rgb-colecovision-mod/ Here is a quick video I made with cell phone showing the RGB mod connected to the Framemeister and the HD Video Converter on a Vizio LCD TV. RGB mod outputs awesome video signal and dual mono audio through a discreet 8 pin mini din jack on the back of the console. This mod was designed to be used with a RGB to HDMI scaler. The XRGB mini Framemeister and the HD Video Converter (sometimes referred to as Panlong) are my tested and recommend scalers. They provide awesome picture quality on LCD/LED TVs. This RGB mod should also work with any monitor that accepts a 15khz video signal, although I have not tested on any monitors and cannot make any guarantees. https://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Converter-Scaler-Coaxial-Consoles/dp/B00D86UYBS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1420692028&sr=8-1&keywords=scart+hdmi&linkCode=ll1&tag=atariage&linkId=6f51c402c5548c619cfeae00ff569b61 I have also seen them on Ebay for around $43 with free shipping. RGB Cables: Your choice of one of the three cables listed below is included with the RGB mod service. One or both of the other cables can be purchased at the time of service. I won't sell cables separately at a later date. 1. male to male 8 pin mini din cable. This will plug directly into the back of the ColecoVision and directly into the 8 pin mini din jack on the Framemeister. $10 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 2. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired EURO SCART. For use with the HD Video Converter. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 3. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired JP-21(Japanese 21) RGB. This will plug into the 8 pin mini to female JP-21 adapter that is included with the Framemeister. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. DIY Composite video Mod board (cord included) Picture below DIY purchase price for mod board with a/v cord included $29 shipped anywhere in the USA. This board was designed and tested for NTSC. The ColecoVision outputs only mono sound and this mod outputs the mono to both left and right. (dual mono). If you choose to buy a Composite modded system from another seller on Ebay, Craigslist ect...make sure they are using the LM318 amp chip and not the transistor mod. The transistor gets super hot and is prone to failure and there are brightness issues. Installation Instructions: ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf Prices: Repairs requiring chip replacement extra. Console refurbished with no mods. $40 + return shipping. Console refurbished and A/V mod board installed $69 + return shipping, a/v cable included. Console refurbish and RGB mod installed $109 + return shipping. $20 off if you send a working console that I have previously serviced for upgrade. Your choice of 1 of 3 RGB cables listed above is included and the other cables are available for the listed prices. Add composite video mod to RGB modded console for $29 (DIY price with free install) a/v cable included. Controller refurbishing $20 each or 2 for $30 if combined with console refurbish and mod install. Ball knobs and cord straighteneing are free options with controller refurbishing. Intro Skip BIOS $15 and Pause Button $35. Or both together for $40. BIOS and Pause only available additionally with console refurbish and RGB and/or A/V mod. All my mods are shown in this I made, with the exception of the Intro Skip BIOS and RGB. Here is a link to my Intro Skip BIOS thread http://www.atariage....nstall-offered/ and here is a link to my profile. I have links to all my mod threads on my profile. http://www.atariage....r/23318-yurkie/ If you have any questions please feel free to ask. LEDs are now 3mm red. These are much more discreet than the 5mm blue. I added 2 clear LEDs that light up blue. Power LED comes on when power switch is turned on. Pause LED blinks when Pause switch is flipped on. 4 second video showing blinking pause LED. LEDs $15 each. Power Mod: This mod eliminates the unreliable original power supply. A 12V regulated supply with barrel plug is inserted in barrel jack on the back of the console. 5V and -5V are internal. This mod is $50 + return shipping. Power supply may very from pic, but will 6' or longer total length. Pictures for reference. ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf
  3. I accept PayPal payments, will ship anywhere in the world at the actual cost of shipping using USPS Priority Mail from area code 60056. Any order over $50 should include the purchase of additional USPS Shipping Insurance... completely up to the buyer.. Check out the pics and PM me if interested in any of the items or you have any questions and please include your zip or postal code so that I can work up the shipping costs.. If you live in my area, we can also work out a meet so as to save on shipping cost. If you have any questions, such as condition of boxes, just ask. I will provide details and time permitting, individual pics. Also, always open for discussion re. pricing or quantity discounts. ColecoVision Cartridges C B M O (C = Cart, B = Box, M = Manual, O = Overlay(s) x x x 25.00 Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom x x x 35.00 BurgerTime x x x 40.00 Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park x x x x 35.00 Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show x x x 25.00 Campaign '84 (Silver Box/Gold Label) x x x 45.00 Congo Bongo x x x 25.00 Destructor x x x 200.00 Donkey Kong x x x 200.00 DragonFire x x x x 35.00 Front Line x x x 35.00 Illusions x x x 50.00 Roc'N Rope x x x 40.00 Tarzan x x x 120.00 Victory (extremely rare "ColecoVision Presents" cartridge label with common CV & ADAM Box) x x x 35.00 Victory (CBS Software version) x x x x 30.00 WarGames x 12.00 B.C. II: Grog's Revenge (B/W Alt. Label) x x 15.00 Dam Busters, The (Canadian Title Screens) CONTROLLERS, ATTACHMENTS & ACCESSORIES 100.00 Hand Controller (Black) (CIB)
  4. I read about this but only a brief description. Walters software Is there such a thing? How far did it go? If so why not expand this into the new ADAM OSX? Anyone want to fill in the blanks.
  5. I'm looking for someone to do some repair work on a 1977/78 TRS-80 Model 1 (Level 1) and a Coleco Adam. The TRS-80 needs a key replaced (I have a spare keyboard to pull parts from) and has an issue with the video sync (I think). The Coleco Adam is having some power issues, but I think it's coming from the console itself as it won't power on when one or both of the cassette drives are plugged in, but the power light comes on when they're disconnected. It also has no video, as far as I can tell. I'm more flexible with the TRS-80, since I already have the motherboard removed from the cabinet and could easily ship that, but I'm hoping to find someone who already owns an Adam so I can ship just the console with the data drives installed. I do have a spare printer motherboard I could send as well if needed, though, but it would be more expensive. Anyway, if this sounds like something you could do, let me know and we can discuss pricing. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, long time reader, first time poster on the forums. I recently picked up a junk Coleco Telstar Combat system made in ‘77 for a couple dollars. It was pretty roached, but it’s a rather obscure system so I couldn’t pass it up. However, after getting it all cleaned up, I plugged it to my TV to test it out, but all I got was static and no signal. I tried many times turning the system off and on but mostly no signal would appear at all. Sometime a staticky signal would fade in and out, but it was very inconsistent. Once, I even got a vague image of the actually game screen to appear for a few seconds. I’m fairly confident that the video cable coming from the system itself is not the issue and I have it hooked up to a known working RF switch that works well with my Atari 2600. So, I opened the system back up, removed the RF shield, and began to adjust the RF inductors (I’m using a modern tv). ( I attached pics for reference) There appears to be 2 RF inductor adjustments under the shield, and a screw adjustment at the top right corner of the board. I started adjusting the orange (bottom) inductor but that only caused the video to go from no signal, to staticky image, back to no signal. So I tried to adjust the white (top) RF inductor, but it wouldn’t budge. Upon further inspection, I saw the slot inside this inductor had several cracks. I desoldered the inductor from the board to examine it further, but couldn’t get it to budge. After resoldering it back on, I still have the same issue, however, the static signal seems to become more and more scarce, leaving me with no signal as I fiddle more and more with the inductors. I also tried adjusting the screw adjuster to no avail, but I’m not really sure which RF adjusters I should/need to adjust. Would the cracking in the inductor be enough to inhibit the video signal completely? Is there anything else that could be causing this issue besides the inductors? I have a rather limited knowledge on electronics as I have only been attempting retro repairs for about a year and a half, so any new nuggets of knowledge are greatly appreciated! This is a really neat and rare system that I would like to have working in my collection. Feel free to ask questions if something isn’t clear. Thanks in advance! (Note: I have the same problem regardless if I’m using batteries or the power supply).
  7. I tried searching for this topic, but I couldn’t find it. If it already exists, sorry about that! Please let me know the link, then, as I’ve had trouble finding results that were helpful to me. I’m new to the Adam, and I took a chance on a cheap auction that has no printer. I’ve seen vague references to other options, but I couldn’t find many details. For new folks and non-technical folks, can we have a list of all the known alternatives for power supplies other than the giant printer that wipes tapes when it’s turned on? I’ve heard it’s possible to make one, but how does a newbie go about doing that? Detailed info on any alternatives would be great! I can update this top post with all the different suggestions so it’s easy for new folks to find. Thanks for your help, everyone!
  8. I recently purchased this item at a flea market. It's a cassette port of Donkey Kong for the Coleco Adam that appears to have been released in 1984. It comes packaged in a cardboard box designed to look like the original arcade cabinet of the game. After purchasing the item, I tried to do some research on it. It was one of three arcade games that were given ports to the Adam with boxes designed after the original arcade cabinets. I only found a few pictures of the box on Google and found no current or completed listings of the game on eBay. The closest thing I found on eBay was a Zaxxon game in the cabinet-style box the was listed for about $500. I wanted to see if anybody knew about the history of the game or how much it is worth.
  9. I have been fortunate to get my hands on a Coleco Telstar Arcade Model 6071 (the triangular one). The RF modulator has deteriorated and I need to convert this system to composite video. This is where I need help. It looks like it would be pretty simple to do, but I'm a newbie and I don't completely understand the chips and pins and I don't want to risk destroying the console by experimenting. I'm attaching some pics for reference. There is a single coax cable connecting the board to the RF converter. I would assume that this cable is carrying all of the video information. Can I just take this signal and convert to composite? Does anyone have instructions or pictures that are specific to the Model 6071? I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could provide.
  10. lulrik

    Coléco Space Blaster

    From the album: lulrik collection

    A little electronic game

    © lulrik

  11. As the title says Is this a game you would like to see for the ColecoVision ?
  12. ROM File : pokerface.zip You are invited to give your opinion. While I'm here, what is the real interest about a ColecoVision Strip Poker game?
  13. Recently found in an elderly relative's home, appears to be unused. Box is missing some flaps on one side, otherwise in good shape. Contains: 1 Tape Deck - KidVid sticker on it 1 Connector cord - still wrapped with a twist-tie 1 Microphone/earbud? - still wrapped in plastic 1 "Smurfs Save The Day" cartridge 3 "Smurfs" audio cartridges - still wrapped in plastic 1 "Use and Care Guide" for the tape deck I'd like to sell this, if anyone is interested. Any questions/comments please feel free to message me!
  14. Hi everyone, Here's 3 brand new games for your ColecoVision! - Junkwall - Kung Fu Master - MazeZam You can now order them directly on CollectorVision website: http://collectorvision.com/ Or you can also contact coleco_master here on AtariAge
  15. DOWNLOAD ColecoVision SlideShow Sample in 5 formats: SLIDESHOW SAMPLE.ZIP README.TXT Hello everyone, My name is NewColeco and I'm gonna tell you what I've been worked on during the last 3 years. Not everyone is aware that graphics are very difficult to add in our beloved homebrew games, especially within the standard 32K cartridge size. To make things worse, some graphics cannot be compressed at all to keep the action fluid and fast. In order to add great looking bitmap screens and tilesets into our projects, we use data compression. I've been working very hard on lossless data compression for our graphics data. My new compressed formats are named DAN1, DAN2, and DAN3; they work especially well for big graphics like charset and bitmap screens. They are, technically speaking, LZ77 variants and developed based on our graphics need. The ZIP file in the download section contains 5 files of the exact same slideshow sample, the only difference is the data compression format used in each one of them. Information about the Slideshow ROM files: in Pletter - ROM size 27730 bytes. in ZX7 - ROM size 27665 bytes. in DAN1 - ROM size 27094 bytes. in DAN1 without RLE support - ROM size 27078 bytes. in DAN3 - ROM size 26999 bytes. For this slideshow sample, saving about 700 bytes is a big deal; should be enough to add an extra picture without going over 32K. Now you know what I've been working on lately. Question? Thanks for reading!
  16. Hey I thought I remembered reading a thread on this way back but cant seem to find it now. I was wondering if there is a place to buy replacement labels for the coleco vision console. The big one for the front and the little one for the top in front of the cartridge slot. I was given this thing about 10 years ago and the labels were peeling when I got it. I glued them down but the metallic nature of these labels left them wavy and odd looking. And I think they were actually applied slightly off center in the factory cuz they're just not on there quite right. The console works and looks perfect other then the labels so it would be great to get this thing mint. The thick metallic nature of these labels probably make them hard to reproduce properly so maybe they don't exist but I thought I'd check.
  17. Hey guys, I've got here a nice Colecovision system I was looking to unload. As well as some more atari stuff that I'll post later. I was kind of looking to trade this stuff but i'm also taking offers since I don't have any price for this stuff in mind at the moment. The system works great and comes with all the hook ups necessary to play and 10 games which nearly all of them have amazing labels extremely glossy and in mint condition. (Except for Defender and Q-bert there not as nice!) See the pictures for the game titles! Take a look at the pictures down below here for a better look at what you would be getting. I've kind of been on the prowl lately for some PS2,Gamecube, and Dreamcast games maybe even some original xbox games. I'll post a list of specific titles i'm looking for, for various consoles and then just pm with whatever you got. Anyways here some pictures of the stuff! The system itself: http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0394.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0395.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0397.jpg The games! Labels are so glossy! http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0399.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0400.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0401.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0402.jpg http://i1060.photobu...78/IMG_0403.jpg That should be everything for now also will be posting some boxed 2600 games. I'm mainly looking for Gamecube,Dreamcast PS2 and Xbox games but i'm open to many other games from other systems! Check out my post on Nintendo Age theres a list of games I want there but again i'm open to more then what I have on my want list! Nintendo Age link: http://nintendoage.c...&threadid=63316
  18. Hello! Atari 8-bit user here. I do have a copy minus manual of ACTIVISION's ZENJI for the Coleco Colecovision. If interested, please PM me. I'm shipping from Southern California so, stateside, shipping should be around the $10-$12 mark when properly packed. International Shipping is around $20 based on my latest shipment to Europe. Thank you, AKD.
  19. From the album: Uh, retro stuff

    The internals of the new Colecovision Flashback controller, half the info needed to design a compatibility dongle.
  20. I didn't know, until....now.... Leornard Greenberg passed away earlier this year I just would like to say thanks to him and all he did for the former Coleco Industries brand I could not be enough thankful to what he all did, starting his career with his father, Maurice Also, my sincere condolences to the families Thanks for everything Leonard! I always, and will still admiring you Rest in peace http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/hartfordcourant/obituary.aspx?pid=186051717
  21. I recently came across a ton of atari 2600, intellivision and colecovision games,I found some xonox colecovision games and I was wondering if anybody might have some additional information on some these titles. The xonox games include 1. It's only rock n roll 2. robin hood 3. sir lancelot 4. motocross racer 5. Artillery duel 6. Word feud. your help would be greatly appreciated! I couldnt find them on ebay etc. Im trying to get a feel for what they are worth and the true rarity of them, and Ive done some research on a few rarity game lists and some of these games seem to hold some value but i would like some additional feedback/info. Also, where would be the best place to sell them if I decided to sell them? Thanks.
  22. Here's the thread for the development of Snatcher for the ColecoVision Call me crazy, but I've to decided to make Snatcher (from the MSX2 version) for the CV Snatcher is my favorite game from Hideo Kojima Now, it's NOT a simple port, it's going to be made entirely from scratch I've to adjust EVERY screens so they can fit the Colecovision's hardware limitations, wich include all the graphics and music .....so let's just say the entire game I've just start converting the graphics, so obviously it's not going to be release until late 2017 Meanwhile, you'll be able to follow the development of this game I'll keep posting progress here
  23. Since I’ve started getting back into the ColecoVision scene and picking up the homebrews carts, I’ve realized that most of them fall into one of these three categories: 1. Games coded from the ground up of either arcade ports or original ideas that look and feel like they could be a polished, original release. (Bagman, Mecha-8, Lock N Chase, Quest for the Golden Chalice, etc…) 2. Ports of commercial games from other systems or arcade code that fit nicely into the ColecoVision library (Goonies, Track & Field, Lode Runner, Pac-Man Collection, Circus Charlie, etc…) 3. Amateur games that help the homebrew community thrive, are fully enjoyable, but lack the “final polish” of a commercial game. (Frog Feast, Ghostblaster, Jetpack, Crown Jewel Series, etc) I feel as though the homebrew community would not be a “complete family” without all of these categories and each one delivers an experience that I can fully appreciate and enjoy. Mr. Turtle falls in the #3 category and I’m very happy to support the amateur programers who are keeping my childhood system alive, especially creating games that I only remember as a single screenshot posted on the back of my console box and in one of the early catalogs and now I can see what that experience would look like through one persons creative and talented vision. Thankfully, a lot of what I imagined Mr. Turtle to be also comes through in Gerry’s game. Here is my memory of what Mr. Turtle would look like: First off, the packaging is FANTASTIC! I love the artwork! Take a look at the box front and back: I loved the multiple options for the cart label, and I know this is a “little thing”, but I love the insert inside the box that the cartridge fits into: And the manual looks great! It *feels* like packaging from a real game! Great job! But wait...there is one little detail that I think is important to point out... Take a look at the side of the box... Now take a CLOSER look at it... It has the game #2432. Now go back and take a look at the original catalog image I posted above. I love that Gerry made sure that these game numbers matched up and it was included on the box. Such a great little point of detail! I love it! Flipping the “on switch” on the ColecoVision the first thing you notice is that the game looks GREAT! And in almost no time you can see the screen in which the classic Coleco catalog screen shot came from. I personally thank Gerry for that. It’s a childhood moment come to life! Here's the closest I could come to the "classic screenshot" recreation: Original: Now the game brought to life: Looks pretty damn close to me! =) As you get into the game more, note that the game is HARD! Be prepared for that! Some of this comes from the game being more on the “amateur” level and the gameplay not being quite polished, but that doesn’t take away from having a bit of “fun of discovery” figuring out the best way to get through each screen. It might take you a bit more time, but that’s all part of playing the game! I love the concept of having to collect the letters to spell Pearl. I'm a huge fan of this in the Universal games like Lady Bug & Mr. Do so I'm happy to see that this was included. It’s something from the concept of the original game that I didn’t even quite notice until this game was in development and there was an “OMG” moment when you realized that a screenshot you had been looking at for years had a gameplay clue right in front of you, but you never quite noticed! I admit that after a couple of hours of playing, I have only collected two letters, but I’m determined to get there! There are characteristics of this game you will have to get used to. There are times where the controls seem a little bit clunky and moments where the “water current” makes you feel like you cannot control your character. It’s difficult and can be frustrating, but once I learned my way around those moments I was back in action again. Killing enemies is also not the easiest thing to do either. It took some practice to figure it out, and I’m still pretty bad at it! lol I still have yet to be able to get the shark to leave me alone by trying my attack mode. I do admit to playing the game in an emulator using a “Save State” has certainly helped. I’m usually not one for “cheating” in a game as I like to play a game as though it’s still 1983 and I don’t have those features available to me, but this one kind of needs it. I sort of wish there was a “continue” built into it. Have it wipe your score so you can still keep track of who has done well without using it, but it’s frustrating to keep dying and having to restart. So the save state was a nice option! =) Overall, if you’re looking for a more “polished” game like some of the titles you can find in my category #1 & #2 above, this isn’t it. But that doesn’t make it bad or something I wouldn’t suggest you own in your collection either. The amount of time and passion put into this game is clear from the moment you open the box it was shipped in, and that alone is worth the cost of the game and getting past some of the more amateur characteristics of it and having a really good time! And the most important thing I can point out is that I don't have anywhere near the talent to be able to put together a game like this, and I have a serious amount of respect for anyone who puts out even the most rudimentary "demo" all the way to a finished, boxed game! Well done, Gerry! I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on the game as well. To order a copy of Mr. Turtle, here is the information: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242534-mr-turtle-for-colecovision-for-sale/
  24. Hey Guys, I'm teaming up with my friend Gregg over at www.Scoreground.com, and we are holding a ColecoVision contest. Submit any high score for any ColecoVision game between now and the end of January, and we will select a winner who will win a free copy of my game, Gamester81: The Video Game for the ColecoVision! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv4xCfPo67g
  25. I get messages asking how do I compose music for the ColecoVision. I hope this will answer your questions. SCREENSHOTS The only softwares I'm using to compose music for years now. VIDEO The music playing on BlueMSX at 50Hz clock And that's it. I'm not using any music tool nor a midi keyboard which I would like to use; I use my imagination and start coding with time and dedication, trials and errors. STORY TIME Late April 2018 With the positive comments received about my CV Commando music-box, and not yet decided about a game project to do, I wanted to compose another CV song during the last week of April. After watching multiple videos of beloved 80s music, and some videos about a SNES ROM hack called GrandPooBear World filled with music, I've finally selected Africa by Toto. I was a bit afraid to not be able to make it sounds good after hearing the Commodore 64 version I've found that I didn't like much, but the song repeats enough and uses an interesting rhythm variation that I love composing with a drum beat (usually when we *clap* our hands) at every 3/4 per bar (measure), like in Commando and many other songs I've composed so far. April 28, 2018 I went babysitting to help a friend who desperately needed someone for an hour or two. On my way back home, I've stopped at a coffee shop to compose my vision of the ColecoVision version of this music. After many hours calculating and tweaking what each sound channel should do to get a pretty good version of the chorus part, and probably looking like a weirdo moving my hands in the air to the music nobody was hearing, I've decided to stop there, send an email, and let my ears relax. My calculations surprised me to see that power of 2s cycles per note were ideal for the PAL version and so I've decided to go with it. FILE: toto-20180428.zip April 29, 2018 Encouraged by what I've started, I've composed the music intro (riff part) which added the xylophone instrument and a reverb voice effect. But hearing both parts back to back felt a bit off. After some tweaking by reducing the duration of the drum sounds to give more time for the bass notes, both parts sounded finally great together (uniformity of the rhythm). Then I got a call; my friend needed my help again. Back home, I've composed a verse by using the same trick as in Time Pilot by playing the same note on 2 channels but slightly different to get almost the same effect as singing on multiple tracks. (save) FILE: toto-20180429.zip April 30, 2018 After dinner, I've started to compose pretty much everything else which added the flute (recorder) instrument, with the help of some music sheets. I've also tweaked the high pitched notes in the chorus part to not be that loud compared to the rest of the song. I had to stop before completing the solo part; my eyes were redder than ever, it was time to sleep. As a surprise and email test, I've sent this file to some Coleco homebrewers and fans; got a bunch of emails bouncing back but some reached destination. FILE: toto-20180430.zip May 1st, 2018 At lunchtime, I took a moment to complete the solo. Finally! Time to share it online! I've created this post on AtariAge and sent a message on Twitter about it. (save) FILE: toto-20180501.zip Not bad, isn't it? I've even muted one of the 3 tones channels to use its frequency to play bass notes on the noise channel. And keep in mind the sound chip has fewer possibilities than many other sound chips of the time, no triangle wave, no PCM sample, nothing. Simulated instruments: drum *clap*, maraca, bass, keyboard, guitar, flutes, xylophone, voice, chorus. Share and Comment :-)
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